Video: George Clooney Returns to 'ER' as Dr. Ross

March 13, 2009 04:32:22 GMT

In favor of 'ER' finale, George Clooney is back as Dr. Ross who is now in Seattle and has two kids with Nurse Carol.

Video: George Clooney Returns to 'ER' as Dr. Ross
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NBC may have purposely left out George Clooney's return as Dr. Doug Ross in its last week's preview of "ER", but the actor has indeed popped his head in the March 12 episode as expected. The doctor who quit from the Chicago hospital in 1999, now works in a new ER in Seattle with his wife, Nurse Carol Hathaway (Julianna Margulies).

While in Seattle, Ross heard the news of someone who needs a kidney transplantation in Chicago. Together with Carol, he persuades a grandmother, played by Susan Sarandon, to donate the kidney of her ailing grandson.

The episode was written and produced by "ER" executive producer John Wells. It also brought back old stars from the series such as Eriq La Salle aka Dr. Peter Benton who stood by Carter when he had his surgery.

The series is scheduled to wind down for good on April 2. Below is a sneak peek of Ross' scene, while others from the episode called "Old Times" are available on NBC.com.

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posted by Miss Ole ER on Mar 13, 2009
The synopsis of this episode is incorrect in part. At the end of the show, Nurse Hathaway tells her half awake husband Doug Ross that "some doctor got the kidney" I watched the show, Doug Ross didnt seem to know who the kidney was going to. Your synopsis mentions otherwise.

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