Chris Brown Agrees to Pay Rihanna 10 Million Dollars for Possible Future Assault

March 07, 2009 02:48:51 GMT

Chris Brown reportedly has agreed to pay his on-again girlfriend Rihanna 10 million dollars or more should he attack her again in the future.

Chris Brown
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Having his singing career in jeopardy ever since he was accused to have assaulted Rihanna during a heated argument on February 8, Chris Brown reportedly has scored a deal with the female R 'n' B singer, in which it is stated that he agrees to pay her "as much as $10 million" and possibly more "if he as much as squeezes her arm the wrong way." Report on the deal that the twosome has scored was made public by Chicago Sun-Times on Friday, March 6.

Beside the cash, part of the deal also includes Chris and Rihanna's plan to co-author a book about abuse. The pair, moreover, agrees to appear together at a number of talk shows to speak directly to their fans and the general public about abusive behavior.

"The only way Chris can possibly reverse things is to come clean and help raise awareness about abusive relationships," a source close to Chris' legal team told Chicago Sun-Times. "Obviously this is a public relations campaign, but it only will work if there's genuine healing, contrition and a path to preventing future problems. ... It's another example of trying to turn a bad situation into something good ... where people can learn to change habits," added the source.

In the meantime, Access Hollywood has obtained an e-mail written by Chris' publicist Michael Sitrick to Chicago Sun-Times' columnist Bill Zwecker who wrote report on Chris and Rihanna's deal, claiming in it that several elements of the columnist's report are not true, including the book deal and the $10 million contractual agreement. Asked about the deal, Rihanna's attorney, Donald Etra, told Access Hollywood he knows nothing of such a deal.

Chris himself has not yet broken his silence on the many reports surrounding his felony charges. He was seen on Thursday evening, March 5, the same day he attended his scheduled court hearing, at a hotel bar with his bodyguards. Per TMZ, the 19-year-old performer was seen leaving the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills at around 3:45 A.M. and was having his head covered with a hood.


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posted by jamesie13 on Mar 10, 2009
she give him hiv
posted by CoolonIce on Mar 10, 2009
Damn dude, for 10 mil dollars I'd let him hit me again.
posted by IDK on Mar 09, 2009
posted by cbbabe on Mar 08, 2009
personally it none of your buisness. LEAVE CHRIS BROWN alone. so what if he hit her. he didnt hit YOU. damn hop off his nuts
posted by Crabie on Mar 08, 2009
Chris Brown need to talk to montreal OR orther folks that deal with males that hit woman. I know of a case were this guy and his wife were fightin and she fell and hit her head and died. When the police arrived on the scene and they seen the brusing on her they took pictures and her husband got the death penality. He was accused of beating and hitting her in the head. PLEASE GET SOME HELP.
posted by Juicy on Mar 08, 2009
This is a good step for the 2 of them. I glad to here somebody is reaching out to them. For them to stay together it will take God and some help for the both of them to control there anger. I was in as abusive realationship for 16 years and it got worse and worse. Either it was him or me and it started fighting back in a very negative way. I then decided to hurt him and be done with everything untill I prayed and God healed my heart and move me away from him. You guys can make it if you get some help and put what has happened behind you and go forward.
posted by Ice on Mar 07, 2009
If this is true it is totally vulgar. To put a price on a future beating send a crass message of wild abandon and that of a young girl playing with her life. After her next beating her parents may have a funeral on their hands and then what. A strong message needs to be sent that abuse is NOT negotiable, not for the wealthy not for the poor.
posted by Ice on Mar 07, 2009
posted by on Mar 07, 2009
He either has married her or something to agree to something like that.Don't they suppose not to seeing each other anyway? That's what she want in the first place?

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