Radiohead's Thom Yorke Tells Miley Cyrus to 'Grow Up'

March 13, 2009 03:33:27 GMT

Radiohead's lead singer Thom Yorke says Miley Cyrus should act as a grown up and not curse the band when they dissed her during the 51st annual Grammy Awards on February 8.

Radiohead's Thom Yorke Tells Miley Cyrus to 'Grow Up'
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Thom Yorke, the lead singer of band Radiohead, breaks his silence on Miley Cyrus' disappointment for being dissed by the music act during the 51st annual Grammy Awards back on February 8, suggesting the teen sensation to "grow up". "When Miley grows up, she'll learn not to have such a sense of entitlement," the male musician tells US Weekly.

Earlier this month, Miley told the Johnjay & Rich morning radio show that she requested a meeting with Radiohead, which is her favourite band, when she discovered their dressing room was four rooms away from hers during the awards gala. Unfortunately for her, Yorke politely declined because he and his band mates were preparing themselves their performance at the event.

"I'm like, these are the people I really want to meet. I'd freak out. They're my rock gods. These are the only people I would cry over," said Miley during the radio interview. "[I told my manager], 'Pull as many strings.' My manager asked and said, 'Miley's really obsessed.' And they were like, 'We don't really do that'", she went on describing.

Feeling very upset by the band's snub, Miley admitted she left the awards show, vowing "I'm gonna ruin them, I'm going to tell everyone", adding "I wasn't going to watch. Stinkin' Radiohead!"

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posted by borba on Aug 22, 2013
Thom Yorke dosent give a single shit
posted by gsdsfsd on Sep 10, 2012
I'm not sure how she could assume anyone in Radiohead would care to meet her...She has to know her place in the industry. She has to know true artists don't respect her or what she does nor would the average one care to have anything to do with her. If I was Thom Yorke, I'd be laughing my ass off. Being so butthurt as she was, she had to have assumed they'd just go and meet her. It's really stupid to think she's anything more than a regular fan and should get special treatment because she's whored herself out to America. And if all she has to say is "stinkin' Radiohead" and "I'm gonna ruin them", she really does need to grow up and get a reality check
posted by ktr on May 07, 2011
what a stupid little farmer whore!
posted by hardy har on Jun 07, 2010
this was the most wonderful collection of comments I have seen . I love radiohead fans. That said, Miley Cyrus is a vapid piece of hot air in a balloon/blow-up doll inflated by Disney/corp. When she asks for more money or gets a little bit older they will burst her bubble, she will fly round and shrink, attach herself to some equally vapid male, then proceed to have lots of useless apple-cheeked brats for the corporations to use as tools for their catastrophic plans designed and directed by their red right hands
posted by Huh? on Feb 26, 2010
This is all so strange. Thom Yorke is an artist, and an amazing one at that. Miley "whatever her name is" is a pop-performer. One requires talent, and the other requires a any attractive monkey and an organ grinder. "I know pop is dead. Long live pop." -Thom Yorke
posted by surfacingtacit on Sep 26, 2009
bands like radiohead have millions of fans. when they want to meet them they will. if they say hello in the street, they might say hi back. if a 15 year old girl or some random person you've never met wanted to talk to you whilst you were getting ready for something or just relaxing, would you really want to talk to them, when you have little to no interest in them as a person and would feel better off talking to someone your own age who won't be squealing "oh my god, i love you" and crying with excitement.
posted by your#1fan on Aug 06, 2009
uh really miley how are you gonna ruin radiohead what are you gonna do make a stupid freaking song save that for nick jonas thom yorke is right even if she,s only 16 she really do need to grow up hahahah ruin radiohead hahahah
posted by BermudaMay on Jul 29, 2009
Radiohead lyrics: "How come I end up where I start, how come I end up where I was? Won't take my eyes off the ball again, you reel me in and then you cut the string." Miley Cyrus lyrics: "Boom boom clap, boom de clap de clap !" Enough said .
posted by charchar626 on Jun 14, 2009
it's hard to believe that Miley considers Radiohead her "rock gods," even the the term "rock gods" is ridiculous. What does she know about music anyways in regards to her saying that radiohead are the only people she would cry over, considering that her music career is based on her goal to make people happy. What a dumbass
posted by someone on Jun 13, 2009
Miley Cyrus is fucking hot but she is a spoilt cow by the sounds of it. By the way guys, don't believe everything you hear and read. This may not have even happened to begin with.
posted by Sophie on May 20, 2009
Miley is stupid and immature. Yes, she will have to grow up!
posted by mr connor on May 16, 2009
Wait how does anyone seriously take miley's side on this.
posted by truth on May 12, 2009
The comments there are totally mis-quoted. She didnt end a sentence with stinkin radiohead. She kept asking if she could/could not name the band on air and they said she could and she said "stinkin radiohead". She also didnt say she left the awards hoping to ruin them. The guy on the radio show was saying she should do something and she off-hand made the remark she was gonna ruin them and tell everyone. She also said she didnt watch because she was too upset on the night. Jesus... all the hyperbole.
posted by Perspective on Apr 16, 2009
well, rev, ima guessing as long as you dont read or listen, you dont have to acknowledge what an unpleasant little churl the overindulged, mannerless brat can be. and radiohead her "favourite band?" HA HA HA HA HA!! i happened to hear the entire thing, tho'. daddy missed a few lessons, evidently. didnt do her any favours...
posted by melanie on Mar 29, 2009
i radiohead are her 'favourite band' there's no way she would say "stinkin' radiohead" and miss the opportunity to watch them perform. get over it miley, you're not as important as you think.
posted by lupi on Mar 17, 2009
jaaaa ja! suck it miley, who the hell do you think you are?
posted by Sendai on Mar 17, 2009
"I have a hard time believing that she would actually say and mean something like that." She's a pretentious, spoiled, stuck up 16-yr old daughter of a rich, accomplished (I'm being generous here) country singer. What would you expect?
posted by peipakoa on Mar 17, 2009
i have a hard time believing that radiohead it's her favourite band. that i don't believe at all.
posted by sam on Mar 16, 2009
I am not a Miley hater, but I do think Miley might need to grow up. saying she would "RUIN" them???? come on
posted by The S1W on Mar 16, 2009
'Miley Who'?
posted by anthony on Mar 14, 2009
no she really did say that rev, get over it that she's a bitch.
posted by Danielle on Mar 14, 2009
*Forgot the "E" in Yorke* At least I correct my mistakes.
posted by Danielle on Mar 14, 2009
I like how the one person defending Miley Cyrus, *coughlolcough* can't spell for shit. I'm sure you deeply wounded Thom York with your witty insults.
posted by Will She Ever Grow U on Mar 14, 2009
hmm.... Radiohead is: AWESOME Miley Cyrus is: GARBAGE!!! Disney garbage that is....
posted by HiHo on Mar 13, 2009
Thom Yorke: a music GOD, a true artist. Miley Cyrus: Disney marketed UTTER GARBAGE. Thom's word on irritant girl? PRICELESS.True. Wonderful. If only Chris Martin had a similar integrity! Go Thom. Miley sucks (she can't grow, she's got a pea sized brain and no talent at all.)
posted by radiohead fan on Mar 13, 2009
That's childish what miley is saying "I'm goin to ruin them" .. Grow up!
posted by Achey Breaky Bitch on Mar 13, 2009
When is Miley gonna overdose?
posted by Rev on Mar 13, 2009
I don't understand why every report I have read on this ends their story with Miley saying she was going to ruin them. It makes Miley sound so stuck up when she's not. Love or hate Miley, I have a hard time believing that she would actually say and mean something like that.
posted by pissypantz on Mar 12, 2009

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