Video: 'The Bachelor' Melissa Rycroft Interview on 'Ellen DeGeneres Show'

March 06, 2009 04:17:08 GMT

Ellen DeGeneres secured first exclusive interview with Melissa Rycroft who was publicly humiliated on national TV during 'The Bachelor: After the Final Rose'.

Video: 'The Bachelor' Melissa Rycroft Interview on 'Ellen DeGeneres Show'
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The headlines revolving around the issue of "The Bachelor" shocking ending mostly find out about Jason Mesnick's side of story, but Ellen DeGeneres has scored an interview with Melissa Rycroft in her show. Melissa said that Jason "gave up" on their relationship, but she is already moving on with a new guy.

"Earlier this week, millions of stunned fans watch as our next guest gets her heart broken in the most shocking finale in 'The Bachelor' ever," Ellen opened her segment. Melissa then walked in to Ne-Yo's "Miss Independent" and hugged Ellen. Melissa then revealed how it was unfair to let her show her emotion on national television before she even had a chance to react to it privately.

"It was pretty immediate. Once we got back, we both kind of sat in the real world and we were talking about how it was different," Melissa went on. "When you take the cameras away, it was just at that point when we brought up how difficult it was (and) he kind of gave up. I couldn't understand why at the time. Now, I do because I think there was someone else involved."

After dumping her, Jason went public with his relationship with Molly. Melissa got to respond to this when Ellen asked her, "What made you think he was seeing Molly?". She said, "... Anybody that's been cheated on, you know, and being a woman, I got that feeling because he just backed away from me and I knew he had contacted her."

She added, "I asked Jason, 'Am I going to be blindsided by anything? Is there anything you want to tell me?' and he said, 'No, gosh no.' And the second I went out on that stage, he goes, 'P.S. it is Molly,' and I went, 'Bastard.'"

But the drama is over, Melissa is seeing somebody new, who ironically is named Ty which is the same name of Jason's son. "Are you with someone now?" Ellen asked. Melissa answered, "Yes. Because of the privacy and everything going on, we haven't really been able to explore a new relationship, but now that everything is over, I'm so excited!"


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posted by ziggy on Jul 06, 2009
i heard from an inside source that molly gave jason anal sex, thats why he went back
posted by stud12 on Mar 26, 2009
melissa you deserve everything! you go girl..jason will realize sooner or later he made the biggest mistake ever!
posted by fan on Mar 18, 2009
Glad Melissa has moved on with her life. Just wanted to mention that one doesn't have to assume that the other has "cheated" to justify the distance felt. Whether a call was made or not, if the thought was pervasive in his mind, it was good for him to back out of the relationship. The mind is powerful, & in & of itself can make or break a relationship. It was the responsible thing to do. Also, I find the expression of emotion a healthy thing & it was helpful to get a sense of the man, it's just that the show seemed to really play heavy on the clips of his tenderness for just that effect... overkill, that played out the way it did in an unrealistic fashion. I find the optimism shown between Jason & Molly refreshing. That kind of unconditional expection is rare and encouraging. I wish them the best.
posted by cindy on Mar 11, 2009
i think Molly seduced Jason in the tent and on the last date. I feel Molly knew what she was doing when she told him that he made a huge mistake the minute he dumped her. She intenionally created douht in Jason's mind. He has a weak mind anyway. Whats funny is that Molly is about winning not about Jason and for darn sure not about TY... Kids have a good sense for people, he didn't even want to talk to her on the show. You know what ? Jason was thinking with. OOOOPs Melissa your lucky, he and Molly deserve each other, they are both sneaky and slezzzzy. I'm sure it was Molly's idea to humiliate you since she got dumped first, she had to retaliate, but she did it to the wrong person.
posted by Way to Go on Mar 10, 2009
You are strong Melissa! Kudos to you! ;O)
posted by Rose on Mar 10, 2009
Melissa: A famous writer, Maey Baker Eddy, has said in her book "Miscellaneous Writings" "If you have badly wronged, forgive and forget because God will recompense and punish more severly than you could, he who has striven to hurt you"
posted by Viv on Mar 09, 2009
Melissa, someone was watching over you honey! you are blessed and lucky for losing him. I truly believe that and so will you, that is if you haven't yet. Sometimes love is right in front of you and you don't realize it. I wish you happiness with your rock"TY" that's awesome and I am sure when Molly leaves Jason he'll be calling you and I hope you'll be strong enough to say "thanks, but no thanks".
posted by dede on Mar 09, 2009
melissa youre married to molly's boyfriend omg!
posted by dee-dee on Mar 09, 2009
molly im still your friend i dont care wat maliisa say
posted by dede on Mar 09, 2009
melissa you want me to tell molly that i'm not her friend because what? she not mean until you know her
posted by dede on Mar 09, 2009
melissa are you ghetto because molly just e-mailed me and said you were ghetto.
posted by dede on Mar 09, 2009
oh, so bacially she was ghetto right
posted by dede on Mar 09, 2009
why did he dump her molly!
posted by dede on Mar 09, 2009
why did he dump her molly!
posted by on Mar 09, 2009
Jason seems very unstable and not to mention fickle. He was way too emotional crying over the balcony when he had to choose between the two girls. I cant imagine a grown man dumping his fiance on national television for no apparent reason, if he wanted Molly why not pick her to begin with? He's an unstable masacastic!!!!!
posted by MIA on Mar 08, 2009
Things happen for a reason,,count yourself lucky..his is no one you'd want to spend your life with..he's very sneaky and a liar. You're way better off now.
posted by Buddy on Mar 08, 2009
You already have another relationship? That didnt take long. What happened - needed to happen - the 2 of you werent gonna make it.
posted by Lucky on Mar 08, 2009
What the Hell was he thinking! Your the winner and he became the looser!
posted by Mama on Mar 08, 2009
Jason shouldn't have told Melissa it was Molly right before getting on stage, but if his heart wasn't in it with Melissa, he shouldn't stay with it for the fans - that's not fair to either of them. She's already moved on to someone else so apparently her love was not that strong either.
posted by Rose on Mar 07, 2009
Stay Strong The saying is: Whatever goes around comes around. I hope Jason knows this.
posted by BamBam on Mar 06, 2009
It all ends up being pretty silly in the end. Yawn.
posted by namsilv on Mar 06, 2009
Im so happy for you Melissa, we as women stay strong and move on. Everyone pays back somehow and someway.

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