Third Winchester Brother in 'Supernatural' Cast

February 09, 2009 08:41:08 GMT

Writers of 'Supernatural' decide to make John Winchester bearing a child from one of his ghost hunting adventures.

Third Winchester Brother in 'Supernatural' Cast
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The news of a third Winchester brother in "Supernatural" had spread early January this year and it apparently is coming true. TV Guide is reporting that an actor has been cast to be the brother of Sam and Dean who will appear in the April 23 episode.

Jake Abel, who has played small roles in "CSI: Miami" and "Cold Case", will play John's secret child, Adam Milligan. John reportedly owns the child through one of his wild adventures while hunting for the demons. Sam and Dean will discover about him in the episode titled "Jump the Shark".

A scoop from E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos last week revealed that the boys will help an "upstanding" Adam who has made an "unexpected and sharp left turn in life".


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posted by jeoff on Jan 17, 2011
The best show ever, about the 3rd bro, i think the writer is just thinking outsidethe box. Why not give it a try right? MORE POWER GUYS!!!!!!!!!!
posted by LOLPWN on Nov 19, 2009
He dies anyways xD
posted by TheMrsdean wincheste on May 20, 2009
well at least he's cute, now theres three boys who is on my The hot list
posted by WTF? on May 06, 2009
this better be one of those things where they think its their brother but it isnt....actually thats probs what it is....i dont like this......or his name....sam and dean...good.....adam....bad
posted by beck!!!!! :) on May 06, 2009
omg i dont like this one bit i do like the dean and sam chemistry and i wouldnt like to think that john...who was sooooo obsessed with mary's death in the first place could find luv.....he seems like that is all he cares dosnt see his brothers for almost a year or talk to them....but he can have a flusy with some chick....i dont like it
posted by DeanDeanDean! on Apr 23, 2009
Im not tooo against the idea... i mean yeah sam wont be the youngest =( and its wierd to think john had another son and everything and yeah, i LOVE the sam and dean, dean and sam balance. BUT it seems kinda interesting... i saw that preview thing and IF he does stick around and becomes kinda a regular, i think its gonna be pretty HILARIOUS to see how dean and sam are around him... So personally, i wanna see how it turns out =D. i hope HOPE this doesnt ruin spn like the replacement of ruby almost did *which i kinda thought was much much worse*
posted by David on Apr 18, 2009
okay so i'm not exactly against the third brother idea. but i'm not too keen on him tagging along with them in like every ep. he should just be a recurring person in very few eps. sam/dean dont need a lil teeny-bopper following them around on their monster missions. but, i think it should still be a pretty good ep. aslong as he aint over-used. oh and MADPOE: adding a sister did not ruin buffy the vampire slayer. Dawn was a kickass character. also: the new bro is pretty cute
posted by Bex on Apr 12, 2009
Yes, so he is their brother... so what? It's not like he can just abandon his life and suddenly start tagging along with them. I doubt we will suddenly start seeing a teen head pop up from the back seat of Dean's car any time soon. And even if they did... can you imagine what Sam and Dean would be like with him? lol... would be interesting to watch. Don't judge it untill you've seen the episode.
posted by iola on Apr 05, 2009
i am so NOT liking this idea. why?? why?? why bring another brother from another mother on the show? i think this is not going to be in favor with a lot of viewers... wrong step, i guess.
posted by UsedToLoveSupernatur on Apr 05, 2009
Well OK Supernatural is ruined for me now. Adding a stupid third brother is just dumb and it is totally gonna ruin the wonderful chemistry that Dean and Sam have. Not to mention where is he goning to sit in the car? It may sound like a weird thing to be worked up over but I can't get past how stupid it is going to look having that little troll sitting in the back seat. This aggravates me so much this used to be my favourite show but if that little twerp is in more than one episode I don't think I will continue to watch it.
posted by Madpoe on Apr 03, 2009
so not liking the idea of a Dean & Sam having a brother! The balance between Dean & Sam is just fine without adding Adam. As if the Winchester brothers don't have enough on their plate. Didn't that ruin Buffy the vampire slayer by adding a sister to the mix?
posted by ilovedean on Mar 18, 2009
i think dean is totally hot
posted by snfan1 on Mar 09, 2009
There's nothing wrong with the actor and I hope it's a good episode, but I worry a third brother will take away from the Sam-Dean intensity that makes the show so I don't want him to stay. That said, his name starts with a J so he may very well be in it for the long haul! (Jensen, Jared, Jeffrey, Jim...)
posted by Laura on Mar 09, 2009
And so every one is mean with yet again anoither character.. but I have to agree that the core of the show is the relationship between Dean and Sam and adding another brother will totally send things out of balance
posted by supernatural rocks on Mar 07, 2009
They might do a thing though where he isnt really their brother like alternate stuff just to get close to them that would work dont ya think?
posted by awesomest person on Feb 27, 2009
This show doesnt get enough credit. This show is totally awesome and should win an award. This show is ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS EVER! EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH IT. It Will knock YOUR SOCKS OFF!!!!
posted by Carter on Feb 26, 2009
Sam and Dean, Dean and Sam it has always been that way and it should not change for a third brother who ever he is. The Winchester brothers are hot and this guy is not even close to being as hot as Sam and Dean. This isnt even close to being okay its wrong as hell. This is worse than replacing Ruby. He better not be in it for long.
posted by MASTER on Feb 26, 2009
The Winchester father looks better then this guy. Can't we keep it in the family and not mix in any ugliness? He WILL NOT fit in and Supernatural will lose many fans when this bogus guy steps in. First off how will they even come up with a story due to who his mother is? Who is the mother? I hope they kill this guy off by the hell hounds or he sells his soul and fast....Maybe in the first episode of his arrival. It was like making another Ruby....But worse. Much worse. Well anyway I'm done ranting. If I see him in an episode I'll just be nice and pretend he is just not there. Thanks guys for the AMAZING news! Better now then later.
posted by ha on Feb 26, 2009
This is a joke that is so not going to happen he's not even hot.All Winchesters are hot and hes not.
posted by chocoholic on Feb 16, 2009
he is hot but I don't think he should stay on the show
posted by un happy supernatura on Feb 16, 2009
there cannot be another brother, supernatural is all sam and dean and this "adam" is not even hot
posted by iluvjared on Feb 16, 2009
there cant be another brother on supernatural thats just not right

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