Kristen Stewart Hints on 'The Twilight Saga's New Moon' Shooting Date

March 06, 2009 03:32:02 GMT

Revealing what she is looking forward in 'The Twilight Saga's New Moon', the Bella Swan of 'Twilight', Kristen Stewart, reveals the exact date the vampire drama possibly starts filming.

Kristen Stewart
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Kristen Stewart has brought an update for "The Twilight Saga's New Moon". In an interview with MoviesOnline, the "Twilight" beauty shared that the starting date for the shooting of the vampire drama sequel is close. In fact, she pointed on March 23 as the day the filming will be kicked off.

"Very soon," Stewart responded on the shooting schedule's question. She then added more details, saying, "In a couple weeks. March 23rd I think is the first official day of shooting." Asked about what part she looks forward to shoot, the 18-year-old gushed, "It's a completely different story. It's like it entirely undermines the first. Edward is gone and, for me, that was the whole story."

"It's hard for me to get past like...I don't know how Bella is going to deal with that," she continued explaining. "She matures a lot. It's a much more painful story than the first one. It's actually quite devastating. It's a smaller scale as well. She's very solitary for quite a while so that will be interesting. I'm excited about that."

A sequel to 2008 hit vampire drama "Twilight", "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" will follow Bella Swan as she deals with her personal conflicts following Edward Cullen's abrupt departure. It will see Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner reprising their roles as Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black respectively. The production will take place in Vancouver and in Italy, while the movie is set to be released in U.S. theaters later this year on November 20.


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posted by Michi on Aug 18, 2009
Twilight is the best Movi in the Wold
posted by Apolo on Mar 24, 2009
Well I'm looking forward to her being able to acutally be emotional in this movie and hopefully she'll trump her performance in Twilight because I was slightly disappointed. As for the part of Edward. Stephanie Meyer has small things on what Edward was doing when he was gone, so if they chose to throw a little update on what hes doing for a few minutes, I'd be fine with that, but he shouldn't have much screentime no matter how much the young girls cry about it. =/
posted by twilightisthebest on Mar 21, 2009
leave krisien and her clothes alone!!!! let her be who she wants to be
posted by twilight obsessed on Mar 20, 2009
ok this movie will be good but i dont think edward should be in it alot i love him (seriously im obsessed) but hes not in the book and the movie is suppose to mirror the book so i think this whole oh ya lets throw edward back in is bullshit
posted by edwardXbella4ever on Mar 18, 2009
i really do appreciate the update, i don't understand why all my friends think kristen stewart sounded like she had a pole up her a** but i don't believe them, and i'm actually glad i can look up to my fellow actor edward (played by robert pattinson) he was good in harry potter and he'll certainly be better in the twilight series i say! you rock! but kristen is also good at acting also for 18 years old and i'mma b 16 in a bit lmao! i'm still trying to think how the next movie is gonna pay off! (:. well anywayz i think kristen looks fine, she looks "NORMAL" than half the fricken celebritie's out there, she don't need all the perkiness of make-up and stuff, she looks just fine. . . the clothes though could be better =] >>&#9829;twilight foreverness&#9829;<<
posted by Shani:D on Mar 14, 2009
rofl i really do think that dress is preety horrifying .. she even makes my 78 yr old grandmother look beautiful lol seriously though she is an awesome actress ive tried to do what she has done in the movie and i cant even do it, its so hard gosh she has some talent. lol people say robert will date kristen hes 5 years older than her gosh..... mm but for some reason ive always wanted to ask her questions i a bit curious on how good robert is at pashing lol.. but when i first seen the movie i had huge tantrum at the pashing part that i had to be sent out of the theatre but then i realized shes a nice girl and a wonderful actress im still a bit jealous about it but bleh.. :D aswel i agree SHE MOST DEFINANTLY NEEDS A NEW DESIGNER!! gosh that person who does her closet probably done a SH*T on them before giving them to her .. they are DISGUSTING! but shes awesome funny and a great girl.. i want to go shopping with her i bet i have better taste then her designer and what im on turning 13 this year ? i only buy stuff from supre and jay-jays but gosh look at her she goes to old lady stores ( swallows puke.. ugh that designer shud get a huge kik up the a** from everyone she deserves it the way she embarasses her in front of the camera with them things) oh and did you notice her feet are extremely weird as well as her shoes .. gosh get a new designer+closet but i still luv u enyways :D THANKS FOR THE SHOOTING DATE I APPRECIATE IT!
posted by Katrina on Mar 14, 2009
Get a grip people give the girl a break, she is the only Bella and she plays it well. Who give a shit how she dressers after all it is her life and 18 yo if she wants to dress for comfort so be it. And all you little girls out there bagging her all the time get a life.Do you really think Rob would go for a 14,15,16,17,18 y.o no i don't think so. I would love to be her bodyguard to kick all you little girls up the ass.
posted by Paige on Mar 09, 2009
Please smile. I love Bella and just think that she would smile a lot more around Edward than you do.
posted by mandyluvstwilight on Mar 08, 2009
Well said kristensfana4ever! I totally agree with you.
posted by 17 forever on Mar 07, 2009
You are all just jealous of Kirsten. You would all like Rob to sreenkiss you instead of her. She's a pretty girl and she's allowed to choose whatever she wants to wear. So back off!
posted by KristensFan4ever on Mar 07, 2009
Oh how miserable you sad pathetic jealous hags some of you are at such a beautiful & talented young woman! She can't do anything right in your eyes & never will, will she? It just kills you that it's her onscreen kissing R. P. & not you or the fact that he thinks the absolute world of her & admires her so much. Here's the deal hon, even if he didn't enjoy being with her & working with her, he still wouldn't give you green-eyed monsters/haters whatever you have sunk to, a second glance! You need to tell yourself this every day, over & over it seems. One more thing, she said a few mos. ago that she has a stylist now; I am sure K.S. hasn't the time to analyize every detail. How tired would you be too if you were 18 yrs. old & constanting traveling & working on & promoting & talking about new movies? I'm suprised she has the energy to stand up let alone keep a constant smile on her face like you want. So please, go look in your own mirror and your own closet too I am sure, and when you are perfect, come back by and then we'll chat.
posted by sandrini on Mar 07, 2009
where in italy? im going there this summer... :))
posted by pixieidx on Mar 06, 2009
ok um i totally agree on that she so does not know how to dress herself, anyways i dont really like her cuz shes not even pretty so whatever.GO TO HELL KRISTEN!
posted by nazdar on Mar 06, 2009
Everyone stop with the negativity already! i honestley think she's absolutely gorgeous and a great actress. i wouldn't pick anyone else to play bella. LUV YOU KRiSTin! <3 your friend from the OC cali- Nazdar ;]
posted by crystal on Mar 06, 2009
its about time she said something positive, ive always liked her but not the things she said, it seems shes finally taking us "fans" seriously!
posted by JAMIE on Mar 06, 2009
posted by mrslautner on Mar 06, 2009
shes ok wat im focused on is taylor lautner
posted by celticpixie on Mar 06, 2009
As much as I think Stewart's the perfect Bella, someone (okay, I'll do it) really needs to tell her about those damn dowdy sarong dresses! Horizontal and diagonal stripes at the waist? Everyone knows that's almost always a fashion "no no" and grounds for a citation! She's making my grandma look good! (Where are those "Queer Eye..." gurus when ya need 'em?) You have a decent figure, so what's up, Kris? OK, let's take a moment to think...where was the last place you remember seeing your waist?...did you look in the car or behind the couch? For God's sake, get a new designer who can help you look for it! Also, what is up with that posture?!?! Is there a re-make in the works for "The Hunchback of Notre Dame?" Maybe she's gearing up to audition for the role of Quazimodo? Her stance say's "I would rather be getting "water-boarded" at Gitmo, than here!" -Actually, I can't blame her for that, but why the hell can't an actress w/her talent give a better "fake" smile than a Kindergartener on picture day! (Maybe it's Botox? Nah, too young...has to be an attitude thing.) Kris, why the long face? Pull up your bank account balance on-line before attending a premiere. You'll feel a whole lot better about life.

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