Robert Pattinson Thinks Internet Addictive and Pathetic

April 17, 2009 08:43:51 GMT

Considering Internet as something addictive and pathetic, Robert Pattinson explains Internet can feed the worst part of people's soul, especially when they have nothing else to do.

Robert Pattinson
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"It is kind of addictive, but at the same time pathetic," Robert Pattinson has been quoted as telling about how he perceives the Internet. "(The internet) feeds the worst part of your soul. When you have nothing to do and you go on, when you're too tired to read a book," he explains further.

"I'll read the news, you go on to the New York Times, you get bored and go on IMDb (Internet Movie Database website). Then you realize how pathetic you are," the "Twilight" hunk shares. "I have to delete my history (of visited websites)."

Robert Pattinson, who currently is in Vancouver, Canada for the filming of "The Twilight Saga's New Moon," was ranked first on the list of OK! Magazine's Most Eligible Men which was released recently. He was said by the publication that he won't find any difficulties finding the girl of his dream just like he used to be because he is a famous film star now.


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posted by twilightsuks on Jan 04, 2010
dood no one cares what he thinks about the internet because he is a faggety gay fag who got famous for his bad axcting in a shitty movie backed by a fanbase from an even shittier book
posted by twilightsuks on Jan 04, 2010
dood no one cares what he thinks about the internet because he is a faggety gay fag who got famous for his bad axcting in a shitty movie backed by a fanbase from an even shittier book
posted by Flower @Anne on Apr 23, 2009
It's not fair to judge Twilighers or Americans and call us decadents. I dont know what country you are from but you find morally wrong people anywhere in the world.
posted by Susan on Apr 20, 2009
There is actual internet addiction, but that doesn't appear to be what RobP's spoke about. He's probably getting TMI Syndrome from reading various crazy articles written by people who sell the rumor mill. I get a little shocked sometimes when I google my name, but I can't imagine feeling as overwhelmed and inundated as RobP and other "stars" who've become household names in no time at all. I'd want to go into hiding for half the year. But don't do that Rob, and don't give up the web either - it's a great source for a myriad of information - just keep laughing, and keep it in perspective. Some people don't know that they have lives, and so you've become theirs for a while. Hopefully, the crazed fans will wake up, that time will pass, and the good stuff will remain. You're a talented actor with a lot of potential. Let the rest of it slide off your back, especially the negative.
posted by A Women on Apr 18, 2009
I love the internet and I enjoy its advantages! But there are so many people without self-control and we have only few rules or limits for the internet use yet. Besides: Why are so many women crazy about these books and the film? I read and saw it. I liked it, but this hype? I try to understand it. Even Twilight moms exist. Are the women so uncontent with their real men, that they have to escape in fantasies? Do they dream to have a partner like Edward? Polite (no bad behaviour), intelligent, rich but selfless, in love with you forever, handsome (forever! => no hair-lost, no beerbelly, etc.), immortal, and last but not least not boring (he is interested in Bellas thoughts! - incredible, isn´t it? ;o)and he brings adventures to her life). Did I get it? I think I´m too realistic: Real men will never be like this! Bad luck for us!
posted by Audi on Apr 18, 2009
The internet is a source for information. It is also a form of entertainment and communication. To perceive it as pathetic indicates a sense of having no self-control. Robert seems to be an intelligent person, I hope fame does not change his personality.
posted by anna on Apr 17, 2009
Twilighters ARE pathetic, specually those ridiculous Twi Moms. they´re a proof america is decadent.
posted by JB on Apr 17, 2009
Well, Robbie it may be pathetic but it is so much fun! I'm always looking for more info about YOU. Your face makes me happy!! Ha Ha! Your'e right though, it is seriously a big waste of time for the most part, but we don't need to talk about that.
posted by cathy on Apr 17, 2009
oh yeah, it`s hilarious how much time you spend on it but the entertainig factor is awesome. best are all these rumors, headless, stupid and great!!
posted by Female Citizen of th on Apr 17, 2009
The internet is great when you need informations for your work, studies etc., but it can be a bane, when so many women use it conspiratorial to spy one person. The Twilight hype reminds me of the Jim Carrey film, "The Truman Show". Hopefully RP is paid adequate to play Truman Burbank in real life.

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