Video Premiere: Jesse McCartney's 'How Do You Sleep?' Feat. Ludacris

March 04, 2009 02:15:19 GMT

Jesse McCartney is seen 'jumping in and out' of speeding cars and running into several beautiful girls in a music video for 'How Do You Sleep?' remix version, which features Ludacris.

Video Premiere: Jesse McCartney's 'How Do You Sleep?' Feat. Ludacris
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Jesse McCartney has premiered a music video to support "How Do You Sleep?" remix version, which features Ludacris. The video guest-starring Sean Garrett and also Ludacris captures Jesse driving his car through "the desert at high speeds, like 80, 90 mph, jumping in and out of cars, talking to different girls."

"You have the Ludacris element, with me car-surfing on the hood on one of these old-school cars," Jesse previously told MTV during the shooting of the video. "And I said, 'As long as you have one of those old-school cars and big-ass chains in a video, I'm down.' ... What else do you want in a video?" Ludacris jokingly added, "Old-school cars, big-ass chains and hot women ... that's it! You don't need an explanation to that."

Coming from production hands of duo Sean Garrett and Clubba Langg, "How Do You Sleep?" appears in Jesse McCartney's third studio album "Departure". It has been remixed with Ludacris lending his vocals on the hook. In regard of their joint forces, Jesse credited Ludacris for bringing "the freshest lyrics to any track." He stated, "I've been a fan of Luda's throughout his career and having him on this track was an amazing honor. He's innovative across the board and always brings the freshest lyrics to any track. With Sean Garrett producing this collaboration, everything came together."

Jesse McCartney's "How Do You Sleep?" remix music video


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posted by leann5virgo on Jun 04, 2010
i love jesse but who is that chick he is on
posted by Amrita on Feb 23, 2010
love this video ily jesse
posted by Vonza Babe on Aug 31, 2009
WOW this video rocks his so handsum and i love him i think he should have found someone to feature him not Ludachris damn!
posted by b on Jul 24, 2009
he filmed this video where i live. Me and all my friends got to see them filming.
posted by marian on Jul 20, 2009
my god ,,,,,, damn he is a perfect guy for me love his songs make my ear adjust soooooo all ya girlz back off jesse is mine im inlove with him
posted by Felicity on Jul 05, 2009
i love jesse!!!!
posted by Amanda on Jun 27, 2009
Jesse mccartney is sooooo fit and sexy. He is proper handsome and i'm in lurrrrv with him coz he's gorgeous. he is my husband so back off all you girlz.
posted by babygirl1 on May 12, 2009
hi i love you
posted by Amber on May 11, 2009
I love u Jesse McCartney
posted by sarah on May 05, 2009
hey sexy im ur biggest fan i luv u soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
posted by AL3 Luv JMcCartney on May 01, 2009
Jesse McCartney Is So fitt and Gajwest Luv his Songs His A brilliant actor
posted by gogo on Apr 30, 2009
he goes from looking at that one girls picture to all the other girlz he cant miss her too much
posted by jerry on Mar 07, 2009
Jesse McCartney used to have a SWEET face when he was young but now he has a GORGEOUS face. May be it is kind of like filling up his SWEET face with GORGEOUS one. He's grown up!!! That video is so AWESOME. :)
posted by kmii on Mar 05, 2009
OmG! he is soooo hooott
posted by meme on Mar 04, 2009
dear god, he just gets better and better everyday. Not to mention hotter and hotter!!!!!!
posted by Kay on Mar 04, 2009
Wow this video rocks!!!! Seems like he just gets better every video and single. Now i can't wait for the next one and departure recharged. And bringing ludacris in, AMAZING!!!!
posted by Shelleigh on Mar 04, 2009
DAMN!!!!!! He is so grown up and so gorgeous. :OP
posted by beautifullsoul on Mar 04, 2009
i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv jesse mccartney
posted by jae on Mar 04, 2009
OMG he is so fione he has been getting cuter ever since he was on the suite life of zack and cody OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG
posted by kmiila on Mar 04, 2009
he can jump my car anytime!
posted by Jackie on Mar 04, 2009
what is that car!?

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