A Series of 'Dragonball Evolution' Clips and Pics

February 24, 2009 03:35:50 GMT

Take a look at Goku's training scenes with Grandpa Gohan and Master Roshi in newly-found clips of 'Dragonball Evolution', in addition to a slew of the action fantasy's pictures.

A Series of 'Dragonball Evolution' Clips and Pics
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A series of new clips from "Dragonball Evolution" has been screened on a Korean TV. Compiled into one player, the clips give out an extended scene where Goku trains with Grandpa Gohan, a shot of Bulma aiming her gun at Goku's face and a glimpse of Master Roshi warding off Goku's fast coming blows.

Other new footage seen in the clips exposed Bulma and Master Roshi looking at something above them, and Yamcha holding a flashlight to see into what seems to be an underground cave. In addition to this Korean TV clips, a bunch of stills from this action adventure film has been uncovered. The photos take a closer shot at Grandpa Gohan, Goku, Chi Chi, Mai, Master Roshi, Lord Piccolo and Yamcha.

Adapted from Akira Toriyama's famous Japanese manga of the same name, "Dragonball Evolution" is directed and co-scripted by James Wong and produced by Stephen Chow. Set for April 8 release in the U.S., the live-action film for 20th Century Fox features Justin Chatwin as Goku, James Marsters as Piccolo, Emmy Rossum as Bulma, Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi, Jamie Chung as Chi Chi, Randall Duk Kim as Grandpa Gohan and many others.

"Dragonball Evolution" - Korean TV clips:


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posted by vegeta16 on Mar 21, 2009
for those that dont get it. This is Dragonball, not DBZ, and its exactly like the Lord Piccolo saga in DB. So know what your talking about before you open your mouth
posted by airsupply110 on Feb 28, 2009
awsome dont care what you morons say this movie gonna rock even if it does not look like dragonball..its still awsome
posted by mjc on Feb 27, 2009
Looks cool to me
posted by eugene on Feb 24, 2009
wow after seeing those clips i gotta say.....yea still looks fucking terrible.
posted by Anuse on Feb 24, 2009
That's not Dragon Ball at all. The title forf the movie should be changed. If they want their kind of movie-make their own movie, do not destroy anyone creation.

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