Video: Jason Mesnick of 'The Bachelor' on Season Finale

Video: Jason Mesnick of 'The Bachelor' on Season Finale

In his visit to 'The View', Jason Mesnick reveals how he feels towards the final two women and why he lets his life be decided in 'The Bachelor'.

Before the big finale of "The Bachelor" on Monday, March 2, Jason Mesnick has come by to "The View" to discuss the state he is in with the women. Many questions are thrown surrounding the finale including whether he is engaged at the moment and whether he thinks he made the right decision for him and his son Ty.

From 25 women who fight for his love, it is down to Melissa and Molly. When asked what he loves about each women, Jason said that Melissa is "sweet, beautiful, fun, exciting. She's everything." Molly meanwhile, gets the compliment of being a great friend, and Jason describes their relationship as "young fun".

And then there's the question about DeAnna Pappas who dumped him in the "The Bachelorette" final two but returns in this finale to stir things up. There will be a scene where he cries on the balcony which Jason describes as a "raw" moment and reveals that he never cried that hard in his entire life.



    Mar 04, 2009

    he dosen't know what he wants or there choising wrong bachelors

    Mar 03, 2009

    Jason is no example to his son I feel truley sorry that little boy will be raised by a man that disrespects women for ratings. Jason give up acting because your big tears don't make you any better you a sleeze and your ex wife should be raisig that child we dont need any other men growing up disrespecting women

    Mar 03, 2009

    how could he be so mean to melissa? breaking a promise, is not something i look for in a man.

    Mar 02, 2009

    He is such a geeky creepy buffoon.No wonder his wife dumped him!

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