Chad Michael Murray Said He's Not Back to 'One Tree Hill'

March 24, 2009 02:24:44 GMT

Regarding his term in 'One Tree Hill', Chad Michael Murray said 'They're not bringing me back next year...because they want to save money.'

Chad Michael Murray
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Chad Michael Murray has said it plain and bold, he's not coming back to "One Tree Hill" next year. Captured by fan's video while he's having some interacting session, he said "They don't want me. I'm not joking."

Although the subject of conversation is not yet clear, the actor who plays Lucas in the series dropped some statements including "See, this is what all the fans should do online, is start blogging and being pissed off that they don't want that. That's what they should do." He continued telling the bunch of fans taking pictures of him, "They're not bringing me back next year...because they want to save money."

He added that he was shooting the last scene at that moment but won't spill what kind of exit story that his character may have.

His shocking announcement is echoing Hilarie Burton's cryptic message last month when she posted a video blog saying that her contract has not been renewed. "I've had a really good run," Burton said, "and I wish I had creative control over the show, and I don't. But if I did, it would go on for a million years, and Peyton Sawyer would cry for you all the time - because she does that."

"One Tree Hill" has been ordered for a seventh season by The CW. Apart from being the actor, Chad has often directed and written for the episodes. However, there may still be hope of him coming back next season. E! Online wrote in its spoiler section that Chad's "people are in negotiations with the One Tree Hill studio."

Chad Michael Murray's statement:


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posted by Rethinkable on Mar 02, 2011
I've just began watching season 7 of OTH. I'm only to the thrid episode and I'm just not feeling it. Before it was about family, friends, love, patience, and life. I just don't see it in season 7. Lucas ad Peyton were a big part in the show, even if some people refuse to admit it. The producers, Hilarie, and Chad should really consider having the two actors do a suprise guest episode, at least to let the fans know how they are and give them a taste of baby Sawyer. As a fan, I really loved seeing Lucas and Peyton on the show. But the producers should have thought this through before they dropped a bombshell of bad sripts onto OTH fans.
posted by cheryl.a. on Feb 07, 2011
Av watched OTH from the beginning,amazing story.lucas was the glue.its jus not the same now.Sorry but i dont think any new chacter will fill the place of lucas.Soooo disapointed with the change!!!
posted by OTHFAN on Jan 20, 2011
I have still been watching One Tree Hill and i like it. However I must say the show is not the same without chad/Lucas and Hilarie/Peyton! The show should really bring them back I was very happy to see that the show let skills return. I did notice that over the last few EP the show has had Hayley writing to Lucas.
posted by Ashley on Dec 06, 2010
I stopped watching One Tree Hill ...and I want watch it again until they bring back lucas and payton
posted by Nicole on Dec 06, 2010
One Tree hill SUCKS without luke and payton...end of story ..the show has lost soooooo many fans
posted by Mike from England on Oct 20, 2010
Chad Michael Murray is a twat...this show made him, there are clearly millions of fans who love him and watch him and he obviously dont give a toss about them as he is only thinking about cash..I am sure he was made more than enough anyway. DICK
posted by amanda on Sep 27, 2010
there no tree hill without chad michael and fuck every 1 who hate him i wish he come back
posted by alex on Sep 27, 2010
i wish chad michal come back if he dont i wil stop watching one tree hill
posted by Jamie on Aug 14, 2010
And by the way, OTH has always been an ensemble cast. Chad DID not carry the show and neither did Chad and Hilarie together. Even Mark has said 'Nathan and Haley are the backbone of the show.' They don't need Leyton.
posted by Jamie on Aug 14, 2010
Oh, please. Chad is a terrible actor and Lucas/Peyton sucked. I'm glad they're gone. This way, I don't have to see Chad's squinty eye face disguised as acting all the time. The show is doing better than fine without him and will continue to do so for season 8. They don't need him and now his career is done. All because he wanted more money. Stupid ass.
posted by playboy bunny on Jun 14, 2010
Just watched the new series of one tree hill and cant believe Chad Michael Murray wasnt in it!! i had to come online to see if he had left... and after reading this i cant believe it... Chad Michael Murray IS & ALWAYS will be One Tree Hill!! Bring him BACK!! i dont think they realise if he isnt in it they will lose all the fans and hardly anyone is going to want to watch it!! Peyton and lucas are the main people in One Tree Hill and there story lines for them are brilliant!! im really not happy their not in this series.. its not the same! BRING THEM BACK!!
posted by harry on Jun 03, 2010
one tree hill well die out n die if lucas n peyton do not return do u here me die die die an then well all get really angry
posted by Stalloney on Nov 30, 2009
Why the main characters leave it shouldn't happen it is not one tree hill anymore without Lucas!
posted by danielle laerum on Nov 06, 2009
chadmichael hilarie burton danielle laerum27
posted by sbell0003 on Oct 20, 2009
Okay. Listen. This is show is NOTHING without them. This show IS lucas and peyton.there is no soul without them. they are both fantastic actors, and they can't leave this show. they aren't just leaving a show. They are leaving emptiness in the hearts on many who have loved it since "the pilot" please please please let this be a stunt. because lucas and peyton are the only two actors that ever brought TRUE emotion to this show and without them, it's emotionless, and useless and i can't even watch it. SO HEY CW, IF YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE LOSING MONEY THEN, I'M GOING TO TELL EVERYONE I KNOW TO STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW UNTIL YOU PUT THOSE TWO BACK ON IT. GOD DAMN. so dissapointed.
posted by faybee on Sep 09, 2009
One Tree Hill is nothing without payton an lucas... One Tree Hill is Payton and Lucas, If they go away, they might as well change the name of the show and the whole people in it!!! There are some seriously stupid people!!! They will LOSE money!!! Oh Dear!!
posted by Lauren on Sep 08, 2009
no lucas :O it will be shit without him. he is the most interesting character. it will be borinmg without him. he is the hottest their. it wouldn't be the same without him. they should cancel one tree hill without him, i won't watch it with out him. he is the hottest guy there!!!!! DON'T TAKE HIM OUT OF ONE TREE HILL!!!!!!! IT WILL NEVER BE AS GOOD WITHOUT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by TAKE A STAND on Sep 04, 2009
posted by Lucas Scott and pey on Sep 03, 2009
this is shit no chad. That sucks! Thats chad's show.... the show started with him as the main character.If He is out,then I am out! and you can't take PEYTON off cuz SHE LUCAS OTHER HALF and they need to keep both of them on the show.
posted by LEYTON on Aug 29, 2009
lucas and peyton are the main ppl of OTH n we all wanna c sawyer grow up cuz it aint fair nathan and hailey r still on the god damn show and without payten and lucas the bottom line is the show is dead.
posted by screen name on Aug 13, 2009
If the fans don't want you, and you are not joking, means that you are a selfish person and you only care about money. You made your career on OTH, you can't give up so easy!! No Chad NO OTH
posted by #1 One tree hill fan on May 19, 2009
fuck you I love Chad he is the best fucken thing that ever happened to the show I love your style Payton and love your drawing
posted by Chad and Lucas lover on May 19, 2009
I am really in love with chad thats the only reason I watch it so you need Chad and Peyton what is the show going to be about cause it will proubly be boring sorry I love love love you Chad
posted by GOODBYE OTH on May 19, 2009
whats the point and maken season 7 NO1 WILL WATCH IT WITHOUT LUCAS AND PAYTON
posted by y on May 19, 2009
posted by nowtheshowwillfail on May 14, 2009
I could care less about Peyton, and to be honest it'd be pretty belivable to have her die, but I will not watch the show without Lucas.
posted by kayam on May 12, 2009
posted by NiKkI * on May 11, 2009
NO ! I LOVE Lucas ! They cnt do that ! Urqh ! I hatee them , kill Off that Sinqer qirl Or Somethinq ! NOT LUCAS !
posted by NiKkI * on May 11, 2009
NO ! I LOVE Lucas ! They cnt do that ! Urqh ! I hatee them , kill Off that Sinqer qirl Or Somethinq ! NOT LUCAS !
posted by NiKkI * on May 11, 2009
NO ! I LOVE Lucas ! They cnt do that ! Urqh ! I hatee them , kill Off that Sinqer qirl Or Somethinq ! NOT LUCAS !
posted by t22 on May 10, 2009
if they get read of the 2 i wont watch the show anymore there will be no point!!! i will be so pissed off!! if payton dies its still gunna kill the show! if she lives and has the baby it will make even more for the show!!! chad is an awesome actor and if they want to keep the viewers they better keep him in the show because i can bet millions of dollars would be lost if they dont let him be in season 7!!! so piss off who ever thinks they should be cut off the show!
posted by Branka on May 10, 2009
Nooooooo, I'm gone die...
posted by octoberbabiii93 on May 05, 2009
getting rid of the two best actors will lose you more money cause less people will watch. are you stupid to cut them ! ill miss both of them so much :[
posted by octoberbabiii93 on May 05, 2009
Chad is amazing.he can't leave the show. it will not be the same, and i dont think ill watch it as much. it is going to be gay with out you Chad. :[
posted by Pam M. on Apr 24, 2009
They need to quit being stupid and sign Chad and Hilarie for the next season. If they are worried about saving money that's just stupid...they are going to lose so much money and viewers if they cut them. Then if the show does survive another year, they'll probley end up paying them double when they have to beg them to come back before the show sinks.
posted by anonymous on Apr 23, 2009
I'm a friend of one of the main actress' husband. I can tell you now, season 7 is going to be brilliant. It might be the screen writers wanting to make its audience think this way. They've learned from the OC. I'm a personal friend of Hilarie, so I know what's happening, cant say anymore though.
posted by amho on Apr 22, 2009
There is no ONE TREE HILL without Chad Michael Murray and the main reason most people watch the show. I WILL NOT WATCH A 7TH SEASON OF MY FAVORITE SHOW WITHOUT HIM...but Peyton can go.
posted by cwilkins on Apr 20, 2009
If no Chad or Hillary I will not watch the show. Yes I like the other Characters but Chad and Hillary is what make One Tree Hill!!!!!
posted by creatza on Apr 17, 2009
I agree with all other comments,i think they are spot on! The show started with Chad and Hilarie and it should end with them IN IT. Now i know that along the seasons the other characters have developed and turned into people we love and enjoy watching in the show, but no Bethany Joy,James or Sophia could ever replace the Lucas and Peyton characters.there is no other way to say it.It's sad,but whatever reasons Chad and Hil may have for not renewing the contract, Mark Schwahn should be smart and end One Tree Hill with ALL its cast in it.
posted by Kim from sweden on Apr 15, 2009
please, save money, what a bullshit. wHAT you should do is to get rid of some boring characters like, mouth, millicent and mia. sorry for the spelling i live i sweden, by the way if chad dosent returns the next season i will with every power i have, make people stop watching the greatest show ever! I mean without chad is just not worth it anymore.
posted by ML on Apr 12, 2009
First of all...Chad IS one tree hill! Second of all...if Chad leaves the show before the series ends, he'll just get a head start on his film career. He is AWESOME, GORGEOUS and TALENTED. He just needs to find a better agent so he gets the good movie roles he deserves. He could easily be the next Sean Penn. Plus he's as good if not better than Leonardo DiCaprio and get the same kind of roles he does.
posted by kylee on Apr 12, 2009
get rid of chad(lucas) to save money, pleeease get rid of sophia(brooke) let her leave with julian.
posted by taylor on Apr 12, 2009
if i were luke, i wouldn't want to comeback without peyton. he shouldn't be there if she's not because putting luke with someone else is unreal because of what he and peyton have or should i say had. u can't have one without the other. NO LUCAS AND PEYTON NO SHOW, think about it.
posted by vanessa on Apr 12, 2009
that's the sh.. i'm talking about. once u find something on t.v. u like the damn writer's always have to mess things up. NO LUCAS AND PEYTON u can SHUT THE SHOW DOWN because i'm not watching it.
posted by cindy on Apr 12, 2009
omg are u serious. you're going to kill peyton and lucas is leaving to they're the only reason i enjoy watching the show. i luv the whole lucas and peyton story. u should keep them around and fast forward like before but this time peyton and lucas r married and have the baby. what type of writer's has a beatuiful luv story end in such tradegy? i think that's some bull.... and the show shouldn't come back for a 7th season because i'm not watching that STUPID ASS SH..
posted by teamlp on Apr 12, 2009
i don't think u should get rid of lucas or peyton, that's the only reason i watch the show. if they're out, then i'm out. the show would be pointless without them. do something to keep them or don't even comeback for another season.
posted by ... on Apr 11, 2009
This is so stupid! it isnt one tree hill without lucas & peyton, they're the core couple!! Leyton forever♥
posted by chads fit on Apr 10, 2009
keep chad he is so fit iv got pictures of him on my comp :p hes fukin minttt matteeee mmm...any day ;)
posted by youhavenoidea on Apr 08, 2009
i seriously will not even watch the show if peyton & lucas are gone. what's the point?
posted by jude88 on Apr 07, 2009
he's been on this show for 6 years and has made his money, i think he is tryin to bring the show down just to say he was the main star and they couldn't continue without him
posted by tee4842 on Apr 06, 2009
posted by laughingloud on Apr 02, 2009
Chad is a pain in the butt to work with! Not a nice person! Letting him go is the first smart move I have seen the producers make!
posted by SNSgrl05 on Mar 31, 2009
posted by whatever on Mar 31, 2009
ok so i just caught up on all of this, i thought they were just killing off peyton...but if they get rid of both luke/peyton that's the end of the show. The show started with them and I agree it must end with them. I also agree about the comment about the oc ending with the one girl left, I'm old enough to have watched the original 90210, and ya when Brenda left the show continued, but back then there werent that many choices on tv channels, and show's that had that same plot lines, now there are so many that if you take away the characters everyone loves, the show will not continue on. SO PLEASE KEEP EVERYONE!
posted by kmacdon72 on Mar 31, 2009
Without Lucas and Peyton there is no one tree hill to watch.
posted by ModernMama on Mar 31, 2009
I have been watching this show for years and the idea of no Lucas and Petyon is a horrible horrible idea. It's not the same one tree hill without lucas and peyton. If One Tree Hill loses Chad and Hilarie the show is going to lose a lot of viewers and then there goes the shows idea of saving money, they'll lose it on how many people quit watching.
posted by ang on Mar 29, 2009
Thats chad's show.... the show started with him as the main character and its not a show without him... they cant do that
posted by airforcegirl on Mar 29, 2009
I have been watching this show since day one..The main characters are Lucas Peyton Nathan Haley and Brooke.. Without any less than all of them the show won't last any longer..I am a die hard fan till the end but it won't be the same and many viewers will stop watching the show which will end up hurting the studio and show in the end..look at the OC when the one girl left, it got canceled shorty after doesn't make sense to not bring back chad and hilarie..the show began with them two and that has to mean something..although i wouldn't like to see the show to end if it's going to least keep them on till the won't be one tree hill is the "one tree hill" family doesn't act as "ONE!" Team Tree Hill all the way Good Luck Hopefully it goes the way we'd like it to!!
posted by othfave on Mar 27, 2009
if there is no more lucas then im done watching that show and this my fave!:(
posted by Heatherlynn on Mar 26, 2009
Chad is the biggest jerk I've ever met. If only his character on screen would rub off on him.
posted by really??? on Mar 26, 2009
wasn't burton some MTV girl before this?? she should be grateful that this show made her who she is...and murray um cheated on his wife sophia bush!! my fav character btw..if he can work with the wife he cheated on he can work for what they pay him
posted by leyton on Mar 26, 2009
geezz, there's absolutely no sense in continuing the show without them! for 6 season, we all saw peyton and lucas together! i am very dissapointed and i truly hope this is not true because i cannot watch OTH without those 2
posted by urfavorite3304 on Mar 25, 2009
Chad should take what ever offer they give him. If he wants to stay on the show, but they r only willing to pay him so much he needs to take it. I don't think CMM realizes that without OTH his career is done.
posted by othlovr on Mar 25, 2009
NOOO THEY MUST STAY I LOVE OTH I DON"T WANT TO SEE THIS SHOW GO DOWN THE DRAIN DURING WHAT WILL PROBABLY BE THE LAST SEASON!!!!! I'm actually crying right now I can't live without the whole cast of oth....please don't do this!!!!
posted by treehillfan09 on Mar 25, 2009
they have to keep him on the show, 1. he's fricken HOTT..and i love that show with him and hilary both on there. The show wouldnt be the same without them...
posted by Suma on Mar 25, 2009
ok the show must stop NOW! why is the cw renewing one tree hill without their best character(payton)??
posted by sleekchioma on Mar 25, 2009
No chad/lucas and hilarie/peyton,no one tree hill!The show will definitely sulk without them.If they are out,then I am out!
posted by gloria on Mar 25, 2009
no chad or hilarie. what! that sucks. if they take them off. they are going to lose a lot of fans. i'm one of them. I love one tree hill it want be the same without them on there. why would they do that. to save more money. they would make more money if they had them. I think this so crazy. what are they thinking of. lucas and peyton are best part about one tree hill. everybodys going to miss them. they even going to lose money if nobody watches the show. please let them stay.
posted by _marcella on Mar 25, 2009
If they are taken off it will not be One Tree Hill anymore Lucas, Peyton, Nathan,Haley,Brook are what make One Tree Hill
posted by boomting on Mar 25, 2009
they shouldnt get rid of them i only watch it because there in it they are best actors along with Bethany Joy as Hayley, James Lafferty as Nathan, and Sophia Bush as Brooke if too go thats it it wont be the same :(
posted by lscott on Mar 24, 2009
they started the show with Lucas , which is in my opinion the ``heart`` of one tree hill.....and however they should end it with lucas, and not without him
posted by season on Mar 24, 2009
I will never watch One Tree Hill again if Chad or Hilarie is not on the show you cannot pull out the main cast.
posted by smiley on Mar 24, 2009
No Chad Michael Murray as Lucas or Hilarie Burton as Peyton = No One Tree Hill! Bottom Line. They are huge main characters in the show. Along with Bethany Joy as Hayley, James Lafferty as Nathan, and Sophia Bush as Brooke.
posted by Ruthergleng on Mar 23, 2009
They Have to keep chad/lucas! it wont be one tree hill with out him and peyton!!!!!

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