'Dragonball Evolution' Sequel Has Got a Script Written

April 04, 2009 06:06:03 GMT

'I know they've written a second one and it's pretty far out there,' insisted Justin Chatwin who plays Goku in 'Dragonball Evolution'.

'Dragonball Evolution' Sequel Has Got a Script Written
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A sequel to "Dragonball Evolution" is already in the works. Confirming on what he has hinted earlier, leading man Justin Chatwin insisted that a script to the follow-up installment of the manga adaptation has been penned. "I know they've written a second one and it's pretty far out there," so he claimed.

On the premise of the sequel, the actor who plays Goku in the James Wong-directed live-action film said, "The second one really goes to some different places that I've never seen in any comic book adaptation." Though revealing that the script has been written, the 26-year-old admitted that he hasn't read it.

While nothing is certain yet on the development of "Dragonball Evolution" sequel, Chatwin spilled that he and co-star Emmy Rossum would love to do another movie for this adaptation film. James Marsters also sounded similar hope, adding "We're going to get to 'Dragonball Z' later where Piccolo becomes youthful and he's going to become the Piccolo that most people recognize."

Earlier this year, Chatwin has hinted to SciFiNow that a script has been written for "Dragonball Evolution" sequel. "If there were to be a sequel I think it...well, I know that it would go to a really interesting place, because they already have the second script written," the "War of the Worlds" actor at the time said.

Adapted from Akira Toriyama's famous Japanese manga of the same name, "Dragonball Evolution" revolves around Goku's journey to collect all seven Dragonballs. Having had one of the balls, the young warrior must now gather around six others before Lord Piccolo gets his hands on them and destroys Earth. The live-action film produced by Stephen Chow stars Justin Chatwin, Emmy Rossum and Chow Yun-Fat among others, and will come out in U.S. theaters on April 10.


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posted by DBE SUCKS on Oct 15, 2013
@NOT TO SHABBY I can tell your taste buds and what few brain cells you have are right up where the sun never shines.
posted by NOT TO SHABBY on Apr 09, 2013
Give them a break bro you dont see anyone else trying to make a DB movie. Yea they didnt follow the story and they shouldve cuz its the best one out there, but at least they are trying and hopefully with technology the way its growing that soon they will have an amazing dragonball movie. But untill then make millions i will still watch them. Thats a true fan ;) KEEP UP THE WORK!
posted by DB childhood on Jan 28, 2013
PLEASE DONT MAKE SEQUEL!!! specially not with this guy jastin!!! please!!! i hope nolan gonna take this movie to remake! and one more things for all "db fans" who like it this movie.. u like movie wheres goku go to school,wheres no crillin best friend of goku in all series ,wheres bulma full of courage ,wheres master roshi look like from havaii,wheres jamcha never fights and so on! cmon! for sure u r some kids who never seen this series!!! I HOPE NO MORE MOVIES WITH THIS GUY JUSTIN!!!!
posted by fireman15 on Dec 15, 2012
I think people need to chill and give things a chance to unfold. I have seen Dragonball Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT all the episodes. I think the movie was good and it could have been better but hey not many movies made from cartoons realy ever followed the addsact story line
posted by rick on Nov 07, 2012
hello, i've just watched dragonball evolution and i admit that the changes in the storyline where very deprissing but beside that is was a fine movie. i would enjoy watching it again. for the real dragonball fans this is the start of a film series. it is impossible to create an exact copy of dragoball (Z/etc/etc) not only because the original story is so fantastic but also because its anime and its really hard to copy the style and story. i think they've done a great job and i think that a sequel could open a chance to improve it all. so for all the haters out there stick it with your anime and let the real DragonBall fans enjoy movies like this one! greetz
posted by Iz on Oct 16, 2012
I liked the movie, haters are missing the point. I look forward to the sequel.
posted by Die-Hard DBZ Fan on Jul 26, 2012
The first Dragon Ball Evolution was a nightmare. Goku was too depressed, and Piccolo's coloring was far too light to be called green! If they can mess up Goku, who knows how they are going to ruin Vegeta? UGGHH.
posted by seruji on Apr 12, 2012
Wow, was the box office obvious enough about how pathetic this adaptation was? And they are going to make a sequel? Are they freaking retarded? Or just stupid? Dragon ball evolution was the worst movie ever, we DONT WANT YOU TO MAKE ANYMROE ADAPTATIONS! YOU FAILED! GET LOST GO HOME
posted by Super Kami Guru on Apr 02, 2012
Super Kami Guru:Nailllll Dragonball everloution sucked balls Nail:well Lord Guru they are making a second Super Kami Guru:Nail... gather the dragonballs
posted by ..... on Apr 02, 2012
This movie sucked don't make a second and if you did like it you are no fan of Dragonball, Dragonball z or GT. All they done with this was ruin the originall manga and series by messing around with the story line and the characters such as bulmes hair isn't even blue in the movie roshi is not that young and the dragonball were made by Kami and were hell is krillin. It would be hell if they made a second because they would most probaly mess up vegeta and then everyone would realy hate them.
posted by shaun on Mar 31, 2012
okay will all of you people just shutup i mean really i liked dragonball evolution , sure they made some big changes to the original anime but who cares i still enjoyed it and i hope they make a sequel , i would see it
posted by zacura on Feb 22, 2012
ok no. The movie was horrible. Even if you didnt know DB it sucked as a movie overall. Please ignore riguelme. It sucked my friend
posted by riquelme375 on Jan 29, 2012
stop it...srsly. a movie cant be exactly the same. obviously it cant be(very well phrased couple of sentences). the movie is good. except if u REALLY LOVE db. then its not that good. but it should still be fun for u to see goku looking for the dragon balls with bulma or yamcha robbin em (WHERE IS PUERH !!!!!) but basically just enjoy the movie. no anime/manga based film can be extremely accurate. no movie can be. i would give an example but... well.... im a lil lazy.
posted by SteveSTK on Jan 25, 2012
the only bad part of the movie is that goku went to school and he didnt do it in the cartoon and they should of had krillin in at least made him gokus only friend in school
posted by Vegito92 on Dec 31, 2011
They did screw up the movie, i did like the Goku but he was to depressed, and Piccolo sucked,Yamcha was one actor who i had a major problem with, but really... forget the storyline if you want to enjoy, thats what i did. But they should've had Krillin, Master Roshi was no where near old enough and wasn't even on an island! If they could make a better movie i would want a 12 year old Goku like when the story started! They didn't even have a power pole! But overall all it was a good movie if you just forget the story line a little. Thank you and Vegito is stronger than Gogeta!
posted by loggs on May 20, 2011
and the first film was alright not the best yu coulda done but better than no film made, but i agree wit ppl who dont like buddy who plays goku, he's definatly no goku that was a weak character choice
posted by loggs on May 20, 2011
if you make a sequel you gotta add the sayains all i know
posted by the_truth on Dec 26, 2010
as a db fan i can only state: a horrible flick.
posted by nevermindme89 on Nov 29, 2010
this "film" has a power level of over 9000 FAIL! goddamn. this is like the holocaust for db/dbz fans. seriously. putting your own spin on something is one thing, but changing the story entirely is a complete different thing. there is more wrong with this movie than there is right. fuck justin chatwin. if i ever see him im going to yell 'kaioken' at the top of my fucking lungs and kick his ass up one side of the street and down the other. i may even turn pink due to my rage.
posted by DragonBallin on Nov 28, 2010
Tough sell. I thought they did a good job overall. I was most upset with "Hosaru". WTF. Otherwise enjoyable. DragonBALL was 4 seasons, and that's a lot to cover in a single film. It retained much of the charm, but Goku as an angst-ridden teen was strange. Cartoons have more liberty though in that they need no rationale for the plot. I, however, do wish that the writers would have touched on his origin a little better so it doesn't feel so out of place whe Vegeta shows up (please please please) in the next movie. He is by far the most dynamic character in the series and a sequel must contain him. I don't care about anything else. He is my hero and I want to see a live action portrayal of him before I die. Also, Chow Yun-Fat nailed Roshi.
posted by Josh-Orlu on Oct 06, 2010
A lot of people ripped on the first Movie - I was one of them. I'm a hardcore Dragon Ball Fan, BUT I didn't hate the film as much as I thought I would. The fact the story wasn't the same as the Manga? I don't care. I've seen 9 series of the damn thing, and on every game released of Dragonball Z - I sit through the story once more and play the game, It's nice to have a different direction for the movie so at times even we don't know what's going to happen. The First film wasn't the worst film ever created, those who think it is have definatley not seen enough movies. - It wasn't the worst film created though it left MUCH room for improvement. - Considering the budget I was pleased with the special Effects, the cast were great - Justin played a believable Goku whilst James Marsters played an awesome Piccolo. Assuming the writer pays a little bit more time to detail and applies an easy to follow story line - I'm sure the sequel will be at least worth watching :)
posted by EVOLUTIONsucks on Oct 03, 2010
For god sake, don't ever ever ever ever make a sequel of this crappy shit movie again! you're ruining my childhood memories, i had to puke when i watched 5 minutes of the first please don't make a sequel!
posted by Annoyed by stupid pe on Sep 19, 2010
Okay miss Emmy Love I get your point about the manga being asian, but Goku is a Saiyan. That means he is from outer space, and not Asian. He's not even Earthian. And,for the record, Goku doesn't even look Asian in the manga or the anime. He just has black hair. Heck, Bulma is asian in the show and she has blue hair! Now, to all the people ripping on this movie. Yes, it was not the exact same story we all know and love repackaged for the big screen, but why should it be? We've already seen that in the nine glorious seasons of the real anime. This movie was less about the hardcore fans, and more about getting outsiders interested in the story. Well, that and trying to broaden it's appeal to make more money. It is Hollywood, after all.
posted by Emmy Love on Sep 15, 2010
Emmy Rossum was awesome. She is the best role for Bulma. Yamcha was Whtthehell. I'm satisfied with the movie and hoping that the sequel will be better .
posted by Mr_Wayne on Aug 19, 2010
This "film" was terrible. They deviated completely from the source material and tried to create an original take on the anime/manga. FAIL! As a cinematic piece this atrocity failed on so many levels. Oh and one more thing: Goku is Asian. The creators of Superman are White Americans. They created a White alien character. Why would you make Superman anything other than a White guy on film? Same thing goes for Goku. Americans f***kin up an Asian icon!
posted by 0000 on Aug 16, 2010
If you make a sequel please stay with the story.
posted by Johnny on Aug 16, 2010
I can only say the film was good,and if the sequel is made it would become better. Dragonball forever!
posted by miestrodbfanlovr on Aug 12, 2010
i did not understand at all the fucking ridiculous concepts of this movie. for one goku was a dumb ass and could not count a little bit, so how the fuck is he in high school (very important aspect)they have a fucking white guy with blonde hair playing goku, is he fucking super saiyan or what. chi chi did not meet goku until her father asked him to search for her. the makers of this movie should be sued and banished from ever making another db movie again. iam a big fan of the show and to see it go to shit like this is fucking maddening.
posted by Mike on Aug 02, 2010
The movie was alright. Few of the things didn't feel right though. Like Goku changing to an ape without his tail and during an eclipse!!! Goku controls his ape form and changes back to normal, I mean it was the way he achieved super saiyan 4 form in dbgt after watching full earth from the Tuffle planet and not an eclipse. The movie rules out any future possibilities of super saiyan 4.Piccolo controlling an oozaru! And I thought saiyans served Frieza.
posted by astropwnz on Jul 30, 2010
If you are going to change the fundamental principles of the Dragonball Universe, the new principles should make sense. Piccolo had the power to crush a house and one-shot Grandpa Gohan with his mind, but he needed to use Mai, a character with no special powers, to do his work. Goku used his enemies to make a lava bridge.... The Kamehameha was supposed to be the ultimate "air bending" technique, but he used it to light candles, and then he gets shot and roshi uses kamehameha to heal him. Also, he only trained for about 7 minutes, and was then ready to take down a 2000 year old super villain. The special effects were on par with the Power Rangers Movie. The only good looking effect was the bike coming out of the capsule, and I would have much rather had a decent looking energy blast than 5 seconds of Transformers. The final attack was absolutely disgusting. How the hell did a director and a special effects designer both think that goku shooting forward and jumping forward at the same time would look good, or make any sense whatsoever? Okay, and general storyline... WTF was the purpose of Yamcha?? Master Roshi could have kamehameha'd the cave wall, and yamcha's relationship with bulma lasted an entire 30 second scene. And Piccolo used duplicating minions to attack goku in the lava cavern, the only place were goku could have defeated them(thx to lava bridges!), and then he never uses them again. Anyway, that's a bunch of negatives that have nothing to do with the movie's similarities to the show. I guess my point is, I hope James Wong never makes a movie again, because DBE was an absolute abortion.
posted by Scarr on Jul 25, 2010
i thought the movie did the best it could with the tools it had, and it was great. although it could have been longer, and the fight scenes abit more practised. but i cant wait for a sequel!
posted by jcz on Jul 22, 2010
i really hope the sequel comes out cuz im a pretty big anime fan and i liked the original movie n i jus got done watching the last airbender it was awsome
posted by Prossy on Jul 19, 2010
i know it was low budget but they could at least wrote the first film better, like making Goku an emo highschooler instead of a happy-go-lucky-kid (why the hell hollywood obsessed with making emo highschool movies? twilight both transformers film etc like there ain't enough of them already) hope at least they write this next movie better, it most likely be the sayian saga but dunno how since they wrote out tien chozu and most importantly krillin
posted by 7BaLlZz on Jul 06, 2010
I can Just agree with Mercury856 U are right.In the Box Office and Theaters it Sucks but who cares?They did have a low budge and the Movie could not be better.I hope they learned what they could make better(like the Dragon or the Story line must be longer)if there's gonna be a sequel.
posted by Mercury856 on Jun 29, 2010
Couple things, one goku is not asian, doesn't even look asian in the anime, to i loved the movie mainly because it is freaking DB live action. The main problem i had with it is the dragon, and of course they changed the story a bit, they all do, it is fine as long as they keep the basic, the heart of the story. I guess thats all i have to say not like any one cares.
posted by anonymous on Jun 27, 2010
All you so called "real" db fans need to fucking hang yourselves or else move out of your moms basement and get a fucking life. It was just a fucking movie. I would love to see one of you fags make a better one, you losers wouldnt even know where to start let alone the fact you would all be too busy jizzing in your pants at the sight of bulma because youve never been so close to a girl that hot. Its the truth GET OVER IT. So you all can kiss my left nut and learn how to fucking spell.
posted by GokuISsaiyan on Jun 18, 2010
Goku is a Saiyan. Not Asian.
posted by VOICEofDBZGT on Jun 18, 2010
Alright, I admit, when I saw this in theaters I was mildly impressed and pretty disappointed. There were a lot of things they added and took away from the real storyline. But lets forget about DBZ and GT for a second. They probably had no mention of saiyans in the movie probably because there was no mention of it in the DB cartoon, saiyans didn't come into the story until DBZ. Krillin wasn't in it, yeah that's gay, but you can only have so many co-stars. I though Yamcha was pretty lame but after watching it again, he's alright. Bulma's haircut needs to go, that was retarded. A lot of the acting was pretty corny but, let's face it, almost of the characters in the anime were pretty corny. I didn't like how Goku was a smartass, he's nothing like that in the anime. I'm hoping as the sequels start coming that Goku matures. I mean he is just a kid in the anime. If I had any constructive criticism, give Goku his tail, change Bulma's hair, Hive Master Roshi his beard, change that black dude's name to Mr.Popo and give him a tall green Namek friend, have Piccolo shoot the egg out of his mouth, MAKE THE DRAGON LOOK LIKE THE DRAGON, and lastly, lets move onto DBZ. I'm sure everyone wants to see Vageta kick some ass. Also, if you watch the movie a couple more times, it grows on you, the fight scene with Piccolo and Goku is pretty sick, just needs to be longer.
posted by Goku is asian on Jun 13, 2010
Goku is asian
posted by hellraiser on Jun 10, 2010
Why in the fuck can't you dumbass people spell??? I agree with YouAllSuck. And the fuckthisfilm person, is the only thing you can say is like what the fuck??? What is that? Do you think you're so incredibly awesome that you can say cuss words on the net because if you said those things in front of your parents they'd kick the shit out of you? Grow the fuck up.
posted by Matt on Jun 10, 2010
You've gotta think, this was supposed to be dragonball, not DBZ, Goku didn't know how to fly yet. One thing that did disappoint me was no tail on Goku, and where the fuck was nimbus?!?!? After he took the staff I thought that well maybe he'll have nimbus, but there wasn't. It was a good movie for a low budget. 45 million and some reports state less. Transformers and G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra both had a 150 million plus budget. I'd like to see any of you shit peddlers make a amazing movie on a low budget like that.
posted by ?jke? on Jun 09, 2010
posted by ?jke? on Jun 09, 2010
Applause to ihatedbe, made me laugh yet he is so fight.
posted by ?jke? on Jun 09, 2010
Tbh, Dragonball:Evolution was a piece of shit. It was cheesy in almost every scene and I don't think the actors were the right ones for the roles. I feel that they should scrap the idea of a sequel and start again. I think they should follow the dragonball, z, gt series completely when considering sequels. I don't think however, that they should have the characters jump 100m's of the ground because that would look 'tacky' but just fight on the ground until, like in the series, they come to the 'sagas' where they have learned to fly. I'm no expert but I think if they can make flying look like it is in the newest superman film then I think it would look quite good. Bring on some decent super sayian tranfromations as well. peace x
posted by Anomynous on Jun 06, 2010
This was the best ever dragonball movie but it was lacking Vegeta Krillin and Tien but we don't know where Kami was or was the guy that Master Roshi talking to Kami? But If you ask my opinion I think we don't know what will be in the next sequel but one thing I want to know is how will gohan being goku's son come in the movie sequel I mean I am really curious and want to see all the characters like Frieza Vegeta Nappa Raditz but what also would be interesting to see Who will play Vegeta the Character and When Vegeta says Karatot ( Goku ) so Yeah bring on the sequels!!!!!!!
posted by Frosty on May 28, 2010
for anyone out there that is a DB or DBZ fan and likes this movie you must stop calling yourself a DB or DBZ fan because this movie was the worst piece of shit ever. they did not follow the anime/manga and everything was wrong about it but most of the stuff has already been said so i wont bother going there. this movie was a disaster and they want another one? thats like saying let do 9-11 again... its soooo stupid. i hate this movie sooo much that it gets 0.01 out of 10 and it only gets that because negative ratings are stupid and it has to be above 0 because it is a movie i mean its out there so it has to get something. anyway anyone that likes this movie should be tested because they are probably bat-shit crazy.
posted by kitkat179 on May 22, 2010
there making a sequiel to this monstrosety? ugh anime should never be made live action, they cant do all the things they can with anime and they always get stuff wrong, i mean since when did goku ever go to school other than the comical driving school with picoolo? why is it piccolo and not king piccolo? why is goku 18 and not 10? why dont he have a tail? why is bulma not shit scared of everything? where was puar? why isnt master roshi old,bold and got a turtle? why does goku like chichi and not the other way round? where was ox king? why does ki look like fire? why did piccolo have a flying freakin fortress? where was the nymbus or nyoboi? why did master roshi live int he city and not on kame island? why was shenron gold and not green? why dint he talk? why did roshi die? hes damn immortal!where was krillin? why dint goku turn into a oozaru when he looked at the moon at chichis party? theres probably even more faults that i cant remember in that film, seriously dont make another unless you plan to disown the first and redo it properly this time -_-
posted by the greatest on May 18, 2010
I think in the next movie they have more intence battles. they defantly sould have more fighting, yea it wasent exacly the same, but if it goes by the complet story all intell the end of the soga, the make alot of money of this film. im a fan and would like to see how the rest of the movies turn ot. but they better be able to turn super sayin, and all the diffrent tranfomations, or it will be a dasater. and why isent their energy sorounding them when they power up. and they need to add crilen in their some wher they still got then next movie to put hime in it. and mabie goku will grow a tail, cause they dident go by the exact story but still it will be close anuff. but i hope theirs a make a nother dbe movie.
posted by American on May 18, 2010
I have one question: Why is it that every single commentator on forums such as this lacks the simple skill of constructing a sentence? Seriously I understand having typos and grammatical errors here and there but some people just plain use no punctuation at all! You make your point sound really stupid when you write like an idiot. Don't kill the messenger.
posted by some dude on May 12, 2010
I DON LIKE THE MOVIE soy fanatico de dragon ball y pienzo q hicieron un mal trabajo con los protagonistas y esenografia.
posted by igc take on May 04, 2010
look i didnt mind the movie i understand its an american adaptation of a japanese manga but honestly the movie ignored way to much of the basics. yeah they did a good job of modernizing the characters looks but come on goku turning into an ape without a tail, piccolo with his gelled back antennas, shennron looking like a baby dragon and not being able to talk, the crappy kamehameha. honestly these are little things that could have been changed to make the movie just a bit better. i must say they casted yamcha chichi grandpa gohan bulma and piccolo really well james marsters really has that evil tone for picollo, but they shouldnt have casted the person they did for master rochi i mean yuo really cant picture that guy being one of the silliest perviest people in all of dragon ball.
posted by jj101 on May 03, 2010
Please im begging you directors and producers and actors too if your going to do a db movie let someone proffesional who knows about the anime do it.
posted by dbz fan on May 02, 2010
ok i liked the was alright but it lacked a bunch of details like first of all it never mentioned any thing about goku being a saiyan and he wasnt nearly as powerful in the movie as he was in the anime. and when that girl shot him he almost died! goku cannot be killed by a stupid little gun hes the most powerful thing in the universe for gods sake. the sequel needs to include everything you need to know about sayains and theyre powers and it needs to have the picolo that everyone needs. the movie is alright but its deffinately not how i wouldve made it
posted by dbe suks on May 01, 2010
they say gohAn but it sounds like its with n O 1 WORD RESEARCH! n da movie a wanab avatar last a bender and puru krillin?????? 1 good thing joon park sounded like yamcha
posted by suptrunks on Apr 26, 2010
For one you have to watch the movie as not a hardcore dragonball fan the second one is supposed to touch on the saiyans and veget and shit so give it a chance the first one wasn't bad
posted by AnotherGuy on Apr 12, 2010
Am I the only one who thiks that they will probably completly botch the super saiyen transforamtion or even super sayiens themselves still I will give them another chance if they make Goku kind of thick headed but kind hearted with a strong sense of right and wrong and because of this he should happy and confident in himself
posted by ihatedbe on Apr 06, 2010
im way too tired to really talk about the movie, other than YOU FUCKING SHITHEADS FOX!!!! ANYONE WHO LIKES THIS BULLSHIT MOVIE HAS NEVER WATCHED THE REAL DRAGONBALL! And all you who say the "its an adaptation, its not supposed to be exactly the same" whiney bullshit go look up the definition of adaptation and then also tell me WHY THE FUCK ITS CALLED DRAGONBALL! Where the hell is Krillin, huh?! He was half the fucking show for christs sake!
posted by fmn716 on Mar 28, 2010
I really digged the movie, but I must say anything DB and I am interested the only problem I have is how could he turn ape with no tail, thats the only thing that disappointed me
posted by YouAllSuck on Mar 06, 2010
You know what I thought the movie was great...Sure it missed a lot of shit from the original TV show and comic book but who cares...this movies was done in its own style, americanized if you will. If they copied everything exactly with the cartoon it would've been stupid, come on Emmy Rossum with a full head of blue? She would've looked retarded, sure accurate to the TV show, but stupid looking, what if Goku had spikier hair to one side and was a Jap? He would've looked accurate to the original, but weird and unbalanced. Sure they crammed a whole series into one movie, I honestly think that that's awesome because now we won't have to wait forever to see the frieza saga sequel...If that is the sequel to evolution, they should make the next movie two hours and a half long so they can put a little more stuff in it pertaining to the show but still leaving the americanized style...
posted by fuckthisfilm on Feb 22, 2010
anyone who likes this movie knows nothing of the anime or manga or are retarded this movie is garbage and if your a so called db fan you should chug some sulfuric acid this movie is so bad it is not even funny since when did piccolo have the force because some how he used force choke to destroy a house the capsules are transformers in this what the fuck the capsules are containers like what the fuck why did goku not have a tail to have to transform why was he only like 7 feet evolution was ass thank god i saw it on demand and not at the theater if someone gave me that movie as a gift i would stab them that shit should have been straight to DVD and the Kamehameha was the same lame attack as that weak chun-lee movie and and why was it only able to light candles when he was training and not blasting through walls everything about that movie just makes me want to cry and they are making another I hope it goes straight to DVD and strait to the bargain bin r.i.p dragon ball and dragon ball Z they killed it in the worst way possible i would hit my mother befor i watch the first one again and kill myself befor thinking about watching the next one I could I could make a better movie was five bucks and sock puppets
posted by shorwty-lo on Feb 21, 2010
Honeslty evreyone with this whole change is good. STOP rite there, change sucks! We didnt change transformers and it was a box office hit, we didnt change iron man, nor spiderman and look how they succeded. But when you have movies like the first hulk, the x-men, and how poorly they did, should be signs that change is overated when it comes to are childhooh comics. Leave them as they are, cause thats what we want.
posted by tykemario on Feb 14, 2010
The movie was ok, but it could have been better. If there is a sequel than I want to see Justin Chatwin=Goku vs Robert Pattinson=Vegeta. Why, just too see Justin beat up Robert. It would have been cool if they tell us the story about A.I 18 and 17. Oh and Dr. Gero played by Tobin Bell aka Jigsaw.
posted by tykemario on Feb 14, 2010
I have to agree with sully.
posted by weirdo on Feb 10, 2010
hey if you dont like it then dont watch it. Man are they really coming out with another one?!?! I didn't like DBE when i first seen it but now i do!! I just hope they make tons so i can see goten. iluvhim(even tho hes a cartoon) well and trunksxD ahh imma loser!! PLUS that justin guy is pretty its all good. I hope this sequel thing isnt some rumor.
posted by That1DudeOvaThere on Feb 10, 2010
Wonder how they're gonna show fusion o_o thats gonna be intresting
posted by Daywalker on Feb 09, 2010
ok listen up people i misjugde Dragon ball evolution and to the directors im sorry Sully is right we shall accept the way the movie is made that is the best thing about the movie like why is goku is 17 and in high school instead of living in ancient japan why dosen't goku have a tail when he transform in to the great ape monster i hope the dirctor is reading this but plz make the sequel i will like to see ur vision of Dragon Ball every one who reads this i don't care wat u think but i had learn something while watching DBE for the past 3 days true power comes from inside and that is wat these Ladies and Gentlemen of DBE are doing showing u their vision James Wong keep showing us your vision and if I can make one request don't stop with wat u r doing when people put u down get back up film the next movie o and ps war of the worlds yea that sound like to be the friza's sagas try some thing like Dragon ball z: a new beginning or DBZ: Blood Race u know something to equal to Piccolo youth or the arrivial of goku's brother Raditz, the Sayian prince Vegeta and his right hand man Nappa i can't wait to see Piccolo's expersion on their being more the one Great Apes
posted by Sully on Feb 08, 2010
First off I liked Db E. I didn't like it at first, but when I thought about it they did a decent job. Things could have been better definitely. People are always bashing this movie because it didn't follow the original story. But I can see why they did it. If they made it just like the manga or just like the tv series then you would know what is gonna happen and when. Db E kept me guessing, I didn't know what was gonna happen next. Sure I knew that Goku was gonna beat Piccolo, but that was it. I think that is what the people who made the film wanted it to do. They wanted to keep you guessing and keep you watching. Now they did fuck some things up. Db, the original, focus on Goku being a boy with amazing strength and the eager to fight. Db E lack that. They made Goku look like a douche bag 17 year old with a bad hair cut. He didn't even seem that strong. He just had good fighting skills. My other big problem was Roshi. They should have shaved his head bald, put a big white beard and mustache with some sun glasses on him. Piccolo didn't have any antenni. Finally, I think the movie was to short to be a dragonball movie. Next one should be about 2 hours. I want to see the next movie. But the next one needs more action. The next movie will decide for me if they should make a 3rd one. Now for anyone who hasn't seen it this parts for you. If you can't handle the fact that it doesn't follow the story line from the show, you won't like it. Try to keep an open mind with what I said earlier about why I think they made it this way. If your cool with the changes and you have an open mind, you'll like it. This is coming from a HUGE fan of Dragonball. I've seen ever episode at LEAST a 100 times in the last 10 years. So I'm no noob to Dragonball. To the haters who want to disagree with me, FUCK YOU. Sully
posted by Dana on Feb 07, 2010
Noooooooooo! Why, God, why!?
posted by otaku4u on Jan 30, 2010
a sequel to Dragonball evolution.......ouch that's all i can say.......ouch.
posted by goku on Jan 28, 2010
the movie sucked...since when is goku in db 17 n in high school...the name evolution in the movie was just n excuse just in case ppl didnt like the way the movie was done n now they say that the movie was named db evolution for a reson...the actors first of why is piccolo with a black overall where are the redish pinkis things on his biceps, calfs, sholders, fourarm, and abs....where the fuck was krillin hiding...whoo the fuck is going to belive that ozaru is the same hight as goku when in the anime hes like 100 times bigger than any character...the kamehameha was horrible n the timing of the movie was to short....if they would of stuck to the anime story they deff would of made more money n would have ppl despretly waiting for the squel...all b4 i forget what about rochi living in a city apartment in island also near the city he has hair n doesn't have a white beard....n nimbus just doesn't exist....this movie was a major fuck up....n if they don't do a squel stiking to the anime version n stop coming up with these dummass ideas of changing up the story they just going to keep wasting money....looking like retards to rest of the db, dbz, dbgt fanz n none fanz
posted by Gregory Gordon on Jan 20, 2010
They could make a reboot and make it appear a little like Beowulf did, then they could stick to the story and the scripty stuff and it wouldnt look so retarded, I mean thats still kinda close to Live Action
posted by brimmum on Jan 20, 2010
First of all Goku is alien to earth, so quit complaining about him being white. I don't think the movie was that great but I can at least say most of the acting decent. I found the characters very likable for the most part. I believe this movie was a bit of a hit and miss. It has potential to be a good movie.
posted by Tyrel on Jan 19, 2010
Goku didn even use instant transmission and piccolo didn shoot an energy beam from his mouth and on top of that piccolo didnt have stretchy arms!... all nameks have stretchy arms!.... and another thing since when did a namek ever be in control of an ozaru.... and krillin wasnt in the movie.. yamcha didnt fight in the movie or use wolf fang fist... and what was up with the jumping kamehameha that wasnt right goku was supposed to do that with one hand and go through piccolo... and why is goku in high school.... and why didn goku kill his grandpa.... and why did goku grandpa know about piccolo since when did a human in dragonball know about nameks..... and why did piccolo kill goku grandpa that wasn in the cartoon.... wheres gokus tail and how does he know what a girl is hes not supposed to know he thinks that theyre witches or somethin in the cartoon.... and roshi needs to be a little more pervy!!!!!!
posted by EvolutionFails on Jan 16, 2010
They lost more money than the recieved in the release of this film. I'd appreciate a remake rather than a sequal. They did a horrible job in sticking to the original plot. Movies that stick to their origins, like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc., are the successful ones. If they think about this and actually make DragonBall what it's supposed to be, they'll have a hit movie.
posted by fathalpert on Jan 14, 2010
the movie was alright. its action horrible, the stroy horrible, but as far as just the live-ness of the movie, is what made it straight. i would love tosee a sequal that way they could make it alot better, and explain Goku's story alittle more. but yea the movie was okay.
posted by LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE on Jan 13, 2010
its just not the same as the anime or manga :-(
posted by i wish they made a n on Jan 07, 2010
they shud stop making these crappy movies and make a new dragon ball series but akira toriyama cant be botherd
posted by garcia 17 on Jan 06, 2010
this movie is so fucking stupid, wat the fuck this guy try 2 prof that all db, dbz and dbGT are stupid this is a fucking joke i hope nonof this shit happens again
posted by itellonlytruth on Jan 05, 2010
DRAGONBALL was a alright film but i had hoped for it to be more the same attitude/style as the cartoon. the parts i did like was the actress bulma and her designers, and the fight between goku and the five party guys. if they do make a dragonball to do with the SAIYANS it should be in the rock the dragon song attitude/style.
posted by Animefan on Dec 31, 2009
Since it was based on the Dragonball series I didn't expect it to be long since Goku usually killed the bad guy in 5 or less episodes or defeat in Piccollo Jr. and Emperor Pilafs case once they get into DBZ it should be longer since Freiza,Cell, and Majin Buu took forever to die and hopefully they'll get a bigger budget so they can have better effects.
posted by creamofsomeyoungguy on Dec 27, 2009
posted by GT on Dec 26, 2009
I was expecting crap but I truely enjoyed the movie! Im a die hard Dragonball fan and I prayed they wouldnt screw up the story and they didnt... I am very impressed. I mean they kept Goku's serious and goofy attitudes along with Master Roshis Serious and goofy and ofcourse his sexual attitudea aswell. I agree the battle should of been more intense and the Kamehameha was sloppy and I relize it was low budget but Dragonball having only 83 minutes is kind of heartbraking lol Id love to see a 3 hour Dragonball Z movie! But all in all great job!
posted by jason on Dec 19, 2009
great movie i hope they get in to the dbz quicker instead of dragon ball
posted by Animefan on Dec 15, 2009
I am a huge fan of DB,DBZ,and DBGT and personally if they put everything from the cartoon in the movie it would look stupid would you really want to see a talking floating blue cat in live action if they make a sequel I just hope they add Krillin because Goku would never become a super saiyan without him.
posted by YEAHYEAHYEAH on Dec 15, 2009
posted by Son Nick on Dec 14, 2009
This movie was absoulutely awful! Everyone who thinks this movie was good are completely out of their minds. I much more enjoyed the Power Rangers movie than I enjoyed this movie. I don't even care that it's EVOLUTION. If you want to think of it that way, fine, but the only "evolution" that happened here was the evolution of the story. It started from the original series and evolved into a steaming pile of elephant shit. I would have rather seen this film on youtube with the title "Dragonball Evolution: a Parody" and I probably would have enjoyed it better, because that's what this movie was; a big fucking parody.
posted by Silver on Dec 04, 2009
Watched it, hated it. Im a DB fan, and i never expected the movie to be like manga or anime... But it still sucked, i mean, fight scenes from The Matrix would be better suited for Dragonball than the ones in this movie. And whats up with air bending? why invent some other explanation to ki attack than simply using your energy... i mean, this is a dragon ball movie... now as this is a major glitch in my opinion, i will explore it further... so, the sequel. i imagine there would be frieza eventualy, and how will they explain him destroying planets from space is beyond me, as there is no air to bend in space. now how about one of gokus major moves, the spirit bomb. will he gather air from the entire planet to a ball or something? and the list of techniques goes on... like solar flair for example, you bend air to make it bright to blind your opponent? how about instant transmition? later on they learn to sense energy signals of each other, so what, they will sense bent air around people? how about scouters? or they could just NOT include anything i just said, which would make the upcoming movies even bigger crap... another thing is the looks of ki attacks... they are mist like... it looks realy bad in my opinion, they should be done somehow differently. and attacking with kamehameha and flying towards your opponent at the same time? the kamehameha should be pushing the user back,you must agree it realy did look kinda awkward... also the dissapointing thing was that ozaru was piccolos servant, but you know... EVOLUTION... well this is only a major glitches i pointed out there are many more, for instance, why did piccolo use some ninja girl to help him instead of his minions, why is yamucha not a fighter, why doesnt bulma have blue hair, why does master roshi live in a city apartment, why the hell kamehameha can resurrect someone? (oh yea, you bend air...) why is goku smart? (lol) well i mean yeah, EVOLUTION, but couldnt they at least included something from the original? cause apart from the names of the characters and the dragonballs themselves i cant find anything similar between the movie and the original...
posted by vissh on Dec 01, 2009
Totally agree with sarah ,DBZ-Masta,WOW ,chippsplayer94I and other real fans for DB who liked this cool newVersion of OurDBseries.I hav seen all the DB/DBZ/DB gt episode and movies . A change from anime is good[Who wants to see the same anime movie again. :O]Gratz Guys for movie And hope to see a series of sequels .:D
posted by Vissh on Dec 01, 2009
Yep..The film is really cool and is well done.Really waiting for a sequel. :D
posted by OMG PEOPLE on Nov 27, 2009
plz people try to use your brain a little. if they did make Dragonball instead of dragonball evolution AKA just like the series i would really just give it 0/10 because would you really enjoy a movie where you see real people jump 100 meters op in the air and fight. i mean that would just look like a big bunch of shit. to make an example, even tho its not complety the same, take a look at the old street fighter movie. i mean they have tried to make that exactly like the game and i can only say OMFG it looks like shit. and plz listen to the name of the movie. Dragonball EVOLUTION. you know what evolution means right? they havb't made Dragonball because it would look like shit when its real life but they made the evolution because there there they could change it to make the movie look cool. also if he made a KAMEHAMEHA wave like he does in the cartoon i would really laugh my self to death. so plz think before you write. -_-'
posted by DB Maniac on Nov 26, 2009
ok listen josajodsfa im with u about going to dbgt Eemiillii u r right everyone should be happy about this movie but SSJ3 they r missing alot of charactors from the cartoon
posted by true anime fan on Nov 26, 2009
yo from wer i stand u need to be a real anime fan to make a live action movie of anime cartoons and who ever change dragon ball in to this need to stop while he or she is a head and study the real thing (laugh) i could make a better script then the dragon ball evolution cause it will be right on target
posted by Mars Rei on Nov 25, 2009
I enjoyed the movie and I am a huge DBZ fan. Everyone should know by now that no movie is exactly like the original. If you look at it from a different point of view, you'll enjoy the film to a certain extent. I can't wait to see the sequel. Marsters played an awesome Piccolo, so I am very excited that he's going to be more like Piccolo Jr. in the next one.
posted by mikey on Nov 19, 2009
sequel all the, and i am a looooong time fan, the movie was great for being dragon ball evolution! i want to see what you do with the rest of the story, hell just send me the script and ill be good, (if you dont make the sequel that is)
posted by vgvhbh on Nov 15, 2009
i thought it was ok. i mean none of the animated movies stick with athe timeline either and some dont even stick to the storyline. my biggest disapointment was that goku wasnt an alien but a servant of piccolo and that krillin wasnt there. other than that i thought it was pretty good. far from great but pretty good. as far as him being asian, idk. he neve really looked asian to me but it really doesn't matter to me so if it makes people happy they can make him asian in thier adaptation if they ever make it to hollywood
posted by -InSaNiTy- on Nov 15, 2009
ok so, i personally liked the movie, you can't compare it with the anime because you know what? there's no comparison, the anime just rules all over, you need to watch this movie and detatch yourself from what you already know and take it as it's own movie. I can understand why people would be upset but lets all remember, the ORIGINAL drawings of Goku was of a monkey in general, and not the great ape we know and love, but a chimp kinda monkey. they only decided against the chimp goku idea because they wanted the series to appeal to adults as well as kids. that's also why there's edited and uncut versions of the episodes. the whole Goku being japanese, it's a crock full of shit and those of you bent on that, get over it, i've been watching db, dbz and dbgt for years now, i've been a big fan myself but as i've read in some other comments, people saying they feel robbed that goku wasn't japanese, well, if you want a japanese goku, go look for the chinese version of dragonball. everything has their own rendition of these big time movies. i mean, china even changed it from dragonBALL to dragon PEARL! so if there's anything more disappointing it's that abomination. take the movie for what it is, it's own good movie, ignore the fact that it's based off an all time hit manga series and just enjoy the fucking film! keep in mind, dragonball had how many seasons and months and episodes to explain things and make things make sense? but this movie had to do all of that in over an hour AND since it was low budget, it's not like they were able to do the greatest of effects on things but yet, i still think even surprisingly the effects were still awesome. so i just think the movie was really good, they twisted alot of things up like crazy, but ya know what? take it as it's own movie, stop comparing and enjoy the movie for what it is. lets simplify this for everyone that's gonna read this and even try picking everything i said apart. what would you think of this movie if the actual anime NEVER existed but someone in america just randomly came up with this movie and came up with the whole idea and made this movie from scratch? guaranteed the reviews and what everyone thinks would be COMPLETELY different because of the fact that it would be so unique and different AND it's not like anything we've seen. See, everyone compares what we are familiar with way too much and we just need to accept the new things that keep rolling in for what they are. I completely agree with what people are saying about alot of the comparisons but honestly, there's no reason to compare because at that rate you might as well talk about how shitty that chinese rendition was that movie blew shit backwards out of a toilet bowl and right back into the ass that spewed it out! I know this still isn't gonna make anyone think differently but just keep all this in mind when you're reviewing a movie not to mention, try making a movie on an anime, summing up 4 seasons of work into a movie a little over an hour long and not copying the original story exactly for copyright reasons? if you can do that and tell the same story still... then i'm seriously impressed and you should go into hollywood and try writing the sequel then. otherwise... stfu and enjoy the fucking movie!
posted by STUPID MOVIE on Nov 11, 2009
posted by ENTIRE MOVIE on Nov 11, 2009
posted by whole movie on Nov 11, 2009
posted by DBZ fan on Nov 11, 2009
I personally thought the movie was shit. Yes i understand that it was the DB series i get that. But come on like Bulma why only giver her a strand of blue hair instead of the least people wouldve understood it alot better. I thought the movie was a 4/10. Im just happy they go the names right...thats all i have to say and one more thing i totally agree with every single thing "jonathanbund" said. Took the words right out of my mouth.
posted by nobody on Nov 11, 2009
I just watched it, and I thought it was good. I mean yeah the cast some people that might have been at playing something else.. yeah, yeah, it wasnt Dragon Ball Z, it was Evolution... I mean guys, it was an adaptation.. think about the dark knight (batman) Did the joker in that movie go strictly by the comic? no, he didn't... but I mean this movie had great Special FX I thought for such a low budget.. I will spread the word that it was a good movie, and tell ppl to watch! I think a sequel all the way to the Dragon Ball z series is a great idea!
posted by bitchtits on Nov 03, 2009
first of all, the film itself had the shittiest cgi ever, second of all why make a sequel if the first one was such a fucking flop and thirdly it did not feel like dragonball z it felt like some shitty kung fu film with shit acting
posted by Mr_Wayne on Nov 03, 2009
@ jonathanbund. I'm as American as they come and I 100% agree w/ what you said. It's hilarious that people try and dispute this. Batman was finally brought back to proper form detailing Bruce Wayne's transition from man to legendary symbol. Fans would be up in arms if the likes of Batman or Green Lantern were tampered w/. Why couldn't they stick to the original Dragonball tale? I'm no where near Asian but it broke my heart to see one of my favorite characters EVER suck so bad on a live action flick. There's a lot of fans that had been waiting for this for eons. Your post spoke for the TRUE Dragonball fans beyond the Asian community. As odd as this may sound, I'd like another film. IF DONE CORRECTLY, because I love DBZ!!!
posted by WOW on Oct 23, 2009
Ok in the cartoon series Goku don't even look asian! AT ALL! And other characters did look asian, such as, Yajorbi. So how are you ppl guna say that Goku is asian.. if he was asian they would make him LOOK asian correct?? AND the movie was awesome!! So shove it!
posted by Youallsuckballs on Oct 14, 2009
This movie sucks because its not a good movie. Regardless of if its like the manga or not. Its just a bad, quickly made, shit movie with horrible writing, production, and directing. They should let a better director shoot the film.
posted by WTF on Oct 12, 2009
Random Twat Below me (Hitler) anyways i hope the sequel would be better thann dbe
posted by Hitler on Oct 12, 2009
posted by NOMOREHORRORPLZ!! on Oct 09, 2009
the movie sucked.. had nothing to do with the original.. the sequel will suck and less will see it then the first shithole... why was the last matrix film more dragonball then the fuckin movie DRAGONBALL?
posted by Gogeta on Oct 07, 2009
Hey cynic, were you raised in a all white house hold, did you wear a white robe and hood? because according to your comments, you come across as an ignorant whitey. the previous post had all good facts about why Goku has the asian features. yes he is from another planet but he resembles and asian guy. so with all your racist comments, go do what you do best down south. go fuck your sister and knock up your aunt.
posted by jonathanbund on Oct 05, 2009
GOKU was asian! =_= just listen you @ss! Goku is not just some anime character or some cool idea that some japanese guy drew on a paper one day and said " hmmm yea this would work" Goku is more then that! If you were Asian American you would understand how much This Movie sucked! -Let ME EXplain- Goku is Sun Wu-Kong the Monkey king(Son Goku in Japanese) the Monkey king is a 500 year old chinese fable called Journey to the West, Told for generations about a monkey born of a rock, who travel on a gold cloud who Fought Demons, Dragons and even tested the Gods. It's a Story told Over and over again, from Grandfather to my father and to me. A Japanese man inspired by the tale rewrote goku as a boy in the orginal tales of dragon ball. Thats why goku turns into a monkey thats why he has a monkey tale thats why he rides on a cloud! =_= IT killed me to see Goku my childhood hero played by some lil white boy. WHATS THE BIG DEAL??!?! YOU ASK?!?! what if Superman was Muslim?!?! what if Batman was Jamaican?!?! what if the Flash was Mexican?!?! what if Cyborg from Teen Titan was played by a Chinese in a Chinese production of Teen Titan the Life action movie?!?! Wouldn't you felt robbed from you childhood hero? Wouldn't you called that movie the worst piece of crap of a movie you'd ever seen?
posted by dbe on Sep 29, 2009
film was awesome... they're not going to make it identical to the series... otherwise yamcha would have a pet flying cat thing and there would be a talking pig called oolong... the critics of this film are idiots :) The next 1 will be awesome, I'm hoping it's the Saiyan saga, starts with Raditz then more training for goku then the vegeta + nappa battle! :D I wonder if they'll stick with the plot of Goku dying :S
posted by SSJ3 on Sep 26, 2009
posted by cipo on Sep 26, 2009
i agree with eemmiillii.....i thinks how ya put it
posted by cipo on Sep 26, 2009
i agree with eemmiillii.....i thinks how ya put it
posted by Eemiillii on Sep 25, 2009
This movie was great those of you who didn't like it need to stop being so critical and get realistic!! Amazing can't wait for the sequal!!
posted by idk on Sep 25, 2009
posted by !!! on Sep 25, 2009
if you are a true dbz fan and misses the cartoon be happy with what you have cause chances are slim to none will they make the cartoon series again................and the movie was great
posted by dbzkid3 on Sep 25, 2009
idk why everybody is saying the movie sucked it was great for what it was. it was a cartoon and they did the best they could to make it a live action movie and im exited to see what happens next hopefully there will be a dragon ball z and dragon ball gt
posted by dbz on Sep 25, 2009
i actually loved dragon ball evolutin and think vegeta and nappa should be in be sequel
posted by lala on Sep 25, 2009
i personally think dragon ball evolution wasnt the best but i watched it in theatres and i own the dvd i think it was great they really brought the characters to live and i am anxious to see what unfolds in the sequel...
posted by josajodsfa on Sep 24, 2009
thought it was really good but how far will it go? Will it ever go into Dragonball GT? Now that would be worth adapting.
posted by Pause on Sep 18, 2009
I liked it, despite my previous feelings towards anime/manga turned into live action. I think it was a pretty darn good adaptation. All these people who say, "Yeah I never saw this movie, But it SUCKS!" should really give it a try, if nothing else to get a good laugh out of it. Seriously, I had my DB/DBZ life back when it started on CN, then I fell out of it, but this movie took me back. Loved every second of it, and I know I'll watch it again.
posted by that guy who knew so on Sep 12, 2009
It's interesting reading through the blogs and reading all of the complaints. Never is the movie like it's predescessor. The show was long, it went through many different saga's, you can't put that all into one movie. Secondly, the changes that were made were to expand the audience base. It had the aspect of realism with out being realistic is what we all hope to say. I enjoyed the film being a big db(z)(gt) fan and I'm not dissapointed with the live action adaptation, the did quite well and got a good portion of the story out of the way in the film to pave the way for a saiyan upcoming. I remember somebody posting they didn't understand why it's called a manga adaptation, the reason they call it an adaptation is because the cartoon is the adaptation, because everyone here is posting about the difference between the movie and the cartoon, yet no one brought up the comic book similarities.... just some food for thought.
posted by anonymous on Sep 12, 2009
its not easy to put a whole series into one movie. they had to make changes to the movie because it would be to fucking hard to make one movie exactly like it. so shut hte fuck up. the movie was badass
posted by Anonymous on Sep 10, 2009
...It worries me that he claimed to be a big dragonball fan, yet he refers to the manga as an adaptation.
posted by Torunkusu on Sep 09, 2009
I just saw it. I dreadedand dreaded this movie from the word go...ku. But I have to say it captured the feel of early dragonball while having fun in a society of todays timeframe. Yamcha was hysterical, bulma was perfectly irritating, and goku (aside from looking perfectlylike gohan) was fun and funny in his own way. This was not the best movie I've ever seen but I enjoyed it for what they were trying to accomplish and the nostalgia. The spiderman movies suck large male parts compared to the movies so why does the dragonball series have to live up to some even higher standard. I can't wait for a sequal. I just wanna see future trunks. =)
posted by DRAGON gt on Sep 06, 2009
if they r makin a new movie they better have WAYYYY better affects and WAYYYYYYY more action
posted by stormRage on Sep 06, 2009
This is utter bullshit, i watched the trailers and refused to watch the movie, i love the show and i dnt want that to be ruined for me. A sequel is just plain fucking disgusting, the movie is shit period. LEAVE THE FRANCHISE ALONE!! Is this wat younger generations are gnna know of dragonball and possibly dragonball z.....OMFG....*Sighs* UTTER SHIT!
posted by Supernaturalfanatic on Aug 30, 2009
Ok again, its DRAGONBALL NOT DRAGONBALL Z SO STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT VEGETA AND SHIT. I liked it because I liked Dragonball and dbz. I am glad he wasn't asian because he is a saiyan not an asian. Also I laughed at a previous comment posted that he looks like gohan,... he does =O. But I just hope the next sequal has more fighting in it. And god I hate Fox they really make some awful movies.
posted by this movie sucked on Aug 26, 2009
This movie sucked... i was on a plane when i watched it... i wished i didnt i can not erase what i saw that day and from now on i will never see any movie live action movies based on old cartoons... THIS MOVE SUCK
posted by That guy chaos on Aug 20, 2009
I love how people are complaining on the movie when obviously they liked it enough to watch the whole thing.this movie was so bad ass. If you are a fan of dbz. Give it a chance. Not every damned detail needs to fit. They try to get this movie realistic. Notice how it's set in present time, they have a charger in the movie but no dinosaurs. So obviously they are in our time. Just cause grandpa gohan is alive doesn't ruin the movie, nor does anything else. Now let the sequels come out and let me see ssj goku or vegeta
posted by fdfd on Aug 19, 2009
I wonder how japan feels....
posted by u are all dumb on Aug 18, 2009
u do know that this is dragon ball so there wont be vegeta derr and if they skp 2 the frieza saga u would miss so much retards lets just randomly say they know this guy and this guy and he cant go kaoi ken in the 1t movie dipshit he doesnt learn that until dbz season 1 not db u guys are all dumb as fuck
posted by metallicfire on Aug 17, 2009
i hate how they made it seem that piccolo could control the sayian monkey not part of the series at all but it was good but ki made out for airbending pissed me off
posted by DBZ-Fan on Aug 13, 2009
Let's Hope They stick to the mangas and episodes this time. I haven't Seen Evolution but I heard it sucked due to the fact that it really had nothing to do with the original DragonBall. And me being a major fan of DB/DBZ, I was insulted of what James Wong did. He completely changed the whole story around. I wanna see some familiar actions and phrases from the episodes and I wanna see the Kaio-Ken Attack in action. To James Wong: PLEASE Stick to the Original!
posted by prince of saiyns on Aug 11, 2009
make a sepual
posted by kidding me on Aug 11, 2009
I'm sure there will be a sequel. 20th Century Fox doesn't give a "Flying Nimbus" about the 72% of die hard fans seething with verbal assaults for this film, nor do they give a crap about the 25% whom say it was "OK". It only gives a crap about the 100% of money it received from those brave enough to see it. I personally don't know how some were able to sit through the film for even an hour let alone find it remotely enjoyable. I am convinced that Dragon ball universe (includes Z and GT) can not be made into live action thanks to Hollywood. These actors should stick with cable television, along with practically everyone involved with the making of this film. The scripts should be burnt. Anyone who saw or read them should have they're eyes plucked out, if they're eyes didn't melt out of the sockets at first glance. Do people really need two pairs of Dragon ball to suck?
posted by Spence on Aug 07, 2009
Iím a fan of the series, although IĎve only seen half of the episodes of the original DB. Anyway, here's my 2 cents on the movie (compared to what IĎve seen): First off: Goku I figure Goku was made a teenager and not a kid to make it easier for them to film, I donít think itís a big deal. They made him what. almost every other actor in that movie was Asian. Besides, as people said before, Goku was alien, so his race is fully debatable. His build was WAY off, but again, itís early in the series and he could build up a bit of strength. His hair looked more like his son gohanís hair. He ESPECIALLY looked like Gohan when he was suited up to fight Chi Chi at the end. It didnít really look like Gokuís hair until after he fought Piccolo. I still preferred it to the wigs, though. I missed his monkey tail, and he never used the staff himself, but the Kame Hame Ha was done beautifully and the fighting he used was spectacular. Canít wait to see SSJ. Master Roshi I wish that they at least had Chow Yun-Fat old looking like in the series. Bald, bearded, and wrinkly. But other than physical appearance, Yun-Fat was spot on as Roshi. He was perverted, yet a good teacher. Oh, and did anyone else notice that when Goku and him were fighting in Roshiís house, they sorta went into Ďburstí mode? (Goku punching with Roshi blocking in super speed) Bulma Again, a very nice job. The hair can sorta be overlooked, though I think she would have been cuter with the turquoise hair. The fact that she uses guns is actually right from the Anime. Hell, she used a gun on Goku in the very first episode. I liked how they changed that for the movie. Her use of the capsule was cool too. I mean, how stupid would it have been if they had a big *poof* appear in the movie? Yamcha Everyone keeps crying about how
posted by ???? on Aug 07, 2009
I think they did an alright job of it, yeah some bits were changed but i spose all in all it was an alright starting point. However they can do a lot better, and for starters they can make it longer!!!!! I don't think they should skip to frieza, they should focus more on the plot in the next one and start introducing characters like krillin and then head into the saiyan saga where raditz comes along, even if they only do the fight with raditz and the threat of nappa and vegeta and only a quick glimpse of those two, it would be awesome and would certainly make as a superb sequel. I hope they don't rush it because they dragonball world is massive and they could do so much with this, i really hope they take advantage of the intricate storyline and stretch things out to keep fans happy, they could make ten films and it would just keep getting better and better if they focus on a saga or even half a saga for each movie, just making sure the plot is good and the fighting sequences get better, i'm happy!
posted by ohgod on Aug 05, 2009
please...have mercy on poor akira toryama
posted by soso69008 on Aug 05, 2009
please please dont make a sequel!! The first movie killed dragonball so much I dont think i can take a second one...
posted by Saduku on Aug 05, 2009
The thing that probably ticked me off the most was that they made Ki out to be Air Bending. But like Grave23575 said they had to make it realistic but still come on Air Bending is far from what Ki is. I do hope sequels will be made though especially if Vegeta is eventually shown. He's by far my favorite Character.
posted by Grave23575 on Aug 04, 2009
I've been a fan of dragonball for years, I have seen every episode and every movie. I'll admit, parts of the movie pissed me off something fierce, But what people need tot understand is that if they would have made it exactly like the manga and/or anime it would have sucked because it would be far too unrealistic. They wanted to make it seem like something that could actualy happen, although everyone knows it can't, they still gave it a shot and you gotta give them credit for that. Just look at every adaptation into live action ever made. None of them stayed true to the original storie, but people still loved them. I can't wait for the sequal and I realy enjoyed the movie. Now I don't mean to be a miljy drip from the end of your dick, but for god's sake shut the fuck up and let people enjoy it, cause if you are truly a fan of Dragonball- Dragonball GT Then you apreciated it for what it was and just be glad that they made a live action adaptation cause seriously, how often do you see a live action version of an Anime? I know there have been a few, but not many.
posted by Akihiko on Aug 03, 2009
I liked the movie, It was alot diffrent from the comic, but...its a good thing cause they made it more realistic. but a few things nagged me like How they pronounced Gohans name, they say it like its spelt but its said like Go Hon, and Same with Namek, they said Nimick! wth....
posted by -____-\' on Aug 01, 2009
Instead of making the sequel why don't they re-do the entire series, re-cast all the characters etc.
posted by bigdbzfan on Jul 29, 2009
i thinks they should have three movies the next one with vegeta and the next with omega shenron
posted by BJ on Jul 29, 2009
bring in Vegeta and Krilli and all the rest and for the love of God how hard was it to stick to the manga people....
posted by Akana on Jul 28, 2009
This movie was not that bad. Yes there were parts I'm like OMG who the hell is that, or what the fuck are they doing? What, they dont do that. I have seen every episode and movie ever made of Dragonball to Dragonball GT. I love Dragonball - Dragonball GT. The only problem that I had with this movie was that the characters did not act like who they were supposed to be. Grandpa Gohan is not supposed to be in Goku's life, Goku kills Gohan as a child, but at least he died in the beginning of the movie and didn't live through the whole movie.
posted by otts on Jul 27, 2009
the movie was great i cant wait for #2
posted by Something on Jul 23, 2009
The movie was pretty good in my opinion. Although it wasn't the best movie I saw it was awsome but maybe could have been improved a bit. I really hope for a sequel which will hopefully have Vegeta as the main villian because Vegeta is awsome. Also alot of people complain that Goku should have been Asian but on the tv show he wasn't Asian, he wasn't even from Earth.
posted by mogly on Jul 19, 2009
there should be a Sequel so they can catch the real story behind bragonball z
posted by true dbz fan on Jul 19, 2009
omg this movie sucked. who ever likes this movie is gay and can go kill themselfs.
posted by the g@y Legend on Jul 19, 2009
this movie was so good it made me horny and every time i saw goku i got a boner. i wish piccalo would shove his hand in my butt and suck it because im a ninja and i fuck animals
posted by kapon on Jul 17, 2009
i think I'LL BE A good frieza cause i got the whole sense of evil and etc and am probably his same height.
posted by gokuuuuuu on Jul 15, 2009
This movie was gay as fuck. All you faggot ass bitches who liked it must have been getting dicked in the ass while watching it because this movie was worst then your mothers blowjobs.
posted by DBZFan on Jul 14, 2009
Good movie adapation, but they shoulda chopped ozaru tail off to transform goku back. I thought he was about to go SSj4. It would be interesting to see how the sequels turn out. All you haters shut up. You wanted this for so long and you get it and all you can do is complain. I am so happy that it finally came out. Sequels are going to kick ass when goku goes SSJ. Hopefully those fight scenes stay true to the manga. I would recommend watching the anime first before watching the movie.
posted by straight guy on Jul 07, 2009
people who like this movie are braindead it makes me cry.. this movie was a total waste of money.. bush didnt fuck up the economy this movie did
posted by straight guy on Jul 07, 2009
i rather wacht a gay porno then this shit movie
posted by Guy on Jul 02, 2009
Everyone complains about how Goku wasn't Asian, but in the anime does he really look Asian? No. I thought the movie was alright, but that might be because I went in to it expecting to be absolutely let down.
posted by ddr freak on Jul 01, 2009
this movie sucked really bad and the people who like this movie are gay and can go eat a dick
posted by DBZboi17 on Jun 23, 2009
that movie was had some thing that i didnt like such as piccolo's clothes, they gave his clothes on the show,gokus outfit, it should have been more casual, and orange and blue shirt with orange pants, n when he did his last kamehameha, i thought he was about to go super saiyan, im glad they didnt do it like the show becuz, it would b stupid to see a teenager flying on a cloud and a boastaff that streches,n they should have had dana carvey to play roshi,"put a beard on the turtle guy n u have roshi, bulma needed more blue hair,oozaru was just alittle too small, should have been 4 more feet higher. cant wait for super saiyan not a bigfan of freeza but hoping vegeta, cell games , and buu saga comes quickly
posted by Evan on Jun 20, 2009
Well I saw the movie yesterday and I must say that I wasn't so dissapointed as I thought I would be. It's not exactly like the manga but there are many elements of it in the movie! They changed them just a bit so that it could become a good movie. The only thing I didn't like was, that it was to short.
posted by irishsaiyan on Jun 10, 2009
i noticed that someone said "grandpa GOKU"! its "GOHAN" dipshit!!! i loved this movie! hopefully the next one will involve Freeza, Krillin, Gohan, Planet Namek and the inevitable Super Saiyan Goku!!! i imagine it will be a movie version of the Freeza Saga!! really looking forward to it!!!
posted by havok3169 on Jun 06, 2009
i loved this movie. i thought it was just great. i have a couple of little gripes with it. a couple plot changes and events but i got over them no problem. i think that the changes that they made to adapt it to live action worked perfect. iam a huge fan of the anime and i thought they adapted it very well. i am so glad with what they did with it cause putting the anime into live action absolutly would not work. it would look rediculous and nobody would take the threat of the destruction of the planet seriously to busy laughing at everything else. i like how they kept things that shouldnt be changed like gokus hair staying the same that the gel would not hold. lol. i cant wait for more movies. i think though what one person here said about the next being birth of a super sayan wouldnt work yet. goku doesnt even know he is sayan. he just found out at the end that he was from space. they definitly have to do the sayan saga movie. when vegeta comes to earth. goku versus vegeta in any fight is the best ones. and i really hope they have vegeta turn into an ape and goku is in for a fight that will practicly kill him but he will come out on top. of course. but this could be a great movie franchise. so many villians and so many locations to be used. and even though they changed some things they can still use so much from all the db sagas and they can work cause its the movies. and to all you who hated the movie oh well. keep the cartoons if thats all you want to see. i have seen them and i like something new. but for us who liked it i hope our voice is heard and they continue to make movies for us who want a new story with different twists. most who went to see this movie were so skeptical or expected to see the anime on screen. but what would be the pooint of doing something that everyone has seen already. so get over it. MAKE MORE MOVIES. EVERYBODY FOLLOW THE ALONG. LOL. THANKS.
posted by Blah Blah Blah on Jun 06, 2009
OMG you people are still whining and complaining that the movie is not like the manga or that Goku is not asian. Quit being retarded and realize that this is 2009 morons. And please if you're such a fan of the manga/anime then stick to those. Some of us want something new and interesting rather than knowing how the movies are gonna end or knowing what's gonna happen next. So goku doesn't have big hair, who cares. That would just look too retarded on a real life person. Alex, where the hell do you get Emmy Rossum being Asian? And who the fuck is Grandpa Goku? And J Dizzle, after seeing the movie twice I have not once heard the pronunciation of the Kamehameha as Kummi Hummi Ha idiot. In a way Gokus Dragon Fist was in the movie just in the form of the final Kamehameha. All in all, you "fans" of Dragonball/Z/GT keep crying in your pillows, because a movie adaptation didn't show you what you've already seen over and over again, and just STFU and don't watch the movie.
posted by Alex on Jun 05, 2009
I pray that some how they turn goku into a oriental guy. The film was so wierd as grandpa goku is asian, maaster roshi is asian, bulma asian, yamacha asian then BAM goku is white wth. and atleast get the kamehameha stuf right i mean kamehameha to heal that was gay... if that white guy who plays goku stays him atleast fix his hair so it looks more like goku's...
posted by i hated this movie on Jun 05, 2009
posted by Trunks on May 29, 2009
In the DBE sequel, Goku and Chichi have to give birth to their son, Gohan, and Piccolo becomes a good guy/ally to the gang so he can train Gohan to become a super saijin, like in the Dragonbal Z animated series.
posted by vegeta24 on May 29, 2009
I cant wait till they get super sayian in there along with the great clashes of goku and vegeta it would be so awesome!!!!!!! I havent seen the first one but heard it was awesome!!! the next one should be called Dragon Ball birth of a super sayain
posted by j dizzle on May 27, 2009
this was possibly the worst movie i've ever seen! goku is meant to be a young child and have bigger hair! roshi is meant to be old and have a beard! bulma has dyed her hair black for some reason and uses guns! was that even piccolo or what the hell was that? where the fuck was krillin? you do not pronounce the kamehameha as "kummi..hummi..ha" and why does yamchal look and talk like a surfer? an all round fucked up movie!
posted by Hercule on May 27, 2009
What a great movie ! I missed goku's hair at first but I like the new one in the movie. This movie is way better than streetfighter years ago
posted by Jarek on May 20, 2009
To Yoho at least i am a loser who can spell. Funny how ur attacks are personal and not about the movie anymore. I liked the movie very much and know what ? This weekend I will see it again ! I just love 2 hate James Masters :-)
posted by yoho on May 19, 2009
oh and jarek one more thing if your are 35 liar still if you are are you uninteligent are you not right you never right our age in a bloge and you never say your 35 it lets poeple mock you more and people already think your a loser your friends and famliy think your a coward so better stop being so lame boy
posted by yoho on May 19, 2009
uhh jarek your 35 and you have time to see this shit 6 times wow you are right up there with all those losers buddy keep it up you people are in this world for one purpose and one alone and that is you and your stupidity is there and will always bee there for our entertainment hope your sad life works for you
posted by Jarek on May 18, 2009
To yoho and all others saying the movie sucked : Fuck off . Why dont u guys invest a shit load off money and cram a kiddie program of several episodes long into a 90 minute movie. All the actors are superb and the directing excellent. How is the action suppose to be if it is aimed at kids ? Master Roshi was never serious but a perv. Thats called comic relieve. If you want a serious chow yun fat rather see bulletproof monk or replacement killers or the house of flying daggers . I am 35 yrs old and saw the movie 6 times already .
posted by yoho on May 17, 2009
this movie sucked it sucked worse it has hit a new low dudes they cut and changed character personalitys and story scripts piccolo is supposed to hate despise humans so why is a human working for him in the anime piccolo tossed mai out of the aircraft and oozoro what what.....what.....oozoro was 6,8foot tall for fs sake look they are makeing sequels unfortunatualy and they are going to have chatwin in three mabye all of them and masters is in three and also mabye all of them but even though these movies will be made db is stil in anime form so the true db lives on and these people can try to destroy it with there lame lil bit ch movie but they will never win
posted by mikeO. to grave 24 on May 14, 2009
your right man truely, if u guys were fans u would c the movie no matter what!! thats a true fan, all u others are bitches..p.s i wanna c super sayian
posted by Oolong on May 12, 2009
All of you saying it sucked doesn't have any form of imagination! :-) A lot went into the film and should be appreciated. Great acting Justin Chatwin!
posted by Vegetta on May 12, 2009
Only problem with the movie it was too short. Other than that it was excellent even my fiance thinks Justin Chatwin is mr hotness himself . It is not the animated series but that is available on dvd for everyone complaining. I liked it a lot and the live actors are even better than the cartoons . I hope there will be a franchise like Harry Potter and not just a sequel.
posted by Nimbus on May 12, 2009
The movie was excellent! It was really worth watching! Can't wait for the sequel! All those people saying it sucked:...Buzzzzz Off!!!!!
posted by Aaron on May 08, 2009
I really liked it, its not the best but i liked it, its a stepping stone to the next movie, kinda like spider man, first one sucked, second one was good and the third one was amazing.
posted by The ape on May 07, 2009
I'm neutral it was good and bad. It could have been better it could have been worst . Over all I still love Dragonball /Z/GT
posted by Woodpeckersam on May 06, 2009
In the cartoon Goku - Not Asian Master Roshi - Asian Piccolo - Not Asian Bulma - Not Asian Chi Chi - Asian Yamcha - Asian Grandpa Gohan - Asian So they did a good job with getting the characters right. The story was pretty good too, considering its only the begining of Dragonball (NOT Dragonball Z). If you remember rightly Goku was not friends with Krillin immediately. In DBE he was not friends with Krillin... perfect story match. Sequel - Goku gets married between DBE1 and 2, and chi chi is pregant. The tournament.. Goku meets Krillin, old piccolo has a go again, Tien comes in. At the end the tournament fight with piccolo starts fighting goku after fighting many other contestants. He just appears as the last contestant. third sequel - The fight between old piccolo and goku starts. Constant fighting, blasting, smashing up the tournament stadium. Then he spits out the egg thus splitting kame from piccolo. Egg = Young Piccolo. While this is happening a flashback of Piccolo is occuring, as during DBE 2 he went to look for the Dragonballs again... and wished the dragon that if he is defeated by goku in the tournament he want to immedicately become young again to carry on the fight. Phwoaarr young piccolo comes out of the egg and continues the fight. 1/2 Way through film Goku defeats young piccolo. And he is casted into the wilderness. Gohan is born, 2 years later... and u see a boy tumbling down the hill crying as he falls off cliff, this unknown boy suddenly changed red and flew into tree, Goku runs down to help... and was gobsmacked. Shortly after that, a scene from space as a pod comes down to earth. Unknown figure comes out... flies over piccolo whos in the wilderness trying to regain his power by training, piccolo senses power and meets goku... blah blah blah the end. then comes dragonball Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on dudes, the current film is worth it, and is a great start to the franchise. It has not finished yet so give them a chance.
posted by just a fan on Apr 30, 2009
you k n o w what the movie was pretty good o and stop saying "its nothing like the anime, and im a dbz fan so i should know" 1st off u dont know cuz if u a true fan then u would know that the movie is based on the original japanese manga
posted by xorcyst on Apr 22, 2009
i'm with grave24, this movie had alot of nods to the original anime. and if you truely know db in its original japanese content its VERY perverted, db especially. so they had to make it likeable and notable by everyone. goku always is eating, yamcha sounds and acts just like yamcha, piccolo is dead on, bulma is good. roshi is a perv, the oozaru was in there and was well done considering the change in height, and anyone saying well they dont say why he turns into one, well if you know anything about db they never explain it till DBZ when he finds out he's a saiyan. so they did a pretty good job adapting something so likd by many and made it so it could be understood by all. if it was made just for us it woulda done badly cause if you dont know db ppl would be like wtf. they'll make more reguardless of you all hating it cause the DB franchise is a licesne to print money, they'll just prolly use a director who has seen the anime next time to get more of a proper feel out of it.
posted by me on Apr 17, 2009
excuse me people, i am a big dbz fan. i have been since i was a kid. the movie was a let down but i wouldnt call it shit. they changed a lot of stuff but i still had the same feeling as wen i watch the anime. cant wait 4 sequal
posted by grave24 on Apr 15, 2009
all u people out there that call it self dragonball fans arnt really true fans if y'all were true fans you would go c it no matter what me and my girlfriend went and saw it she thought she would go n being lost but she loves the movie beging to end and wasnt lost one bit and she wants to c it again and for all u people who complain about it not being like the anime if u payed close attention they had tons of references to dragonball and the reason goku didn't have his tell is becuz he's older and in the king picolo saga he got rid of it around the age that chatwins goku is so I'm sure gp gohan pulled it off when he was little they had the power pole in it roshi was still a perv and parks yamcha sound just like the animes voice actor piccolo was dead on and the person earlier that said piccolo souldve had antena he did so all in all I loved the movie I saw transfomers1 in theaters 10 times I'll beat that record with dbe by 25 LOL so I'm really hopein that the sequel will be made just to piss all of u so called devoted fans off oh by the way there suppsed to b 4 movies total
posted by WTF!!!!! on Apr 14, 2009
I am a fan Of Dragon Ball /DBZ/ GT This crap SUCKED ass I hated it the scripted was terrible. Where the hell was krillin. Bulma is not asian. THe fight scenes were terrible. So why the hell make a sequal. Point blank it sucked!!!!!
posted by kon on Apr 14, 2009
Yup this movie suck monkey balls It couldn't even beat hanah montana movie and observe and report. It was 8th place at box office and managed to rake in 4.7 mille. Good thing too b/c there won't be anymore sequels.
posted by nathan on Apr 14, 2009
ri first of all i now best as im a kid who fcuken loved the cartoos an commic books bu cum on i could of made tat film better man me lil bro was nearly cryen after seen it he was tat disopointed... im looken forward to a sequel but hopefully wit a new director new actors an a shit load of more money put in it,,, thanks
posted by dragon ball fanatic on Apr 14, 2009
i am a true fan of all dragonballs and this film was not bad to be totally honest. my complaints are the lack of characters and the look of them, the faint looking energy attacks, battle scenes should of been far more fierce expecially between goku & piccolo, more special moves should of been involved such as goku's monkey fist and some of piccolo's moves, master roshi living in the city, the great ape being much larger along with shenron and also shenron being able to speak and piccolo having antennas.
posted by fellinsoccer14 on Apr 14, 2009
Ok. First off this movie was NOT that bad. The animations were GOOD for a low budget film. Alright the kamehameha may have been a bit "whispy" and It should have been more solid but overall the animation wasn't bad. The acting could have been better..but hey why dont you try acting. Its not as easy as it looks. Also, this movie was NOT dragonball or even dragonball z. It was BASED off of dragonball but it was mainly created to introduce the characters to their audience and sort of set the stage for the sequels. I hope they had enough money to make a second. But I hope they have a new director. James Wong did alright with this low budget film but they need a real director sitting in his seat. I definatly think this would be something for Zack Snyder to tackle. Im eager for the release of a sequel. Maybe it will be to more of the viewer's satisfaction.
posted by DBz lover on Apr 13, 2009
Shutup idiots it was awesome
posted by konadbz on Apr 13, 2009
this movie sucked. idk why all of you are settling for this crap. they could have made this movie a lot better! if you settle for this cuz they put in hard work... then your not really a fan. full of cheesy lines and horrible acting... how the eff did piccolo get out of the mafuba in the first place? how did piccolo and mai even start together? at what point did u get mai's name? all the fight scenes were in close up shots, so you really couldn't see any of it! the final battle was horrible and short! nothing like dragonball! i've seen better, if not, the same special effects in saturday morning shows like pwer rangers!
posted by Kellye125 on Apr 12, 2009
I LOVED this movie! How can you people not like it?! It was amazingly awesome! I just can't wait to see Vegeta!
posted by chippsplayer94 on Apr 12, 2009
well i watched the movie i knew it was going to be good from the begging and it was i dont know how you can say it wasent they put alot of work into this movie its hard to make a show like that into a movie but i thought they did it good
posted by WOW on Apr 11, 2009
You know all the people who hated it are gay. I'm a fan of DragonBall/Z/GT also and I liked its well worth a watch. My friend who didn't like the anime liked the movie and it was good. Your all to picky GET A LIFE!!
posted by hockey42 on Apr 11, 2009
I like dragon ball z. But honestly, that movie was the second worst movie ever made! First being Hellboy 2. If they do do a sequel they need to get a different director that knows what he is doing.
posted by DBZ-Masta on Apr 11, 2009
I enjoyed it. I saw the full fight scene where Goku is at the party before seeing the movie. One complaint I do have is that they could have made Oozaru and Shenron like they are in the anime. Also have Chow Yun-Fat portray Master Roshi more serious, he acted goofy at times but for the most part did great, the same goes for the other major characters. I think the sequel should be about the saiyan saga. And this time follow it more closely than they did Dragonball Evolution. and this time give Piccolo antennaes and have Krillin and Tien and Chaotzu and kami and popo and King Yemma in it
posted by deadeyedebo on Apr 11, 2009
i have dragon ball tattoos and to think that this is how they realistically portray the db series is really sad i though once you hit rock bottom theres nowhere to go but up. i hit rock bottom and started drilling. frankly i want a refund. i have waited for this movie for years and this is how they do me. tsk tsk.
posted by sarah on Apr 11, 2009
I am a mega fan of the db, z and GT series. I watched the movie a couple of days ago and I confess I was expecting the wost... I was pleasantly surprsed! It was actally really well done, It's completely different to the anime and the manga but that was expected. I am really looking forward to the dvd release and really hope that they make a sequal. Ignore the idiots that flame this movie, it really isn't that bad. - That's coming from a fan whose been watching it for decades.
posted by Manda on Apr 11, 2009
Augh! WHY?! The movie sucked! Why can't they keep their hands off Japanese anime/manga?! Stupid greedy people!
posted by on Apr 10, 2009
I've been a Dragonball/Z/GT fan for many years now, and I would like to say Dragonball: Evolution was pulled off very well. I noticed a sequel may be green-lit, not to mention the cliffhanger at the end of the movie. If Vegeta is ever going to appear in a possible sequel, I would be honored to audition for his character. Not only is he my favorite character in the story, he and I are truely alike in many forms, both in physique and mind. All I want is a little direction as how to go about this business. Who I should contact, where I should go, etc. Please help me out in any way you can, it would be greatly appreciated.
posted by DarkSaiyanNinja on Apr 10, 2009
That movie sucked!Dont make a sequel it killed dragonball.Iam a fan an it sucked!
posted by dragon ball on Apr 10, 2009
ive never hav bothered to wach it but it seems okay on the computer and on tv
posted by ????? on Apr 04, 2009
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