Video: Lady GaGa, David Cook Performing in 'American Idol'

April 02, 2009 06:38:47 GMT

Lady GaGa performed 'Poker Face', while David Cook delivered 'Come Back to Me' during the result show of 'American Idol'.

Video: Lady GaGa, David Cook Performing in 'American Idol'
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Video footage showing Lady GaGa and David Cook's live performance in "American Idol" result show on April 1 have hit the web. Lady GaGa sang her smash hit "Poker Face", while David Cook delivered his single "Come Back to Me".

David Cook performed after the nine contestants of the "American Idol" were called to go on-stage for the announcement of the bottom three. When he finished the song, he was handed with a fancy, framed platinum record for his first post-Idol album "David Cook", which sold more than 1 million copies.

Lady GaGa, meanwhile, took the Idol stage before Megan Joy Corkrey was announced as the one being eliminated at that night. She started her performance with a ballad version of "Poker Face" and followed it with danceable beat of the song.

In related news, Miley Cyrus is scheduled to pre-tape a performance for the popular TV show. An airdate has not been set regarding her performance, but it will likely be televised next week. Miley is not the only singer getting pre-recorded performance as Jennifer Hudson recently has also taped a performance for the show.

Lady GaGa singing "Poker Face":

David Cook singing 'Come Back to Me":


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posted by shjk on Apr 12, 2009
Lady Gaga Sang her part even though she's sick because she believe she must do it no matter what, and please respect her performance no-one gets an ordinary chance to do that in A.I. David Cook should do MORE > <, I'm really not impressed but still he's David Cook :D (Belated Happy Easter) Peace all :3
posted by wiagsfgfewtr on Apr 11, 2009
Gaga rocked it! You know you're a good musician when you can bring different elements into a song like that! And David Cook blows, he just stood their like a prick.
posted by Adamrocks on Apr 06, 2009
Adam rocks way harder than DC or that dumb LadyGaGa! What was she thinking!???
posted by nb on Apr 04, 2009
david cook rocks! wtf was lady gaga doing changing her song like that
posted by Amanda on Apr 04, 2009
Awww.. I missed David Cook so much! He was great!
posted by Kool Moe Dee on Apr 03, 2009
Even though Adam Lambert seems less original and somewhat acting he is way more enjoyable to listen to than David Cook. David Cook just sounds like many others.
posted by I♥GaGa on Apr 02, 2009
i LOVE lady GAGA she is georgous! David sux eggs seriously he is so ugly <3CICI =]
posted by FL Lady on Apr 02, 2009
No one can beat David Cook he is just an Original.
posted by dominique on Apr 02, 2009
I enjoyed both David Cook and Lady Ga Ga. They were both great in different ways.
posted by Adammakesmepuke on Apr 02, 2009
Adam is a no talent ass! Danny Gokey has more talent with less eyeliner!
posted by night74 on Apr 02, 2009
posted by Brenda on Apr 02, 2009
Cook STOLE THE SHOW! What the heck was that mess Lady GaGa... that was horrible. David sang beautifully and his new video for the song was outstanding.
posted by Googoo over GaGa on Apr 02, 2009
Cook's Come Back To Me was a mess... he was noticeably off pitch, and the sound mix was off badly.... The song dragged on forever and ever - thought it would never end. Was not impressed at all. Lady GaGa stole the show - she was fresh, original and fun to watch.
posted by Boring on Apr 02, 2009
"Yawn" is all I can say watching David Cook perform tonight. I didn't wake up until he sang the chorus. BORING!!
posted by Loggia on Apr 02, 2009
What a boring performance Cook gave tonight - that crap he was singing was rock? Hell to the naw!! Adam blows him away on every level, and Lady GaGa did too. Bad move on his part to follow her tonight.
posted by u on Apr 02, 2009

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