Jonas Brothers Spoofed on 'South Park' Season 13 Premiere

March 10, 2009 07:29:37 GMT

A satire of Jonas Brothers and their purity rings, 'South Park' first edition in the 13th season will also feature Miley Cyrus lookalike.

Jonas Brothers Spoofed on 'South Park' Season 13 Premiere
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Comedy Central is back with its 13th season of "South Park" and the show has decided to take on Jonas Brothers in the first episode. The animated satire will have the three brothers as its object of ridicule in the episode called "The Ring" which is aired on Wednesday, March 11.

In a bid to get lucky, Kenny McCormick takes his new girlfriend, which is allegedly a Miley Cyrus lookalike, to a Jonas Brothers concert. His plan is quickly squashed when he and his girlfriend are given purity rings by the brothers. The real life Jonas Brothers have been the center of the town's talk when they were known to wear a promise ring to keep themselves virgins until married.

"The Ring" will be aired at 10:00 P.M. ET, but will be repeated multiple times throughout the week. The schedule are Thursday, 12:00 A.M. And 10:00 P.M.; Friday, 12:00 A.M. and 2:30 A.M.; Saturday 12:30 A.M.;and Monday 10:00 P.M.

Meanwhile, "South Park: The Complete Twelfth Season Uncensored" DVD arrives in stores on Tuesday, March 10, featuring a Blu-Ray version for the first time ever.


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posted by Babygirlkay9 on Sep 22, 2009
This episode was innappropiate, but what can u expect from SP??? I loved Mr. Mouse,tho.
posted by south park bro on May 19, 2009
what the hell u all talkin about that episode was mint it was funny and the joe bros suck eggs. south park is awesome
posted by Reax on May 06, 2009
SouthParkFan - seriously just read that post back to yourself. You should be ashamed
posted by Reax on May 06, 2009
I have nothing against the Jonas Brothers, I have never seen them, and the episode was never really about them. It was a brilliant piece of satire on how sex/commercialism/celebrity culture is sold to young kids in acceptable packaging
posted by Kalissa on Apr 03, 2009
The Jonas Brothers create decent pop music for tweenagers. No one over the age of 13 should really be listening to them. Its shameful. They are a way over-rated act, who are over publicized by Disney. There are a million and one bands/artists better then the Jonas Brothers, but since they do not have the amount of advertisements done about them, they aren't known. Jonas Brothers are no different to Cash Cash. Both pop bands with catchy songs. But I bet you have no idea who Cash Cash are.
posted by RockChick626 on Apr 02, 2009
message to all Jonas Brothers lovers - number one just because you love them doesnt mean other people have to so dont go on preaching about how people shouldnt hate them when they suck anyway but people have different tastes and opinions. Number two i think some people need to tone it down a bit there is more to life than the Jonas Brothers and when they fade out like all pop bands do (don't insult music by calling them rock) life will continue, so love them by all means but just get a life. Number three don't be sad enough to have Jonas as your last name when we all know it isnt, you know who you are. Ok I think that's it, rant over, see ya!
posted by JESSCIA on Mar 22, 2009
posted by DEMI LAVATO on Mar 22, 2009
posted by DEMI on Mar 22, 2009
posted by n16 on Mar 17, 2009
why can't ppl just leave the Jonas Brothers alone? Just because they wear purity rings doesn't make them any kind of a freak. That's the way it's intended to be and I'm glad that for once, there are some celebrities that are doing the right thing.
posted by Johm on Mar 16, 2009
Disney is evil
posted by jamie_talks_sense on Mar 15, 2009
Hypothesis... Jo Bros sounds a lot like blowjob Conclusion... Maybe all the people who like JoBros just need some cock?
posted by Jess on Mar 15, 2009
lol this whole thing is so funny! Jonas brothers are amxing' but south park are funny, no need to argue about it though haha
posted by Jdog on Mar 13, 2009
SP owns and are right on about Disney and all the worthless shit the have brought into media including the Jonas chicks...PS Nice lipstick Joe.
posted by Brian T. Johnson on Mar 12, 2009
more thoughts at Principally Political.
posted by Brian T. Johnson on Mar 12, 2009
Little surprised by the amount of JB bashing...why the hatred? Jealous because these guys could get some but choose not to? Don't know what's going on here.... Anyway, entertaining episode, as usual. Nothing phenomenal, but glad I caught it.
posted by katenspence on Mar 12, 2009
You prepubescent morons! You do realize that the object of SP's rath in the episode was not the JB necessarilly but the manipulative largesse that is Disney. JB were merely a cog in that much larger infrastructure. It was Disney's goat they were trying to get not the Jonas Bros.
posted by cleaman on Mar 12, 2009
This is one of those episodes that's hysterical like most of them, but like the Scientology episode, or the Mormons episode, or Warcraft episode, it's fucking disturbing to know just how absolutely stupid people are--ironically, everything Mickey said on the mic was completely true. The Jonas Chicks cannot be called a bad band; they have no talent, are attractive the same way Altar boys are attractive you creepy little girls, and have about as much to do with Christianity as a wet sock. Christians are retarded...
posted by katm288 on Mar 12, 2009
Ok, I love both South Park and the Jonas Brothers. Like someone else said, South Park wasn't really making fun of the Jonas Brothers that much. They were making fun of Disney and how controlling they could be. I thought most of it was funny, and some of it was so true when it came to Disney. And just so people know not all Jonas Brothers fans are obsessive and hate anything and anyone that makes fun of or isn't into the Jonas Brothers. A real fan would look at them and love the good things about them and acknowledge that they have faults, and not everyone who pokes fun at them is attacking them. I overall liked this episode.
posted by lightthiscity36 on Mar 12, 2009
LOL at all the dumbass fangirls. Saying that South Park is worthless? South Park's been around for over a DECADE and will probably be considered as one of the greatest animated series of all time behind The Simpsons. The Jonas Brothers will be FORGOTTEN in the next few years and Disney will kick them out on their asses. Where will you be then. -Oh that's right, worshipping the NEXT fad that comes along because you fangirls are nothing but SHEEP!
posted by get over it on Mar 12, 2009
PEOPLE! SP is hilarious, they were making fun of DISNEY first THEN the jonas bros. but do we HAVE TO use words like gay and "fag" to get either one of the points across? NO. SP is brilliant and the JB's are rich either way, lets not talk so much crap.
posted by r on Mar 11, 2009
And every Saturday we work in the yard. Pick up the dog doo, hope that it's hard. Take out the garbage and clean out the garage. Glenn's got a Porsche, and Joe lost his Dodge. We're all just ordinary average guys. Ordinary average guys, ordinary average guys. Ordinary average Democrat guys. Ordinary average Republican guys. Ordinary average blue-collar guys. Ordinary average white-collar guys. Ordinary average guys, yeah, yeah. Ordinary average, average guys. Ordinary average everyday guys. Ordinary average, average guys. Yeah! Ordinary average guys, ordinary average guys.
posted by r on Mar 11, 2009
We all lead ordinary average lives, with average kids, and average wives. We all go bowling at the bowling lane. Drink a few beers, bowl a few frames. We're ordinary average guys.
posted by r on Mar 11, 2009
I'm just an ordinary average guy. My friends are all boring, and so am I. We're all just ordinary average guys.
posted by ger :) on Mar 11, 2009
everyone relax!! sure im a huge JB fan but south park is just hilarious! they don't mean any harm & it's only a bit of fun?! it's fine to love both!!
posted by RESOLUTION on Mar 11, 2009
This is hilarious, you should all be smitten. South Park is a good show. I personally enjoy it, all 12 season, and cant wait for the three more that are in contract. Jonas brothers are apparently a good band, with a lot of followers. Resolution = If you like Jonas brothers don't watch South Park and stop bitching about it your annoying I hate you and want to lacerate you with my elbows. If you don't like the Jonas brothers then join the rest of us. But still shut up about it no one cares your annoying as fuck I hate you and want to lacerate you with my elbows. Sorry for being blunt but this isn't an election, your all fighting over nothing.
posted by >.< on Mar 11, 2009
Neither on anyside coz i love SP lots but JB are talented so both win dudes. SP always gets its attention on picking others while the others just gets to enjoy the limelight ha~!
posted by Erikajonas on Mar 11, 2009
Ok all Jonas haters get over yourselfs the Jonas brothers r 100% amazing and just leave them alone cuz they r extremely talented and all u haters out there r just called JEALOUS!!!
posted by Cam on Mar 11, 2009
JOBROS4LIFE - Your a dick burninup`09 - Your a dick annahtzkevenjonas -Your a chick dick...You all obviously like Disney manufactured garbage who get their Moms to shave their arse crack. Dont take the episode to heart and badmouth it, it was halarious you obviously dont understand SP at all and if your gonna cry if they make a golden episode then i suggest you dont watch it cos us fans dont want to hear it really...
posted by not r on Mar 11, 2009
so i guess you would be average then. right?
posted by kalkaj on Mar 11, 2009
reply to JOBROS4LIFE look kid i don't know what you're problem is but south park is NOT gay its comedy, comedy makes fun of stuff thats what comedy is all about okay!? DEAL WITH IT MOTHERFUCKER! SOUTH PARK IS NOT GAY AND WILL NEVER BE! AND THE PREMIERE OF SOUTH PARK SEASON 13 WAS NOT ON AT 10 TODAY AT COMEDY CENTRAL!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
posted by danigirl_72 on Mar 10, 2009
I think they should just leave the Jonas Brothers alone. They are they amzing boys and artists that believe in something good and there's nothing wrong with that! JB Rocks!
posted by no, u. on Mar 10, 2009
I don't think this board was intended for a JB vs. SP war. You can either make fun of everything, or you can make fun of nothing. There shouldn't be a line to cross -- by creating that line we have brought up a lot of social disputes that shouldn't have commenced in the first place. Don't be offended. South Park makes fun of EVERYTHING. And it's funny, so who cares. It's impossible to appeal to everyone. Grow up.
posted by brandi on Mar 10, 2009
well you know when you get spoofed by sp you've made it.
posted by SouthParkFan on Mar 10, 2009
what the hell has this word come to? south park low budget? wtf ur a fucking retard. they have more money than the jonas sisters and sp didnt go through disney they started as nothing and earned their money fuck u 11yr old girls and gay fags stupid fucking sixth grade sluts
posted by sp=:)jobros=:| on Mar 10, 2009
i have basically waiting for SP to include the jobros in their show already! and kenny? I LOVE KENNY. the jonas brother are okay and joe is hot, hot, hot, but south park is a lot less gay than the way the jobros dress...seriously. ROCK ON SP!!!
posted by Canton Mass sucks on Mar 10, 2009
Fuck the Jonas Brothers, they are fuckin gay. Maybe they should just get laid and stop being little fucking bitches. JO BROS SUCK DICK
posted by owen on Mar 10, 2009
The jonas bros are faggots, grow a pair and like something that isn't gay you fuckin faggots. Fuck those little pussys, they should just stfu and get laid. fuckin pussys
posted by wowrelax on Mar 10, 2009
its just a little joke they dont like dispise them or anything.the jo bros dont even care btw im a huge jo bro fan- if anything bad did happen to them i would be freaking out!!(:
posted by annahtzkevenjonas on Mar 10, 2009
why can't people just leave the Jonas brothers alone, they are georgious and amazing and nothing can compare to them south park is just a low budget stupid show with people who have no talent. They should learn something from the Jonas Brothers.
posted by burninup`09 on Mar 10, 2009
Jonas brothers are so great south park stupid show anyway
posted by JOBROS4LIFE on Mar 10, 2009

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