'Slumdog Millionaire' Star Dev Patel Comments on 'The Last Airbender' Role

Dev Patel

Talking about his newly-obtained role as Zuko in 'The Last Airbender', Dev Patel compares Zuko and Jamal Malik of 'Slumdog Millionaire' and insists that he doesn't 'kick out' Jesse McCartney.

Having been signed to replace Jesse McCartney in "The Last Airbender", Dev Patel sits down with MTV to talk about the project from his role as Zuko to him taking over McCartney's part. "I play a character called Zuko who is the Prince of the Fire Nation," he starts off explaining about his character, "and it's good because it's a dark role."

"I'm not playing the hero, whereas in 'Slumdog' it was real character acting and performance-oriented," the star of "Slumdog Millionaire" then continues, pointing on the difference between Zuko and Jamal Malik. "This is [as well], but it's much more physical, with martial arts. I'm learning on the job, so this is a great new experience for me."

When asked by MTV whether he had "kicked out" McCartney, he is quick to answer, "I didn't. I came on very late, so I didn't hear about the Jesse McCartney thing. In all honesty, I swear." On the occasion, he also reveals that he is very excited to work with "Twilight" actor, Jackson Rathbone, though hasn't met him yet, saying "No, I haven't [met Rathbone yet] because I've been so busy with the press on ['Slumdog']. I'm going to hopefully get down to the training for the martial-arts stuff after this. It's a quick turnaround."

A live-action film version of Nickelodeon's animated series of the same name, "The Last Airbender" reportedly is planned to be the first of a three-picture story arc. Directed, produced and penned by "The Sixth Sense" helmer/writer M. Night Shyamalan, it will see Noah Ringer starring as Aang, Dev Patel as Zuko, Nicola Peltz as Katara, Jackson Rathbone as Sokka and Jessica Jade Andres as Suki. Slated for July 2, 2010 release in the U.S., the production is expected to begin in mid-March in Greenland.

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    sweet 18
    Feb 13, 2011

    oh my..Devi Patel you are amazing! :X

    Mar 22, 2010

    m.n shyamalan is a freak and he made a freak actor in his movie.. nothing special

    Jul 07, 2009

    I don't know why everyone is getting so upset about this guy playing Zuko. The movie is a live action portrayal of a cartoon. So what if he doesn't look exactly like Zuko. If all of you "Zuko fangirls" out there really cared about him, you would at least give the actor a chance before totally bashing him. Its not about appearences, its how he does the job onscreen. Also before you bash Shamalan, he is just as big a fan of the show as most of you out there. He loyally watches with his family and wanted to do this movie because he saw the show as a real work of art, and the creators, Mike and Brian, are behind him 100%. If they didn't support his decisions for the movie, they would say so. I'm a huge fan of Avatar, and i want the movie to be a wonderful experience, too. But, as fans, we have to be a little compromising. If thats not good enough, just remember... it can't be any worse than the story's portralal in the episode "Ember Island Players" XD

    cool down
    Jul 03, 2009

    ok, I am pretty happy about this choice. I don't get why people are so mad about him being Indian! I mean the Fire Nation is like a volcano island with lots and lots of heat, and it would make more sense if the Fire Nation people were tan, because of the heat!! And the word "Agni Kai" is translated as, "Fire Duel" in Hindu, and "Agni Kai" is part of the Fire Nation.... soooo, I like this choice actually.

    Jun 24, 2009

    Dev can go eat a dick. so can m. night; he prolly hooked dev up with this role. what a doucher. they should've kept dante basco as zuko. i went to go see transformers 2 and i was really pumped for this movie until i found out the dev patel asshole fukin ruined the whole damm movie for me. shyamalan needs to b hung by his balls and beaten over the head with bats. screw him; screw the movie. they should've gotten the same ppl who made crouching tiger hidden dragon cast and direct this film; and also fuck nickelodeon for letting this happen u push over bastards. i outta kik dev right in the nose

    Jun 23, 2009

    Dev will be great. Try to have an imagination. Just because his skin is darker doesn't mean he'll make a bad zuko. It is the internal character that needs to be portrayed, not the external.

    james bond fan
    May 03, 2009

    you will be new james bond in bond 23

    May 02, 2009

    i wish jesse was zuko, he is so hot and dev is not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

    dev sucks
    Apr 24, 2009

    why is he gonns be him hes not even white zuko was thats sum bull shit i hopr noongoes to see it now zuko is the best character and they just fucking ruined it like assholes fuck idk y they couldnt of just kept it anime anyway

    dev blows
    Apr 24, 2009

    mother fucker hell no he sucks

    Dev lover
    Mar 31, 2009

    i think that dev patel is a great actor and i love zuko so would love to see him play zuko.

    Feb 28, 2009

    Feb 28, 2009

    Feb 27, 2009

    As a person who enjoys good acting... I'm OK with Dev in Avatar. As a Zuko fangirl..... I'm hurt to the very core of my being. If Shyamalan doesn't fix this, he may be chased down by an angry mob of fangirls. With me at the front.

    Feb 21, 2009

    it was the fabulous theme based movie but some odd things have been justified out about india and Indian slums. The movie theme was fantastic but some ridiculous environment had been presented in the movie. but also it was very much good.

    Feb 16, 2009

    i agree with dogg. i'm indian myself and consider Dev Patel a good actor. i'd love to see him in the cast of The Last Airbender but he doesn't look like Zuko. He'd make a much better Sokka like you said. I think they just casted him as Zuko because of his martial arts bg. ...well let's juts hope he does Zuko justice or fangirls will go crazy

    Feb 08, 2009

    you can't get a indian to play zuko! he may be a good actor but no way do I think he suits that role! He suits the role of sokka more because of his dark skin and goofy smile as well as his height and build. On the posotive side he is a good actor uch better than I can say for the rest of the cast of this movie.The directors really should put him as sokka he will be great. note:- hope I didn't appear racist,indians are fine its just their skin is too brown for them to be impersonating japanesy, chinesy people

    Edwin Dizon
    Feb 08, 2009

    i was outa breath..
    Feb 07, 2009

    i was the beat movie i have ever sen . The music , the central story was all fabulous.All the actors were fab.

    Feb 05, 2009

    Dev Patel - actor of slumdog millionare went on Tonight show with Jay Leno and mentioned Gujarat a village - someone needs to correct him that Gujarat is today the most advanced State of India having over 500 billion US Dollars investments from International companies.

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