David Archuleta Talks His Dream Girlfriend

March 30, 2009 08:41:49 GMT

"Down to earth, but still fun and tries new things," are some of the qualities that a girl must have if she wants to win David Archuleta's heart.

David Archuleta
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Not dating anyone at the moment, David Archuleta has revealed some of the qualities a lady should have in order to win his heart. Speaking to Radar Online at the orange carpet of Nickelodeon's 22nd Annual Kids' Choice Awards, the "American Idol" champion said his ideal girlfriend would be a girl who is "down to earth, but still fun and tries new things."

The girl, moreover, should be "concerned about other people" and "not totally into themselves." There have yet words if David has set his eyes on particular girls or when he wants to start dating.

David Archuleta struck a pose at the 2009 Kids' Choice Awards held at UCLA's Pauley Pavilion in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon, March 28, alongside "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul. During the ceremony, the duo accepted the award for Favorite Reality Show for the popular singing competition.


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posted by Luzel on Dec 09, 2011
Hi David! I'm one of your biggest Indian fans..i love you,i love your songs and i can hear 'em almost the whole day.i can never get bored listening to 'em like seriously they're amazing! Dying to meet you someday!! Love ya. Xoxo..
posted by green girl on Mar 07, 2011
hi David i just want to wish you good luck in life
posted by T.S on Feb 02, 2011
you're good guy. so you deserve to get a good girl..
posted by BLUE_me on Dec 28, 2010
OMG! iknew it! its CHARICE!!!!
posted by Cinta on Dec 24, 2010
Hi,david merry x'mas and happy new year. . .
posted by Rina on Dec 16, 2010
Hi,david i hope u will find your dream girl good luck,i always support you here in malaysian,i hope that one day i will see you in real,love you so much. . . . .
posted by judy ann tolentino on Dec 11, 2010
hi! again.hope i see u in person. im addicted to ur one of ur fans here in phillipines.god bless you and more power to u.hope u see your true love. :)
posted by ChRySselLa on Dec 01, 2010
David,no matter what people say about you,just go straight don't hear what people say..they say like that because they so jealous that you're so cute and they angry because they can't get your love?go david go david. . .love ya. . .
posted by MaRRy cHrisTie on Nov 30, 2010
Hi,david archuleta i'm a malaysian girl i just want to be your friend,i love you so badly. .
posted by judy ann tolentino on Nov 29, 2010
hi! david archuleta , im your fans here in philippines.your my idol.i like your songs. i love u.god bless
posted by emma96 on Nov 27, 2010
heeeey David, i <3 your muziik. i have almost all of it on my phone.:) i never got a chance to see you in real life, ive never been to any of your concerts,:( but im hoping to go on my birthday.. i <3 yooo!!!! and im 14 by the way..LOLZ..:) bye..
posted by emma96 on Nov 27, 2010
awww... hope you find your - perfect - G_FRIEND!!! GOOOD LUCK!!! :)
posted by Maximilianie on Nov 25, 2010
Hey,david why don't you read all this comments?and give some respond,we all here waiting for your respond okay?
posted by Jesscyinthia on Nov 25, 2010
Go david,go david! don't care about what people say?just go straight and don't go left or right okay,i'm here always to support you?i love you david bye. .
posted by Riyanna on Nov 25, 2010
Hi,david i love u more than myself,i never stop think about u,please come back to malaysia i want to see u for the last times,i hope u will read this comment,i love u so much,much and much bye..
posted by ana on Sep 09, 2010
i dont like u or your music my birthday just pass and i try to invite u but u never came so i hate u forever
posted by Livie!:) on Jun 27, 2010
Hey David its Livie!!! OMG!! I wish you were 7 years younger!! LOL!!! (yeah im 12 but i have a right to like him) I TOTALLY LOVE how you sing!!! When i listen to your cd i cry!!!! ILY SOO MUCH!!!
posted by Tennesseegirl_18 on Jun 26, 2010
hey david i'm a huge fan and hope u come to tennessee for a friends want to see you live cuz ur like a god to them its kind of scary...Not you its my friends cuz of how they get when they here ur name and stuff.Well,hope to see u in concert.Peace :)
posted by unknown girl on Jun 24, 2010
but i hope you find the perfect girl for you someday
posted by unknown girl on Jun 24, 2010
its good that you are looking for girls to date who are down to earth, understanding , who care for others etc but let me tell you one thing david many girls today pretend to be like that it is really hard to find girls who are by nature like this. i am a girl and i have met hundreds of girls in my life but out of all of them only two or three were nice sweet caring and down to earth
posted by WOW on Jun 10, 2010
Oh my gosh is this really you well hi if it is you
posted by camp on Apr 19, 2010
hmm I hope you found her. If it's her I know she is a great person inside and out yahooo... cha? heheh wink wink wink but she is really lovely.
posted by nina on Apr 18, 2010
hello,i hope you will find a girl who is so kind to you...good luck...
posted by kristen ashley on Mar 14, 2010
when r u coming to michigan to come see cousin and i hope u find someone that u will love forever i kno she is out there some whare
posted by hi on Feb 19, 2010
hi sexy
posted by hi on Feb 19, 2010
hi my name is kate
posted by karina on Jan 15, 2010
hi, david.. im fr surabaya, indonesia.. im 12 years old.. n im ur biggest fan of all.. hha..x) when u can hv a concert in indonesia?? n i hope u can meet ur dream girl.. thats i just want 2 say.. bye david.. hv a blessed day..
posted by kaRina.. on Jan 15, 2010
Hi, david... im an indonesian girl.. im 12 years old.. and im ur no.1 fan of all.. hha..x) when u can hv a concert in indonesia?? n i hope u can meet ur dream girl.. thats i just want 2 say.. bye david.. hv a blessed day..
posted by Astia putriana on Jan 14, 2010
I'm ur fans in indonesia . . Come 2 indo please! We are waiting 4 ur performance . . We love u ;)
posted by eRiCa_eMofUnk on Jan 12, 2010
...haLLooh david archi..u r sO cUte,hAndSome & u r niCe..gUluck..#1 fun..jejE
posted by ilovedavid! on Jan 09, 2010
David I love you and u inspire me to sing.I hope someday o will see u in person.I love u so much.If met u I would probly die are amazing and so talented.I love u forever David...please love, sage. <3
posted by nikita on Dec 07, 2009
this is such shit. he's not reading any of this. pity. i think he's got an amazing voice. and eyes :P would make an amazing wolf for new moon, come to think of it.huh.
posted by jessie on Dec 03, 2009
posted by atikah on Nov 24, 2009
i david..i hope i meet you . and can be your friend.this my numbers phone 0174144284
posted by tisya on Nov 20, 2009
hey david,I hope you'll choose your girlfriend like you u!!
posted by sarah on Nov 20, 2009
hi david, i hope you'll find your dreamed girl. good luck
posted by ramz on Nov 02, 2009
GOD BLESS U...'hope to see u n person..'
posted by d.a.loverrx3 on Nov 01, 2009
david, omg i love you so much. i went to your concert in new hampshire w my friend.. omg we were so close to getting to touch your hand.. but tht dumb security guard pushed us away</3 i hope tht sometime i can actually see your gorgeous face again, and maybe.. finally... touch your hand(:
posted by hjhfwlkrjw on Nov 01, 2009
posted by fiildzaah on Oct 15, 2009
hi david ! i'm an indonesian girl , and i'm twelve years old , i just wanna say that i wanna be your best friend . thanks !! :)
posted by fiildzaah on Oct 15, 2009
hi david !! i'm a indonesian girl , i just wanna say i wanna be your best friend !! :D
posted by Ashlee on Oct 10, 2009
Hey David its Ashlee. Once again thanks 4 for mentioning me in your cd....
posted by fiorela ortga on Sep 24, 2009
my mom knows him he use to go to my church when i was a littel kid in flordia ftl. in latter day saint
posted by natalie on Sep 17, 2009
hi david... i wish i can meet you.. after my studies. i want to go to US to meet in person. hope u fine the girl of your dreams... david archuleta is the greatest.. this is my phone number.. 0198916832.. i hope you call me.. i love you.. bye..
posted by sweatcel on Aug 30, 2009
hi! david hi david...i'm philippines girl.i just want be your friend.:)
posted by dyanara on Aug 23, 2009
hi david...i'm malaysian girl.i just want be your friend...not more than that...
posted by Rosalina on Aug 05, 2009
U so cute david archuleta i am your #1 fan oh and don't date miranda if miley i think she'll be fine
posted by JERLIE on Jul 31, 2009
david i wish some day i meet you in personal and i want to know your character...........
posted by rosanna on Jul 31, 2009
OMG david archuleta has the same birthday as i do!!!!!(12/28) that's so kool!... but not the same yr...but he's still cute, hot, handsome, and sexy.
posted by glory on Jul 26, 2009
hi david.... y hope someday i can meet are adorable.....
posted by archieHOHO on Jul 12, 2009
ok thats me!!!
posted by kimberly on Jun 27, 2009
hi!archi did you know what im so verry ecxited to your new album i want to hear it now and for sure your will be platinum i swere for that i alwayz keep supporting you i love you alwayz and i pray every night that someday we will see each other in person im your really big fan here in the philippines!!! take care alwayz!!!
posted by kimberly on Jun 26, 2009
first of all congrats you finish your study i wish im too... i have two years to study in high school., and alwayz take care.... if you have time can you back here in the philippines to have another concert plz... and do you have your other album release this year i read one of your article that you have release your album this coming christmass and next year its that true... did you know what i type this coment with listening your album... i wish you read this comment not only mine even for your other fans you know david what ever it happen we alwayz here for you everytime you make me happy everyday even i did not see you but you make me happy because when i listened your music my day is complete... we love you alwayz david archuleta. and i wish we see each other in person and a little bit talk thats all I LOVE YOU ALWAYS DAVID ARCHULETA...
posted by kimberly on Jun 22, 2009
hi david your so veery cute.,.you are the most handsome man in the universe yah!!! its true... and my favorite song is one of your single album the tittle is TOUCH MY HANDS thats all and i wish you will come back her in the philippines to have another concert whith miley cyrus i love your combination..... i love you both!!!
posted by JERLIE on Jun 19, 2009
posted by jerlie on Jun 19, 2009
posted by kimberly on Jun 16, 2009
hi! david did you know what last day is my 1st day of school, and im so verry exited to go bck in school because i see again my bestfriends and i promise to my self this school year i will study verry hard... thank you 4 being my insperation ... you and my family are my insperation so that my dreams will came true and one of my dreams is going there in the U.S. to see you in person..... ok that's all and i wish you read this my coments to you and alwayz take care!!! i love you david!!!...
posted by kimberly on Jun 13, 2009
hi! david just want to said good morning i love you 4 ever!!!!
posted by keith on Jun 13, 2009
&#9829;hi!!david archuleta!!You know what ur my idol!!and i have an admiration on you coz ur so cool,handsome,cute and your a great singer too!!!i really love you!!Muahh!!!keep safe always!!!and keep up the good work on your career!!!&#9829;
posted by mae on Jun 11, 2009
hi archi,i want to greet you.... i wish you have a good day today just like me...because last nyt i have a nightmare about you and it so verry fantastic dream i have oh!!! my god... thats all....
posted by mae on Jun 10, 2009
hi! david,i just want to said you your my insperetion now tnx... and you a great singer keep that okay., i hope we see each anther bye we love you david.... and youre a great singer that i have ever seen.....
posted by kimberly on Jun 09, 2009
hay! david ,oh my gosh when i saw you first in tv oh! my god your so verry handsome and my heart beat move fast...david i want to see you soon iI LOVE YOU so much. can you back here in the philippines plz...
posted by ms. dj on May 17, 2009
hey........ david u know what u make me happy because of you my life change l hope that some day we see in person stay as you are and never change ok! and keep out ur good work we love you ........... so much for me ur the besst men.
posted by fia on May 12, 2009
posted by hiyuzina on May 10, 2009
well i'm a greatest fan of david archuleta i know there's a lot of us, but i'd like to say that david became my inspiration to fight without knowing if you can win the challenge i am now suffering a problem and i don't know how to face it alone but i keep on fighting. my mom is very sick and i don't know if she can walk again and my dad is working abroad hoping that we can earn much money for my mom's theraphy. when i saw david singing he makes me feel well and happy. thanks david. thanks a lot. i hope to see you soon here in the philippines. but sad to say i can't go to your concert i have to stay beside my mom.
posted by Just keep dreaming-p on May 09, 2009
david is such a great guy! He should look for the perfect girl! It's cool how he is very open to people and giving people a chance. Because if you don't do that you can't find what your looking for! Good luck david! And pick the right one (: ahha
posted by PeaceLoveDavidA on May 07, 2009
posted by PeaceLoveDavidA on May 07, 2009
posted by the archuletas on Apr 27, 2009
well,down to earth,but still funny and tries new things! ok,lets see what kind of girl with these type.^^ but ithink she must be take care of herself,bcause u know arch angels cant just sit and say "congratulations"! with sweet smile.haha. . .u have no idea what they'll do to keep archie 'save'.and i know one of those arch angels that plan something to if there is a girl that can win archìe's heart! haha LOL. GO ARCH ANGELS XD! XOXO-EVITA
posted by the archuletas on Apr 27, 2009
well,down to earth,but still funny and tries new things! ok,lets see what kind of girl with these type.^^ but ithink she must be take care of herself,bcause u know arch angels cant just sit and say "congratulations"! with sweet smile.haha. . .u have no idea what they'll do to keep archie 'save'.and i know one of those arch angels that plan something to if there is a girl that can win archìe's heart! haha LOL. GO ARCH ANGELS XD! XOXO-EVITA
posted by melanie on Apr 27, 2009
I'll be your girlfriend David!!!
posted by angel on Apr 26, 2009
all of you who want david so bad, then i felt sorry for all of all are not his are all suck.....sorry about that....
posted by your m9ther on Apr 24, 2009
i0puiijp gph<<<you
posted by molly on Apr 23, 2009
David i loved you from the beginning! i think you should have won over david cook ur WAY better whenever i see you i get goosebumps i love how you have respect for people and how u have so much respect towards girls. You are truly an amazing guy you inspired me to sing and i look up to you! alls i can say is thanks david (:
posted by CJ on Apr 11, 2009
Any girl here who thinks she is perfect for him or wants to fight for him, is obviously not his type.. BECAUSE that means she isn't down to earth, selfless and NOT "totally into herself". :)
posted by Libby on Apr 06, 2009
DAVID is AMAZING! I don't think he knows how great he is, and that is one of the many reasons why I love him so so much. I am proud of him for remembering who he is throughout this past year. He is so down to earth and he will always be my American Idol.
posted by ilovedavid on Apr 04, 2009
haha he described me perfectly!!! well, david, youre my ideal boyfriend!!! so perfect...
posted by Ashlee on Apr 04, 2009
David you are truely and inspiration and i look up to you in so many ways. I think that David Cook shouldn"t have won. Your a million times better and any one with ears and eyes can figure that out. You are so adorable and i love everything about you. Your face is ALL over my room. I got your autograph and i got it framed and omg i would trade that for all the money ion the world because it came from someone i truely admire. And it doesnt hurt that you like the cutest guy EVER and an amazing and talented artist. I hope to see you acting more and you"d do GREAT in movies! I love you soo much David! Love, Ashlee... Seriously.. im your BIGGEST fan... and you don"t know it yet... but were mARRIED
posted by on Apr 04, 2009
Hey David, i went 2 see u at the steam town mall! ilysm! if n e 1 wnts 2 aim me go right ahead because i have a lot of stuff abt david l;ike cell # and sn
posted by stephanie on Apr 03, 2009
your really awsome the best singer ever !!!!!!!
posted by davidarchuleta on Apr 03, 2009
posted by daphne on Mar 31, 2009
david archuleta is my best idol!!!!
posted by gloria on Mar 30, 2009
ahh david is so discribing me there :) call me david :) love ya
posted by Kath on Mar 30, 2009
David is a dear, and just the greatest person on the planet!!! His angelic voice, and warm giving heart makes his magnetism undeniable!!! I love him!!!! The girl in his future will be very very blessed!!!
posted by kab on Mar 30, 2009
Lucky indeed!!! Too bad I'm waaay too old for him LOL.
posted by dbs on Mar 30, 2009
David Archuleta has it all! he is talented, good looking, funny, smart, humble, kind, generous. He is a wonderful human being, a role model to people of all ages. The girl he falls for will be VERY lucky indeed.
posted by country_gurl121996 on Mar 30, 2009
UR not gonna have a girl friend if I have any thing to say about it!
posted by jannise on Mar 30, 2009
omg i can believe that david archuleta is half honduran am from honduras too soo pcee out dave...Adios+)
posted by jannise on Mar 30, 2009
hello david archuleta its great

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