Sneak Peek of Clay Aiken on 'America's Next Top Model'

April 03, 2009 04:43:15 GMT

An actor in a Broadway production and a good friend of Tyra Banks, Clay Aiken will be featured as a mentor in 'America's Next Top Model'.

Sneak Peek of Clay Aiken on 'America's Next Top Model'
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Recovering from the exit of Sandra from "America's Next Top Model", the fashion show invites one special guest to the upcoming episode. Clay Aiken, the former runner up of "American Idol" season two, is present to mentor the girls in the acting challenge.

Clay, who had an acting gig on Broadway's "Spamalot", will be starring opposite the girls in "Acting Like a Model" and be the guest judge to determine who will leave next. Additionally, the girls will be faced with a CoverGirl commercial challenge where last season's winner McKey Sullivan will drop by to offer support to them.

The episode where Clay Aiken and McKey Sullivan will be present airs April 8. A clip on the arrival of Clay on the stage is given below.


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posted by asiandoll on Apr 11, 2009
i hope that clay would cut an album on revival songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s.
posted by asiandoll on Apr 11, 2009
just recently followed clay's AI days,and i really think he should have won. Have then been trying to read some of the write-ups on him, past and present. Let us be nice to him, after all he is here to entertain us. If you are a true and loyal clay aiken's fans, you should just accept him the way he is. Let us respect him for what he is. To all his detractors, let him be!!!!!!
posted by Flo on Apr 05, 2009
Clay was awesome in the role of Sir Robin in Spamalot. He has that great comedic ability that is necessary in this kind of play. Clay is looking pretty hot these days. Can't wait for ANTM.
posted by Cookie on Apr 05, 2009
Love Clay and will be watching. Still waiting for him to SING!!!!
posted by Jean on Apr 04, 2009
I am almost sure that David did not directly precede Clay in Spamalot. There was someone else (or maybe a couple of others) between. I saw Clay 2 1/2 times (the last time he didn't come back after intermission due to an injury from the evening before)in Spamalot and he was fantastic. A wonderful actor and quick wit-and his voice wasn't that bad either! LOL (Actually, his voice was in top-form for his two 4-month stints). I thought David was pretty good in the role when I first saw Spamalot-but Clay just took the role right over and I think put much more 'oomph' and comedic timing into the role.
posted by Sunny on Apr 03, 2009
Clay Aiken is a super star, as is Tyra..they put on a great show.
posted by Golden on Apr 03, 2009
*Rolls eyes* ANTM has jumped the shark.
posted by clayster fan on Apr 03, 2009
I love clay he is so cute and humble.But is that women saying million or billion records? Because I know it is million.
posted by seachel on Apr 03, 2009
Actually, David Hyde Pierce had not been in Spamalot for some time when Clay took over. He was appearing in a play called "curtains" at the time Clay playing Sir Robin.
posted by benjamin on Apr 03, 2009
Damn, girl... the Aiken's looking pretty hot in that picture!
posted by misschris on Apr 03, 2009
Love it!! To my surprise, Clay was hilarious in "Spamalot" and I am now a fan! Cannot wait for this!!
posted by Weston on Apr 03, 2009
Clay Aiken took over the starring role of Sir Robin in Spamalot from David Hyde Pierce beginning in January 2008 and ending in January 2009.
posted by Jean on Apr 03, 2009
I love Clay Aiken. Looking forward in seeing Clay on ANTM.

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