Preview of 'Brothers and Sisters' 3.15: Lost and Found

Preview of 'Brothers and Sisters' 3.15: Lost and Found

Ryan will be exposed to his long-lost family when Nora finally gives in to him, in the next 'Brothers and Sisters'.

The new brother is introduced to the Walker family in the next episode of "Brothers & Sisters". Nora decides that it is time for her to connect in-person with Ryan, the secret love-child of her husband William. Luke Grimes guest stars as Ryan Lafferty.

Also in the episode called "Lost and Found", Rebecca disappears to find her father in New York, and Tommy's plan to get regain control over Ojai Foods hits a major road block when Holly finds out what he's up to. Kitty finds out someone killed her interview with Times Magazine.

Rumor has it, Tommy will fail in taking over Ojai and no other members from the family will step in to replace him. This has to do with the reports about Balthazar Getty's shift from the show's regulars to recurring cast. Getty will officially leave the show in April but the producers hope that he will make guest starring appearances in the fourth season.

On other news, the show is inviting viewers to log on to to find a question and answer footage presenting Rob Lowe.




    Mar 22, 2009

    That being said, I cannot believe the real life accent that Matthew Rhys (Kevin Walker) has. It is like a completely different person when he speaks from the character he plays, just by his voice alone. That is so freaky. I know many "foreign" actors who work using American accents as it were, but when they return to their "normal" speaking voices they do not automatically stray far from their own internal dynamic, personality, etc. Examples - Nicole Kidman, Joely Richardson, Rachel blows my mind. And what a thick accent. It makes him more intriguing than ever. I think Kevin should be given more in-depth and central story lines and they should not revolve so much around his sexuality but around his values and value system and the challenging of it. Things like that...I love Brothers & Sisters. I wait every week with my tongue hanging out as it were just to watch it! RIGHT ON!

    Mar 22, 2009

    I am confused as to why B. Getty (Tommy) is being written out of the show so to speak. He is being punished for "gaffs" in his private life. Seems rather harsh to me. Private and public are supposed to be separate issues and never the twain shall meet, unless by "tragic" or unplanned "accident" as it were. I hear conflicting reports of why he is being "punished" as it were. If it's something he did ala Isiah Washington on Grey's Anatomy (Preston Burke) then perhaps his being sent packing is warranted. But from what I heard it seems like his own personal business, no matter of the producers or those connected with Brothers & Sisters and he should not be as I said punished for it. What gives?

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