Miley Cyrus Unsure of Another 'Hannah Montana' Movie

March 31, 2009 08:54:26 GMT

When asked whether she would do another 'Hannah Montana' movie, Miley Cyrus insists that making another movie of the series will take away 'a lot of the reality'.

Miley Cyrus Unsure of Another 'Hannah Montana' Movie
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Although her "Hannah Montana: The Movie" is yet to blow up the U.S. big screen, Miley Cyrus was not so keen about the idea of making another movie out of "Hannah Montana" series. In a press conference to promote the upcoming movie on Monday, March 30, the 16-year-old star responded to a fan's question as quoted by E! Online, "I feel like...this is a TV show. We were really lucky to have enough material to make one movie. To do another one takes away a lot of the reality."

"Normal high schoolers see Hannah's blond wig and say, 'That's not reality'," the daughter of singer Billy Ray Cyrus, in addition, elaborated. "It was very clever the way, in the movie, we reveal Hannah Montana, but we didn't make [the plot] in a way that makes another season unrealistic. We're all doing a season three, and we all wish to do a season four. So I don't know if I would do another film, but we would love to do another season."

Apart of hinting on the possibility of no more "Hannah Montana" movies, the actress/singer also confessed how she missed her family's farm outside of Nashville, Tennessee after spending a few weeks filming on location in the Volunteer State. "I wish I had more time" to stay there, she said adding, "That was the longest I had been back since I left. I am really hoping to move back there at some point. Filming really made me miss home."

Bringing the story of "Hannah Montana" series to the next level, "Hannah Montana: The Movie" will put its attention more on Miley Stewart. When her popularity as Hannah starts to take a toll on her life and her identity as the pop-star persona threatens to take over her life, her father decides to take her home to Crowley Corners, Tennessee for a dose of reality, forcing her to figure out what's really important.

Coming to U.S. theaters on April 10, the comedy movie from Walt Disney Pictures stars Miley Cyrus as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana. Supported by the series' original cast ensemble, including Mitchel Musso, Jason Earles and Emily Osment, it will also see Taylor Swift, Tyra Banks, Vanessa Williams and Lucas Till.


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posted by hgjfh fhgj fhg claud on Jul 25, 2010
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posted by @!@#! on Jul 12, 2010
we all luv u, u should make a nother movie and u'll relised that u belong there n all the kidz well follow u no matthre wat!!!! PLZ <3
posted by wildone on Dec 15, 2009
Miley we all love u and u should do another movie cuz travis says hes so not over it and u raised the money to save the town it would be nice to see if it is the same.
posted by MILEY is FUGLY :) on Nov 19, 2009
what the hell is wrong with miley? i think she soon wants to be in a porn movie or be on playboy. she used to look and act so nice when she was 13-14. Why at age 15-17 she started to act very sexual in her videos, pictures, and concerts! And she justifies all her wrongs. She's still a little girl! under age!! Where da hell are her parents?? She's completely out of control! She'll be like the next lindsey, paris, britney and all those other bad asses who needs to go to rehabs. She is so full of herself. Unfit role model for all girls. Taylor Swift is talented, genuine, humble, and decent - Miley is going DOWN!!!!
posted by sonika on Oct 18, 2009
hey hannah i want r dress
posted by Mileyrocks on Oct 12, 2009
STFU QWERTY U DONT KNOW SHT OKAY? Miley its ur choice, do what u want. I hope no one pushes u to do things, and ur movie rocks!!!
posted by ola spasiuk on Sep 03, 2009
hi my name is ola im 11old and i like your music
posted by courtney on Jul 26, 2009
posted by me from istanbul on Jul 15, 2009
the movie reminded me'newyork minute'on some screens,i have thought wish i was watching olsen twins now..sorry but miley doesnt looks good on movies,i mean she is too tall for childish movies tho she is too young,she doesnt have a childish or young her father is always around her like a ghost,leave her a space dad!..she looks older n she doesnt fit to hannah monthana character anymore..what will she do?will she keep on the same pilot till she is 50(her father is around her ofcourse)..right decision about movies of her..n i wonder why she hasnt style n colour her hair always like hannah m?she looks moch more beautiful when she is the way,olsen twins r grown,do they still make twin movies?no,so?;)
posted by janisha on Jun 30, 2009
hannah come on please do another movie
posted by janisha on Jun 30, 2009
hannah come on please do another movie
posted by sara on Jun 24, 2009
she pretty
posted by sara on Jun 24, 2009
she aslo
posted by sara on Jun 24, 2009
she cool
posted by sara on Jun 24, 2009
she the best
posted by sara on Jun 24, 2009
i love her
posted by sara on Jun 24, 2009
yes sure i want one
posted by sara on Jun 24, 2009
yes i want another hannah montnana i wnt her to make a fifth one
posted by Edanny on Jun 21, 2009
miley should make another movie it was a great movie i want her gto make another movie
posted by sara on Jun 17, 2009
i love for her to make another Hannah Montana the moive
posted by HANNAH on Jun 04, 2009
posted by stone on May 24, 2009
get a new hair style Hannah you look like a piece of dog shit
posted by stone on May 24, 2009
Hannah shouldn't of told her secret. dumb ass
posted by stone on May 24, 2009
miley is awesome she is sexy she did good in the movie. Hannah sucks
posted by ashamed on May 09, 2009
miley posted nude pictures of herself online i don't know what she was thinking there are so many girls in the world that look up to her now they have seen the real miley i knew that alot of people looked up to her i used to
posted by on May 03, 2009
you are so grate i love your movie and i want you to come back to new york on may 3 2009 ill be waiting for you contact me on aim
posted by hannah fan on Apr 15, 2009
i'm a 7 year old girl and i loved the movie.I really think MIley should make another movie. I want Miley to make another movie. Ilook up to Miley she inspired me to chance and hope it turns out i though Hannah montana is all about dreams and hope if she doesn't make another movie i will let down
posted by ashamed on Apr 15, 2009
i'm ashamed that miley doesn't want to make another movie
posted by Jessica on Apr 15, 2009
miley should make another movie it was a great movie i want her gto make another movie
posted by Qwerty on Apr 11, 2009
She is an evil person! When she posed Half-Neud she was despised by parents and she lost ALOT of fans! She "Says" she didn't mean for anything to happen but thats not true! Shes the type of girl that will do anything to get guys to want her like that! She is a hypocrite!!!
posted by twiliteluver455 on Apr 11, 2009
I hope she chooses Miley!!!! I DO NOT like her as Hannah Montana!!! I hope they do another season but I absolutely despise her!!!
posted by Qwerty on Mar 31, 2009
Quit asking about the future of Hannah, Miley isn't a writer or producer, so while she may be the face of the show, she doesn't control what steps it will take.

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