Huey's 'No Make Up' Music Video Feat. Trey Songz

March 17, 2009 08:58:15 GMT

Huey and Trey Songz give their thumbs up to the beautiful girls with no make-up in a music video for Huey's single 'No Make Up'.

Huey's 'No Make Up' Music Video Feat. Trey Songz
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A music video guest-starring Trey Songz in support of Huey's new single "No Make Up" has been released. It captures the two Hip-Hop musicians dancing to the song's beat with several beautiful ladies dressing only in their underwear moving provocatively as backing dancers.

"No Make Up" is one of the singles scheduled to appear in Huey's upcoming second studio album "Strickly Business". Featuring Trey Songz, the track revolves around men's admiration for beautiful girls without make-up.

Another track which is said to be included in Huey's new effort is a song called "PaYow!". It has Bobby V lending his vocals on the lines and has been available for free stream on his MySpace. Release date for his new record is yet to be determined.

Huey's "No Make Up" music video


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posted by wtf on Mar 17, 2009
alright maybe the girls in the video dont have make-up, but they r almost naked... i meen come oon. whats the point in the video. pretty girls without make up. as if they singers r looking at the girls faces. its all about there ass and boobs. discusting how thpse girls wanna expose themselfes in that way. have some dignity dammit
posted by miss independent on Mar 17, 2009
am 19yrs old and i want you to marry me
posted by deyanca on Mar 17, 2009
Chris brown baby i love you no matter what those bitches say you rock my world
posted by sexy girl on Mar 17, 2009
hi i like your muisc hun am single am 21 year old

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