The Pussycat Dolls to Release 'Doll Domination 2.0'

March 20, 2009 06:48:33 GMT

The Pussycat Dolls plan to drop 'Doll Domination 2.0' in April, listing the English version of 'Jai Ho' and a new song 'Painted Windows' in it.

The Pussycat Dolls to Release 'Doll Domination 2.0'
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The Pussycat Dolls are set to re-release their second studio album "Doll Domination" under the name of "Doll Domination 2.0". They will bring out the record in U.S. stores on April 14.

"Doll Domination 2.0" will reportedly carry 10 tracks, including "Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny)", the English version of the "Slumdog Millionaire" soundtrack. It will also list "Top of the World", the song featured in MTV's "The City", and remix version of "Hush Hush".

In addition to those tracks, the album will contain hit singles, such as "When I Grow Up", "I Hate This Part", "Bottle Pop", as well as fans' favorites "Halo", "Takin' Over the World" and "I'm Done". A new song called "Painted Windows" is also planned to be listed in the upcoming re-released effort.

The Pussycat Dolls have been hitting the road with Britney Spears in a tour supporting Britney's sixth studio album "Circus". Their next stop will be on March 24 at Verizon Center in Washington DC. Fans can log on to their MySpace to obtain more info on their forthcoming shows with Britney.


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posted by heather baby on May 03, 2010
i luv the pussy cat dolls i no every song (every lyrics) all the words to every track on doll domination (i haven't listened to any tracks on doll domination 2.0 yet but i will luv the pussy cat dolls xx
posted by lola343 on Jan 21, 2010
I LOVE THIS SONG! I need the lyrics for it tho. Anyone know any gud sites for the lyrics? I cant find any! xox luv u all
posted by nicole sherzinger on Jan 07, 2010
shut up mouth
posted by ILoveBabyDoll on Apr 14, 2009
I want that cd so bad!!! Im gonna buy it!!
posted by Leebug on Apr 11, 2009
hmm why only 10 tracks? this would sell less than the original doll domination for sure.
posted by David on Apr 05, 2009
PuZz lasS pussycat son geniiales
posted by x ChLoE x on Apr 03, 2009
Cant wait for this album !! Go PCD !!!
posted by huh? on Mar 27, 2009
keep it real, Tana, it DIDN'T bomb!
posted by Jmann19 on Mar 23, 2009
It diddn't bomb stupid
posted by Tana on Mar 23, 2009
Stupid news. Their new album BOMBED, so why re-release the BOMB???
posted by Bayyb on Mar 22, 2009
yeah man she is the bomb diggity love her musik its so kewl she should marry justin peace out nukkahs

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