Pics, Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Almost Naked for GQ

March 18, 2009 02:11:44 GMT

Kim Kardashian and her NFL player boyfriend Reggie Bush are pictured cuddling in numerous steamy poses for the April issue of GQ magazine.

Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush
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Photo credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos

Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Reggie Bush get down and dirty for racy photo spread featured in the April issue of GQ magazine. Proudly showing off several of the shots on her official blog, Kim is seen in the pics donning numerous sexy bikini, while Reggie is seen exposing his buff body. The high profile couple is featured in most of the pictures cuddling in steamy poses.

The snaps mark Kim and Reggie's first ever joint photo shoot as a couple. "We were super excited for this shoot, but also a bit nervous," Kim writes on her blog. "We had never done a shoot together and didn't know what to expect! It turned out super hot and we love it."

Doing the joint photo shoot "at an amazing mansion" in Los Angeles, Kim is seen in one of the pics wearing an orange bikini and resting on Reggie's back as he does push-ups. In another pic, Kim is seen sitting on top of an Audi sportscar and putting her arms around Reggie's shirtless waist.

In addition to the joint photo shoot, Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush also disclose to GQ some personal issues in relation to their romance. Among the things that they discuss in an interview with the magazine are how they first met, what they usually argue about, and how they work on their love relationship.


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posted by cute on Aug 28, 2010
posted by cute on Aug 28, 2010
posted by xs on May 05, 2010
posted by whoknows on Apr 17, 2010
how can you kiss kim everyday knowing her mouth was deep throating ray j's bent penis?
posted by deanna on Apr 09, 2010
posted by vanessa on Feb 20, 2010
i mean kim cute but she put so much makeup on it ridiculous and reggie needs to wake up. but whatever that's what i think.
posted by fuckyou123 on Feb 16, 2010
fuck all the haters on this page. i bet that most of yall probably have no life and fat and ugly. they are the cutest couple ever!
posted by shorty10 on Feb 16, 2010
yall fucking haters need to stop hating cuz i bet yall would die to have somebody like them. probably yall r just jealous cuz yall r fucking fat nd ugly so stop fucking hating
posted by dope model on Jan 30, 2010
all you haters, go and get a life.i bet you in this life tym you wont get some1 as hot as reg or kim.
posted by thatswhatsup on Dec 06, 2009
WOW. is allhave to say HE reggie is beyond any word imagiable!!!! Can i be Kim for one day + the night... CANT leave out the night!!!
posted by jddwild on Oct 31, 2009
hell, I'd have her babies
posted by carlia on Sep 29, 2009
hush all your asses bcuze they look good
posted by Rosalie on Sep 22, 2009
What is it with the Kardashian girls and black men? Is it the "in thing" to date blacks?
posted by apple salad on Aug 18, 2009
very verry cute and tastie body "kim cute"
posted by HATERS HATE on Jun 29, 2009
Most of you just hate the fact that a black guy is with the sexiest woman on earth. Bottom line.
posted by rabi0sax3 on Jun 28, 2009
Kim is soooo fxckinn sexii.. She's great.ahmazing && ya haters need to go suck a dick!
posted by Luxurious Mika on May 15, 2009
Kim is the best))) I luv her so much...she is so amazing,sexy&hot!!! Reggie & Kim are da best couple !!!
posted by persianprincess on May 13, 2009
Kim is hott..but Reggie needs a strong persian woman lol...(hating)
posted by p234 on Apr 18, 2009
the need to make a sextape
posted by harvey on Mar 27, 2009
if it was all about the sex they would have been together this long dumbass
posted by harvey on Mar 27, 2009
if it was all about the sex they would have been together this long dumbass
posted by harvey on Mar 27, 2009
if it was all about the sex they would have been together this long dumbass
posted by hihater on Mar 20, 2009
reggie doctor = hater. are u perhaps unhappy wit ur life, relationship,physique??
posted by khloe on Mar 19, 2009
kim dress like a "lady of the evening" and acts like it too. she should go to school and get an education because in time looks fade, but an education will last a lifetime. Her sisters are not too slick either. I doubt her dear old father would approve of these pictures.
posted by yellowduckie345 on Mar 19, 2009
Kim K is sooo beautiful and has an amazing body along with her bf reggie. These pictures really show that they are in love and Reggie is deffinatley the type of guy who will marry her. i completely disagree with you they will be together forever!!!

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