Video: Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas' Lunch Date

February 23, 2009 08:59:17 GMT

Joe Jonas opens the car's door for Camilla Belle as they are heading to their car after having a lunch date.

Video: Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas' Lunch Date
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Alleged lovers Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas have been spotted having a lunch date recently. A footage showing the two entering the same SUV has been featured on oceanUp, but the exact date on when the video is taped is not included.

Camilla is taped at the beginning of the video standing on the sidewalk. She is seen wearing a blue top which is paired with black pants. A guy, wearing all-black outfits and a sunglasses, is seen standing next to her. Both of them are seen talking to each other.

After a few moments, Joe comes up. Soon thereafter he and Camilla head to an awaiting car. Joe even is seen opening the car's door for Camilla before getting behind the wheel. None of the two stars speaks a word for the fans and photographers.

Meeting on the set of a music video for Joe Jonas' band Jonas Brothers' hit song "Lovebug", Joe and Camilla Belle have since been claimed to be dating. Spotted together at a number of occasions, neither of them has acknowledged the extent of their relationship though.


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posted by mathos on Sep 04, 2009
Yayy thats sad.. Even if i dont like Camilla its sad that they cant even go at a dinner together.. poor Joe & Camilla.. What ever leave them alone! ps. I HATE CAMILLA :P
posted by dacgrte on Mar 27, 2009
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posted by irene on Mar 16, 2009
#1 JONAS BROTHERS FAN...give them some space, you're driving me crazy people!!!!
posted by mrcurious15 on Mar 15, 2009
joe jonas is worth nothing if he's to date camilla.
posted by Kristy on Mar 01, 2009
AW.. I feel soo bad for them.. like they can't even go for a walk without 200 people taking pictures adn videos of them.. its sad.
posted by Ale on Feb 27, 2009
Give the guy some space. People like that just have nothing else to do in life. I mean honestly they are human......Don't forget to watch the 3-D movie its great.
posted by aj on Feb 26, 2009
u r soo right leave them alone!
posted by celeste bultman on Feb 25, 2009
love you kisss
posted by celeste bultman on Feb 25, 2009
love you kisss
posted by ali on Feb 24, 2009
i agree with allie...they must get so annoyed, feel sorry for them for getting all that attention
posted by nellie on Feb 24, 2009
I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS! No matter who they date! lol I agree with allie who they date is their business not ours! If they are happy then so am I! <3 #1 Jonas Brothers fan!
posted by joe jonas on Feb 24, 2009
camilla belle is to die for
posted by allie on Feb 23, 2009
alright that broke my heart. not cuz he has a girl friend, cuz nobody gives the guy space. leave them alone.

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