Picture of Nude Robert Pattinson in 'Little Ashes' Found

April 02, 2009 04:20:16 GMT

A full frontal picture of naked Robert Pattinson from his upcoming drama movie, 'Little Ashes', has been found.

Picture of Nude Robert Pattinson in 'Little Ashes' Found
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A picture of "Twilight" hunk Robert Pattinson in nothing but his birthday suit has made its round. Displaying the 22-year-old while he stands naked in front of a mirror, the image was posted by Perez Hilton and is taken from his forthcoming indie movie, "Little Ashes", in which the British actor portrays young Salvador Dali.

Previously, Pattinson has shared that he struggled for the naked stuff he was required to do in the movie and even got to "a nervous breakdown" after filming "extremely hard-core sex scene". "I was kind of crossing lines of what I thought I was comfortable doing," he explained as quoted in the April issue of GQ magazine. "I had to do all this naked stuff."

"Little Ashes" is set against the backdrop of Fascist Spain in 1922. It follows the love affair between Salvador Dali and poet Federico Garcia Lorcathree. Taking its title from Salvador Dali's 1927-28 painting Cenicitas, it stars Robert Pattinson as Dali, Javier Beltran as Federico Garcia Lorca and Matthew McNulty as Luis Bunuel.

This drama film comes from director Paul Morrison. It has been premiered at the 16th annual Raindance film festival in London back in October and will get its limited U.S. release on May 8. The picture of naked Robert Pattinson can be seen via Perez Hilton.


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posted by bex on Apr 04, 2011
where the hell is the photo
posted by Whitner on Mar 14, 2011
not like this really matters but my real name is not whitner that is just a gamer name cause i play ALOT of games and beat every one of them to also ROB YOU ARE AMAZINGLY HOT I WOULD GIV UP ANYTHING TO BE ABLE TO JUST E-MAIL YOU AND HAV YOU E-MAIL BACK I LUVVVVVVV YOUUUU I WOULD JUST DIE IF I MET U CAUSE YOU ARE HOT!oh and by the way i am wondering if there is an age limit to be able to post here and read other posts so if someone could just post that here i would apreesheate it thanks • • ~
posted by Whitner on Mar 14, 2011
oh and if you do YOU ARE F***ING AWESOME!oh and also all my colectabals are from the twilight series oh and also TAYLOR LAUNTNER SUCK ASS AND IS A F***ING DUMB***!
posted by Whitner on Mar 14, 2011
i just want all you peeps who think you are rob fans to know that i hav 309 rob collectabals so any one who can beat that just post it here
posted by Soul Glow on Feb 13, 2011
SEX E! Thats what I call his fine ass...
posted by soul glow on Feb 12, 2011
Just let your souuulll glooowww Rob!!! YEAH!!
posted by soul glow on Feb 12, 2011
You can tell what a guys penis looks like just by the size of his fingers. lol Check out Rob's long ass fingers.
posted by nikki on Jan 28, 2011
posted by nishi on Sep 28, 2010
robert u r alwayzzz GR8! i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv u..... plzzz marry me
posted by whitney on Jul 25, 2010
wtf? were is it?
posted by nenedoll1985 on Jun 03, 2010
all you chicks act like you have never seen a naked guy before....if you seen one you seen them all...give him a break hes just a regular person its his job and i give he madd props cuz i wouldnt show myself to millions of people naked leave him be...hes an awsome actor and leave it at that.
posted by none ya beeswax on Apr 21, 2010
why the f**k you stupid people cant f**ing leave any one alone. you get ahold of a star and you makee them into your own d*m reality show your discusting leave him alone (hes totally hot without you)
posted by roakdkf on Mar 17, 2010
posted by jess on Feb 20, 2010
wtf i can't see pic (stupid dialup)
posted by lols on Jan 28, 2010
Ur all crazy as shit. leave robert alone 4 once,he diserves to be left alone....
posted by Holly on Jan 17, 2010
you r so hot .ilove u so much↲gust go rob
posted by Myles on Dec 22, 2009
U are all asses with out lives! What u should see naked is me I really turn people on *thrust*
posted by riri on Nov 27, 2009
brilliant actor !!! really inspirational fair play to him
posted by riri on Nov 27, 2009
brilliant actor !!! really inspirational fair play to him
posted by taylor and sarah the on Nov 19, 2009
i wish he would marriy me a nd take me away xx love you rob
posted by wtf on Nov 13, 2009
what is wrong with all you crazy a** people?? Dont you know he is a person and he cant even walk out the dang house without cameras on him at all times..imagine for one minute what its like in his shoes...hell you cant even pick your nose without someone seeing you....give him a break!! who cares what he looks like naked!!
posted by angel on Oct 17, 2009
hi robert im a big fan of yours i wish i could meet you wait don't even guess who i am hey robert is mine if you want to fight with me you rats write a coment for angel and i'll write back OK
posted by alyciaali on Oct 12, 2009
gosh leave the man alone 4 once. :(
posted by shannon on Sep 11, 2009
poor guy... he's such a good actor, though, i think he could get away with it.
posted by TWIFAN 101 on Sep 02, 2009
posted by DevanCullen on Aug 16, 2009
where the f**k is this naked pic!!!! I want 2 know if it is big or small :(
posted by Kristen on Aug 04, 2009
He has a reason to be scared, he is naked in front of the world, and the picture is real, and if u dont think so, see the movie and compare. but he is really sweet, but, i dont like him. jjust as a good friend. Peace -Kristen S.
posted by robert insider on Jul 25, 2009
Sorry girls but I've met the man and talk because here in barnes london I have seen him before he was famous because my sister went to therter class with him they useto joke a round after class and most of the time I was with my sister after class and for all you haters and lovers out there kriten stuent has he and I on the other hand hav his number and 4 all u out there who don't believe me I am so sorry for u hahahah
posted by ROB I LOVE U on Jul 25, 2009
posted by robert\'s future wif on Jul 25, 2009
i love rob and he is so unbelievably hot!!!!!!!GO ROBERT!!!!!
posted by loverob on Jul 22, 2009
wheres this nude pic?! i wanna see it!!
posted by alice on Jun 30, 2009
love robert
posted by chey on May 18, 2009
i don't care if it is photoshopped or not. he's hot and that's as close as i'll probably see him naked. it's hot that's all that matters.
posted by Hylee on Apr 27, 2009
Hae like if he doesn't wont to do them why don't they get sum 1 else to pose as him lol yeah but still every 1 will be like that scared to take there clothes off in front of people that the whole world is gona see to :(
posted by kennedy on Apr 23, 2009
where can you see it. i work for a designer and i can tell if something is photoshoped or not
posted by ShereeR on Apr 11, 2009
It's ok Rob I still Love ya..Ignore the Crappy Things people are saying Your a GREAT Actor so You should be proud of yourself..
posted by Linda on Apr 10, 2009
It's only because you're too good to be true (humble, so very talented, funny, easy-going, gorgeous, unpretentious, etc. etc.) that you are targeted for low IQ hate mail. Read the good stuff, believe it..........and don't change one thing about who you are. It is who you are & who you've been that the world has fallen in love with. It is your intelligence, intuition, and insight that will sustain you and take you where you want to go.......IF you want to go there. I'd love to go with you.
posted by Jeanie on Apr 07, 2009
I don't care if the pics real or not. It would be great if all the tweenagers started dropping off of the fan list as he takes on more serious roles. Then as a thirtysomething I could justify my crush a little more!!
posted by the \"official rob p on Apr 05, 2009
so im in love with michelle jones. kthanks. so leave me alone!!!!!!
posted by isuckmrhalldick on Apr 05, 2009
ummmm all you little bitches about to be "little ashes" if u keep messin with my man robby!!! ya dig???
posted by seriously? on Apr 04, 2009
I LOVE Robert Pattinson inTwilight as Edward but now idk what i think of him how can he go from the hottest Vampire ever to a gay man alot of girls will start thinking hes not as sexy as he used to be
posted by 1<3rob on Apr 04, 2009
i love you rob!!!! you don't diserve this and i c what u mean truth
posted by Sylvia on Apr 02, 2009
Rob is soo hott!!!!! I cannot believe this is fake! But this is hott! But i also think it is rediculous how low people will go to get attention. Sorry rob. You didnt deserve this.
posted by truth on Apr 02, 2009
I can't believe that no one has figured out that this is photoshopped--it's almost as if you guys can't tell a real naked guy, even if he is "tucking"!. The real screenshot from the film has Rob's hand covering himself. This has been photoshopped out, which you can see if you enlarge the photo above and look on the right side of the mirror--clearly pixelated where his arm and hand have been removed. With the hand removed, the real exposed pelvic area has been duplicated and pubicated, look at the pixelation there too. Finally, you may ask, but how does the mirror match the body so perfectly? His arm looks like it is hanging straight down! This has also been photoshopped, with his bent arm being recreated to extend down. Look at the inner part of his elbow, there are literally holes there where the bent arm covering himself was removed. All of this would be super obvious if the photo quality hadn't been dumbed down to hide the so-so photoshopping skills. Check reviews of the movie on IMDB (which mention the hand covering) or the British film rating board--no mention of full frontal nudity, which this would be, even with "tucking."
posted by Jamie on Apr 02, 2009
I wish Rob would come and take me away
posted by Jess on Apr 02, 2009
The image is showing Dali in all his camp glory. Its got to be seen in that context.
posted by hannah on Apr 02, 2009
wow, Robert Pattinson turns me on.

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