Video: Bow Wow on How Battery Case Would Affect Chris Brown's Career

Bow Wow

Standing by his best friend Chris Brown, Bow Wow believes Chris' arrest would not affect his music career badly because, as human being, he can't avoid making mistake.

Offering further comment on the battery case involving estranged celebrity lovers Chris Brown and Rihanna, Bow Wow told MTV News on Wednesday, February 25 that Chris' arrest should not affect his singing career. He, furthermore, urged fans to understand the fact that though Chris is a music star, he is a human being who isn't perfect just like any other people.

"I just want people to know that as entertainers, our job is to entertain," Bow Wow argued. "We're not perfect. We put our pants on the same way everybody else puts their pants on."

On him not trying to reach out to Chris, who's his best friend, since he allegedly attacked Rihanna during a heated argument on February 8, Bow Wow explained, "I always like to put myself in people's shoes. I understand probably what he's going through by the whole world knowing what happened. I don't want to be another [person] calling him and wanting to talk to him."

At last Bow Wow suggested, "the only thing you could really do is just pray for him and pray for her and hope that they can get back on their two feet and do what we love them for doing."



    Miss to wild
    Mar 17, 2009


    Feb 27, 2009

    celes sucks you only wanna feel human when others are turning on you. The men always dogs the women celes woman or not. chris going the jail bottom line. they need the stop giving celes a pass.

    Get real
    Feb 27, 2009

    Celerbrities kill me we're human just like anyone eles. No" you do not act like normal people making statements only when it suit you. Arguing and assault on somebody or 2 different things. Silent would be good here cause your'e not helping here. I'm glad you realize you can only pray for chris "please stop talking. True we all or human but "these celes do more wrong doing to women and get off. Its nothing for these guys the sexual use and abruse a women all the time. The Law is different on them a patt on the back. Not speaking on bow wow personal life but he's not that much of a different from chris maybe he don't beat on a female but he's not treating a lady with respect neight. Chris did this to himself i understand bow wow friends of both chris and rhianna. I just hate when somebody haven't been living right got something the say.

    Feb 27, 2009

    It is true that celebrities are human beings; however, it is wrong to beat on another individual, especially, your lover. No matter what the circumstances were, Chris should have walked away. This could damage his career. It is also possible that he could get jail time. Look at it from another angle, if this would have been a "regular” guy, would people be so understanding or would they say this person should go to jail? These two are young and it should not have happen! Yes, Chris made a terrible mistake and I think he regrets it also. But, it still does not make it right to beat on another person. This is serious and I feel that Chris should seek help to deal with this situation. I wish them well!

    LOVE u Bow wow
    Feb 27, 2009

    Bow wow u know it, u really do understand. Jsut cos he is famous and the world knows him, it does not mean he aint human. every1 makes mixtakes we aint perfect, n yea try to put ur self in chris and rihanna shoe. rihanna is upset dat the owrld know wat she goin throught, she love chris but cant go back 2 him because she belived that it wil b bad example. and chris he cant say how sorry he is for what he has done.... BUt people they are only kids, only human and they make and learn from the mixtakes. just cos he hit doesnt mean he cant change, give chris a chance.

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