NBC May Cancel 'My Name Is Earl' and FOX Pick It Up

April 02, 2009 09:13:08 GMT

'My Name Is Earl' is not high in ratings and therefore NBC is reportedly considering to yank out the show to save cost.

NBC May Cancel 'My Name Is Earl' and FOX Pick It Up
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"My Name is Earl" may be in the middle of running its fourth season on NBC but it may be its last. Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood reported that the network is considering to cancel the series to save cost because it has not exactly been stellar in ratings.

The show however, may not be buried after all, because there is a possibility that it will be picked up by FOX. The entertainment president of FOX, Kevin Reilly, allegedly is developing the show to be under the new roof because the network is lacking in its comedy show. Reilly was originally in NBC before moving to FOX.

There has been no statement released from both NBC and FOX regarding this. "My Name is Earl" which is about the titular character making amends to hinder karma, is taking a break in its fourth season to be back on April 16.


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posted by ALR on Nov 13, 2011
posted by Moderate on Aug 23, 2010
Why do you knuckleheads think that Republicans have anything to do with the canceling of this show. I am a Republican and I love this show. Further proof that liberalism is a brain defect.I would have to assume that anyone who made those comments was not over the age of 25. Grow up.
posted by Angela on Jun 21, 2010
So... when are we going to know if "My Name is Earl" is going to continue on another network. I need to know this... I can't believe they've canceled. Man... that was a bonehead move right about there.
posted by fuck the world on Jun 03, 2010
It is this exact fucking reason that makes me pray to a god that I don't even believe in to really end the world in 2012. My Name Is Earl was one of the greatest shows ever made and had a lot of staying power and it got dropped. What the fuck America. This show had everything, absoulutly everything anyone could ever want in a show. It had that positive meaning to it that made people that watched it want to do better, it had comedy, it had sad parts, it had parts that made made you think, it had hot girls, dumb funny guys, trailer parks, action, trailer park acion, just everything about it was great and it got cancelled... well fuck, fuck america fuck the world 2012 hurry up this world isnt working and we dont deserve it anyways.
posted by elisepopprincess on May 22, 2010
what the fuck my name is earl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.why did they cancel it that show was hell of funny i liked joy she was fucking funny and earl and i like when earl and crabman be saying hey Earl hey Crabman thas funny i like that show i dont know why they got cancelled FOX is fucking stupid. they should've make it at least 2 more season and if it was the last episode i think joy could've got back with earl that would've been so so so sweet!!!!!!!! PUT EARL BACK ON FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by rick on May 22, 2010
it is absolut stupid to cancel 'my name is earl' the show resently came on comedy central in holland....the show is absolute the best! the can't cancel a show like that...
posted by Shaun on Feb 19, 2010
I liked it a lot and I hope that some network picks it up.
posted by Cheryl on Jan 10, 2010
I always like my name is earl, it is beyond me why they would cancel the show. I guess these execs are just too greedy. Just like they were in the case of the most recent news about the tonight show.
posted by paula on Jan 06, 2010
Faustino is a cock-sucking, necrophilic, baby raping republican asshole. "Articuling" go and fuck yourself you close minded FUCK!
posted by janet on Jan 03, 2010
My Name is Earl is one of my favorite shows on television why did they cancel it. I already know Fox wont pick it up because Fox is filled with nothing but asshole republicans who consider such shows as anti american somehow. Why do these republican tv execs have to have such close minds when it comes to alternative views?
posted by kevin on Jan 01, 2010
they cancelled my name is earl. What the hell!!!! what in the hell is wrong with these people.
posted by william23 on Dec 30, 2009
Fox will never pick up this show even though its fucking awesome. The reason is that there all a bunch of republican butt fuckers like Faustino who only want to see shit shows like leave it to beaver so they can fantasize about molesting some young supple boy.
posted by michael on Dec 29, 2009
My name is earl is the best show why the fuck have they cancelled it. It sounds like a bunch of republican assholes have made another choice for us normal people again.
posted by Faustino on Dec 29, 2009
Lol. This is the first time I've ever read an online arguement and agreed with the left-oriented folk more than the right. This show is amazing. Some of you need to learn how to spell and turn off capslock. Forever88, be careful making fun of us on the right with regards to our intelligence if you aren't even going to be able to use the correct form of a word multiple times in a single post. Brush up on your "there, their, and they're" usage you fucking idiot. Anyway, the point is: There are much worse shows out there. And much better deserving of the axe. Earl is quite simply amazing. This show would do very well if kept on the air. Maybe we can all watch a ton of the reruns and buy the DVDs and we'll get lucky and pull a family guy.
posted by gerrodf on Dec 29, 2009
I cant believe my name is earl has been cancelled the show was freaking funny. And to knob who goes by Faustino I agree with forever88. You republicans are all brain washed fools who tow the party line to such as an extent that normal people can not believe. If I were you I would'nt speak so highly of your intelligence with such things as articling as your proof that forever88 lacks intelligence when your party goes against such things as the public option, free speach, the right to marry whomever you want man or women......YOU DIMWIT!
posted by Patricia on Dec 29, 2009
My sisters, my husband and I LOVE My Name is Earl. It is not always for the kiddos but we think it is hysterical! We hope Fox picks up the show!!!
posted by forever88 on Dec 29, 2009
LOLOLOL....Dont get your panties in a bunch Faustino, sounds like you missed your daily Tea Bagging event. Yes I do believe that those on the right like you are completely lacking in independent thought. But I was glad to read that you like My Name is Earl, because it shows that there maybe some hope for you brain dead mother fuckers after all.
posted by jenandcory on Dec 21, 2009
Simply put, politics aside, this show is GREAT!!!!! Holy crap, me and my boyfriend love this show and watch reruns every day. Really!, it makes us happy and laugh despite all the stuff going on in our lives (laid off from work etc).... It literally cheers us up from all of the stress!
posted by forever88c on Dec 14, 2009
In addition robert in va, your comment that laughter in the background should be brought back just speaks to level of brain washing you republicans enjoy. That back ground laughter is designed to make the tv audience laugh along with the audience despite the fact that a lame joke was just said. You people basically have no mind of your own except that which the GOP gives you. My name is earl is awesome.
posted by forever88a on Dec 12, 2009
One more thing robert in va, if you like "OLD STYLE FAMILY SHOWS" so much why dont you go buy yourself some vasoline and then fantasize about being violated by "The Beaver"....Golly Beave you sure were good said robert in va
posted by kelly23 on Dec 12, 2009
My Name Is Earl is an awesome show. There was no reason not to continue the series. If there only motivation was republican nut jobs like robert in va then they have to realize that they are too busy watching Fox N Friends, and Glen Beck where they obtain there braining washing from. The majority of tv watchers are those that like shows like My Name is Earl.
posted by forever88a on Dec 12, 2009
I knew robert in va was a republican. Your nonsense smacks of your party ideals which is why you lost the house, senate and the presidency. Good luck TEA BAGGER.....MY NAME IS EARL forever.
posted by robert in va on Dec 12, 2009
to NBC can you people air a line up like you hand back in the 80's don't pay any attention to these star bucks liberal left wing enjoys untalented entertainment nuts earl 30rock the office reality tv law and order come on man that show needs Togo try to redo Miami vice bring back reel sitcoms has laughter in the back ground
posted by robert in va on Dec 12, 2009
hey forever88 NBC programing today sucks at least Andy and Barney were funny 30rock isn't im a gen xer i grew up in the 1980's the time NBC acutely the time nbc had a good line up and hunter crocket and tubs alot better cops and sitcomes were actely funny i take it that young peoples today love shows are boring and pointless rock singers that can't sing jay lineo is a edit johnny carson still king of late night
posted by forever88 on Dec 09, 2009
The post from "Not earl" is meaningless considering the fact that he is obviously a elderly person who spends his time watching the Andy Griffith show. So why the hell would anyone listen to what some old fuck would say. NBC should listen to those who actually watch the show instead of old bastards like "Not Earl". Oh yeah this includes stuck up women who think they are better then men and watch reruns of nancy grace or the view, or think that sarah palin is a great politician. These people are complete morons. Why the fuck must corporate america pander to these half wits. There collective IQ doesnt amount to that of a chipmunk. The true viewers who need an escape from such dumbasses should be the ones that NBC and corporate america should listen to because we are the ones who buy there merchandise (for ourselfs or for our selfish girlfriends/wifes) watch there shows and control the remote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by robert on Dec 08, 2009
posted by RobertisaHomo on Dec 08, 2009
I agree with robertis gay. Robert's opinion is obviously motivated by the fact that he's sexually in love with FAKE TV NEWS PEOPLE LIKE SEAN HANNITY, OR GLEN BECK. my name is earl is hilarious and I laugh my ass off for every episode.
posted by robertisgay on Dec 08, 2009
Robert you are obviously a screwball. Family oriented shows.....WTF! Your kind of sitcoms went out with the bell bottoms dimbulb. My Name is Earl is unique and funny. If you want Leave it to Beaver, then download the series and save your stupid braindead republican comments to yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
posted by Not Earl on Dec 08, 2009
No surprise this was cancelled, the Weather Channel is funnier than this show was..
posted by RoberttakesitintheRE on Dec 08, 2009
LOLOL...I totally agree with the last two posts. MYNAMEISEARL is awesome. Robert just give it up. You are a KnobGobbler.
posted by metlyfluegy456 on Dec 07, 2009
Earl wuz the best frekin' show ever. is NBC a retard? Has anybody heard of reaper?
posted by brianfluegy123 on Dec 07, 2009
what the (mr.) turtle were they thinkin. r they F'N high?
posted by mad person on Dec 06, 2009
this has got to be the worst decison NBC has ever made, earl was the most well written show ever. what are they gonna do next? cancell the Office!!!?
posted by NBC is gay!! on Nov 25, 2009
NBC Is so gay they can't keep a single show they make. The station is a joke. F*** NBC. My name is earl is the best show u have. Does NBC stand for nothing but crap??
posted by NBC is gay!!! on Nov 25, 2009
NBC is so gay. U guys suck u can't keep one show. U cut ever show u make. F**k NBC. Does ur name stand for nothing but crap? My name is earl was the best show u had : (
posted by mary on Nov 18, 2009
I hope Fox picks up Earl.It was very funny show. It seems were are losing more comedy shows, and too many reality shows. We need more comedy shows. I loved Yes Dear, and a lot of the ninety comedy sit - coms. The way the world is now we need something that will make us laugh, and forget about our problems for at least a short time.
posted by nathan on Nov 09, 2009
f*** NBC!! my name is earl was the best show ever and they canceled it at a terrible time it shouldn't f***ing end with TO BE CONTINUED i live in Canada but if it isn't continued i am going to punch everyone that is slightly in charge of NBC from the president of NBC to the f***ing janitor!!!! thanks for listing and i hope you agree and possibly help me beat up NBC it will go faster that way.
posted by brighteyes on Nov 05, 2009
My Name is Earl was the best thing on NBC. Now it really sucks. I have not watched NBC since they cancelled the show. Everything now on their Thrusday night all has the same type of humor and it gets boring quick. My Name is Earl was refreshing and so fun to watch. I never laughed so hard watching a show on T.V. I really hope that someone picks up the show. I hate NBC now. Why would you cancel the best thing you had on your network. You are a bunch of dumbasses.
posted by Virginia on Nov 04, 2009
Greg Garcia you're a coward & a disgrace! Shame on you boy! Stealing other writerís creations! You're a leech! You're so un-original! You still canít come up with a REAL NEW story idea; this is why you're taking MNIE & YES DEAR to make your next TV show - Keep Hope Alive (YES DEAR - SO BORING LIKE YOU). You must kiss some serious ass to get people to still want to work with you! You THIEF! Count you're lucky stars FOR NOW!
posted by tameco on Oct 15, 2009
My name is Earl is my favorite tv show. Please don't cancel this show!
posted by Iceman64 on Sep 30, 2009
I just learned "Earl" was canceled--WTF? This truly was one of the funniest shows in recent TV scheduling....a true laugh-out-loud show, with absurdity, strong characters, and a real sense of heart. The "Andy Griffith Show" may be the last successful blend of these elements. If I see another show about doctors, nurses, cops, or lawyers, I think I will scream!
posted by G. Garcia the thief on Sep 26, 2009
20th Century Fox! You go right ahead and stand behind a guy who clearly ripped off Mark Gable. Remember to set a great example for your children. Keep teaching your children well. Remember before you tuck them in at night. Remind them. Well little Timmy and little Sarah. Itís always better to steal from others. This will always keep your bellyís full. Who cares if you have to sell your soul to the devil. At least where full of ourselves!!! And Garcia still has the audacity to incorporate My Name Is Earl with Yes Dear to come up with his new pilot. Keep Hope Alive. What a poor excuse of a writer who claims heís comes up with original ideas! Heís still leeching off My Name Is Earlís concept stolen from Mark Gable to come up with his so called new TV show! Not to mention he has to use Yes Dears formula (which is so boring) as well to come up with something new! You can clearly see why Garcia has to rip of other writers. By the way Garcia makes sure you tell your kids as well how to be good little thieves! And sell their soul to the devil! By the way Garcia makes sure you tell your kids as well how to be good little thieves! And sell their souls to the devil! Hey thereís a new idea for a show right there you thief! You should be able to finally write something that you know oh so well!
posted by G. Garcia the thief on Sep 26, 2009
tvovermind new pilot, Keep Hope Alive. Itís kind of in the world that ĎEarlí inhabited,Ē Garcia said. ďThe same type of people. And with ĎYes, Dear,í I enjoyed writing about families and raising children. So I came up with this idea, which in a way combines those two things. » - AstroJones Ya What a poor excuse of a writer who claims heís comes up with original ideas! Garciaís still leeching off My Name Is Earlís concept to come up with his so called new TV show! Not to mention he has to use Yes Dears formula (which is so boring) as well to come up with something new! You can clearly see why Garcia has to rip of other writers.
posted by Garcia on Sep 26, 2009
Ask GARCIA THE THIEF! How he really came up with My Name Is Earl?! Ask him where's his copyright for My Name Is Earl? The one that he sent to the U.S. copyright office himself personally in his own name? Heíll tell you he doesnít have a copyright for his so called original creation! Cause he never came up with the hit T.V. show in the first place! But ask him Hollywood, if you believe you're not as corrupt as the world claims you are? Now Garcia has the audacity to say in an article from
posted by Greg Garica on Sep 26, 2009
WHAT YOU (DON'T) KNOW ABOUT THE CREATOR OF MY NAME IS EARL Posted Jan 23rd 2006 4:03PM by Adam Finley Filed under: Other Comedy Shows, NBC, Talent, My Name Is Earl Anyone with an eye for detail knows that the Internet Movie Database isn't always accurate in its bio or trivia sections. This isn't so much the fault of the site as it the fault of people who submit information, but in the case of My Name is Earl creator Gregory Thomas Garcia, he has only himself to blame. It seems that Garcia actually submitted some information about himself for his IMDb page which stated he was the grandson of Cantinflas, a Mexican comedian who passed away over ten years ago. The thing is, it's not true. Garcia was just having a bit of fun, but that little tidbit has made it's way into a few news stories about him. I've always found the truth to be overrated, anyway.
posted by Greg Garcia MNIE on Sep 26, 2009
GREG GARCIA ADMITS Greg Garcia: Yeah. I go on to TelevisionWithoutPity. Weíve done some stuff where weíve like planted fake people on TelevisonWithoutPity and then have them be characters on our show and blow everybodyís mind on the blog. But I go on there because itís like instant feedback. Itís hard not to. Ė I canít remember the exact specific, but I do remember one time reading something on there and thinking, ďOh, man. Thatís a good idea.Ē And then, like in the room I was really hesitant to do it, because I was like - I felt like I was cheating. Like it was this small little thing, but it was just some small little thing someone mentioned. I felt like I was cheating and then I was like, screw it. Itís not cheating. Itís funny. So I think we ended up doing it, but I donít remember the specifics.
posted by jim on Sep 25, 2009
I,have never seen anyone cut there throat's as bad as N B C, we watched there programs,every night,and one by one they canceled everything we watched.We have now moved our attention to A B C which seems to have picked up N B C's dropped ball and is running with it so in a way i have to thank you for canceling EARL, and sending us to another place for entertainment your programing has gone so far down hill,it will be a long,long time to come back to even fifth place. Whoever is in charge of programing is a real asset to CBS ,ABC and FOX.
posted by ray on Sep 03, 2009
nbc whats the deal you hate shows that make you money i have every season on dvd seen them 50 times and every time i watch it its like the fisrt time.fisrt sucrbs now reason to wacth nbc any really thats it dumbasses
posted by Fatkidsmom on Aug 10, 2009
Please do NOT take away earl!!!!! I do love me some jaime presely as joy!!!!!
posted by rick again on Jul 30, 2009
stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid idiots,,,,,,,, morons,, motards,, god i hate parks and recreation,, how is it on instead of earl,,, idiots,, that show is horrible,, and does anybody even name another show on nbc that doesnt air on thursday,, idiots
posted by rick on Jul 30, 2009
parks and recreation sucks freakin donkey parts,, the office sucks donkey parts,, dead pan died with bob newhart,, wait is he dead oh thats right nobody knows or cares because he wasnt funny,, youre living in squaresville man,, hell with ya
posted by Nicole on Jun 28, 2009
I hated watching tv , but when i saw my name is earl that was the only thing i watched!Come on it is the best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people are begging to keep it! please dont cancell the show
posted by Alvaro on Jun 28, 2009
I love this show you cant cancell the show. think of the people who actually like the show , not who watches and who doesent.
posted by carrie on Jun 21, 2009
save earl one of the best comidies on telivson.. some one needs to pick it up along with life nbc is losing too great shows
posted by noise on Jun 16, 2009
hope if Fox can pick it , nbc ur gay
posted by deadnsmelly2004 on Jun 13, 2009
Earl might not be a top scorer in the ratings game but it's one of my favorite shows. Jamie Lee Presley and the rest of the cast are all a hoot. I am truly disappointed to read about Earl's cancellation. It's just another move that'll make NBC a slow performer in the ratings game!
posted by CZR on Jun 12, 2009
I just heard the cable company that was supposed to pick up My Name is Earl is not...I hate how NBC canceled this show.
posted by Jim on Jun 08, 2009
Please let Fox pick this up, they know comedy gold when they see it... 'Oh, chisquita!'
posted by Dave on Jun 06, 2009
There are very few shows on TV anymore than can literally make me laugh out loud, and this is one of them. I can't imagine what could have been going through their heads when they decided to cancel it.
posted by graff on Jun 05, 2009
Don't Cancel this show! I love My Name is Earl--it's one of like three shows on your network that are worth watching!!! What are you thinking?!
posted by Ed on Jun 05, 2009
C'mmon u Can't,u Simply Can Cancel
posted by SLS on Jun 04, 2009
Best comedy on TV. Hands down. It would be a huge mistake to cancel such a well written, well acted show. I wish the networks would figure out noone is watching reality tv, or all the cop and law dramas. Earl is a truly hilarious show and one of the only reasons I've found to watch tv...and sit through the commercials! NBC or Fox, I hope you are hearing your viewers.
posted by thorton1954 on May 31, 2009
No please do not cancel Earl! It is at the top of the comedy list and all of reality crap SUCKS A BIG ONE! "MY NAME IS EARL" IS THE BEST SHOW GOING, IF YOU CANCEL IT YOU ARE NUTS!
posted by ryan on May 30, 2009
DONT! get rid of earl i love this show i look farward to it while im in skool i have seen every ep.
posted by Andri on May 28, 2009
No, you got to be kidding me.Cancelling "My Name Is Earl" is a huge(HUGE!) mistake plus, i want to see who is Earl Jr. father.
posted by never-to-return on May 25, 2009
Always seemed to be on at 8pm for me.
posted by Scoutmann on May 25, 2009
Save Earl!!! It is by far the best show on TV in this decade. The second best show in the last half century (Dukes of Hazzard was the first!) It's always the good shows that get get canceled, Earl, King of the Hill, Dukes, ect. They always keep crappy shows like, Parks & Rec., and for King of the Hill, whose being replaced by the Cleveland Show, which has been renewed fora second season, and the first season hasn't even premiered! So keep good shows on TV. SAVE EARL!
posted by Scoutmann on May 25, 2009
Save Earl!!! It is by far the best show on TV in this decade. The second best show in the last half century (Dukes of Hazzard was the first!) It's always the good shows that get get canceled, Earl, King of the Hill, Dukes, ect. They always keep crappy shows like, Parks & Rec., and for King of the Hill, whose being replaced by the Cleveland Show, which has been renewed fora second season, and the first season hasn't even premiered! So keep good shows on TV. SAVE EARL!
posted by Airishaonie Welsh on May 23, 2009
If anything, NBC should cancel Kath + Kim or Parks and Recreation. Those shows suck. Like Phil said, "no sense in keeping a well written, acted and produced show like "Earl" when we can get even more crappy reality shows!"
posted by Larry on May 23, 2009
It is probably the only TV show that I have liked in a long time.
posted by earl rules on May 22, 2009
Don't Cancel My Name is Earl ....NBC will never find a better show
posted by billnmt on May 22, 2009
Heck, the writers can get even more wild if it goes to Fox! Don't throw us in the briar patch!!!
posted by dsm on May 22, 2009
omg.... they cancelled "My Name Is Earl". It was so funny and nice........ shit what the f@#! were they thinking
posted by spamtrap22 on May 21, 2009
I only watch one current show and that is "My Name Is Earl". It is the only show I have seen in a long time that consistently makes me laugh out loud. It is the only show I go out of my way to watch. The rest of the time I just watch classic tv shows on DVD and occasionly Nova on PBS. NBC kept changing the time slot until they finally pissed me off. I'd get in the habit of going to watch the show at a particular time, and then they would change the time slot. A few weeks later they would do it again. What the hell is wrong with them? Now I watch My Name is Earl over the Internet, because I don't have to figure out what time slot those knuckleheads at NBC have moved it to this week. Dear FOX. Please save "My Name Is Earl". Once you find a time slot for it keep it there.
posted by SaveEarl on May 21, 2009
NOOOOOO!!!! they can't cancel My Name is Earl, it's the best show i have to watch, Fox better pick that show up, but then again Fox have canceled many of my favorite shows before
posted by bob on May 21, 2009
I hope Fox comes to the rescue. My favorite was the cops episode. Earl is worth saving.
posted by dianeful on May 20, 2009
Great show. So funny! I hope it gets picked up. It seems like all that is going to be left on network television is lame game and reality shows.
posted by 32Skidoo on May 20, 2009
First they cancel the black donnellys, now this! WTF
posted by jimmy on May 19, 2009
maybe My Name Is Earl got cancelled because NBC & 20TH Century Fox know now after all the evidence that was provided by Mark Gableís world renown lawyers, that garcia really did rip off Mark Gable's script Karma. And NBC & 20TH Century Fox are embarrassed to be associated with garcia. cause greg is full of bleep. ask greg to explain Karma by Mark Gable. Mark Gable wrote My name is Earl, read the lawsuit. what kind of man accepts an award for work he didnít create? pats on the back, limoís, champagne, hamptons mansions, red carpet events and lunch at the ivy mean everything to hacks like greg garcia. itís really tragic when the only way a man can get a hit and win an award is by pretending someone elseís work is their own. writer? Toni morrison is a writer. greg garcia is a hack and he should step up and return Mark Gableís work.
posted by Me on May 04, 2009
Who wrote this article, a 3rd grader? Nice grammar.
posted by lembrandt on Apr 22, 2009
Recently, the Denver Post ran an article about how TV in general is in trouble with ratings. What a surprise - the networks keep moving shows to new slots all the time, they have humongous gaps between the air dates of original episodes, and they keep canceling truly interesting and creative shows. No wonder ratings aren't what the networks want, or so they claim. In their places, we get shows that are cheap to produce and reality shows - which are often the same thing. Other than "American Idol" I don't know *anybody* who watches *any* reality TV shows - I can't imagine how some of them have such good ratings. In fact, I think ratings are BS, with numbers that are deliberately false simply to give the networks a basis to keep trotting out a steady stream of cheap, easy to make GARBAGE..."My Name Is Earl" might just suffer the fate of so many *really* good TV shows recently, so we can get another cheap, non-scripted piece of depraved trash - and that is too more thing - who in the name of God gets the boxes to record the Nielsen numbers??? Give one to me and I'll show them what is good TV and what should be flushed down the nearest toilet. Thank You.
posted by Cam on Apr 13, 2009
My name Is Earl is way better then some of the other shows on NBC like Kath and Kim and 30 Rock. It will be a the biggest mistake NBC would ever do if they cancel it. I love that show.
posted by TV LOVER on Apr 13, 2009
posted by catmandew on Apr 09, 2009
Maybe they could save some money on it by replacing the awesome music score, like they do on the DVD release? Freakin' morons.
posted by Nameless on Apr 09, 2009
I know season three sucked, but other seasons (including fourth) are awesome.
posted by Aaron on Apr 06, 2009
My Name Is Earl is awesome, Joy is the funniest TV character that I've ever seen, and you want to cancel it, I agree with the previous comment saying " damn reality TV to hell " we don't have any shows worth watching anymore, Earl is seriously the last show that I watch, I just recently started watching it, because I'm afraid to get attached to any shows these days, because most original shows get the axe after a few seasons, big surprise that this one got canceled, it was funny, that's a networks worst nightmare, all we have is reality tv, because it is cheap, I hate reality tv, please Fox, pick this show up, it would be the best move you've ever made, especially considering the fact that Fox hasn't had a hit live action sitcom in years, I'm begging you Fox, pick up My Name Is Earl
posted by bishr on Apr 05, 2009
i really hope the show goes on for at least 2 more seasons. damn reality shows to hell.
posted by Phil on Apr 02, 2009
Sure, no sense in keeping a well written, acted and produced show like "Earl" when we can get even more crappy reality shows!

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