'American Idol' Recap: Simon Cowell Gives Adam Lambert Standing Ovation

April 08, 2009 02:57:32 GMT

The top 8 of 'American Idol' sing the song from the year they were born and Adam Lambert transforms Tears for Fears' 'Mad World' into a spectacular piece.

'American Idol' Recap: Simon Cowell Gives Adam Lambert Standing Ovation
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With eight more to go, "American Idol" continues with the theme of: Songs From the Year You Were Born. All contestants were born in the '80s except for Allison Iraheta who was born in 1992. And in celebration of the theme, baby photos of the contestants will be shown along with the judges'.

Kicking off the show is Danny Gokey (born 1980) with "Stand by Me" in Mickey Gilley's version. The judges hate the arrangement but indicate that they still love him. Paula Abdul makes a hyperbole statement that Gokey sets the bar so high that everyone else has to run to catch up. Simon Cowell laughs at this, and says that the middle was lazy but the ending and the overall was good.

Kris Allen (born 1985) who had a rave review last week, takes the second number, singing Don Henley's "All She Wants to Do is Dance". Kara DioGuardi gets to say something first, describing it like a class assignment to interpret a song. Simon agrees to this and adds later that it was actually indulgent, forgettable and boring. Randy Jackson gives a nod to this.

Lil Rounds (born 1984) benefits from soul singer Tina Turner's popular single "What's Love Got to Do With It". Paula says she is hot in her black leather outfits while Simon tampers her with critics, saying that it was a second or third rate version of Tina Turner. Kara points out that Rounds is struggling with the transition from a singer to an artist.

Anoop Desai (born 1986) gives Cyndi Lauper's "True Color" a shot. Both Randy and Kara compliment him on controlling both his vocal and the song itself. Kara adds Anoop can interpret his soul in the song. Simon says it was "very good", adding that Anoop can sometime be like a yo-yo, good and bad at times.

Scott MacIntyre (born 1985) plays his guitar for Survivor's "The Search is Over". Paula gives him credit for stepping out behind the piano but notes that his voice misses on high notes. Kara hates the song choice and says it was an OK performance. Simon suggests Scott to go back to his piano next week because it was horrible.

Allison Iraheta (born 1992) picks "I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bonnie Raitt. Simon thinks it was good but he wants her to sip in more about her personality. Randy meanwhile, compares her to the first Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson. Kara applauds her for taking out the adult content of the song and made it young and fresh.

Matt Giraud (born 1985) sings Stevie Wonder's "Part Time Lover". The judges keep their comments short. Randy says it was the best vocal of the night and Kara says "unbelievable". Paula loves it and so does Simon.

The last performance comes from Adam Lambert (born 1982) who sings Tears for Fears' "Mad World". The show is running late so Simon is the only one who gets to talk. But no words were necessary, Simon gives him a standing ovation and the show is over.


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posted by Clarice on Apr 11, 2009
I think Adam Lambert is the best thing since Elvis. He's talented, has a unique voice, knows how to sing, he's gorgeous and just brilliant.
posted by Sugarnspice on Apr 10, 2009
posted by chrissy on Apr 09, 2009
Adam could be the next Elvis Presley. Utterly unique and best male singer for a long time.He will become a huge star and he rocks, when is his album out.
posted by GAR on Apr 09, 2009
I agree, Adam is the best one out there this season. I have been and always will be an Elvis Presley fan. But I am ready to buy Adam's recordings. I love that he is different and fresh. Remember what Elvis went through when he first started out. Keep up the great work, Adam.
posted by ghie on Apr 09, 2009
Adam is not perfect,but his the best and his cool,even he had good or bad comment still have smile in his face.
posted by Candace on Apr 08, 2009
I noticed the recap for Adam was different from the end of his actual performance too. We played it back several times and there was no mistake that they were different. What was that about?
posted by bcm on Apr 08, 2009
Adam Lambert is good but I think that people think he is the only one in the competition. There are other great singers. Quite frankly I didn't like Adam's song last night.
posted by linda on Apr 08, 2009
I am a 69 year old lady and Adam is the best in looks and entertaining I have seen since I saw Elvis...Can't wait till next week to see what he sings.....I thought Kris improved a lot last night..
posted by on Apr 08, 2009
Adam is wonderful and.No one said he was perfect, but he is the best singer and entertainer...Keep it up Adam a lot of us love you...
posted by Steve on Apr 08, 2009
Why was the last note of the Adam's recap clip different from the last note in the actual performance? Did the producers put the dress rehearsal clip in the recap to avoid replaying Adam's miss on the last note??
posted by AML on Apr 08, 2009
All you Adam it! Can't help that Adam comes along and steals the show....he is BY FAR the most talented IDOL EVER to grace the Idol stage.....
posted by sd on Apr 08, 2009
come on, Adam is not perfect judges. The producers keep giving him the pimp spot and special lighting. What was that all about? Isn't this supposed to be a competition?
posted by coff on Apr 08, 2009
I wonder if they will mention something tonight about his last note being different?
posted by haybrofo on Apr 07, 2009
what's so magnificent about Adam Lambert? it's almost like these people have already chosen him as the idol. they don't even care when he hits a bad note.

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