2009 Trumpet Awards Debuts on Small Screen Easter Sunday

April 11, 2009 04:55:51 GMT

While the awards ceremony itself has been held on January 25, the 17th Annual Trumpet Awards will be broadcast on TV One on Sunday, April 12.

2009 Trumpet Awards Debuts on Small Screen Easter Sunday
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The 17th Annual Trumpet Awards will invade small screen this Easter Sunday. Hosted by Sherri Shepherd of "The View" and Anthony Anderson of "Law & Order", the awards show, honoring African-American achievement in diverse fields such as law, religion, politics, public service, sports and entertainment, is going to be aired on TV One from 8 to 10 P.M. on April 12.

Taped during its gala event at the Cobb Energy Center in Atlanta on January 25, the show will see Raven-Symone, Magic Johnson and Chris Tucker among other honorees. Raven-Symone has been given the Pinnacle Award and Magic Johnson has received the Living Legend Award. Meanwhile, Chris Tucker who took the Entertainment Award will be seen breaking his trophy on stage.

Performers during the evening include Keyshia Cole, Bobby V, Raheem Devaughn, Dietrick Haddon, Regina Belle and Teena Marie. En Vogue will be seen reuniting in the event as they take on the awards' stage together. Tom Joyner, Roland Martin, Holly Robinson Peete, Gloria Allred, Lisa Leslie are few of the presenters to be seen giving out the trophies.

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posted by jaznjoy on Dec 28, 2009
When Dietrick Haddon sang A Change Is Gonna Come, I shut my door and turned up the volume. He is a true singer. So many of our young people idolize the "in fashion" entertainers such as Neo and can't appreciate someone that can stand the test of time.
posted by Diva S500 on Dec 21, 2009
posted by caligirl on Nov 15, 2009
you have every video from the awards except the best performace on the show. PLEASE someone add d. haddon a change is gonna come thanks
posted by L PURVEY on Nov 09, 2009
posted by David on Aug 10, 2009
The most powerful song I have heard in my lifetime was sung by Dietrick Haddon. Truly heartfelt, inspiring, amazing. What a voice. My wife taped it and I still get goose bumps every time I hear it. WOW
posted by flywalker79 on Jul 31, 2009
Life Stinks..The Trumpet Awards closed with the Greatest Performer of the show and no one has posted that video...i tell you it ain't fair...
posted by jay mills on Jul 31, 2009
what wrong with the world the greatest singer since Jackie Wilson and no one not even you tube posted a change is gonna come by D Haddon..wassup with dat...huh i ask you America
posted by shawn on Jun 03, 2009
I truly believe that Dietrick Haddon was the best I've heard in a long time he truly sang that song.
posted by JessieBabes on May 14, 2009
I'm sooooo glad that you all know who he is because it's been killing me trying to figure it out. THANK YOU!!!
posted by tamra on May 13, 2009
Seriously Trumpets.. can you please post the Deitrick Haddon performance... or at least give all of Us an explanation as to why it hasnt been posted...PLEASE!
posted by shaebuta on May 12, 2009
MY,MY,MY!!! Deitrick Haddon's version of "A change is gonna Come" was amazing! WONDERFUL!!!
posted by SOBA67 on May 03, 2009
The first thing I did, after logging onto the computer this morning, was visit Youtube to see if Dietrick Haddon's performance was available. Saddy the stream provided appeared to be a portion loaded from someone that taped the performance. This performance has GOT to be made available in the original format. It's too incredible.
posted by yahyah on May 02, 2009
Beautiful version of A change gonna come. Who is he?
posted by dolittlescrib@aol on May 02, 2009
Dietrick Haddon was the singer of the night. I told my husband to be quiet so that I could hear him sing. Now you know that he must have been good! POST THE SONG! PLEASE
posted by Rodney Davis on Apr 29, 2009
Dietrick Haddon is by far the best young vocalist out there now. He is an anointed gospel singer/preacher. He is a young version of John P Kee all over again. Yes I get the same chills listening to his voice as I did from John P Kee. Dude is off the chain. All his music ESPECIALLY his old stuff..Sinners Prayer, God Didn't Give up on Me..new stuff Jesus for President. Dude is a vocal BEAST! BEST vocal of the night
posted by bahatis on Apr 25, 2009
Were is Rev. Deitrick Haddon?
posted by svappie7405@yahoo.co on Apr 23, 2009
My my my Mr. Haddon has not received the recognition he deserves. The man is off the chain. While I truly enjoyed the others, Mr. Haddon was the best performer of the night.
posted by hyacynth on Apr 21, 2009
Who sang I got a home in Zion? He sang it with a choir.
posted by AcK512 on Apr 21, 2009
you can get his version off The Gospel ( soundtrack )came out in 2005 . he has a cd called Revealed which is hot . to me best vocal talent there is ... Love Him Like I do is single he got with Ruben Studdard and Mary Mary , check dat out ...........
posted by AcK512 on Apr 21, 2009
you can get his version off The Gospel ( soundtrack )came out in 2005 . he has a cd called Revealed which is hot . to me best vocal talent there is ... Love Him Like I do is single he got with Ruben Studdard and Mary Mary , check dat out ...........
posted by Gina on Apr 20, 2009
Deitrick Haddons performance was to the Gospel world what Michael Jackson did on the Motown 25th anniversary show! all I could do was cry!! I have it on dvr, we have watched over 50 times & counting this man is annointed!....
posted by conchetta on Apr 20, 2009
ive been on the web 30mins looking for his performance! thia is sad! he had the best performance and i didnt know of him before the trumpet awards
posted by Carolyn on Apr 19, 2009
I'm moved like that too from Detrick Haddon singin that song....I too would like to know what is the name of the cd that song is on if there is one. Awesomely Anointed!
posted by Zevetta on Apr 19, 2009
Dietrick Haddon you song the hell out of that song were is his music. That young men can sing he stole the show.
posted by tee on Apr 18, 2009
Wow that singer who sung change is gonna come tore it down.he is David Ruffin reincarnated.
posted by nitajj on Apr 18, 2009
While I loved Sam Cook's version of A Change Gonna Come, the brother who sang at the Trumpet Awards did it up.
posted by immadoll.86 on Apr 17, 2009
I'm not really a gospel fan but just listening to deitrick haddon sing "change gonna come" really up lifted me and moved my whole being. It was such a powerful song and was sung beautifully. It inspired me so much that I went out and bought his cd!
posted by msmockingbird on Apr 16, 2009
Detrick haddon
posted by ozyjoey on Apr 15, 2009
all these comments yo!! damn i want to see the performance!! someone post it pleaze...
posted by Yonny on Apr 15, 2009
How can we get his performance on Youtube?? I NEED IT NOW
posted by N on Apr 15, 2009
posted by bren on Apr 14, 2009
Dietrick Haddon singing "Change gonna come got my undivided attention. YOU GO BOY!
posted by Mari on Apr 14, 2009
Dietrick Hadden A Change is gonna come you can download from limewire5. He has several songs.
posted by Pvsmitty@aol.com on Apr 14, 2009
I love Envogue and Keisha cole.How can you not post Deitrk Hadddon.Please get it up look at all of the request.
posted by dee on Apr 14, 2009
The name of the singer who sang A Change Is Gonna Come is Deitrick Haddon. He rocked the house! Best performance of the night hands down!!!
posted by lala on Apr 14, 2009
will the trumpet awards air again
posted by KennerCityZiggy on Apr 13, 2009
I want to know who sing A change is gonna come please answer this he did that I still have chills
posted by bucmell on Apr 13, 2009
Why isn't the Detrick Haddon 'Change is gonna come' video released to U-tube YET??????????
posted by Lovelyt1104 on Apr 13, 2009
Is there anyway we can find a cd with Dietrick Hadden A change is gonna come? I looked online for it
posted by Milton on Apr 13, 2009
Who was that bad brother who sings like me! that sung a change is gonna come. Reminded me of Sam Cooke and David Ruffin! Yessir!
posted by BC on Apr 13, 2009
Do a search on iTunes using the song title "Change is Gonna Come" and you will see the version from Dietrick Haddon. Not sure if it will be as great as the live version on the Trumpet Awards though
posted by efmack96@hotmail.com on Apr 13, 2009
If anyone finds a cd of Deitrick Haddon singing "A change is gonna come" please let me know. that man sent chills down my spine. Thanks
posted by Lucky on Apr 13, 2009
Dietrick Hadden is your Man.
posted by Mari on Apr 13, 2009
Dietrick Haddon is his name.
posted by twodown1tago@aol,com on Apr 12, 2009
posted by tfox0328@aol.com on Apr 12, 2009
Who performed A Change Is Gone Come at the Trumpet Awards 2009?
posted by tfox0328@aol.com on Apr 12, 2009
The singer that closed the Tube?
posted by Bev on Apr 12, 2009
What is the name of the singer that closed the Trumpet Awards 2009 "A Change Is Gonna Come"?

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