Brand New Promo of Jonas Brothers' TV Series 'J.O.N.A.S!'

March 18, 2009 07:25:47 GMT

Similar to the other 'J.O.N.A.S!' promos, the new one shows the Jonas Brothers sliding down the pole with different clothes on.

Brand New Promo of Jonas Brothers' TV Series 'J.O.N.A.S!'
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"J.O.N.A.S!", the brand new TV series by Jonas Brothers has received a new promo on Disney Channel, although the premiere date is still a couple of months away. The promo gives none of the plot but rather the three boys, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas, descending the firefighter pole with "JONAS" shirt on.

In the original production of Disney Channel, the brothers will play as themselves, a teen band trying to live a normal life in a regular high school. They often encounter their fans, mostly tween girls, and have to run to save themselves. Their brother in real life, Frankie Jonas, is also in the show as their youngest brother.

Executive producer Roger Schulman has compared the show to The Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night", which is a movie starring the legendary band. "It's hard not to make parallel comparisons to the Beatles in 1962 and 1963 when you see the kind of response that the Jonas Brothers' fans have to them. It's a force of nature," Schulman said during a preview in January.

"J.O.N.A.S!" will take impact in May with 21 episodes, starring also Chelsea Staub, Nicole Anderson and John Ducey. "This gives us a great opportunity to have acting and music involved," Nick Jonas said on the experience. "Acting is something that's totally different for us, and going into it we were pretty nervous."


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posted by sapna on Nov 10, 2010
i am your big fan and i m happy that u r show is back
posted by miley on Jun 14, 2009
Selena broke up with Nick they are not datin people. Nick is back with Miley Cyurs.
posted by Miley on Jun 14, 2009
The Jonas Brothers are very talented and i love there music. I get to go see the Jonas Brothers in consert in 2009. There music is the best and Nick has a very good voice and he is so cuter,
posted by you are gay on Jun 13, 2009
they are people not your chew toy so shut the hell up got it
posted by court court on Jun 05, 2009
hi.i cant wait until june 12.i lo the jonas brothers. i think the new jonas series will be so awesome
posted by georgii xxx on May 07, 2009
heya i absolutely luv the jo bros sooooooooooooooooo much xxxxxxxxx
posted by georgii xxx on May 07, 2009
heya i absolutely luv the jo bros sooooooooooooooooo much xxxxxxxxx
posted by ana_jonas119 on May 01, 2009
heyy uu "selenaa jonas" nott evenn inn urr dreams nick iss going too bee withh uu nickk iss all minee xoxo p.d.lovee jonass brootherss
posted by ana_jonas119 on May 01, 2009
ii lovee theee jonass broothersss
posted by Selena Jonas on Apr 15, 2009
awe , you guys are such bitches i don't want anymore of you guys talking about the Jonas Brothers like they can't visit this site and see what you saying i love them and im married to nick.
posted by StrawberryFields on Apr 11, 2009
Jonas Brothers and The Beatles should not be in the same sentence....ever. I'm sorry, while I enjoy the occasional Jonas tune The Beatles were sheer genius. You can't compare "Burning Up" or any Jonas song to "I Saw Her Standing There" or "I Want to Hold Your Hand". You just can't. And to compare this show to "A Hard Day's Night" is just setting it up for failure..."A Hard Day's Night" was insanely funny and satirical, a film you could watch a million times and still find yourself smiling and laughing.
posted by im w/seriosly on Apr 03, 2009
the "cant" in my previous message is supposed to say "can"!
posted by im w/seriosly on Apr 03, 2009
im sorry, but i am a huge fan of the jonas bros and who cares if u dnt think they are talented. no one is perfect. in regard to seriously?, u r an awesome parent and u need to continue to let ur daughter know that she cant LOVE the jbs as i do. to u jbsucks, u need to just concern urself with the music u like. if u dnt like the jbs so much, then simply change the channel or radio station. just because u r a hater, u dnt have to complain to the world. and fyi, i never even knew who paramore was until twilight came out. maybe i dnt like that band. i dnt tell it to the world, i just dnt listen to them! and who r u to say that seriously? dsnt have a life. omg. u need to seriously, keep ur comments to urself. seriously? did not diss u and u did them. maybe u shud take this motto to heart: if u dnt have anything nice to say...dnt say ANYTHING at all! SERIOUS JONAS LOVE!!!!
posted by hp pavilation vx 74 on Mar 25, 2009
hi,jonas brothers i love all of you im a big fan.i lost my voice because every time i see all of you on tv,computer,and face to face i scream or heart beat faster ,faster.i love all of you .im a singer my self i practiced and practices it was like i was born with it.i play the guitar too.ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox i am a big big fan and one day i hope we can meet up with each other and your brothers to and make up a song together.i love all of you.
posted by PARAMORE FREAK on Mar 24, 2009
please god will u make this tv show a flop and get canceled now they will never win a grammy YES! wat kind of real rockband will go on a movie and call it CAMP ROCK! skinny jeans don't make da rockband! plz just fade away like backstreet boyz! LISTEN TO PARAMORE REAL ROCK!
posted by yatZz2710 on Mar 21, 2009
ok~ firstly, i agree with, Elle_Jonas14, im a total 100% jonas bros fan..who evn hate them..i don't..actually i'm a big part of a family, a fan of jbs of course..but cant u ppl look in the inside of them??? hello! they have a kind-heart..but do we hv to hate pplwht n who they really are??..hey comment's makers(the ones tht hate jb)..y can't u guys just keep moving forward and focus on the positive side n the positive side of the jbs too..but u guys don't actually notice tht am i right?, dont u see wht the hv done(the good n popular ones)??..they help ppl as if thy are doctors..thy helped a little girl tht don't hv much time to live..make her dreams come true..shes a fan of jb..they are very good role models..n seriously?(comment maker)..wht do u expect from the jbs..huh? ur daughter learn music..soo..wht did it hv to do on the jbs? they learn music too...hello?? can't u read..i hate irresponsible role model ya'know..n there not!!!!im really pumped up now..ok thn..i can relax by looking at the jbs PICTURES!! wow they are attractive..especially on teen im one of them..yeah i know they are cute, handsome,irreplaceable and soooooo.. on..i like them n theres millions of reason(tht i like them)i can even shout out loud..but i don't know y..i just don't know y..those..those haters hate them..example; is it cause (if ur a boy)ur gf broke up wif u cause thy love jb more thn u guys..huh?!..mine's like tht too..ha ha and i'm not sad about broking up with those who are pthetic(boys)I DONT MIND..I RATHER HAVE NICK ON MY OWN INSTEAD OF MILLIONS OF me..jbs are 3 in a million or should i a billion or zillion(cause they are three of them..duh..)as well as for u guys that are haters!! responsible all right!! (teen guys who need a girl)plus just be ur self in front of a girl..just like the jbs but they act as them selfs in front of billions/zillions of girls..wht cn i say they are special..n my jonas is nick because i think he is my type of guy..i like him is just like in the 7 things(miley cyrus sang)n plus one and that is his personality/heart/n himself(i's more thn 1..who cares..)i just like him's like im possessed by him..any way..i love jb..good luck 4 the world tour..take care jbs..frankie..n mrs n mr jonas..take care of them well..n im also a big fan of mr n mrs jonas because thy take care of their kids really a special parents thy are!!!!! i really wnt to be their parents too..^_^..k good luckk~sincerly~truly~from the heart~yatZz
posted by Elle_Jonas14 on Mar 19, 2009
I am a Jonas Brothers fan. I know that they are Disney Stars and people think that they are manufactured or canned music, but just listen to their music before disney even took them in. I happen to think that they are attractive and my favorite songs by them are all of their songs from before they began working with Disney. Stop hating on the Jonas Brothers and their fans because some of their music has a message, and some people actually apreciate what Nick, Kevin, and Joe do. They are down to earth and modest and there is nothing wrong with them or their music. If they sang SCREAMO or something I could understand why people hate it, but I don't get why people hate pop music. It just doesn't seem fair.
posted by seriously? on Mar 19, 2009
FYI JBsuck-My daughter plays and listens to classical violin, quite well I might add, and listens to a wide variety of music. She is also involved in musical theater. She thinks the Jonaa Brothers are cute and fun, not necessarily musical geniuses. I assumed that people realized that that is why kids like them. Since she's a kid, I was under the impression that she was supposed to have fun in addition to experiencing more intellectually stimulating pursuits. Perhaps you have forgotten that. I myself have a BS in Psychology and an MBA, and have had a successful career as well, in spite of the fact that I had bubble gum teen idols that I followed when I was a kid, too. Lighten up and let go of your anger. It's not healthy.
posted by re:seriously by JBsu on Mar 19, 2009
Mmmh... I actually have a very fullfilled life and a great job still, Madame, and the only reason I dissed those three manufactured puppets for is that I happen to be also a music lover who despise the fake products ruining real music. You see, parents like you who are happy to see their offsprings following such garbage as JB are responsible in my book of two major crimes: makin the industry of puppets market grow (and putting real art aside) and not teaching the same young generation about real value of music. I don't know if you can't get it or you simply don't care (or don't have the taste or education for) but it's clearly under everybody's eyes (and ears) that these three are a corporate giant FAKE product to exploit preteens, don't you? They don't write (although they declare so) read credits in their stokes: it's all marketing. I can pardon your young daughter to not being smart enough to get that, I less understand how a supposedly adult person can overlook such plain evidence. You know, music and art should be taken seriously and these three are a disease that keeps killing real art and real music. And people like you HELP the process, sadly. My name anyway is Tracy. 21 years older. Working in my won business and majoring in Psychology, too. With a really handsome boyfriend too.Is it enough for your pruderies of tasteless music mum? Right.
posted by jbstoked on Mar 18, 2009
one word stoked
posted by seriously? on Mar 18, 2009
I notice after I posted that I skipped an "a" in Jonas in my original post. No need to post hateful corrections of that. I can spell.
posted by seriously? on Mar 18, 2009
My teenage daughter is a Jons Brothers fan, and she's always interested in news articles published about them. It never fails to amaze me how many grown men read them also, then leave these really angry, negative comments about a group that, unless they have young daughters who are fans, should be of no concern to them. There is no government mandate that requires people to watch, listen to or read about the Jonas Brothers. You can turn the page, change the channel, etc. That being said, I'm curious - are you all unemployed and living with your parents with nothing better to do than blog all day? Are you all jealous because girls/women have rejected you throughout your lives? Are you trying to cover up some "forbidden love" feelings you have toward the Jonas boys? Here's some advice. Take a deep breath, shower, dress and spend some time doing something productive in the real world. Get a job, or maybe some therapy, and stop worrying about the Jonas Brothers. Their lives and careers have nothing to do with you. Move on, PLEASE!
posted by JBsuck on Mar 18, 2009
These three are really obnoxious and painful to listen/watchin to. So untalented, so hyped up by promotional machine. They suck and in three years they'll be long forgotten, lacking any true I am not saying skill (that's going too far) but even decent ability. Three douches. For preteens pruderies. Bleah!
posted by awesome on Mar 18, 2009
posted by jonaslova77 on Mar 18, 2009
cant wait!! they looked so usually! and nick has a really sexy back..<333
posted by re:JBsuck on Mar 18, 2009
soo 3 years ago people were saying the same thing " the jonas Brothers will be long gone in 3 years" ummm look how worng they were... because now three years later they are still going strong! also i'm a little confused as to why you are reading articles about the jonas brothers of you hate them so much. i can tell you one thing they have that you dont.... a life... : )
posted by JBForevz on Mar 18, 2009
Love them! Lookin' blazin' as always >.<

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