Robert Pattinson Reveals Embarrassing 'Twilight' Injury

April 07, 2009 08:50:23 GMT

Recalling his experience in 'Twilight' shooting, Robert Pattinson confessed of getting an injury in his rear end when tasked to lift up co-star Kristen Stewart.

Robert Pattinson Reveals Embarrassing 'Twilight' Injury
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Playing Edward Cullen in "Twilight" isn't as easy as it looks as Robert Pattinson confessed to end up with one embarrassing injury. Of the injury, the 22-year-old actor recalled that he damaged ligaments in his bottom on his first day shooting when given the task of lifting co-star Kristen Stewart into the air during their initial scenes together.

"I got injured on the first shot of my first day on Twilight," the Cedric Diggory of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" fessed up to Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine. "I lifted Kristen and ripped my a**e cheek." He further recalled that he was forced to take time out and got a treatment before he could continue shooting. "I had to get a bum massage for the cheek," so he claimed.

Speaking of injury, Pattinson was forced to deny report that he has suffered head injury during the shooting for "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" back in late March. Prior to the issuing of the denial, reports had circulated that the heartthrob had been hurt while filming in Vancouver after a gush of wind suddenly blew at Pattinson's direction and a loose metal advertising sign caught him on the head, knocking him to the ground as a result.

"The Twilight Saga's New Moon" is a sequel to 2008 hit vampire drama "Twilight". It will be directed by "The Golden Compass" helmer Chris Weitz using the script penned by "Twilight" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. The Summit Entertainment movie is aimed for November 20 U.S. release.


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posted by karan on Oct 12, 2010
i gaurantee one i will have more female fans then rob pattz
posted by jemma on Feb 15, 2010
all i want 4 my birthday is ROBERT PATTINSON!!! or EDWARD!!!
posted by Elizabeth Pattinson on Feb 15, 2010
my brother is sort of HOT!!! I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!
posted by Angel on Dec 05, 2009
wow! you guys are hilarous. You really need to read the For one his name is Robert not edward for 2 you guys post this stuff up here like he'll actually read it.LMFAO you will never get to meet him because he is famous and he doesn't have time for people like us. Do you really think he would date people with no money with all the gold diggers out there. And as far as I know he will be in all the movies because the directors know that the movie will bring in no prophet if they change robert, taylor or kristen.
posted by DannyJ on Nov 21, 2009
posted by sierra on Jul 05, 2009
I think that you are an amazing actor robert ! And I hope that you and kirsten play in all the movies together!!! I can not wait to watch the new movie I am pumped!!!!
posted by A Twilighter on Jul 04, 2009
That is embarrsing!
posted by A Twilighter on Jul 04, 2009
That's so lol! i can't believe that would happen!
posted by dars on Jun 30, 2009
love robbert pattinson
posted by itsme on May 19, 2009
i liked the movie !!!
posted by omg on May 09, 2009
i feel so sorry for him u and bella are the best and i hope u and her are in all the movies or i wont be able to watch them at all.!!!!!! u r soooooooo HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
posted by chezca on May 02, 2009
i hope he's ok,philippines love twilight.thanks...........
posted by cory on May 01, 2009
Eduard you inspire me to go for my girl and i will not give up!!!
posted by Cathy on May 01, 2009
Eduard u are my soul without you I am nothing and never will be unless I am with you!!!
posted by luv rob.p/Edward on Apr 21, 2009
I love who you are and who you play as in the movie ''Twilight''I think it is super cool to write to you you are the best of best ,the greast of all time Ibelieve that you are a true actor that deserves what he desires.
posted by Han on Apr 18, 2009
And how do you expect Edward to be in the New Moon film all the way through without changing the entire storyline and without changing vital parts of the following two sequels!! Not going to happen is it!!
posted by Laura on Apr 17, 2009
Hey Rob Im huge fan of Twilight I hope that u will play in all the movies and if u dont it wont be the same and u r a great actor. Can't wait to see New Moon. Your #1 FAN
posted by Rose on Apr 16, 2009
I feel sorry for him
posted by Rose on Apr 16, 2009
You cant change what happens in the new moon just because people want to see more of Edward, Yeah he is amazingly hot but if you were a true fan of the twilight saga going one film with him not being in it much wouldnt matter!
posted by Amy pattinson on Apr 15, 2009
i totally disagree with "lovely" fans of the books aswell as the movie (like myself) will watch twilight despire the lack of edward. Rob is great and i have been a fan since before twilight but Twilight saga is the stories of how bella deals with the happenings so i think it will be just as brilliant as the first movie. CANNOT wait =)
posted by Sane Fan! on Apr 15, 2009
Robbert.P is the best actor and he really did the role justice. If you take the time out to read the books, then you can really appreciate the time he took out to capture the real presence of Edward. Now all the psycho fans out there, please just admire from a distance, as i am looking forward to watching the next movies with him in.
posted by Jessica on Apr 14, 2009
Is myyy baby okay
posted by lovely on Apr 14, 2009
Twilight was a hit because of Robert Pattinson....If the sequal "New MOON" doesn't have ALOT of Robert....the movie will not do one will watch it! So, to the producers and movie makers out there....Make the twilight fans Happy...make robert the main character.
posted by fastpitchj on Apr 14, 2009
robert, you are a wonderful actor. i have seen most of your interviews and you seem to be well grounded. stay true to yourself and you will do well. don't let all of this hype detour you from your destiny to be great, we love the way edward loves bella. that is the secret. always play the good guy or at least a good bad guy lol. i love you and lots of good will to ya(((((((hugs)))))))
posted by Yukina-chan on Apr 13, 2009
Ah, I did hear that Catherine Hardwicke (the former director) quit, but the cast begged her to come back, and she did. At least that's what she said in Director's Notebook.
posted by Hey!!!! on Apr 13, 2009
Hey so like you better not get rid of Robert or I'll never watch another twilight movie ever. Robert has such a compacated roll and he's smoken hot. LOL anways he's just so pretectove of belle. I fell in love with the movie with in the first ten seconds of it. DO NOT GET RID OF ROBERT. I'll never watch another twilight movie. No one can act better then him. He's better then johnney deepp. Lol. You no it
posted by -BabyGirl- on Apr 12, 2009
You guyz love EDWARD not ROBERT Ok? Yes, he's hot! But leave him alone or he might just quit the whole hollywood acting career and move back to London. Wouldn't you want to quit a job if billions of fans were stalking you and wanting to meet up with you, plus you didn't know ANY of them. Oh yea i would LOVE to massage ANY part of your body Rob.
posted by Natalie on Apr 12, 2009
Robert's role as Edward can not be changed as he was the very reson i have fell in love with this film, Robert played Edward amazingly and no one could do it better, if they change it, it really will ruin the furture films and i for one prob wont be one to watch them if Robert Pattinson is not filming them. (You have my support Robert)
posted by A-Amo on Apr 11, 2009
Rob & Kristen fit the Edward & Bella characters for Twilight now and the sequels to come. I hope they continue their roles throughout all 4 movies. It wouldn't be the same if any other actor or actress took their place in the later films. Prepared or not for their big hit with Twilight, it was a success that is now on my top 3 favorite list. Everyone did a great job. If you haven't read all 4 books by Stepenie Meyer, I recommend it. Critics question if New Moon will have the same outcome as Twilight did? Especially when Bella is separated from Edward? It has been noted that the film has a depressing setting. I think it will have a great outcome. Bella may loose her Edward, in the beginning and discovers her comfort with best friend/werewolfe Jocob. But she gets Edward back in the end. Read the book(s), it will your keep interest of knowing the story as a whole and the outcome. In perspective, Rob is truly gorgeous. He is also human and not immortal as Edward, which some may put him in that everyday role play. He has feelings, worries, opinions, doubts dreams, etc. Like anyone, a large stir of emotions depending on what is reflecting our life at the given time. Self conviction should be the will of the outcome in life. 1 - Twilight 2 - New Moon 3 - Eclipse 4 - Breaking Dawn Also: Midnight Sun, no release date given yet. (Edward's perspective/1st person - the story he tells about his life and meeting Bella.)
posted by amber on Apr 11, 2009
Iwish i could see you in person but i dont have enough money to fly to where ever you are at
posted by Tia on Apr 11, 2009
jezzz.... leave the poor guy alone...he is not edward...he only played the role...thats it.. poor rob... i feel for u man so sorry what this have put u thur...
posted by selena on Apr 09, 2009
now you see that you shouldnt change Robert Pattinson
posted by rebeca on Apr 09, 2009
Yeah I think they shouldnt take robert pattinson it will ruin the movie and if Edward dosn't age that means he shouldnt look diffrent
posted by Tara on Apr 08, 2009
I agree that it would not be the same if he doesn't do the last 2 films. It ruins the whole experience when they switch people. I think he did a great job in that role, really connected with the viewers.
posted by ashllee on Apr 08, 2009
I will be your bella
posted by twilight on Apr 08, 2009
I love the movie!!! Rob Pattinson is so HOT!!! He is amazing in the move Keep up the good work.
posted by CRAZYCARE4 on Apr 08, 2009
Rob is contracted with Summitt ent for the first 3 movies and he said he would do the 4th if the fans call for it.He stated this in one of his many interviews
posted by mia on Apr 08, 2009
massaging Robert Pattinson's ars* where the heck do you get in line for THAT job??!!!
posted by hahaha on Apr 07, 2009
my bf reserved the 2disc special edition twilight dvds for me 3weeks b4 it came out and picked it up the saturday it came out just for me yayayayyy it is soo good i saw it twice in theaters because i couldnt stay away...the second time was on Valentines day <3 with my baby
posted by boo on Apr 07, 2009
:)i luv r.p
posted by feltner2009 on Apr 07, 2009
I can not wait for this movie... I love Robert but there are so many rumors going around. Is there really a lot of feuding between Rob and the rest of the cast? It is so sad. I hope that it is not true.
posted by vmiller2014 on Apr 07, 2009
this is so cool and i hope that this movie is as good or better than the first one!! Go Twilight!!
posted by luvinmarie on Apr 07, 2009
posted by Jeanie on Apr 07, 2009
Robbie, I'll massage your butt cheek for ya!!
posted by hoopsgurl31 on Apr 07, 2009
im starting 2 think that R-PATZ is the danger magnet:)
posted by 14dana on Apr 07, 2009
this is so cool
posted by suki on Apr 07, 2009
Yep I love Vancouver, its a great place for filming. He must see Whistler Mountain and the suspension bridges are awesome. Great place to party! Gotta luv the kanucks and kokanee!
posted by jocelyn on Apr 07, 2009
I can make your pain go away! With lots of kiss!
posted by serena on Apr 07, 2009
Well, its a good thing he fell on his buttocks instead of his head I suppose. Wouldnt want to mess up his pretty face and all cuz thats about all he's got going.his acting sucks. Yeah, I heard The Hot Hobo of Love himself aka rpatz wants to bail from Twil because of all the nonsense and stalking going around him. and who can blame him. he does not have a life and hes close to having a nervous breakdown. is it worth it to you all to keep him suffering in a role he hates so that you can continue to project your fantasy? be honest now. he reads this stuff.
posted by brooke on Apr 07, 2009
i love you robert! can i be your bella?
posted by LeVy on Apr 07, 2009
hey guys i heard that robert pattinson wont be acting in the last two movies of twilight help find out for sure and if the rumor is true then help to confence them to let him finish the twilight films cause i hate it when they witch people in future films it wont be the same please help protest
posted by somya on Apr 07, 2009
robert u r the bestest of the bests. and u r AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWSOME!!

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