'The Tudors' Renewed and Set to End in Fourth Season

'The Tudors' Renewed and Set to End in Fourth Season

The saga of King Henry VIII will end in the fourth season of 'The Tudors' where his madness shows up along with his last two wives.

Showtime has set the future of "The Tudors", ordering another season and setting a final season. The series about the life of King Henry VIII and the women surrounding him, will be back for a fourth season but will end after that.

While the third season which has been running since April 5 is focusing on Henry's relationship with his third and fourth wives Jane Seymour and Anne of Cleves respectively, the fourth season will highlight on his encounter with his fifth and sixth wives, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr, plus his deterioration that ends up in madness.

The final is set to bow in 2010 for 10 one-hour episodes with the production kicked off in June in Dublin. Michael Hirst, the executive producer as well as creator, will tackle the script himself.

"I'm thrilled to complete the saga of Henry VIII as re conceived by Michael Hirst," Showtime Entertainment president Robert Greenblatt says. "He and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers have breathed new life into the costume drama by making it modern in sensibility but also faithful to history. I think we proved that even after 500 years, this is a great story."

The renewal of "The Tudors" comes on the heels of the cancellation of some pilots. Last week, Showtime has axed the plan to pick up Matthew Perry's comedy "End of Steve", "The L Word" spin-off "The Farm", Tim Robbins' drama "Possible Side Effects" and Jenji Kohan's comedy "Ronna and Beverly".

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    Jun 21, 2010

    I also wish that the Tudors show would have proceded to and through the glorious reign of Elizabeth I feel as a viewer caught up in the history but not given a true conclusion. The last episode lent itself to questions with no answers. As colorful as Henry was the procession to his throne was interesting as was Edwards' and Mary's reign which could easily lead to Elizabeth 's reign which would rival Herny's reign in interest and importance. Sorry to see it end

    Nov 05, 2009

    THE TUDORS AND MR HIRST November 5 2009 Perhaps for a writer, and maybe even for production financial reasons at ‘Showtimes’ faction constituencies in business sponsors on television; it would be considered wise to make ‘The Tudors Fourth Season’ the last season. As a writer it could very boring putting your mind in the culture of the ‘Tudor Dynasty’ to often. However, I think the only reason why the Tudor Dynasty of Britain is so noted as a hall mark in history is because of Elizabeth The First, who was an obvious genius who was intelligent enough to pick governments representation due to her genius for statecraft. Elizabeth was a combination of her mothers high intelligence, Ann Boleyn and her fathers very capable intelligence Henry Tudor. The Elizabeth the first should be the prodigy that she was should be no surprise to any one. The ‘Tudor’ family and the ‘Boleyn’ family had a very long genetic evidence of very intelligent people who apex in the birth of Elizabeth the First, Ann Boleyn’s rejected daughter simply because she was female. As of yet I have not seen ‘The Tudors Season Four’, but I do hope that somehow in Mr. Hirst final writing of this outstanding production of the ‘Tudor Dynasty’ largely based upon Henry the eighths character; that a precedence is given in the very last of Mr. Hirst writing to princess Elizabeth as that potential and dynamic character in the future of Britains history. Certainly for Mr. Hirst to end the ‘Tudor’ dynasty with Henry’s unique manner of divorce in beheading his last wife does not talk about the entire family of the Tudors. Certainly it would be a little to much for any producer, not to mention ‘Showtime’ to talk about the entire family of the Tudors and how they came to power on Britains Throne (though an attempt would be interesting), the very last Tudor on Britains Throne was Elizabeth the first. Though I truly thought Helen Mirren’s performance of Elizabeth the first was very outstanding, in her actress interpretation of making Elizabeth not only a queen but also a real person of passion. I would certainly like to see how Mr. Hirst would write about Elizabeth the First after the death of Henry the eighth and the political intrigues of the frenetic succession to the throne of Britain by finally Elizabeth the first. Mr. Hirst has a wonderful flare in creating his characters, and as of yet, I have not yet seen any writers really capture the genius of Elizabeth the first and her capricious nature that often flared up in her father hot temper. Elizabeth the first was Freudian way before Dr. Freud was born, and she new how to exercise statecraft on that psychological basis. It truly seems a shame that the Tudor series cannot end its note on Elizabeth the First since she was the last Tudor, and contributed heavily to making Britain a great nation – meaning that Elizabeth the first influence was obvious four hundred years after her death in Britain. Elizabeth was truly the last Tudor.

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