'The Celebrity Apprentice' Sneak Peek: Annie Duke Goes Berserk

April 18, 2009 07:39:54 GMT

As the project manager for the charity project on 'The Celebrity Apprentice', Annie Duke is pissed that the opposite team tries to sabotage her poker friend.

'The Celebrity Apprentice' Sneak Peek: Annie Duke Goes Berserk
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Post the firing of Brian McKnight last week, "The Apprentice" second celebrity edition continues the charity event where teams must auction jewelries from Ivanka Trump's line. In between the works, drama still continued but surprisingly it was peaceful between Joan Rivers and Clint Black over at KOTU.

There will be a fund raising event involving fashion show that the teams must prepare. Annie Duke in particular threw her tantrum when she found out that Natalie Gulbis had contacted her poker associate to donate for her team. Natalie and Annie are in two different teams. "I got the exact reaction I was hoping for. Unfortunately, I didn't get the money," Natalie said after Annie lashed out at her.

Last season's winner Piers Morgan assisted Donald Trump to observe how the two teams worked. He was also present in the boardroom to aggravate "an already heated Joan Rivers, whose disgust with the way Annie Duke treated her daughter, Melissa, is obvious." Melissa Rivers was sick that she didn't get recognition from her team mates for her beautiful selection of jewelries. Annie emphasized that it was not about the jewelry but about the money.

"The Celebrity Apprentice" airs this Sunday, April 19 on NBC.


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posted by bossbee (Nigeria) on Oct 01, 2010
All the way from Nigeria (Africa); I watched the entire season of the Celebrity Apprentice played between Joan Rivers and Anne and very much believe that Joan Rivers was only LUCKY and did not deserve to win because she did not satisfy the theme of the game which is winning money and delivering task. She played on the sensitivity of her old age and fame; Her life success must be filled with sentiments. Mr. Trump has lost a value for his money. Anne would have delivered every project to his money worth. She needed to be understood to be worked with. Very principled as Mr. Morgan. Anne, keep your head up high because you were a survival in the game. A poker player is just a name for a game player, Anne has shown that the game cannot be played by a DUMB OLD Aged. Joan, Good luck because you cannot survive for long.
posted by anne on Jun 23, 2010
She can't even speeel her own name right. She spells like she talks. Like she never read a book, how could someone like her give a good BJ?
posted by faith on May 11, 2009
why is it that the name Annie Duke, instantly brings to mind an image of a steamroller ??? Come on you defenders of the poor, picked upon, poker player ... I will wager that few, if any of you, would have stood for her obnoxious behavior yourselves .. not unless that is, you were trying out for the position of doormat. Do you not see the potential of condoning, even encouraging deplorable behavior, by the act of defending it ?? PLEASE .. unless you can 1000 % acknowledge, in truth, that YOU YOURSELF, would have allowed her to tromp all over you, with NO REACTION, then do keep your pious, poor annie crapola to a bare minimum. Thanks !!
posted by DzReek on May 11, 2009
Annie who or probably more to the point Annie What?? Dumb show or not Like her or not, whatever Joan Rivers said she said right to Annie Duke's face. Rivers was a class act on the finale and Duke cooked her own Goose. Have never really cared much for Joan Rivers but I gotta say she was a class act. I guess Annie, trailer trash is something you just are, and no amount of money hides the fact,,,
posted by jake on May 10, 2009
The Rivers "girls" are so far removed from reality. I won't watch Apprentice any more after this. What ugly hateful people...its not okay.
posted by lee99 on May 08, 2009
Haha, yeah Annie calls Joan a b*tch AFTER all the junk Joan had said to and about her. Plus Annie only called her that AFTER they were the final two and Annie tried to speak to her. So finally tired of Joan's classless attitude (reason why she has been fired from a lot of jobs) she says something back. Joan never did anything for any charity INCLUDING her own. Didn't bring any donors in because she didn't feel any other charity was worthy of asking people for money. Now you know why she is on the D list. Plus, the reason why a lot of respected actors didn't help her.
posted by annyperson22 on May 04, 2009
Watch out Annie somebody's gonna drop a house on you like you deserve. Oops or maybe a trailer from the trailer park. Nothing but narcissistic white trash. (that's a helluva oxymoron!) Hey she's about as classy as a truck stop bathroom, and she even admits she's a twat. I can't stand her! What more can I say.
posted by susand1960 on May 03, 2009
Annie Duke is such a bitch, herself, yet she seems to call everyone else a bitch! She is a nasty, nasty person. Does she even know how many times in one show that she brags about herself. Only a person, so insecure as her would have to brag about herself so much, only talking about herself and what she did and does. She must have a constant ache in her arm from patting herself on her back so much. It is truly pathetic to watch someone who is suppose to be grown, act like such a child, with her lying, cheating, back stabbing and just plain dirty way of life. She is such a fraudulent human being. It is so discusting to watch her interaction with Brandy, only because she is using her. When it comes down to the end, she will put a knife in Brandy's back so deep and then turn it. I really hope that Annie's children never see this show, they would be so ashamed of how their mother behaves. How can she teach them any morals when it is so obvious that she has none herself. She must be a lonely person in her life, she treats everyone like shit. White trash, just plain white trash!!!!
posted by chrisjo on May 03, 2009
What's the point of getting ahead if you're gonna lose your soul in the process? Annie's back stabbing methods and arrogance will land her to the top for a second....& then she'll be knocked right off her a--. She's far from strong. Insecure people like her NEED to manipulate others in order to validate themselves. For those of you who admire her.....ummm....I guess she's played you too. LOL!!!
posted by nola on May 03, 2009
BOTOX migrated from Joan and Melissa's face to their brain causing atophy. The Strep is taking a toll. Annie, hands up money down, you have my vote and respect.
posted by Does it matter? on May 01, 2009
posted by soncar on Apr 30, 2009
Duke is a very insecure woman and that is why she behaves so nasty. Does she not realize that her children might watch the show. WHITE TRASH Annie, backstabber. Do you ever admit when you are wrong, do you ever take resposibility. No class and too much pride. learn to have respect for your self and others. RIVER ladies, you rock. Golfer girl, I loved what you did to DUKE, she was just upset because you thought of it first, God forbit anyone back stabs the bac stabber. BRANDE, soon to be backstabbed by psychotic Annie, you got played. You are on the show because the TRUMP thinks you are pretty. Looks can only get you so far. You seem smart. USE your brains and get Annie FIRED!
posted by Dallas on Apr 29, 2009
Bad call firing Melissa Rivers.The teanm captain should have got the boot! Melissa was setup. The blonde was indeed having a blonde moment thru the whole challenge...Go Joan you are the best. Chin up Melissa we all know what happened!
posted by no class on Apr 28, 2009
A stripper and a grifter made this "charitable" program show it's true colors. The lesson is, it's ok to act unscrupulous as long as you achieve your goals. The "Board" may need to step out side and see how the rest of this planet live, the sense of entitlement in that room is sickening.
posted by jillmp on Apr 27, 2009
What kind of example did Melissa set for her son and Joan her grandson last night? When the going gets tough, swear up a storm and quit? I lost a lot of respect for Joan Rivers last night. She comes across on QVC as such a different person - I hope the Q severs their ties with her after this.
posted by Hitler on Apr 27, 2009
Hey! No von iz me boot ME! Not zat Annie-boychik -ME! ME ME ME!!! Now shtop dat or elz I vill RE-OPEN Buchenwald und have me anudder BBQ!
posted by BCINQ on Apr 27, 2009
WHAT??? This is the apprentice...a there really any need for the ridiculous show put on by these two? Melissa was voted it with dignity..annie played the game really well..psychologically she kicked ass. period. YOU ROCK ANNIE Hitler practiced genocide!!! Annie on the apprentice is equated to hitler???? melissa is a spoiled little bitch..who should never get involved in a game where she might lose...EVER!!!
posted by rubinkar on Apr 27, 2009
Trump made a huge mistake in firing Melissa. Anne, I-am-a-cunt, Duke has Trump wrapped around her finger and seems to have bluffed Trump with her self-absorbed attitude. Melissa should not have been fired, point of story. She tried to help. Why was Duke writing copy. Also, have you noticed how she does not volunteer to be project manager, never puts herself on the line. The only one catching on to her bluff is Trump's daughter, the smartest person in the room, smarter than her DAD. Anne should have been fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Anne wins, I am going to puke
posted by Schmucky kid on Apr 27, 2009
Annie the tranny is a dick! Melissa was a little too sensitive, however, I think she had had enough of the sucking up to each other of Annie the tranny (blow job pro) and Brandi (who wishes she'd knew who Donald Trump was back when he was interested in her before he was remarried, so she could now be Mrs. DT)...she's just another has been soon to be. Muah!
posted by Brigitte Bardot. on Apr 27, 2009
Today's episode: The bad loser. That was shocking! Did the two Rivers sickos not realize they were on TV? They acted like they knew from the start they were going to win. Nobody in the whole world could possibly be better than them. Looks like they are finally facing the reality. With one fired and the other acting like she's quitting,what else is new, these two's already sad reputation will go down the drain. They are never going to get over it and their psychiatric fees are likely going to surpass their Mickey Mouse plastic surgery's expenses. I can not remember ever seeing a more pathetic display of nasty, weird and selfish attitude on TV ever. Did I mention jealous? Looks even worse when the show caters to charities. Some people are still after Annie's head. And what did she do today other than play the game? Sweet dreams...
posted by lovedashow on Apr 27, 2009
Joan and Melissa are disgusting, verbally and behaviorally.
posted by Big J on Apr 27, 2009
Rivers ladies are bullies and classless losers. If you lose, shake the hand of the winner and move on. Don't throw a cussing tantrum like a spoiled 12 year old.
posted by cheyenne on Apr 26, 2009
How come most women hate Annie, and most guys think Annie is the best?
posted by sylvia on Apr 26, 2009
Loving the show. And its being played awesome. Everyone is there to raise money for their charity.In the end, the celebrity's have to look back and feel good about the way they acted and what was said.
posted by JS on Apr 26, 2009
I will was so mad at how Melissa was thrown under the bus on the Apprentice. Donald admitted at the beginning of the show that he thought Brandy was pretty and I think that is only reason she stayed. Annie needs to be the first one to go!
posted by Girlscout63 on Apr 26, 2009
Annie Duke is a devious Witch. She should just bring her broom to the boardroom !!!
posted by Donald on Apr 26, 2009
So I guess Donald is still in love with Brandi....what was on that note he passed? Hmmm I am guessing it said how about we fire Melissa? I didnt like the way she shush'd me in the boardroom. What a loser? YOu do know women ONLY like you for you money...RIGHT! Even thou it is a bit too much how Joan and her daughter stick together and go all crazy, I must say thou what an amazing mother-daughter bond they have. I actually love Joan for speaking her mind and protecting her daughter. I have grown to love her and she has gained a new fan!!
posted by prettyone on Apr 26, 2009
Annie Duke is a loser she needs to go from the apprentice. She sucks alot...
posted by lisacola15 on Apr 26, 2009
#1 THE RIVERS ARE PLASTIC LITERALLY both have had surgery very much at that and at least Joan has earned her stripes in this business for years and does not have to do cartwheels for anyone and YES while Melissa was annoying and acting very SPOILEDin the beginning!!!!! but in no way did she deserve the shaft she had gotten from the two DRAMA QUEENS!!! esp that DUKE chic she is absolutley the most wacked out conceited sorry sorry peson I have ever seen... SHE IS SO insecure not the river girls SHE always has to be right always has to be heard always has to be JUST BE that is insecurity AND believe me it is not 4 the show that is how she is in every project the kitchen the jewelry the basketball she was cringing when Melis said ALL equal!!! I am not a fan of MELISSA but DUKE nooooo waaaay!!!! hey you I am christian what does their religon of being jewish have to do anything what backward street or house !!! DID U GROW UP IN..The JEWS PAID THEIR DUES MORE THAN YOULL EVER KNOW YOU LITTLE ignorant GNAT!!!!!
posted by prettyone on Apr 26, 2009
Annie Duke is cleary a representative of white trash slutty home-maker. What type of woman is she to air her bedroom secrets on national television...does she really kiss her kids with that mouth!! She has no talent and who made her a celebrity...when did playing poker become a recognized sport. She gets by on the apprentice and she has stabbed every one in the back on that show. She is a hypocrite and plays the role well when she needs to get by. She is not very attractive inside or out. Everyone has seen through her.
posted by dg on Apr 26, 2009
The only thing Annie is good at is raising money from her scared friends. She clearly demonstrates no other skills. So when the purse strings run dry what is left? White trash.
posted by Gwen on Apr 24, 2009
Joan and Melissa are too insecure to make good leaders. Annie gets the job done and brings in the money and she doesn't need praise from others - she can do that herself. Class or no class, Annie Duke will win.
posted by lfarnham on Apr 24, 2009
My husband and I looked at each other and said, "did Annie just say what we thought she said??" If a woman wants to brag about herself, that is the biggest white trash signal of them all. I prefer watching people be creative and work hard than just phoning friends for money.
posted by Emmy. Mac on Apr 23, 2009
I'm loving the show first time I ever watch the apprentice ! First of all, Herschel chose the chicken and insisted on the dessert every argument brought up in the board room against the meal Clint brought up during brainstorming. I'm no fan of Clint he reminds my husband and me of Bush not fans of him either!! Second, annie has little class and she overdid it with the bragging in the kitchen and the blow comment, come on is she not aware she's on national tv maybe it was a l Poker tactic so next time she is playing men they'll get distracted thinking of her meatballs and her b jobs! She is playing a good game and she gets the job done so credit for that. So, ivanka sold her jewelry for this whole thing because they were talking about profit ... Opportunistic to say the least! Joan and Mellissa need to take up residence at a psychiatrist's couch! I Admire their love and dedication to one another but come on calling this codependent is pedestrian At best! It was really pathetic a couple of weeks ago how when in a heated discussion with someone else she whispered to Joan mother please jump in... She was drowning and needed Sr's help! You are what 50? Come one woman! Anyway... Enough from me!! Can't wait till Sunday!
posted by missavisdavis on Apr 22, 2009
Annie is Hitler? Poor white trash? Please. Joan and Melissa are gargoyles, repulsive, loud, obnoxious, pushy, ugly Jewish horrors who are only still there for their shock (i.e.ratings} value. And of course Joan played the Holocaust card!!!! Enough already!!! Send them home.
posted by JSymons743@comcast.n on Apr 22, 2009
Shame on the LPGA and PGA pros from not helping Natalie Gulbis. These orgs are supposed to be renowned for fund raising. And they did not lift a finger to help out. Shame on them.
posted by marvelous on Apr 21, 2009
It's not about how you perform the task any more. It's all about how you can help Trump's ratings. If you make yourself look bad, call people names and whine and cry then you get to stay on the show.
posted by darklordz on Apr 21, 2009
Annie is in the zone =)
posted by JJ on Apr 21, 2009
Why should Clint be fired, when he was the one who suggested that chicken shouldn't be be choice, and voiced his opinion on the desert. Both proved to be the exact opinions of the exec's. I love Hershal, but on this task, he was the fall guy. As to Annie, what a conniving, condescending, two-faced bully.
posted by shirleyiam on Apr 20, 2009
everything joan rivers said to you is soooo the truth!!! i would neverrrr want you for my friend or on my team...regardless of the amount of money. you are despicable!!!
posted by ilancer on Apr 20, 2009
Annie duke is exactly the person I thought she would be. From being busted in an on-line poker scam, to her over-hyped poker playing abbility, she is a nightmare of a human. Which one of you Annie fans would want your life in her dirty hands?
posted by mommyof4 on Apr 20, 2009
I didn't care for Annie's bragging in the kitchen; i.e. "I made that" Jesse likes my chili" I'm a great cook" blah blah blah. what a big bragger! makes me sick, enough with the nasty language, too. I can't believe she's a mom. do her kids talk like that too? Oh, and thanks but no thanks for your disgusting references to your ___ job that you can perform. YUCK
posted by iPlastic on Apr 20, 2009
You guys don't know anything about poker players (and neither does Joan Rivers!). Annie & Phil Helmuth are FRIENDS and business partners! And whateverannie, her poker pals have ALL come through - Why do you think she raises so much money EVERY TIME? Where were the golf pros? Where were Joan's and Donalds billionaire friends? Hershell was also a star, I loved him, it should have been passive-aggressive Clint Black.
posted by Jon Burrows on Apr 20, 2009
This show has become a complete farce. Over the last several episodes Trump has not so cleverly removed anyone who isn't a controversial a-hole. It's not about playing the game best anymore, it's about whose out of control ego will garner this fading show the most ratings. Gulbis was just the latest quiet casualty; there is no reason whatsoever she deserved to be fired over Clint Black or Joan Rivers. And you know Trump was dying to get the reserved Hershel Walker off even though he has raised the most money. Trump conveniently used the "losing project manager" even though Walker's performance as project manager in the second task was leaps and bounds better than Joan Rivers' performance in the 1st task and even though Clint Black F uped again. All this make Trump look like the phony hypocrit he really is.
posted by Jebber99 on Apr 20, 2009
I'm a poker player and have never been a fan of Annie Duke but Annie is the only one playing the game. It is constantly her ideas and actions that create the wins for her team. I'd put Clint at the 2nd player. At least he tries. The rest seem to be riding their way through. They pretty much just sit around looking stupid. Joan and Melissa are whining their way through. All the bickering is good for ratings. Jeesh. About Annie milking her guests for money at the auction.....that's what they were there for. I have to say I'm suprised that Joan and Melissa couldn't raise more money for charity. They were beat out by a poker player and a playboy bunny. How funny is that? I agree that Annie lacks class but she is exceptionally intelligent. Actually Annie seems to be on her good behavior. The conversation on the phone she had is more the real Annie. BTW.....Phil Hellmuth, the poker player they called to try to get money from happens to be Annie's co sponsor for an online poker site. They are great and long time friends. They just called the wrong player to one up Annie.
posted by anne duke on Apr 20, 2009
did we here you right anne. What else do you do well? Last time my children watch you. Shame on you.
posted by To glimmmer421 on Apr 20, 2009
Why should Clint have been fired, Herschel was the manager and should have put his foot down if he hated Clint's ideas that much. HERSCHEL was the one who had the idea for the dessert, not Clint. I don't care for Clint much but he had good points and Herschel was too stubborn to listen.
posted by Whatever Annie on Apr 20, 2009
Annie's tantrum over Natalie almost getting help from poker rivals is disgusting. She's just upset that she never thought to ask her poker pals for help right off the bat. It was also pathetic the way Annie was hanging off of the same two or three people at the auction, such begging!
posted by celeb4 on Apr 20, 2009
Herschel was the right one to go - he let his bias against Clint keep him from listening. Melissa should tell her Mom to shut up - Joan is just way too protective of a grown woman. Melissa needs to get a pair and stop allowing her Mom to protect her.
posted by Brigitte Bardot on Apr 20, 2009
In the real world, the two Rivers would have been long gone. They obviously will end up winning in a tie since the Donald knows better than to argue with a pair of Jewish bullies, especially in New York. The worse is yet to come with these two pathetic clowns. We faced the fake crying tonight, how much longer until they use the holocaust card? Annie may be bossy and though but she plays the game, delivers and wins. Works for me! Cheers!
posted by cattails12 on Apr 20, 2009
Love Joan, hate Annie....she is a two faced back stabber, just like Joan said. What was the problem Natalie approaching Anne's rival poker players to back her??? I thought it was quite smart.Anne is scum.
posted by pamk50 on Apr 20, 2009
Annie Dukes rocks on the Apprentice, if Joan & Melissa can't stand the heat, then quit the board room. I'm rooting for Annie to win it all!
posted by Patricia on Apr 20, 2009
Annie is disgusting. Put her in a pillory and throw rotten tomatoes at her. She is NOT representation of a good professional business woman. She is WHITE TRASH. Her children will grow up just like her. What a disgusting woma she is. YUCK.
posted by Niki on Apr 20, 2009
Joan seems to view Melissa as merely her extension, probably her "younger self" to complement her "brand image", that's why she is dragging her along everywhere she goes. That also explains her threatening to quit if Melissa was fired. Poor Melissa, whose first words were "room service," according to Joan... She has been given no chance to become her own person, and she is also not seen as a person by her mother. A middle-aged woman, behaving and talking like a pathetic 12 year old. Sorry bunch, those Rivers. Trump should get rid of them, they constantly blatantly disrespect him and her daughter.
posted by caligirl on Apr 20, 2009
Clint should have gotten the boot tonight. The river women are the bomb! Blood is thicker than mud!
posted by crayrayc on Apr 19, 2009
no hershel shoulda been fired because he made the wrong choices on food and desert. clint did marketing which was actually pretty good. joan shoulda been fired previous task because she as a project manager really put on a horrible show. she shoulda picked the jewelry and did the auction. i guess it can be argued that she can't do everything but what exactly did she do right. she's just there for entertainment value i guess but i didn't like the way she attacked annie.
posted by Glimmer421 on Apr 19, 2009
Annie Duke can raise money, but she thinks she knows everything!! She makes me sick.
posted by glimmmer421 on Apr 19, 2009
The Donald was sooooooooooooo wrong to fire Hersel. Clint should have absolutely be GONE!!!
posted by on Apr 19, 2009
Joan Rivers and Melissa need to stop being plastic clones. They have NO class!
posted by Judy Kocinski on Apr 19, 2009
I think you're going to have to fire both Joan & Melissa the same time, they're tied together like babies..neither are used to being told "NO"...we're seeing a side of both of them that, I for one, haven't been seen before..too creepy!!

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