Miley Cyrus Isn't a Fan of 'Twilight' Hunk Robert Pattinson

April 06, 2009 09:18:50 GMT

Admitting that she isn't a fan of Robert Pattinson, Miley Cyrus names Gerard Butler and Scarlett Johansson as her favorite Hollywood stars.

Miley Cyrus
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Unlike many other girls at her age who idolize Robert Pattinson, Miley Cyrus admits she isn't a fan of the British movie hunk. To the May 2009 issue of Teen Vogue magazine, she shares, "I'm not a huge Rob Pattinson fan. Girls aren't really in love with Rob; they're in love with Edward" when making a reference to his starring role as Edward Cullen in "Twilight."

The 16-year-old then names her favorite Hollywood actor, telling the print media, "You've seen him [Gerard Butler] in 'P.S., I Love You', right? My favorite." On watching his action in the drama-romance movie, Miley admits, "I bawled my eyes out." Also she opens up about becoming Scarlett Johansson's fan. "She is, honestly, the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I went to 'He's Just Not That Into You'; with Justin [Gaston], and I was covering his eyes," she recalls.

Speaking about one of her best female friends Demi Lovato, Miley explains her commitment to not work together with her, saying "Demi and I are the most alike; I'm anti-drama. I like to keep my friendship separate, otherwise, competition starts."

When asked whether she believes in love at first sight, Miley frankly tells Teen Vogue, "I believe in love at first sight. It just hasn't happened to me. I walked right by him [Justin, the first time she saw him]. Love doesn't come from attraction, but from somewhere deeper. [Justin] is my best friend."


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posted by pattinson forever. on Apr 25, 2010
edward may have gotten a lot of people's attention, but rob kept it there. through interviews and tv appearances, you can see how genuine and sweet rob really is. he cares and doesn't wanna get caught in the spotlight. he knows how blessed he is to have been given the role of edward and that's all that matters. i love you robert thomas pattinson. your the reason i wake up every morning with a smile on my face(L)
posted by robultrafan on Jan 17, 2010
yeah i agree to TWILIGHTERS that ms.cyrus is just famous cause of her daddy. i know we could have our own opinion. and yes miley could to but this is just what i wish, that if she has a opinion to rob, don't say anything that we the rob fans only like im for edward!! hello i lke him since harry potter, and if you wathced hanna montana when oliver and lily takes her on a blind date, i forgot what episode, at the end of the show she told robert pattinson's name! she's just jealous cause before when rob wasn't as big as now, she got all the attention, but ever since rob became big, she went small. all tyhe attention now was on thwilight and robert pattinson. hahaha too bad for you miley! and F.Y.I. people only like you for HANNA MONTANA!!! so BACK OF!! i used to like you, but after this i fucking hate you!!! and F.Y.I. i sing better than you!! you sing with your nose! i think you don't even know how to sing! it's all just because of your dad!!! fix your teeth will you? it's GROSS!!! go TWILIGHTERS and ROBERT FANZ!!! (NOT just EDWARD fanz!) I LOVE YU ROBERT THOMAS PATTINSON!!!
posted by robultrafan on Jan 17, 2010
i HATE miley stupid cyrus!!! i'm just so offended of ehat she said about rob! i mean i love rob not just edward cullen!! i hope you read this ms. miley cyrus! all rob dfans HATE you for sdaying that. well if you wanna act dirty then i should say that guyz only LIKES you in hanna montana! and try keeping your thoughts to yourself!!! that's just a little advice, oh and by the way, try fixing your teth ms. miley cyrus! unlike robert pattinson who has perfect teeth, wahaha!
posted by kasukasu on Jan 05, 2010
I am neither a fan of Miley Cyrus nor Robert Pattinson, but I don't find it wrong for her to express her opinion. And people should stop comparing Miley and Robert. Both of them are good looking but all of you are missing the pointthat she is not dissing Robert's looks. Plus, there are children who could stumble upon this website and with all these vulgarities all over.... tsktsk
posted by to the chick that in on Nov 30, 2009
Lack of literacy? Dear god, get over yourself. So she doesn't spell out every damn word, that doesn't make her stupid. Anyway, as some of you said, Miley does have a right to her own opinion, but so does everyone ELSE. So if someone thinks that she's wrong, that's okay and you shouldn't tell that person off. So what if some people are obsessed with robert pattinson? You tell THEM to get over him, why don't YOU get over trying to get them to stop. If you think twilight is so stupid, why are some people writing freaking articles on it? If you don't care about it at all? Hypocrites. Filthy hypocrites. It's really annoying how there's a bunch of twilight haters that waste their time telling twihards that THEY'RE stupid. It doesn't make any SENSE. So please, twilight haters, get over YOURSELVES.
posted by Cookies on Nov 28, 2009
I don't like The Twilight Saga at all, but I agree with Entertainment Weekly's quote.. "A unicorn just pooped on a rainbow." Miley just dissed a huge fan base because it's a cult? Her own fans go buy hannah montana shirts and candy and wear her wig? They watch her show and movies religiously also? And YES they "obsess" over her as well.
posted by ashley ashlee, ashle on Nov 26, 2009
i just think she needs 2 shud da fuck up, who is she 2 start tlkin bout otha ppl, i mean as she even hear herself sing b4... she sings like a dyin cat, but dat wuld be an insult 2 all dyin cat's...
posted by vannessa hates miley on Nov 26, 2009
posted by TeamEdward on Nov 23, 2009
Miley should just shut her mouth. Honestly, no one cares what she thinks of Twilight. Robert is awesome. He plays Edward perfectly and Miley is a slut and a bad role model. Her father is stupid for being so proud of her.
posted by jane on Nov 23, 2009
my opinion is that u are a fkn slut, bitch, whore, ur nothing 4 reals.. ur just a hater and u know wat... FUCK HATERZ.. FUCK U..
posted by sowat on Nov 18, 2009
Twlight sucks, I think she's right. She's one of the few brave to actually speak her mind. Get over it.
posted by miley who? on Oct 18, 2009
ok Miley Cyrus is Hannah Montana they're great and she has fans who look up to her but that doesnt give her FANS a reason to trash Twilight.Robert like her has fans too if u people trash him they'll trash her back.Miley has some great songs n she's pretty but Robert deserves some respect too.Sure we love Edward Cullen but its HIM who's PLAYING EDWARD..
posted by hot girl on Sep 29, 2009
yal all leave miley alone u only like edward cuz he is hot miley is better u idiots m-marvelous i- incredible l-loves her fans e- edward hater y- young miley never give up ur dream
posted by to MILEY SUCKS!! on Sep 26, 2009
Perhaps you should learn how to spell before you start talking trash about someone else. Of course, your lack of literacy only proves you to be a true Twilight fan, as you profess to be (or so I assume... reading between the lines). Of course, looking at your spelling and grammar errors I'm wondering if maybe you and Stephenie Meyer have the same editor. I don't understand why you think that Miley would be jealous of Robert Pattinson and Twilight, because Hannah Montana and Twilight aren't even in the same genre. Why would she care if they sold a lot of books? I think that's probably the last thing on her mind. Personally, I agree with her. Robert is quite unattractive and appears to need a really good shower. Taylor Lautner, now THAT'S who has the fangirls with the best taste. Seriously though. If you don't like the girl, stop reading articles about her. Also, not every person in the world creams over Robert Pattinson. So get over it. He's just a freaking actor. It's just a freaking book/movie. It's not like it's anything that important. Why don't you spend your time doing something productive, like paying attention in English class, rather than bash celebrities online? Thank you and have a nice day. p.s. FYH. OYKNB.
posted by Why?? on Aug 13, 2009
For once I agree with anything Miley does. Rob P is not very attractive but decent. I do agree they are in love with Edward...but why? He likes her for her blood. BTW twilight was ok but shouldnt be this popular its predictable. The authors other book THE HOST is good but twilight is like reading the bible boring and there is always a group of crazys who do some crazy things because they are secretly wannabes...who would've guessed?
posted by MILEY SUCKS!! on Jul 01, 2009
F.Y.I little girls like u cuz of hannah....your just jealous because twilight sold more copies of books and won all of the movie awards than hannah montana...which sucks....and you be careful of what your saying cuz you don't now what twilighters or twilight fans can do to you.....
posted by mileycyrus hateR!!! on Jul 01, 2009
wtf.....miley you suck like a b***H you know that i u suck and u stink like a sunk who do you think u are people like ROBERT cuz of his personalty not like u your a HOR..your nothing but a filthy bitch....little kid likes u cuz of hannah montana and your dad but if it weren't for them you'll be a begger or be living in the streets you don't even care what you say to anyone all you care is about your self...and when someones says something bad you go and tell your daddy and your dad protects u and make the person dat said something bad say sorry but u when u say something mean all you care is about your self....u filthy back stabing no brain miley you smile like a witch ur name should be witchy bitchy hor!!!!!!!I HATE YOU FOR GOD SAKE!!!!
posted by me on Jun 05, 2009
robert pattinson is the most amazing guy ever! miley cirus is a loser shes just mad she cant be with rob
posted by Lynn on May 22, 2009
she knows this because she's a big fan too, but she doesn't wanna admit cause she's tryin' to be different
posted by Monja on May 21, 2009
Once Miley Looses hannah her career is over.. Who is Miley to tell us girls what we like about robert pattinson. Miley can't afford to loose hannah cuz then her career is over.. I was a huge miley fan once but now she can forget it.. I have broken every record and poster i have from her.. Robert forever<3
posted by lips on May 16, 2009
look i know rob pat and he hates me swear
posted by antitwilight on May 04, 2009
wow. if the twitards know how to spell and use proper grammar, they could tip the scales and make people SEE what a great actor robert is. but sadly, its only 9 year olds posting in favor of rob. thats sad. hes too old for you girls...guys...whatever. and btw, ROBERT DOESNT EVEN LIKE SMEYER. he said in an interview that the book was just stephenies wet dream. which, it WAS.
posted by RASS on May 04, 2009
Wow...I used to dislike Miley because of all she did, but I actually think I'm respecting her more. And hey, Twitards, shut the fuck up. I respect your opinion, but going all OMG MILEY IS JUST JEALOUS!!!!!!!! makes you sound like you're eight. Just saying.
posted by differentgurl on May 04, 2009
so i agree with what miley has said and she has all her rights to express her feelings
posted by differentgurl on May 04, 2009
i think that people love robert because of his role.i don't find him that handsome and truely said am not at all a fan of twilight. Twilight is not that interesting as harry potter. in harry potter there is suspense while in twilight or new moon or so, i think that it is a bit too false love
posted by Anonymous :] on May 04, 2009
Honestly, the very fact that this is NEWS is really pathetic. If I wouldn't care that the average girl doesn't like Rob, then why would I care if this girl does? I'm not a Miley Cyrus fan, but seriously, what's with paparazzi trying to squeeze every freaking thing out of her? WE DON'T CARE! I'm not hating on Miley right now (even though I do hate her), but the only reason she acts all high and mighty is because the stupid world treats her that way. What is she supposed to do? First of all, it shows she's not a modest person and loves the limelight. And second of all, it shows how desperate the news is right now. On a side note, The movie sucked. I have Twilight fanatic friends who can attest to that.
posted by HarryPotterRules on May 04, 2009
I am not a Miley fan but I do believe she is allowed to have her own opinion. I am not crazy for Twilight, Rob, or Edward. I think Robert is a wonderfull actor he did great in Harry Potter and is the perfect Edward but he is not the hottest person in the world. You Twilight fans need to cool down and learn that not everybody loves Twilight. I think Harry Potter is a more interesting and approrite series for teens and pre-teens. Also Meyer is not that great of writer. She made a nice story and she's lucky that people comared her to Rowling's series. Addmit it you like Edward not Robert. If thats not true than why didn't this happen in 2004 when he played Cedric? My point exatly. Miley made mistaces we all do. I am teen and No I haven't done what she has but oh well thats her problem. She is allowed to her own saying. Rember not every bodys loves Twilight.
posted by Nikki on May 04, 2009
posted by Cris on May 03, 2009
Personaly I think Miley is an awful Actress. People are making estimates on how soon she will screw up, well guess what--she aready HAS!! She acts like she's God's gift to the entire universe but guess what she isn't even close.. If you watch Robert Pattinson doing interviwes or showing him interacting with his fans then you see he's a down-to-earth guy. He seems to understand how it feels to be a fan. Miley is jealous because since he has hit mainstream her 15 minutes of fame are fast approaching an end.
posted by love edward&rob<3 on May 03, 2009
ur just jealous stupid motha fukn bitch... porno girl takin nasty pics wid ur dad.??? wtf is dat... ur just jealous cuz rob is way more better than u...hes hotter than ur daddy and u put 2gether.. :P Y DONT U JUST QUIT SINGIN CUZ NO ONE LIKES U POOR LIL GIRLS WHO WEAR THOSE HANNAH MONTANA SHIRTS..U SHOULD B ASHAMED OF UR SELF... UR A HYPOCRITE DATS WAT U R STUPID RAT BITCH....TRY 2 KEEP UR COMMENTS 2 URSELF... UR UGLY,MEAN RUDE,AND HAVE A DISCUSTING LIFE.. U CANT EVEN SING AND ROB CAN SO SHUT THE FUCK UP STUPID BITCH!!!!:P
posted by Christi on May 03, 2009
Thank god there are others out there that actually have an opinion. I didn't find Robert Pattinson atractive in the least bit. I personally agree with miley that most people are atracted to the idea that he is Edward so that makes him hot or wheatever. Also for the people who "love" him stop being so annoyed when someone else don't like him. Quite frankly if you have to yell at someone over the internet it just makes you look stupid.
posted by Panda on May 03, 2009
You people need to stop obbessing over Robert, Edward, and Twilight, and yelling at others for not liking it. Seriously. Some people have their own opinions, but we're not jealous of him. I don't mind Robert, but you people need to calm down. At least Miley has her own opinion.
posted by anonymous on May 03, 2009
Um... why do we care? I mean, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but since when did Miley Cyrus's opinion matter so much?
posted by Dawnx on May 03, 2009
I don't like Miley all that much but I give her respect now and she makes sense with that she says. Girls are in love with Edward (which is pathetic) and not Rob. Just because she isn't a fan doesn't mean you have to bash her for her opinion. I used to love the books but once the movie came out, it just killed everything for me. Twilight blows, over reacting fans blow, girls who are in love with a fictional character blow and need to find a hobby. Grow up. Life doesn't revolve around fictional characters and you overly obsessive "fans" just kill it and make it annoying for the rest of the world.
posted by Sarcasm on May 03, 2009
OH GOD. How DARE she have her own opinion? D:
posted by Romance on May 03, 2009
this is really stupid! i hate miley cyrus, and i dont really care about what she thinks. no one should! she really isnt that great of a role model. she took inapropriate pictures, and you cant fully apologize for that. i hate her.
posted by wow on May 03, 2009
This is the stupidest article I have ever wasted my time reading, and most of the comments posted here are stupid too. The only people I have any respect for are the people who dont give a shit. There really are better ways to spend your time and energy, I promise. So turn off the TV, put down the remote, and slowly step away... I know it's difficult but you got to be brave, ok?
posted by manderz on May 03, 2009
i think she is right (which is odd....) becasue robert is gross and doesn't shower. but edward is awesome.
posted by lolz on May 03, 2009
What a bunch of fuckin' morons. "omg miley we hate u cuz rob is so hawt and he is edward and we love him uncondishionally OMG ur uglee n jealouse keep ur opinions 2 urself!" Well I guess you twits better start hating EVERYONE, because there isn't a single person on the planet who agrees with your tastes on EVERYTHING. So stop being little hypocrites by saying that Miley shouldn't express her opinion while you're blatantly expressing yours.
posted by ur stupid twighlight on May 03, 2009
if your "so" in love with rob. how come you all weren't in love with him when he played cedric in the goblet of fire.... ya thats right. SUCK IT
posted by whateverusay on May 03, 2009
Seriously. It isn't that big of a deal. You can all stop obsessing about twilight. good gosh! he isnt that good looking himself. your in love with the idea of edward. not the rob himself...
posted by Dolly14 on May 03, 2009
Could you Robert Pattison fans be anymore idiotic? He is an okay actor and pretty much wants to get fired from his role as Edward. Personally that is the only reason I like him because he tells it how it is, but everyone thinks he is the hottest thing out there. Well he isn't and Miss Cyrus has a right to her own opinion. Though, personally I'm not particularly fond of either, except I'll side with Cryus on this one because I hate Twilight with a passion.
posted by eww on May 03, 2009
umm miley needs to get a life, shes a brat and ugly and freaking annyoing i really dislike her!! i love twilight but shes just mad that rob is getting all the attention!!
posted by Kiki on May 03, 2009
I agree with everyone who thinks Rob Pattinson is a down to earth guy...and i love edward. Miley is only famous because of her daddy.
posted by Megan on May 03, 2009
I can't stand Miley. I mean, I'm not an obsessed Twilight fan (The romance is sweet and I love that part of the books, but I despise what it's done to vampires) but this doesn't really give her any brownie points from me. Not that she deserves them. She's a horrible acrtess, an even worse singer, and she's way too egotistical.
posted by whysoserious? on May 03, 2009
Oh dear. Here come the angry twilight fans now. Get the nuke shelters ready folks because the zombies have appeared and are looking for blood. I hate how twilight fans freak out the minute you oppose them. I dont like Miley at all, but she wasn't rude about saying she didn't like Rob. Why so serious? And also, I enjoy how most twilighters angry comments are in caps lock. Can you say,'srsly unintellegent plz?'
posted by Hailey on May 03, 2009
Ok, yea, I admit to liking Twilight. But I don't think Miley should bash Rob just because a lot of people like him just for his role in Twilight. Isn't that the only reason MOST of her fans love her? Because she's 'Hannah Montanna'? Without her character as Hannah I highly doubt she'd get much recognition at all. But atleast Rob was atleast slightly known BEFORE his major acting role.
posted by PLEASE on May 03, 2009
if anyone knows mileys number or email address or anything i beg you to let me know. i want to let her know how fucked up she is and let her know my opinion about her since she has her opinion bout rob. we all have freedom of speech so FUCK U MILEY!!!!!!
posted by HAHAHA on May 03, 2009
posted by mileyhater on May 03, 2009
posted by better than u on May 03, 2009
no ones opinion matters except for mine!! =]
posted by Nee3k on May 03, 2009
I couldn't care less about either of them... Robert Pattinson is cool, i think he's down to earth. Miley's probably just jealous because he's bigger than her in my opinion. Over all, I'm not a fan of either of them, I did appreciate Rob's character Edward in the movie though... Miley as Hannah Montanna??? Ummm talk about OVER RATED!!!!
posted by Staci on May 03, 2009
Alucard maybe people didnt like him as much before twilight because before he wasnt in movies that were so popular... yea he was in harry potter but he was like a supporting role not that big.. Twilight i think is his first BIG role that alot of people watched.. OF COURSE HE HAS TO BE MORE LKKED NOW... and back to the article what does miley care if we lke or dont like rob for edward.... we still like him.. we know that Robert is real.. shes just mad that twilight was alot better than her sad movie...
posted by Kiki on May 03, 2009
I love Twilight ...and No not because i love Edward...I love Rob too. I think Miley is a very bad example. My little cousin says she wants to be just like Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus...when Miley takes stupid pictures of herself nude and my cousin doesn't even know it. I also heard someone say that Miley is only famous because of her daddy. Just listen to Miley sing and you will her singing through her nose. I don't like her becuz when i go to a store she is literally EVERYWHERE!!! and it gets annoying and NO I AM NOT JEALOUS OF HER!!!
posted by Nonya on May 03, 2009
I'm not a fan of Miley at all, but I do really agree with her about Rob. And I'm not a fan of the movie Twilight either, the books are a hell of a lot better. She's entitled to her own opinion just like the rest of you obsessive weirdo's who want to berate her and anybody else who dislikes the movie and him. Grow the F* up already and get a life.
posted by abigail on May 03, 2009
you know i think there right most girls dont like rob but edward i like both to tell you the truth and i think miley realy needs to get a better aditude because she acts like a jerk
posted by TwilightLover on Apr 30, 2009
posted by GUELLI on Apr 28, 2009
posted by Alucard on Apr 27, 2009
She speaks the truth. People didn't like him as much until he got the part of Edward. Now they're stalking him, sending him sexual emails, and obsessing over him. Just because you hate Miley doesn't mean she's wrong. She'd DEAD ON when it comes to Rob and his stupid move to play as Edward. GROW UP, you boyfriendless tweenies and sexually-repressed home wives.
posted by bitch on Apr 26, 2009
shes ugly. hes way better than her ugly crocket teethed face
posted by Lauren on Apr 23, 2009
so miley's god now? NO ONE CARES WHAT SHE THINKS. get over it. move on. ..and learn how to freaking spell!
posted by rob and edward I lov on Apr 17, 2009
oh come one mile,y i'm fna of you but of rob too and edward. I mean many of girsl love rob for his looks including, smile witiness, down toe eaht nes,s hcar, romantic, potlies,s, firnedlyess, soem edward like qualitles, and his tlaned and for making a gret Edward. I in lvoe wit him and I am fna of the actors and Edwar.d but hte nagia, maybe she doesn't have an issue with robp atison she just yeah.. ok. can't wait for new mono of ocurse I am christ and there amre amny hcristna woh are fnaos fh seris nad lovr rob pattison, bus iwsh he's sotp his bad ha bits and hope he's chrstian
posted by EDWARD LOVER on Apr 16, 2009
posted by ar on Apr 15, 2009
shes just jealous and yea shes talking bout other celebs. shes not tat great to tell the truth. rob did an amazing job in twilight and i love him
posted by Leah on Apr 14, 2009
grr, shes pissing me off. she thinks shes a hotshot being able to express her opinion about anyone or anything. shes wrong! robert is amazing and we love him unconditionally, ESPECIALLY because he plays edward in my case. i love twilight more than i would ever love u. i dont hate u, sure u can have an opiniona dn say it, but obviously that doesnt stick to all words about christian faith and belief and being open minded ....? no! so who are you to judge one of the worlds most famous, a-list man? and the worlds hottest vampire? you have no clue what ur saying so give it up and stop being so jealous. blehhhh.
posted by Roblove on Apr 14, 2009
wow is she dumb? i love twilight and this is my personal opinion but more than half of her fans are also twihards, like me. and i can bet that more than half just said "screw miley" .... like me. miley, i know your a goody good constantly going "oh im not opinionated im open minded!" but obviously ur not if u think u can judge this. of course i love rob because hes edward. well thats one of the reasons. he plays the worlds hottest, most perfect vampire, and in real life hes amazing. he can act and sing better than u ever could. so give it up, because its obvious ur getting a littel annoyed that people are paying more attention to rob and edward and twilight than they are to you and hannnnahhhh montanna.
posted by Edward-Love on Apr 14, 2009
So wat? I like miley, but alot of her fans like her much more because shes hannah montana. and i like rob cause hes edward. im in love with twilight and edward, and if thats what rob is recognized for, then of course people will probably love him for that. its not that i dont see the other amazing things about him. i do ; hes charming, modest, musical, funny, shy, handsome. but he plays my favourite character of all time and thats sure to bring some love. its obvious whos got the better group of fans, no offence to miley. robert has got awesome, artistic, social unconditional love fans that stick by him and love him for HIM and his character and how he acts it out. miley has got four year old screaming girls who love hannah montana and then if not that, girls who get ticked off by her words and opinions that obviously DONT stay true to her. she has a right to her opinion, but shes conufsing.... i read her book "miles to go"... and it says shes so not opinionated, shes opinionated about being opinionated. so obviously that was just a little suck-up sentence to win back fans, because as is on display here, shes expressing an opinion that made more than half of her fans TURN ON HER because they love rob and edward MORE than her. point proven. and how do i know this? because i just turned on her. i cant be a fan of someone who doesnt love rob/ edward / twilight. sorry miley.
posted by Julia on Apr 12, 2009
What she has done makes it all clear, JEALOUSY!! BABY your just steaming mad because Rob is so much bigger than you!!! I mean he stole ur thunder everywere Bolt premiere, Oscars, VMA'S sorry lil baby but he's just BIGGER AND BETTER than you!! iT WOULD ONLY TAKE ONE THING TO PROVE U WRONG ROB ASKS YOU OUT AND U JUST MELT!!! HIPOCRITE IMBECIL!
posted by RobertPattinson Love on Apr 12, 2009
i love robert and edward mostly robert because hes soooooooo HOTT
posted by Mileyfan on Apr 11, 2009
Don't b mad 2 miley. It's just her right 2 express her own opinions. I agree, u can never b famous unless u have a good role. Like miley w/ hannah and rob as edward.
posted by Amara on Apr 10, 2009
And people aren't fans of "Miley Cyrus", they're fans of "Hannah Montana"
posted by Vee on Apr 09, 2009
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, including her. A large amount of people follow Twilight, it doesn't mean others have to. People should be able to respect what they choose and not pressure them or call them names. People never knew Robert until Twilight. Many celebrities aren't known til they do a good role. People should still enjoy Twilight, but try not to let it influence you too much.
posted by LuvTwilight on Apr 08, 2009
MILEY.....!!!!!!! I used to like you but not now. I know I love Edward but Robbert Pattinson did the role so well and I know He is a very GOOD person. You need some chill gurl..... and may be a pshycatrist. May be all the pressure is going to your head.;-)
posted by Tammy on Apr 08, 2009
Who cares if she does not like him. HE was great for the part.
posted by HP&Twilight on Apr 08, 2009
Well, if she thinks that, it's her own opinion, but maybe she shouldn't speak for other people.. I don't like Robert Pattinson much either.. I don't think he's hot or like his music, or think he's a great Edward, but he's okay. Let Miley have her own opinion! Siriusly, why do you all hate her? If you don't like her, go spend your time somewhere else, doing something you like.
posted by robert-lover on Apr 08, 2009
u no wat?? miley isnt rite! i love rob for who he is not who edward is sooo she needs 2 get ova herself!! he is frickin tha sexiest man in tha world!! so she needs 2 shut her mouth and stop tellin gay little lies just cuz she knows she cant robert pattinson! and shes jelous of who can get him!!!
posted by jess on Apr 08, 2009
Who's Miley Cyrus? Robert Pattinson is the best heartthrob since Paul Mccartney and the beatles.
posted by katieg on Apr 08, 2009
no one cares what the country hick has to say & we are infatuated w/ rob & his talents...not edward cullen.
posted by A.L. on Apr 08, 2009
RobertPatzz isn't the hottest person in the world but he acts, DOES MUS&#304;C and doesn't really care about being famous. Miley is stupid cause at the times when she needs to shut her big ass-looking mouth, she starts talking at other celebrities backs. Yeah she can have an opinion about rob, all of we do.. But she doesn't have a right to say 'I think girls don't like rob'. How do you know maybe I want to get fucked by him?.. No one would ever talk about someone who they don't know. Will she EVER get the chance of even seeing him?
posted by briolette on Apr 08, 2009
I repeat...that's because...she's an idiot!
posted by briolette on Apr 08, 2009
that's because...she's an idiot.
posted by H.B.S on Apr 08, 2009
what are u saying with miley don't maD with her because u don't know her yet. your fan in Philippines secret
posted by RobLuva86 on Apr 08, 2009
Miley is right.People only like him cuz of that. ButI love him because he is such a great actor and he plays the two instruments that ive always wanted to play and he was so great in Harry Potter and he is a perfect Edward.
posted by Deedee on Apr 07, 2009
Who the f*ck give a sh*t what this pathetic girl says? Miley.. nothing intelligent comes out of your piehole so stfu! First Radiohead, now Robert Pattinson.. did he not want to have anything to do with you too? I looked up stupid in the dictionary and your picture was in it.
posted by SUE on Apr 07, 2009
posted by im sorry but robert on Apr 07, 2009
im not going to lie that miley is either a blind bat or a mentaly crazed person not to admit that his buff his just so out of her league . and way more famous go Robert /Edward .
posted by im sorry but robert on Apr 07, 2009
im not going to lie that miley is either a blind bat or a mentaly crazed person not to admit that his buff his just so out of her league . and way more famous go Robert /Edward .
posted by JasmineSmellyPoop on Apr 07, 2009
YOU ALL ARE ALL COWBAGS! Well, not all...just the ones who think she's not entitled to her own opinion. Robert sucks, its the truth, GET OVER IT, WILL YA??!!!!!
posted by Chelsea on Apr 07, 2009
Miley,your just jealous because you suck at singing,you are a slut and everyone hates you , but everyone loves Robert. You can't even speak right,seriously blow your nose once in a while.And don't say we just like edward because no one like's you at all, they just like hanna, people like robert pattinson because of him,anyone else.Robert is more famous than you any day,all you attract are 9 year old kids and old pedophiles that saw your internet pictures, and your the ugliest person who ever lived
posted by Pacifier on Apr 07, 2009
I don't hate or like miley cyrus. she is entitled to her own opinion. In my opinion though, I think that Taylor Lautner did get more screams than her at the KCA. I also think that Taylor is so much more hotter than Rob, but i still love Rob.
posted by Jeanie on Apr 07, 2009
Deedee I'm with you. That was so eloquently said that I got nothin. Oh except, Miley you sound like a goat!
posted by Sammy. on Apr 07, 2009
Oh, wow. She's not aloud to have an opinion? That's a little pathetic. Robert isn't gorgeous, and as talented as I think he is, she's right. Most of his fans didn't even know who he was untill he was in Twilight. Grow the fuck up, let the girl have opinions.
posted by Sarah on Apr 07, 2009
Miley, please understand that with EVERY celebrity, there IS a hater. You saying this is just MORE infuriating. I personally HATE you. People love to hate, it's true. My 6-year-old cousin lives in Germany and she LOVES you. She wants to be just like you, until I told her what you did with the pics. She still loves your show because she doesn't understand. You call yourself a role model?
posted by stelange on Apr 07, 2009
of course she doesnt like him. he stole the limelight out of her!! hehe.. remember the premiere of twilight and bolt? she got a rundown... miley, miley, mile, your fangs is showing gurl . but i got news for you, fame doesnt last forever and such a biatch like you will always be a loser.. so enjoy your so-called fame, there's always somebody will kick you out of your pedestal..
posted by LaughingMyArseOffAtY on Apr 07, 2009
Funny, I find this to be the most intelligent thing this girl has said probably in her entire life. Why is it that you people can't allow people to have their opinions and see the good and the bad in everyone? The bad about Miley Cyrus is that she is a slut-faced-hoe-bag-bitch, but the good is that she has some real decent opinions. The good about Rob? Okay, he can act. The bad? HE'S A FLIPPIN ALCOHOLIC FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!! Stop and open your eyes, she's allowed to express her opinion! Jeez.
posted by Irshad on Apr 07, 2009
i THINK rOBERT Pattinson is ugly.....all girls only fantisized about him because of his edward*twilight character....
posted by LisaWiserLiser on Apr 07, 2009
Miley....ur still young to be hated by anybody....why you let urself looking bad in public..? still anybody have flaws and their own perspective over something.....
posted by LaPuU.Twilighter on Apr 07, 2009
Well, i think that she have her point of view, but in my seem i`m in love with Edward Cullen but its a book character, Rob is a human and im in love with Rob to, and Miley can say wathever she want, is her problem
posted by norma on Apr 06, 2009
seriously?? this just gives me more reason to hate her
posted by teamjacob on Apr 06, 2009
i hate her
posted by its true.. on Apr 06, 2009
I think rob is hideous with out make up ...and like they said in the bonus features of the DVD there's something sexy and powerful about a vampire...hes so hott I<3edward
posted by anonymous on Apr 06, 2009
gosh i hate miley..she's just jealous coz she's not famous anymore and a lot of people hate her!!!including me..and she's just jealous of robert pattinson too...she knows that she doesn't have a chance with him
posted by asd on Apr 06, 2009
seriously, you guys are crazy. Rob is really Ugly, Kellan is actually hotter, and the guy who plays Jasper is so much cutter than both of them. he is ugly, and not even in a sexy way. Girld DO feel attrated to him because they see him as Edward. proof #1 No girl was in love with him after he palyed Cedric on The Goblet of Fire.
posted by MELISA on Apr 06, 2009
posted by yeah right! on Apr 06, 2009
yeah right, u and demi are bestfriends, and miley says that she does not like drama(she is all about drama). Miley is such fake!
posted by rpatt fan on Apr 06, 2009
Robert is stealing her thunder. That's why the Jonas Bros. and Vanessa H. wants a piece of Twilight as well. Jealous. Miley is just jealous. There were more screams for Taylor at the Nick awards than there was for her. Hey Miley guess what? Twilight fans don't like you either.
posted by Smiley on Apr 06, 2009
Miley has double fat chin and face . Da B*tch is sooooo fake!!
posted by Sia on Apr 06, 2009
Now I hate her even more lol ..
posted by watev.. on Apr 06, 2009
miley has her opinion and i have mine i think he is HOT and i think she should just keep her thoughts to herself!!!!! and we are just not in love with him b/c he played a vampire!
posted by anna on Apr 06, 2009
Yup I agree with you Lark.
posted by Kels on Apr 06, 2009
umm Miley isnt fat like at all shes not ugly and shes deff not a slut. so just stfu seriously
posted by ally on Apr 06, 2009
omg now all the little girls are gonna hate rob now!!!!!!how can she like i freakin hate her even more
posted by IhateMiley3 on Apr 06, 2009
She has big ugly teeth!
posted by IhateMiley2 on Apr 06, 2009
Miley only has the HOTS for her DAD! She's fat,ugly and can't sing! She's just saying that, so she would get some publicity.
posted by iluveveryone on Apr 06, 2009
You guys dont need to be accusing Miley of jealousy. Everyone makes mistakes. Just because of everything that happened last year doesnt mean that you guys need to dish her. I'm sure you all have made major mistakes as well. Be a little nicer. Miley is just trying to find who she is. After all, she is only a teenager facing typical teenage problems. I have to agree with Miley on this one.
posted by Bella on Apr 06, 2009
FUCK U miley you are a slut,a pig and At least girls dont go around taking pic of her self full naked to nick jonas so suck that slut
posted by Rachyy on Apr 06, 2009
OMG miley is so righttt! robert pattinson isnt even that nice looking, and shes so right about the edward and robert thing.
posted by lark on Apr 06, 2009
she's so transparent, anyone who would be a threat to her fame she would definitely thrash it.. well, sorry miley, i dont think he would want to like you as well.. just keep your opinion to yourself, it doesnt merit anyway...
posted by KS on Apr 06, 2009
First of all I am not a Robert Pattinson groupy...However, I do admire his talents. His acting is wonderful, and he is a wonderful composer and singer. Ms Cyrus has NO talent at ALL. The girl can not act nor sing....Once Disney is over...good luck! Daddy doesnt have that much power. Ms. Cyrus only wishes she had as much talent as Mr. Pattinson has in his little pinky!
posted by IHateMiley on Apr 06, 2009
Miley isn't very smart is she? Yet, whenever someone blames something on her, she always makes herself the victim and claims, "the minute I stop making mistakes, I'll stop learning" and all that shit. Seriously, who is she to tell us what we like or what we don't like? YES, we love Edward, but we also love rob in his own way because he isn't like any other douche bags that let fame get to their head like HER! So just SHUT UP miley! I give her two years before she becomes an asshole like Britney..wait, make that one.
posted by nrwgn on Apr 06, 2009
The girl has not heard of nothing good to say---say nothing at all. Shows no class from pup.
posted by bee22 on Apr 06, 2009
I agree with Miley....these crazy girls think their in love with Rob....but their in love with his charactor Edward Cullen....get over it girls he's just a fictional charactor!
posted by sam on Apr 06, 2009
okay i bet all of you are major twitards right? well i'm no miley cyrus fan but you all need to realize that not every one loves robert and twilight. some of us don't ike it at all and the reason we don't like it is not because we are jelous of robert, why the hell would i be jelous of him he spends his time in his flat microwaving and he smells (don't belive me read the GQ magazine with rob on it)
posted by anon on Apr 06, 2009
Little girls dont love miley because shes particularly brilliant, they like the character and the show Hannah Montana. So whos she to say that girls dont like rob they like edward, when her whole career is based on a good character.
posted by Charm on Apr 06, 2009
Miley,little advice,try not to piss us off if you know how much we like Robert.
posted by Optimist on Apr 06, 2009
Well, I think that everyone have their choice. If the crowd wants to jump in the well, it doesn't mean that we have to follow it.

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