Video: Jonas Brothers Heading Up to Atlantis for Live Gig

Jonas Brothers

'We're going to one of our favorite places in the world, the Atlantis in the Bahamas,' Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers announces their plan for upcoming show.

Jonas Brothers are heading up to the Bahamas in mid March for a live appearance in the Atlantis as a precursor to their upcoming 2009 world tour. Claiming that the Bahamas is "one of [their] favorite vacation spots," the trio will be returning to the country in April and May for other performances.

"We're going to one of our favorite places in the world, the Atlantis in the Bahamas. It's amazing trip you can go with your family to come to the show," Kevin Jonas announces in a video message. Joe Jonas adds, "We're gonna be there March fourteenth." Finally, Nick Jonas says, "We love you guys. Thanks for everything and we hope we're seeing you very soon."

Jonas Brothers will perform in the Bahamas on March 14. After singing in Puerto Rico on March 22, they will be coming back to the Bahamas on April 18 and May 9 for other gigs. As for their world tour dates, they are expected to make an announcement on March 11.

Jonas Brothers heading up to the Bahamas for live concert:



    Mar 09, 2009

    These thre sucks SO incredibly bad. The lack of taste in their audience is equally appalling. GARBAGE with the cap "G", really.

    Red rose
    Mar 09, 2009

    OMG! Nick is so cute.. I Loved 'camp rock'. Hope some more good movies will be coming from the trio. Love u loads!

    Mar 08, 2009

    i love you joe jonas and rest of you too wish u best of luck for your this amazing tour hope you guys have alot of fun in bahamas

    Mar 07, 2009

    I hope you have fun in the Bahamas! And I can't wait until the new album! LOVE U Jonas Brothers! <3Your #1 fan!

    Mar 07, 2009

    I love you, Jonas Brothers. You guys are so AWESOME. Keep on Rocking!!! :)

    Mar 07, 2009

    Joe Jonas I love you as crazy at to meet a large wilt of yours ROMENIEN

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