First Look at John Foo's Jin Kazama in 'Tekken'

February 17, 2009 02:58:04 GMT

A peek at the upcoming live-action film, 'Tekken', has been provided as an image of John Foo in his starring role as Jin Kazama.

First Look at John Foo's Jin Kazama in 'Tekken'
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First image from video game adaptation movie "Tekken" has been found. Courtesy of John Foo's official website, the picture revealed the first look at lead character Jin Kazama, who is portrayed by Foo. In the photo, bare-chested Foo is seen standing behind a waist high chain-link fence with blood running down his forehead and chest.

Jin Kazama is a young and talented fighter with dark power within him. Slowly torn apart and consumed with evil and hatred due to the Devil Gene he has inherited from his father, Kazuya Mishima, he figures out that saving himself means confronting his father and his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima. And his one chance for freedom comes at The King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Based on the best-selling Japanese video game from Namco, "Tekken" is directed by Dwight H. Little. Aside from John Foo, the action movie will see Ian Anthony Dale, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Kelly Overton, Holly Marie Combs, Luke Goss and many others. Reportedly to be rated R, it still has no release date for any country.


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posted by s40 on Jan 08, 2013
The movie tekken is so good,awesome & jin's hairstyle so good.
posted by thea marie on Feb 19, 2012
i love tekken
posted by chaos20 on Oct 10, 2011
posted by jon on Sep 07, 2011
i realy love this m0vie, jin kazama's such a co0l guy and have such a p0werful pers0nality, im realy glad that y0uve f0und j0n f0o to play jin kazama's character, he's awes0me, i also give c0mpliment on hir hairstyle, n0w im starting to change my hairstyle and making it like the same hairstyle of j0n f00 in this m0vie. Great j0b f0o!
posted by Elena on Jan 28, 2011
You super boy)))
posted by Mariie on Jan 25, 2011
I love the movie, you are magnificent Jon Foo !!
posted by asad Muhammad on Jan 22, 2011
buddies..i need some close photos of JIN KAZAMA to show to my Hairs styler to cut my hair like that......
posted by Karen07 on Jan 01, 2011
That was amazing movie is there any part 2? I love JIN KAZAMA as you...
posted by Shanz on Dec 31, 2010
simply awsome yar .... my friend told me i am looks like u totally !...
posted by lol on Nov 29, 2010
true it was a massive bomb that blew yun all to pieces
posted by rhose on Nov 24, 2010
ur such a nice person..ur so hot.i love ur hair
posted by abby on Nov 22, 2010
john foo.. hope to meet u... i love u so much.. ur so yummy :)
posted by yuannn on Nov 21, 2010
posted by ali on Nov 15, 2010
john foo ... you have a superb figure ,espicially ur abs and wings are awsome dear.. keep it up ... u hit like a star... i wanna friendship with u .. call me 00923002418128
posted by chikanajonfoo on Nov 09, 2010
i admire with you very much
posted by storm on Oct 28, 2010
jon foo,,..ur so hot and yummy!!!u turn me on w/ ur stunts!!ur cute and gorgeous..,and at the same time ur good on kicking but...whoa..that's the man!!ur all rolled into one!!!1
posted by ace vhergel l. mendo on Oct 22, 2010
hi jin im ace im idol you bye
posted by AHMAD WASI\' on Oct 20, 2010
J like it.... J loves...... it will agreat movie TEKKEN.. <3 <3 <3
posted by Dian on Oct 17, 2010
John foo..... WoouwW.....
posted by redsilence on Oct 13, 2010
i really admire you.
posted by rhonagie on Sep 24, 2010
!,woh!,gling muh 22o bah yun!,
posted by maria gasya on Sep 24, 2010
i love youre movie tekken is there a part 2?
posted by fam on Sep 20, 2010
where do i find that flaming hood which jon foo wore in the movie tekken
posted by on Sep 18, 2010
hello .. man i have watch the movie and your so cool .. haha
posted by kamran on Sep 16, 2010
awsm hairstyle n personality nycc
posted by Hikari on Sep 13, 2010
I am Hikari San, I am a TEKKEN. (assuming..!!!) i love u John Foo... one of your fans..(ngk..jajaja..)Advanced Merry
posted by Lonely_River on Sep 13, 2010
Hi, your cute..i like your hairstyle.. kahit bangas na mukha mo your still "kawai". ganbatte...
posted by NICS KAZAMA on Sep 12, 2010
jin is cool!,you are gwapo and you are so fantastk and your very good hairstyle I LOVE YOU
posted by johann on Sep 11, 2010
anata ha totemo kawaii desu ^^
posted by kimlove097 on Sep 11, 2010 so in love w/you jin kazama!you drive ne crazy!!
posted by jinjin on Sep 08, 2010
i love you so so much ur so cute lyk me
posted by JON FOO on Sep 04, 2010
hehe IM YOUR NO. FAN IDOL!!! ^^
posted by jin on Sep 03, 2010
nice the look of jin but not the height haha
posted by b-boy n.o.t on Sep 01, 2010
i love tekken.
posted by edward scatter on Aug 29, 2010
iwant his autograph
posted by syahirah on Aug 20, 2010
jon foo you soo cute i love you
posted by aze on Aug 19, 2010
i love john much..:) he can make all girls inlove with him:) i like the movie TEKKEN:)
posted by rhiza on Aug 18, 2010
hi jon foo your so cute as jin kazama and your hairstyle.
posted by Jay Kazama on Aug 18, 2010
Fantastic Movie,,,,,! Jin Kazama so Cool,,,!!
posted by sayaka on Aug 14, 2010
I love tekken game , and the movie love it :) . Tekken is my fave :)
posted by agev kazama on Jun 15, 2010
kerennn bangetttttttt ..
posted by chander on May 10, 2010
It will be a great movie
posted by dada on Nov 06, 2009
jun's dead actually right?
posted by Ayesha on Oct 25, 2009
wow he is look like Jin Kazama. he is handsome too. Can't wait to watch the movie
posted by normad on Sep 03, 2009
though the face is there,would have loved to see jin's signature hairstyle!
posted by carnagekidd on May 30, 2009
man i read dat jun kazama in da movie woz assasinated rather dan been killed by orger wtf

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