Preview of 'Fringe' 1.15: Inner Child

Preview of 'Fringe' 1.15: Inner Child

'Fringe' will take on a long hiatus before bombarding viewers with seven episodes in a row.

"Fringe" wraps it up with shocking truths on Tuesday, February 10. Mr. Jones escaped through blown hospital wall, Olivia was revealed as a potential experiment for a drug as a child and Walter Bishop turns out to be the author of ZFT manuscript.

The show will not return on screen for another month. It takes a long hiatus to prepare for its seven remaining episodes. The first one that airs in April will reportedly be called "Inner Child" and it will be followed by six others simultaneously.

Co-creator Roberto Orci recently hinted on the relationship between Olivia and Massive Dynamic. He explained cryptically, "Do you have any pictures of yourself as a child? Do you have maybe a picture of yourself with a Mickey Mouse hat? That's a corporate symbol. If you looked at a picture from your childhood you might find that you were tied to a corporation from before you could even walk or talk."



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