Joanna Pacitti Disqualified From 'American Idol' Top 36

February 12, 2009 08:27:59 GMT

Joanna Pacitti, the contestant who has been in the showbiz since her childhood, will not continue her journey in 'American Idol' due to disqualification.

Joanna Pacitti
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Following protests from viewers and bloggers on the inclusion of 23-year-old Joanna Pacitti into "American Idol", new report surfaces that the contestant has actually been disqualified. Right after the telecast that reveal the Top 36 where Joanna is admitted, FOX announce that the Philadelphia native is "ineligible".

It became a controversy last month when Pacitti was handed a golden ticket to Hollywood despite the fact that she has performed more than a hundred times as the titular character of "Annie" in Broadway when she was 11. She was even signed to A&M Records and her vocal has appeared in several soundtracks to big screen movies.

Landing a verdict to this issue, FOX have decided to pull the string on her participation. "It has been determined that Joanna Pacitti is ineligible to continue in the competition," the network announced approximately half an hour after the Wednesday telecast. Missing one leg, the Top 36 admit 26-year-old wife and mother Felicia Barton who hardly had camera moment in the audition rounds.

No specific reason was thrown out for the ineligibility of Pacitti. To find out the other 35 contestants click here.

Previously, judge Kara DioGuardi defended the inclusion of Pacitti saying, "I do think it's fair because she's facing the same challenges and in some ways more challenges than some of the other contestants."

Update: Pacitti did not perform "Annie" on Broadway. Instead, she played title role during a national tour, but was replaced by an understudy weeks before the revival was to hit Broadway in 1997.


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posted by lachneymylady on Mar 05, 2009
I don't think Del Toro if good enough for the top It is stupid to have some one in there that is so dramatic.. of course they all want another chance. Her though is making a circus of the show. She is to dramatic. But also they have others much more deserving
posted by Lorratte on Feb 23, 2009
American is fun
posted by Amrican idol on Feb 23, 2009
are want to the next American idol
posted by rickyv on Feb 18, 2009
Some of you idiots forget the most important part is finding the next american idol, not ooh him again. If not why not let has- beens like michael jackson try out!!
posted by rodh on Feb 16, 2009
yet another ugly faux pas by AI producers...instead of going for actually talented people they are also going for laughs i.e. Tatiana & Nick thereby sending home people like Jamer (Jamar?)..
posted by igetit on Feb 13, 2009
Hey! HEY! HEY!!! HEEEEYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Newsflash! The above article has been proved FALSE! It was not for a "previous recor deal or any OTHER "previous professional music experience" that she was disqualified - as that is NOT against the rules. It was due to a personal relationship with execs from the show! GET THE FACTSD STRAIGHT! And to those of you saying "she already had a chance and shouldn't have another" are idiots!
posted by igetit on Feb 13, 2009
"f they've had their chance before, they should be out." Then I guess anyone who's been laid off from a job should not be allowed to attend job fairs or go to job interviews since they also "had their chance". "Awp! Sorry, you already had your chance at having a job. We need to give those who haven't had a turn their chance at a job. To the unemployed gutter with you". Look, again, this is not why she was DQ'd. She actually WAS DQ'd for a legitimate reason but it has NOTHING to do with past success and to insinuate that a past success should be a reason to DQ some from the show os about as stupid as saying someone who's lost a job should not be allowed to find another one. Look, she was let go for inappropriate ties to execs within the show. THATS IT!
posted by JowBow on Feb 13, 2009
If they've had their chance before, they should be out. How many chances does one person deserve?! If she hasn't made it so far with the opportunities presented to her the likelihood is that she never will. They made the right choice and AI would be wise to include a clause stating that if you've had deals in the past don't bother applying. Idol should be a place for new and fresh talent, simple as. However, cutting that stupid screaming girl and the sobbing fool with the red pants would've also been a bright move, but I guess you can't have everything.
posted by oddball217 on Feb 12, 2009
There is nothing legit about Idol. When they pass through Del Toro and that dumbshit Nick, then that tells me the judges have their heads up their asses. The black kid from Kansas City got SCREWED big time. This show is a joke. I'll never watch it again. Besides, as the pattern goes, either black chick or a blond bimbo will win it this year.
posted by Give me a break on Feb 12, 2009
Carly had a record deal in the past, as did Krist Lee Cook. And where in the rulebook does it say that you can't have broadway (or broadway-like) experience in the past? What about Adam Lambert then? Anybody know that Boskovitch had a song on the Little Mermaid 2 soundtrack too? The only reason that is good enough that she got disqualified is b/c she supposedly had some connections to 19e, and that's the only reason I can see as being valid at all.
posted by Maschu on Feb 12, 2009
I am glad they disqualified her. She is very cute, certainly determined, but she's had her chances (more than one), and I want AI to be about people who have NOT had big deals with millions thrown behind their promotion. I want this to be purely amateur, ideally. Pacitti should keep at it and maybe all those connections she has will eventually pay off. But I think this was the right decision. (Throwing out Jamar was a bad decision, though. And Tatiana makes my skin crawl.)
posted by MJS09 on Feb 12, 2009
Wasn't she the one who couldn't remember lyrics to save her life?
posted by Rose on Feb 12, 2009
Carly should have been disqualified last year... same situation. Moe why should she have the opportunity over others? She has already had songs on soundtracks, go look it up.
posted by whatever on Feb 12, 2009
That is such BS. She should not have been disqualified. I was actually enjoying this season until now.Not to mention that she wasn't the only "professional" in this seasons Top 36. First they dump Jamar, but pass Tatiana and Nick/Norman (I like the guy, but come on) and now they drop Pacitti. Wow, thanks for screwing up Season 8, Fox...
posted by wakeup on Feb 12, 2009
oh, no. no. no. that's can't happen. she's one of the best in the competition. Plus.. honestly? i've never really heard of her prior to idol. SHE HAS TO BE IN SEASON 8
posted by Jusstess on Feb 12, 2009
A&M recording deal does not mean that you went unoticed. She has talent but is out of luck when it comes to this venue. The over-the-top vocalist named Vaungh is all over the net and has also appeared on The View etc. He should be the next to be disqualified.
posted by rubirub on Feb 12, 2009
She should be in the show. It's one of the most talented contestans...
posted by stanicmo on Feb 12, 2009
She was never on Broadway. She performed over 100 times on the pre-Broadway National Tour. She was let go under shady circumstances two weeks before the show got to Broadway (sound familiar?) This girl has gotten the raw deal more times than not in her life and I for one feel terrible that once again, she got so close and then for not a reason of talent, is not allowed to continue. But please modify your article.
posted by american idol lover on Feb 12, 2009
its totally unfair!!! whoever makes the rules, you should change the rules from the beginning, NOT in the middle of the show!!! joanna had to stand for ages to get the golden ticket, had to practice and dint have enough sleep to get through the hollywood weeks, now you cut her off???!!!
posted by so on Feb 12, 2009
You people have got to be kidding me. I am sure you have heard songs from this woman, she did a song on the Legally Blond soundtrack, and it was one of the memorable ones. Just google "Watch me shine" and listen to the song...I am sure most people have heard it. Besides, it says she has connections with the production company of Idol, that is why she was disqualified. Also, if your family member or you yourself were on the show, you would not want her on there.
posted by dd on Feb 12, 2009
Idiots. Total idiots. What the hell were they thinking disqualifying one of the most talented females in the competition?
posted by midget2 on Feb 12, 2009
I don't even know what to say....The process is a joke, Joanna pick yourself up and continue; I can't imagine how hard this must be for you. Have the confidence in yourself and keep knocking on doors. You will get a break one day. Just don't give up.
posted by moe on Feb 12, 2009
So much for the American Dream. This is discrimination. Isn't American Idol a venue for singers? Who cares if this girl had other opportunities. Idol is just another opportunity. Idol producers should be ashamed.

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