'The Bachelor' Finale Sneak Peek: Who Will Jason Mesnick Choose?

March 02, 2009 04:08:20 GMT

The latest season of 'The Bachelor' will wrap up on Monday, March 2 with the big decision from Jason Mesnick who has admitted to have found the one.

'The Bachelor' Finale Sneak Peek: Who Will Jason Mesnick Choose?
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A sneak peek of "The Bachelor" season finale that will air tonight, March 2, has been given out. Jason Mesnick, a father of one, will decide on who he will choose to be his companion. The video reveals what Jason thinks of each woman and a surprising twist.

After the departure of Jillian last two weeks, Molly and Melissa become the last two standing. However, there's also a chance that a third woman is in the option. DeAnna Pappas whom Jason fell in love with through the opposite reality show "The Bachelorette", pays a visit to the mansion, much to his surprise. Producers have been raving on the most shocking upturn of the show's history.

Post completing the taping of the reality show, Jason came out to the public announcing that he is completely in love and thinks that he has found the one. Rumor swirling around the season finale is, he will propose to Melissa first before turning his back to Molly.


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posted by Tash on Nov 09, 2010
This stuff never works out. name one successful couple still married today? I was hoping for Jillian-but im quite behind, so i duno why she goes out.
posted by maxine on Mar 03, 2009
I think Jason needs to keep little TY out of his conversation with women. A blind person could see right through Molly's act and her people was like ice cubes same as she really is.Jason don't deserve for any lady to fll in love with him because he can jump from one to the next fast. no real woman could ever really trust such kind.
posted by Debbie on Mar 03, 2009
wow!!! Ty has to be confused with his dad flip flopping women in and out his little life. Molly can act good yet you can tell she is not mommy material.
posted by remmy on Mar 03, 2009
I could not believe it, Ty is a jerk because he had changed his mind to pick molly. She said that "she throught he was made mistakes" for what he just one stayed togther with melissa forever than that's he wrong to get second chance molly after break up melissa.. I don't think agreeing with that..
posted by aec on Mar 03, 2009
He just wants to be happy; he should have picked Molly in the first place. Melissa just seems immature.
posted by lily on Mar 02, 2009
i wish he dosent go back to deanna after she broke his heart and she is coming back saying she made a mistake man that is just messed up!!!!
posted by Az on Mar 02, 2009
He's going back with Deanna
posted by Hello on Mar 02, 2009
I CANT STAND MOLLY EITHER!! I hope he doesnt end up with her becuz he would file for divorce if he even lasts with her until marriage! Plz pick Melissa or Deanna!!! <3
posted by are you serious on Mar 02, 2009
have you guys not heard the ending yet? it is already out.. he picks melissa in the show and in the hour after show he proposes to molly
posted by chelle on Mar 02, 2009
i love molly n melissa if he goes back to deanna it will be a huge mistake!!!!!!! she screwed up!!!!
posted by janie on Mar 02, 2009
jason needs to just go back with deanna. molly in the end will break his heart.
posted by thoggard on Mar 02, 2009
omg..i just watched the sneak peak of the bachloer finale..deanna is wearing a pinky way!!!
posted by Zaza on Mar 02, 2009
I can't stand Molly.

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