'Twilight' Sequels Discussed by Taylor Lautner

March 11, 2009 09:28:11 GMT

In a recent interview, Taylor Lautner shares his opinion on the development of 'Breaking Dawn', agreeing on Kristen Stewart's remark, and talks about 'The Twilight Saga's New Moon'.

'Twilight' Sequels Discussed by Taylor Lautner
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During Walmart's "Twilight" special on BlogTalkRadio, Taylor Lautner made time to talk about the sequels of the vampire drama from "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" to "Breaking Dawn". Asking Robert Pattinson's fans not to hate him "too much", the Jacob Black depicter told Marc Malkin of E! Online that "New Moon" will stick to the book, which means that there will be no kiss between Bella and Jacob.

Despite hinting that Jacob and Bella will not share a kiss in the first sequel, Lautner gave a flicker of hope that the action may be seen in "Eclipse". "Maybe you'll see a little bit more action in the third," he said. "I'm excited for that." The 17-year-old, additionally, offered suggestion to make sure "Breaking Dawn" is being done, saying, "I'm telling fans to go see New Moon at least one more time than you saw Twilight and all will be good."

Adding more to his comment on the fourth "Twilight" movie, Lautner showed his agreement to Kristen Stewart's earlier remark that there is no reason why the movie won't see the big screen. "Now that I've seen this kind of passion and dedication in the fans, I wouldn't see a reason [Breaking Dawn] wouldn't happen," he said.

Taylor Lautner has joined Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed for "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" production. They have reportedly started rehearsing the film in Vancouver with director Chris Weitz. Shooting is expected to start sometime next week for the U.S. release on November 20. Meanwhile, "Eclipse" is set to hit theaters on June 30, 2010.


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posted by taylorlautnerrrocks on Apr 10, 2009
hey he was seen with vanessa hudgens and he's friendly with soo many girls..
posted by his girl friend on Apr 09, 2009
ok you guys need to stop obesesing about him. i have him number...and im going out with him so just get over the fact that hes taken and you guys cant have him. i love him for ever and til death. and he hates how you guys just drul all over him...and frankly i do too.
posted by wtf jackie on Mar 22, 2009
taylor can act! so go get your eyes checked and he is not hott! he is SMOKIN hott!
posted by klbeier14 on Mar 16, 2009
posted by jackie on Mar 11, 2009
Lautner cant act
posted by twilight rules on Mar 11, 2009
this is the best movie i ever watched and edward and bella r soooo cute together in real life!!!!!!!!omg <3
posted by i hate you jackie on Mar 11, 2009
i hate you jackie! yes he can! he is hottt!

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