Claudia Jordan Fired From 'The Celebrity Apprentice 2'

Claudia Jordan Fired From 'The Celebrity Apprentice 2'

The product launching in 'The Apprentice' was proven too tough for project manager Claudia Jordan to handle.

"Deal or No Deal" briefcase holder Claudia Jordan was the first eliminated woman in "The Apprentice" second celebrity edition. She said it "sucks" to be the first female to leave Athena but admitted that she lost control of the team while she's a project manager.

The challenge in the episode is the launching of ACN videophone which was judged based on votes by the company's workers. It was as much a Dennis Rodman rage affair as the women's meltdown. Annie Duke was sent to negotiate with Clint Black on determining who should go with the presentation first. The men won through a coin flip. Rodman suddenly got up to Clint and cursed him for not asking first.

The men then have the discussion in the car whether they should include Rodman in this project or not. Brian McKnight insisted that they don't because they don't have someone to babysit the basketball player. Meanwhile, the women began with their first move, meeting the account executives of ACN. Jesse James had the idea to film them mingling with the troops which is miles away in the WestPoint. McKnight decided to stay with Black to work on the music while James and Herschel Walker went to the base camp.

The women agreed on having Joan Rivers to MC in the presentation, making use of her comedic talent. This has become a problem when they found out that Joan, who was giving a talk outside the show, would not be able to arrive on time. They also had trouble directing the actor and the baby who would represent their video montage. Natalie Gurbis found a way out by calling her private jet company to fly Joan in at the right time.

Donald Trump Jr, checked in to visit the women and were treated with a performance of Brande Roderick and Tionne Watkins who imitated Rodman and Black. Meanwhile, on the men's team, Black and McKnight argued on the musical direction of the show. McKnight who composed the music through his phone got asked by the clearly annoyed Black. McKnight said that he didn't need the country music singer's opinion.

Melissa Rivers versus Claudia began when Melissa tried to take things over by interrupting the discussion. The team was clearly disorganized. On the other side, Rodman made amend and said that he wanted to be included. Ivanka paid a visit and told McKnight that he should probably give Rodman a chance. Clint then confronted Rodman on what happened back then and the sportsman said that he just had a bad day.

Melissa once again took the matter on her own hand, benefiting from her real-life career as a event producer. The team was divided into two, Tionee and Brande went with Claudia while Annie, Natalie and Khloe Kardashian supported Melissa.

The D-day came, and Joan arrived in time for last minute rehearsal. Melissa, seeing impending lost, organized the actors and made adjustments on some things. Donald Trump opened the presentation and introduced the company. Joan delivered her jokes and Brande had her scene as a proposed woman shown. The audience applauded.

The men went with dancers and Black on the center stage. McKnight then performed and received a standing ovation. After that Jesse and Herschel's footage taken from the military camp was shown. Both teams were confident that they would win but in the board room it was revealed that the men won by far. They got 85% of the audience vote.

As the project manager, Claudia was brought to the judging room and the model decided to bring along Khloe and Melissa. Claudia said that Khloe was the most ineffective one and could have contributed more. Melissa meanwhile was blamed on interrupting the brainstorming session and cutting Claudia's authority. Mr. Trump saw that it was simply disorganized and fired Claudia in the end.




    Mar 29, 2009

    I believe that Khloe should've got fired instead of Claudia because from what I saw, Khloe just basically sat around and waited for someone to tell her what to do and Trump said himself that he loathes people who can't own up the their perspectives and I just like how everyone on team Athena ( except Brande and Tionne ) just turned on Claudia and backed up Melissa and she just basically stole the spotlight away from Claudia. I thought Claudia did a terrific job as P.M. and I still say that Brian McKnight basically performed a concert more than focus on the product that was being described and trying to see what female or females were eyeing him while he was performing. Claudia did the best she could as P.M. but she was pushed past her breaking point and I always say that one person can do so much before he or she is pushed past their breaking points and that was the case here and I like how Joan just swooped in and said all that nonsense about Claudia is a "musher" and a weakling and she said that she wasn't saying all that stuff because Melissa is her child...that's B.S. I know Joan was defending her precious daughter. Khloe and Melissa wanted Claudia gone because their both jealous of her because Claudia is younger and more gorgeous than they are and I was cracking up laughing when Claudia was mimicking Melissa "Guys! Guys! Guys!" That was HILAROUS!!! I know for a fact that the only people Claudia will miss working with are Brande and Tionne and I know they'll miss working with her and Claudia can just keep holding her head up high, brush off the haters, and go back to the place where she'll feel appreciated and welcomed, and that place is with Howie Mandel and her 25 briefcase buddies. KEEP YO' HEAD UP HIGH, CLAUDIA!!!

    Mar 24, 2009

    I have to agree with what was stated above.

    Mar 23, 2009

    I think that Claudia handled herself very maturely and professionally, especailly when Melissa just straight out lied about the idea for the ad for Zappo's. I think that Melissa has it out for her after that and I think that she was quite jealous of Claudia. (Look at Claudia's face and that mug she has hanging on her.) Melissa separated the team and became successful in getting Claudia out of the way. Backstabber!

    Mar 23, 2009

    She let here emotions get the best of her. I was really pulling for her too! It is unfortunate they fired her. She brought alot of ideas to the last couple of episodes. However, this is a weed out process and when it is all said & done she was the manager. I still say GO CLAUDIA!!!!!!

    one right person get
    Mar 23, 2009

    They fired the right person this week. This is the still the last week I watch. After what Trump did with Tom Green last week I'm boycotting the show altogether. Funny how he fired this woman, but 1st sang praises of how beautiful and talented she was and so on before doing so. Last week he fired Gren who not only has absolutely no reason to be fired, Rodman without a shadow of a doubt should have been gone long agao, but Trump had it in for Green for reason we'll never know and not only fired him but unprofessionally, inappropriately, looking like an idiot, fired Green and treated him like a bad employee of his own. He was totally wrong to fire Green and I only tuned in tonight to see Rodman finally go home, but the men won so I won't get my pleasure of seeing that cause I won't watch again. Alont with pretty much everyone I've spoken to. The Green firing was the talk around the water cooler for sure, and not one person had much different to say besides Trump was a ass and totally out of line. Tom Green fan or not, he didn't deserve to be fired, or treated the way he was by Trump. He really should have stood up for himself better, but he showed he has more class in his baby finger than Trump. Trump obviously forgot this was Celebrity Apprentice and these stars weren't working for a chance to win anything from him. They were there to raise money for charity. The rude, crude way Trump treated Green was over the top and uncalled for to say the least. This is one person amung I'm sure thousands of others that won't be tuning in to the Apprentice or anything Donald Trump does anymore. Good riddens Trump, you showed your true colors on last weeks show. And backed it up with the praises and sexist way you fired the so called beautiful woman tonight. Far cry from how you fired Green last week, or even the other men. You showed respect for all the rest even though you were firing them, but with Green you were just a bully to a man who shouldn't have even been fired in the 1st place. Trump your an idiot.

    Mar 23, 2009

    I'm not so sure the old saying, any publicity is good. Claudia's firing this evening was warranted. I know there is alot in editing, but it seems that DT has her there because of her 'beauty'. She sure is beautiful on in outside. I'm not quite sure about the inner beauty. She seemed to come across as very immature in so many ways. Clearly she wasn't cut out to be a respected leader. Her attitude started to grind on me and was sucked in to watch another week with her rightful firing this week. Bye Bye Drama... Jordan should go back to being the 'eye-candy' behind case number one on Deal or No Deal. There she stands around and looks pretty and can't do alot of damage because she has limited responsibility!

    Mar 23, 2009

    whoever wrote this nonsense needs to learn English

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