Jason Mesnick Explains Why He Dumps Melissa to Jimmy Kimmel

March 03, 2009 09:29:57 GMT

'The Bachelor' Jason Mesnick raised questions and critics after backing out of his choice to go out with the other girl, and so he defends himself on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'.

Jason Mesnick Explains Why He Dumps Melissa to Jimmy Kimmel
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Jimmy Kimmel is cashing in on the fever of "The Bachelor" which was just wrapped up on Monday, March 2. The talk show host welcomed Jason Mesnick to his show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and aired the episode right after his big decision of choosing Melissa over Molly and rethought his decision later on.

Jason for a fact was there to explain why he had a change of mind. Kimmel joked, asking Jason whether his hand is sore from handing in and taking the rose. Jason in defense said, "First of all, it was my real life and people can question that or doubt that but they're real feelings. On that last day I was falling in love with two girls but the time.. you don't know until you go through it."

On the decision that he decides to break up with Melissa on national television, Jason said, "I had to do it. Before we walked out for the After the Final Rose, we were not together. ... She knew exactly what was going on but we could not see each other before that so we had to have the conversation on the phone. ...So I had to do it in front of everybody. And I hated that. If I could have done it, you know with her in person one on one, of course that's the right thing to do. But my relationship was agreed by everybody involved to be done in front of everybody else."

Jason also admits in the interview that there has been no talk of marriage between him and Molly yet. "We are taking our own pace," he said. There will be another After the Final Rose episode tonight, March 3.


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posted by Fancyface on Dec 04, 2010
What jeson did is making me ask my self what is true reason ty's mother left him... Mellisa is a sweet beautiful girl who will make someone a great mother nd wife... As for Jeson your los bro..
posted by THE CIRCUS IS HIRING on Mar 08, 2009
posted by be careful on Mar 05, 2009
Please be careful about thing that you say.You are not in his shoes,i wanted melissa to go but maybe he was scared of what he saw after the the cameras stopped rolling.Remember this guy has been married before and knows what he is doing.He knows when the red flag is being drawn.Melissa knew her parents had to meet jason on camera when she came to the show.Why did she refuse?maybe it would have given jason a better ground for his decision.
posted by redneck on Mar 04, 2009
Here's my take - it is easy to fall in love in a mansion - nobody works - hair and makeup and beautiful clothes! Then the real world - Jason probably met Melissa's folks and thought he was better than they were and she was not what she seemed during the taping. She gorgeous and will be fine. Molly is gorgeous and she will be fine. Jason is gorgeous and he will be fine. None of them have known each other long enough to really be "in love" - "in lust" yes, but not love. Stay tuned...
posted by Lolly on Mar 04, 2009
LOL LOL @ Bizarro Mesnick!!! I heard the whole thing was staged as far as Crybaby Jason is concerned. Did you notice what he says to Molly as she gets in the car to leave. He is trying to tell her that it is real and that don't worry, you will get a call later on. Then he retches and sobs all over the balcony like the dufus that he really is ( by the way, is that his nose or a banana he is eating). Poor Melissa is the one who was had. She is way toooo goooood for him. This show sucks and Jason is the limp prick who reinforces that premise.
posted by butterfly on Mar 04, 2009
jason is a conflicted two face bastard he cries because he is a narcicistic eveil maniacal idiot he is always weeping what if he had chosen blow fish molly would he had left her for melissa ty loves mellisa not molly i bet he only want to fuck her once he did that or maybe she did not give him any yet and he said screw you blow fish i putting mustard on my hot dog and licking it anyway why wait when she is beggin for more good luck with her you deserve each other aftre you dump her call deanna you are the perfect match i can breathe .....wait i just saw blow fish go by oh molly wait up i am cumming girl
posted by never watch this sho on Mar 04, 2009
I will NEVER watch this show again. Jason, you should have NEVER proposed if you thought you still had feelings for molly... what a jerk... what goes around comes around! Love you Melissa... your a GREAT girl.
posted by vics on Mar 03, 2009
Good riddence! Melissa deserves better, he is so unstable and a flake. I saw it coming last season when he kept his son a secret from Deanna for so long. I was right he is a loser and you all watch....he will get sick of "Creepy Eye Girl" soon
posted by Monica on Mar 03, 2009
He just looks like a jerk. Brad did the right thing when he was the bachelor, he chose no one, and yet he was slammed for doing THAT?
posted by 1on the way on Mar 03, 2009
Molly looked like she never fixed her hair. Melissa was a much better fit. Jason is rather stupid.
posted by Bizarro Mesnick on Mar 03, 2009
yeah he would probably fall in love with you for cuffing his johnson.
posted by ihatejason on Mar 03, 2009
Jason is honestly the biggest Ahole ever! What kind of stupid guy is he?? If I ever see him I'm going to knock him out and cut off any part of him that supposedly makes him a man. Melissa is such a great girl and Molly is the most desperate person ever for having taken him back. I hope they burn in hell :)
posted by rysmom on Mar 03, 2009
Ratings Ratings Ratings! Anything to keep us all watching. Except for Trista skank and her obsessed DO BOY Ryan, everyone of the couples have broken up. Wow what a shocker! I watch every season for some unknown reason and this one really was the most pathetic.Melissa already knew before last night what she was in for so don't think she was totally in the dark. She didn't show much emotion cause the news was not new to her.She is a really bad actress, couldn't even shed enough tears to have a little bit of smeared eyeliner. Jason and Molly will break up in a few months and then they will all be nobody's like all the rest of the past seasons casts.
posted by bizarro Mesnick on Mar 03, 2009
OMG L.A. I knew it it totally looked way to comfortable up there for Whore Face and Captain of the U.S.S ImaBeave. 2 months Melissa and Mesnick have been engaged. Molly just walks out and within 5 minutes they are making out? What the F... doesnt molly have some pride \? she was dumped she is a Duece yes # 2 toliet reference for those who voted for Jillian! Skin to Win ... thats gonna be the name of my new reality show... stay tuned for a preview
posted by love1 on Mar 03, 2009
i can not believe Jason picked Molly over Melissa. Molly is career oriented and will not be a good mom for TY..Jason is a fool ad Deanna was and I know it is not going to work with Molly..his parents and family mus be devasated..Melissa loves the fool let him get back with Deanna and they both can be fools together..they deserve each other..
posted by casey on Mar 03, 2009
I have a bit different take on this. First off, ITA J should have told Melissa in private regardless of contractual obligations. Second, I'm going to defend him. He has son Ty liking Melissa; he has Deanna at the last moment warning him that she went for the "wild card" guy and regretted it. He has Melissa the picture of the perfect mate/stepmom. However, J's reaction to letting Molly go was obviously agonizing and I knew right then he chose the wrong girl. He wasn't going with his heart, but his head. It must be tough when you HAVE to make a decision within that time frame. Third, we don't know what transpired between Mel and J after the proposal. Once they got back to the "real" world this relationship, like most on the Bachelor didn't hold up on J's end. We don't know how it all enfolded and perhaps J discovered things about Mel he didn't expect. Who knows? We weren't there. It does sound like they were together enough so it's not like he made a hasty decision. Funny how he was dumped by Deanna and then Melissa was dumped by him. But from all I saw of Jason still have to believe he's a good guy and I truly hope it works with Molly. Maybe his true soulmate.
posted by Bizarro Mesnick on Mar 03, 2009
Maybe next time i'll bend melissa over the couch on national televison and call her Molly. Rather then humiliate here by breaking up on national TV. then making out with NUMBER Duece!!! Blah dont matter None! I'm BJM I love everyone except my son so ill just bring a bunch of sluts in and out of his life until he resents me and becomes a gay male prostitute. oh and yes i have been sobing like a 6 year old that just stubbed his toe.... but mommy it huuurts.... BJM OUT !!!! word Son!
posted by former fan on Mar 03, 2009
LOSER! He couldn't let go of the "what might have been" and ruined what he had. Poor Melissa...everyone could see from the beginning that she was the right one for him. He just closed himself off from her because he missed the "wild card" part of his life with Molly. Seems that he really was the one that wasn't ready to settle down. OH and how should his family feel now that they've grilled the girls and it turns out that HE was the one to propose and ditch.
posted by peachvv on Mar 03, 2009
Crap. What a loser. Molly should have ditched the ass too and he would have been all alone again which is what he deserves after pulling a stunt like that with Melissa.
posted by stupid molly on Mar 03, 2009
Come on now, how hard up for a man is Molly? An intelligent woman wouldn't take a man back that dumped her for another girl and also asked that other girl to marry him. How does Molly parents feel about him now? Their daughter was his second choice. It looks like Melissa's parents were on to something when they didn't want to meet him. They could smell a jerk a mile away. Thanks Jason for combining two reality shows in one, your not only the Bachelor but your also The Biggest Loser. Best of luck to Melissa, she was too pretty for you anyways!!! Lets have a double Bachelorette next time with Melissa and Jillian so they can find a real man and not a crybaby!
posted by amanda on Mar 03, 2009
Ty loved melissa how cant you see that you shouldve fought for her instead of giving up! you said you dont want to live with regrets you will! because you belong with melissa
posted by katie on Mar 03, 2009
wow i cant believe it! i loved Jason, you were amazing until you did what you did to melissa like wow! you didnt even try to fight for her! you should know heartbreak and be the last person to do it to someone else thats so much worse than just letting her go SHE LOVED YOU and you "loved" her she was right for you not molly
posted by jessie on Mar 03, 2009
i can't believe u picked the ugly girl!
posted by spam on Mar 03, 2009
I would have kept the ring. And sold it.
posted by gravytrain on Mar 03, 2009
I'm a homosexual man and Jason, or Captain of the U.S.S ImaBeave as he was tenderley referred to above is a delicious morsel. I would like to "cuff his johnson" and then steam his meat. His lucious lips are MINE! So give him up girls--man to man-he floats my skin boat!
posted by Barb on Mar 03, 2009
I think I'm done for sure, I'm not watching another season.
posted by chief on Mar 03, 2009
O for pete sake! Molly is great,Jillian would have been perfect. Melissa was a loser.
posted by JasonHater on Mar 03, 2009
Your an awful influence on Ty. I'm 13 and I know more about relationships then you do.
posted by FUCK JASON!! on Mar 03, 2009
YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE, PLAYING WOMEN LIKE THAT!! YOU UGLY, STUPID, CREEPER, WOMANIZING BASTARD! IT WAS AN HOUR LATER!! HOW THE HELL WOULD YOUR CONVERSATIONS BEING ANY DIFFERENT???? Congrats. You are hated by women everywhere. Ps. I'm only 13 and I know more about relationships then you do.
posted by Bizarro Mesnick on Mar 03, 2009
Well from Jasons perspective hes probably groovy. Considering he got to mount the final four. If he didnt at the very least he got to add Melissa and Molly to his headboard. Hi five bro...Its all about the W... or is it the V?
posted by jay on Mar 03, 2009
I agree he done Melissa very wrong! Molly should have stood up and said good-bye to him and broke his heart. They said that Molly was pregnant.
posted by chickie1392 on Mar 03, 2009
I can't help but think, what if he had chosen Molly first? Would we have been watching him dump her for Melissa to see "what if..."?
posted by jal on Mar 03, 2009
Jason, we have lost all respect for you! This show should have been renamed The BIGGEST LOSER!!!!
posted by Sick of Bachelor on Mar 03, 2009
Melissa wasn't all that and he just wasn't that in to her! Go Molly! He should have chosen her all along!

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