Jennifer Aniston Decides to Never Remarry

March 25, 2009 09:47:54 GMT

Finding it hard to find a man like her ex-husband Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston has promised herself that she will never get married again.

Jennifer Aniston
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Having numerous failed relationships, Jennifer Aniston has decided to never get married again. OK! Magazine puts the story on the cover of its new issue, which features a big pic of the actress accompanied with a headline that read, "Jen's Shocking Decision, I Will Never Remarry."

Jenn's decision to never remarry reportedly is prompted by her recent split from John Mayer. In a story inside, the publication promises a closer look into the actress' personal issues, like the fact that she never finds a man whom she can compare to ex-husband Brad Pitt and her great willingness to become a mother.

"Ever since Jen and Brad split, she has tried desperately to find another man who would win her heart and be the husband she's always dreamed of," a source tells OK! "But she now realizes that Brad's shoes are impossible to fill."

Another source, additionally, reveals Jenn's grief over her failed relationships with the last three men she has dated; Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculfor, and John. "Jen put so much of herself into those relationships, only to have all three end in heartbreak," says the source.

On Jenn's dream of having children, the source shares to OK! the actress wants it "more than anything". "She has dreamed of having a child ever since she was a little girl, and the fact that she may not have a partner isn't going to stop her from realizing that dream," the source continues.

More on Jennifer Aniston's vows to never remarry is on OK! Magazine's new issue, going on sale Thursday, March 26.


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posted by BEN on Oct 26, 2010
posted by Ring on Oct 26, 2010
She lied. She really want to marry someone but sorry no one want her.That is her problem. She can't blame anyone even Brad. what a charmless women!
posted by Jen - II on Jul 04, 2009
I understand where Jen's coming from. I've been in two relationships. None of has been successful for me. I currently feel like what she says, 'I'm not going to remarry, again!'. High '5', Girl!
posted by Jeane on May 14, 2009
See she can't get along with any man.No man loves her because she don't know how to love a man may be.Thats why all the men are running away from her.Brad has got kids from Anje and what about her.Don't be so conscious .Get a man who loves you even if he may not replace Brad atleast you'll be happy.And please stop dreaming about Brad he's married now and even has children.Dn't take away their father by keep pushing yourself to someone who does not even care and who is a father of many.Be like anje.
posted by jkennonb on May 01, 2009
Why didn't she have a child when Brad wanted to? Maybe she would still have Brad and not Angie.
posted by Shawn on Apr 05, 2009
Women always love their first hisband . they can never forget them.
posted by FanofJen on Mar 26, 2009
I don't believe this contract thing at all. I am glad that Jen has decided to remain single. I don't believe that no-one can fill Brad's shoes. Like me, Jen has had enough of serious relationships. Jen you don't have to marry to be a mom and you'd make a wonderful mother.
posted by anoni on Mar 25, 2009
Contract relationship like the rest and the contract was up, that's all. Why does she keep needing beards?
posted by anon on Mar 25, 2009
He has been meeting women on Twitter, sleeping with them as long as they were discreet. Their "relationship" was a SHAM from the beginning.
posted by anon on Mar 25, 2009
The TWITTER excuse is a joke; they have no reason to "break up" ans now they know audiences know they were faking it, they dont care to explain.
posted by anon on Mar 25, 2009
She is afraid of being fat (pregnant) and loves the attention more than family. IT WAS ALL 100% CONTRIVED FOR AUDIENCES
posted by anon on Mar 25, 2009
What people posting don't understand is that she doesn't want a judge a jury of her personal life, and the investors don't want her persona life effecting the film's return. So that is the truth, and what is more bizarre is that Vince did the same thing with TBU. They had a fictional relationship too.
posted by anon on Mar 25, 2009
THEY SAW HIM TRYING TO SNEAK OUT. They did ANYTHING to gain publicty over Pitt to win the Christmas war.....even pose nearly nude, talk about pregnancy,, Her personal life is HIDDEN. He agreed to a contract to run concurrent with her production, Marley and Me. That is why their (acted) relationship started at the beginning of M&M and ended as soon as the film delivered it's publicity.
posted by anon on Mar 25, 2009
The truth is that Mayer and Aniston were never a couple. It was all acted. That is why he was tipping off the pap agencies, and leaving his car at her house overnight, while he got rides out hidden in the back of cars/limos, on the floor of the back seat under a blanket.

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