Video Premiere: Rascal Flatts' 'Here Comes Goodbye'

March 07, 2009 02:14:25 GMT

Rascal Flatts' music video for single 'Here Comes Goodbye' comes out with a mourning theme, capturing the pain one may have over losing people he/she loves.

Video Premiere: Rascal Flatts' 'Here Comes Goodbye'
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A music video aimed to support a song called "Here Comes Goodbye" from Rascal Flatts has been available to watch. It captures a girl mourning over her father's death. When she cries miserably near his grave, flashback scenes showing the time she spent her days through the winter with him are shared.

"Here Comes Goodbye" is a ballad song written by Clint Lagerberg along with Chris Sligh, the finalist of 2007 "American Idol". The track appears as the first single from Rascal Flatts' upcoming sixth major studio album "Unstoppable", due for U.S. release on April 7.

As a promotional effort for the new record, Rascal Flatts have been hitting the road for a series of live concerts across America. They will next be performing in Louisiana, Arizona, California, Texas and many other big cities. Details on their forthcoming shows can be checked on their MySpace.

Rascal Flatts' "Here Comes Goodbye" music video


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posted by omasta on May 22, 2010
morons- the song is about a girl whos father just passed away and she is grieving. Her child died prior to her Fathers passing and the little boy is telling him that its hard because you dont get to say goodbye...when someone passes on from an accident or such-- its a great video- she asking her father to take care of her little boy in HEAVEN
posted by angelica on May 20, 2010
rascal flatts amercanIdol sing here comes goodbye angelica
posted by bettye boop on Oct 03, 2009
I thought the song was about a guys wife who wasn't coming home on time but there was nothing on the police radio but the doorbell rang, which was weird because she always walked in and then it hits him, his nightmare came's time for goodbye. The video just depicts other types of goodbyes. Not sure, but that was my take.
posted by Me3 on Jun 12, 2009
In what movie does this song plays?
posted by on Jun 01, 2009
The boy is his GRANDson. The girl is his daughter who lost her child prior to her father's death. GOT IT!!!
posted by me on May 30, 2009
the girl in the video is KaDee Strickland and is from my hometown in Patterson, Ga. She is also on Private Practice. I LOVE THIS SONG! It and the video is great!
posted by Jessica Bridgeman on May 22, 2009
I love This Song With All My Heart It is the best song in the World!!!!!
posted by jennstin on May 03, 2009
What the heck does the video have to do with the song....nothing....the song is about a guy knowing his girlfriend is about to break up with him....not such a sad scenario.
posted by Jason-Chino on May 02, 2009
I had to say goodbye to my mom 11 months ago. Then my only sister passed 30 days later. Then once again I said goodbye to my stepfather in another 30 days. I've spent these last beens trying to cope with these deaths, it would seem rather poorly. As now I am also going through a divorce, of which I must accept responsibility for my own withdrawn emotions. So I guess this video really does have dual meanings. But couldn't be more true. Life does just seem like a series of goodbyes. But the father & son give me great hope at the end just like The Father & Son, that on that day when we join our loved ones that have gone on before us, they will be there to meet us & reveal the true peace that "there are no more goodbyes". Thanks to all who were involved in making this wonderful video.
posted by sbigger100 on Apr 27, 2009
who is the girl in the video here comes good by video?
posted by Bev on Apr 25, 2009
I first saw this video last night; a friend and his middle school son showed it to me. They tried to explain the theme to me but I was not quite connecting it until I read the comments and the video explanation tonight. I told my friend that it touched me because I could so get into the music (and I don't even listen to country music and had never heard of Rascal Flatts!). Also, a person who had been my best friend is moving, and any sort of loss/separation feels delicate right now. At some level, almost everyone can relate to loss and grief.
posted by FLMark on Mar 28, 2009
This song is a masterpiece. It is almost too haunting and emotional to watch, yet, it is like a good book that you can't put down. I started this entry not understanding the video, typing a message with a dozen questions. As I typed the words, I figured it all out. The father & son passed away and were in the house, full of grief, as they watched Mom roll up the gravel driveway. My first assumption was they were in their own home. I later realized Mom & her Mom consoling one another on the front porch must mean Mom was ringing her Mom’s door bell. Now that makes sense. I have it figured out (I think.) BTW… The cinematography in the opening view is superb. The video matches the lyric, which match the instrumental which match the video. Chilling. Hats off to all.
posted by myself on Mar 25, 2009
Who is the little boy in the video who walks away with the dad.
posted by kv on Mar 17, 2009
I never dreamed this is what this song was about. I thought it was about a couple. I lost my dad 5 years ago, so this really hits home for me.
posted by doesntmakesense on Mar 17, 2009
Listen to the lyrics. It has nothing to do with death, and the woman in the video acts miserably not cries miserably.
posted by goldielocks1 on Mar 14, 2009
this song gives me goosebumps every time i hear it and makes me tear up. this is the most touching song ive heard in a while and one of their best songs ever. thanks to the writers and rascal flatts for doing what they do and touching our lives everyday by writing and producing songs like this. it just absolutely touches my heart.
posted by mom on Mar 11, 2009
this song touches my heart so much I just lost my son 7 months ago. Your never preparred and you never want to let go. the pain stays we need to hold on and never take forgranted our family and friends thank you

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