Video: Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney on 'Ellen DeGeneres Show'

March 07, 2009 03:52:00 GMT

'The Bachelor' Jason Mesnick is on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' to apologize to fans of the show while his final rose Molly Malaney tells her side of story.

Video: Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney on 'Ellen DeGeneres Show'
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Jason Mesnick of "The Bachelor" appeared before Ellen DeGeneres as the most hated TV personality in this time frame. Just days after "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" nabbed the appearance of Melissa Rycroft who was dumped by Mesnick on After the Final Rose, the show has scored a double visitation from the controversial bachelor himself and his final choice, Molly Malaney.

Jason was welcomed with Katy Perry's song "Hot and Cold" that represents aptly his backing out from Melissa. He began his talk with Ellen, apologizing to all fans of the show out there. "... thank you for watching, but this was my real life and it was the hardest thing I had to do. And I made some big mistakes and that's what I wanted to sit here and talk about today-the mistakes that I made. But in the end I found my true love," Jason said.

On humiliating Melissa on national TV, Jason admitted that he regretted that decision. "I regretted it every single day since that happened and I will regret probably every day for the rest of my life," he said. "The producers obviously really wanted me to do it on the show, but I take full responsibility for my actions. I could've not shown up and when I look back, I was just trying to do what I thought was right for me, and if I could go back and do it again I would not do that."

Melissa said on her interview with Ellen that she believed Jason had talked to Molly prior to breaking up with her but Jason insisted that he had not.

Molly was then invited in the second segment, welcomed with Black Eyed Peas' "Don't Phunk With My Heart". She said that there are moments where she "sympathized with Melissa for sure." She further explained that she knows what Melissa is going through but "if there is any time to be selfish, it's when love is involved."

Ellen spurted a rather good question in the middle asking why Jason said that Melissa would make a good wife and whether that means Molly wouldn't. Jason said that Melissa is what he saw for the future while Molly is rather the middle of it and unfortunately he only realized 6 weeks later.

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posted by sele102 on Jun 22, 2009
jason was stupid to leave melissa. they were perfect for each other. jason is such an idiot to embarress melissa on tv like that. think about that jason
posted by Denice Amatjasir Eli on Jun 12, 2009
Jason is a freaking hell ugly basterd and molly is goddamn it witch.. Melissa is way HOTTER THAN MOLLY..melisa is greater and i hope she fnd a guy wit such a beautiful heart where she can live her whole life in that same heart where she belongs and oh yeah i hope that jason&moly are going 2 break up soon AND I KNOW ITS GONNA HAPEN 3 WORDS 4U FAKE MOLLY:I HATE U!!!
posted by stud12 on Mar 26, 2009
I HATE MOLLY & JASON! Melissa was the best he is gonna realize it sooner or later!
posted by bfinching on Mar 21, 2009
I loved watching this show until the end of this season. That was the worst ending ever and shame on Jason for humiliating Melissa on national tv like he did. And Molly will be sorry eventually. And I thought he loved Ty so much but...way to go on screwing that poor kids head up daddy!!!
posted by DrL on Mar 19, 2009
What is wrong with you people? For you to have such hatred in your hearts shows that you are not right in your head or heart. I don't agree with how Jason did what he did, but it's better if he did it now than making the biggest mistake of his life. I pray for You Jason and Molly and I pray God's blessings on your life. Ignore the negative, and concentrate on the positive. As for Melissa, I think she is a wonderful person based on the 6 weeks I've watched her on the show and I pray that her relationship she has now is good for her and that she has a blessed life as well.
posted by on Mar 17, 2009
i think it is a beautiful thing he found love and found out be4 he made a mistake he and molly are in love and im happy they are i wonder when they are goin to be engaged and married ( or will there be another bachelor show again )
posted by ms on Mar 17, 2009
come to think of it... you are so right. jason did seem to cry numerous times throughout the show. seems as though he really may have some emotional issues. maybe that played a roll in his first marriage coming apart. either way... after seeing melissa on "dancing with the stars", there is no doubt she came out the winner in this. you go girl!
posted by jl on Mar 17, 2009
this guy is an absolute idiot. i think this fella who cries at every opportunity is an emotional train wreck. this dude's got baggage.
posted by smeltzer on Mar 17, 2009
I think they are all a bunch of skanks.. Good on Jason for nailing them both!
posted by NumbBum on Mar 16, 2009
I think this whole thing wasn't right. i believe you can't love two people at the same time and if he felt this way he should have stood back and been like ok. honestly who do i truly love and whom is fake? Molly to me threw herself at him from the start. and Melissa was more a real down to heart wonderful girl, he also said in the thing ... Melissa was like his ex? like honestly I dont believe you shouldn't take the one that throws there selfs on a man... is like slutty..! So in my opioion he should have went with melissa. He did wat Deiona did to him to them. But with two hearts.
posted by on Mar 16, 2009
Jason and Molly are great together. I cried with Jason when he let Molly go. I wish them the very best and hope their wedding is sponsored by FOX.
posted by on Mar 16, 2009
Jason and Molly are great together. I cried with Jason when he let Molly go. I wish them the very best and hope their wedding is sponsored by FOX.
posted by gomollynjason on Mar 12, 2009
Jason and Molly are great together!! Melissa is soo fake....and a real whiner
posted by TheBeef on Mar 12, 2009
Couldn't agree more--Jason and Molly are so deserving of each other. I can't think of a better pair of has-been losers. Your 15 minutes are up!
posted by wawa on Mar 12, 2009
Jason get a grip wise up and stop being such a girl, Molly way to go for accepting sloppy seconds, it wont be for long you'll realize it and dump his silly ass.I can't wait Gillian will be great, the only thing the producers did right was to make Gillian the next bacholerette.
posted by DUCKLZ on Mar 11, 2009
All the best for you both! Did anybody catch what Melissa said "neither one of them could be my friend" - whiner - Jason - good thing you snapped yourself into reality with Molly before it was too late with Melissa. Way to go! Be happy! You are GREAT!
posted by shirls on Mar 11, 2009
Ellen was way too easy on them...she acted like she was hesitent to question them and then accepted every answer with no prodding for more detail or more truth. I love Ellen, but this interview was mush.
posted by unknown on Mar 11, 2009
I freaken hate jason all he wanted was the fame and not the love. I hope that when you later wake up you look at the ugly thing you have next to you and realize the one you said "wasn't your love" is your love i wish you both the worst of luck in your relationship. And oh ya poor kid, he must be traumatized by moooooly.
posted by Xtreme girl on Mar 11, 2009
Jason is only looking for a break on tv..He could be a part of the series Lost and found HELL...He lost a gorgeous girl who loved him ...poor guy.
posted by boogeyman on Mar 11, 2009
Jason has PMS..he is hot and cold and changes girls faster than a girl changes panties..I hate him
posted by on Mar 11, 2009
Jason is a selfish dumb ...He is a total fake...I think he even fakes orgasms...
posted by slushmonkey223 on Mar 11, 2009
i cant wait for the bachelorette! go gillian!
posted by liarjason on Mar 10, 2009
jason pretends to be nice but he is fake no wonder his wife left him he is superficial and fake. molly and jason deseve their missery
posted by Jesse on Mar 09, 2009
Chemistry is strong! I can't Blame Jason for that....but the man is divorced...what about the issue of he being in 'adultery' with Molly?! I would not want to go to Hell for it....
posted by southerngal on Mar 09, 2009
Jason is a Liar. He had been seen with Molly in December. I guess they deserve each other for being such great fakes.
posted by MollyHater on Mar 08, 2009
3 words I HATE MOLLY!
posted by Rick on Mar 08, 2009
I can't believe how really DUMB America is. This was a large scale publicity stunt for show ratings.Jason is a First Class Liar
posted by rosina1005@comcast.n on Mar 08, 2009
I love Jason and Molly together, I always knew she was the better one of him. Yaahh Jason for following your heart. Best of luck to you both

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