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February 03, 2009 09:28:06 GMT

Interscope Records have opened an audition to seek a girl to fill Ariel Moore's shoes.

Clique Girlz
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Following Ariel Moore's withdrawal from Clique Girlz, Interscope Records are seeking a new member to replace her. Audition has been opened since January 31 at Center Staging - Studio 3 3407 Winona Ave. Burbank, CA 91504.

Contestants are required to sing the National Anthem (acapella), a pop song and a ballad to track. Those, who make it to the next level, must be willing to relocate to Los Angeles, CA at their own expense, so the casting call claims.

Ariel Moore previously confirmed to have left Clique Girlz due to "a very personal reason." Rumor swirling in the media says that she has a fight with the other members Destinee Monroe and Paris Monroe. Up to date, there is no statement from both Ariel and the band's camps regarding the rumor.

When Ariel was still in the band, Clique Girlz have released one studio album called "Incredible" in August 2008. And as for now, they still have two upcoming shows on their belt. They are scheduled to perform at Colorado Convention Center on February 28 and sing at Tacoma Convention & Trade Center on March 21.


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posted by Paris monroe on Dec 03, 2009
Hey guys.Its paris.I just wanted to tell you guys that auditions will be now held in Richmond,Virginia.So,if you can make it good luck! Sincerely, Paris
posted by Davina~ on Nov 29, 2009
i wanna audition because i love love to sing!!!!!please let me in!!!!
posted by meemee stics on Oct 16, 2009
chaa im 15 and i wanna audtion im like really good at singing..and i live in moosefactory!
posted by davina sack on Sep 09, 2009
i wanna audition but im in moose factory and i love too sing<<.>>=).....please paris and destinee!!??!!
posted by Isabella on Jun 24, 2009
i cannawt believe ariel is leaving. That's terrible! Their an awesome symphonizing harmnony and no one can possibly completely replace Ariel from their amazing pop-singing group. Not even an amazing singer. Original members are always remembered--no matter how talented, goregous or rich the replacment is. But I wish luck to the replacment whole-heartly.
posted by savannah on May 07, 2009
thats so stupid of the clique girlz excluding ariel i wish they didnt why did you girls do such a thing plz bring her back and you will have more fans
posted by Schyler(: on Apr 03, 2009
Hello. Personally, I think they should of treated ariel better! I mean, she never had a solo in the songs, and was barely seen in the videos. Destinee and Paris are very good singers, but they shouldn't of had auditons so quickly. I bet ariel felt really sad. And, I think Destinee and Paris get more star time because her there mom is the manager. But I'm not judging. Sara is a good singer, but its gonna take me some time to get used to her. I love you Clique Girlz! And come and visit nashville! I know ALOT of people who would loveee to hear ya'll(: Thanks, bye!
posted by jackie23 on Mar 23, 2009
hey cliquefreak, thats great about trying out I really hope you succeed but this is tryouts for the clique girlz BAND and not the movie. its not the massie, claire alicia dylan kristen group. its destinee paris and ariel who has just been replaced by sara diamond (my friend!)
posted by hande on Mar 07, 2009
arieli çok seviyodum ama o gruptan ç&#305;kt&#305; çok üzgünüm ama arieli çok seviyorum saray&#305; pek be&#287;enmedim gruba yak&#305;&#351;mad&#305; pak ariel tekar gruba gelsin lütfen
posted by mivey11113 on Feb 25, 2009
i just met them yesterday. The new girl was really nice. Her name was Sara. SHe has brown har so they all arent blondes now. But she i s so funny but a little bit shy. Give her a break.
posted by koolz on Feb 24, 2009
It's sad that Ariel left! But if she was really their friend then why would they want to rplace her so quicky
posted by nax on Feb 21, 2009
i think ariel leaving is sad but has a right to leave but destinee and paris are giving her no respect holding auditions to replace her! and the girl replacing her sounds like dirt. so they probably have a horible singer to make them sound better but it will take them back to stage one.
posted by cristal on Feb 17, 2009
will there be anymore auditions to be in the group? and if so where do i need to go?
posted by cliquefreak! on Feb 15, 2009
Hey me again jus going to say this again in case i wasn't spcific enough. I want to try out for the "second" Clique movie nt the singing thing, so I really hope you guys can help me cause I've been surfing the web for over an hour looking for advice, but i keep getting "How to try out for the first movie." It may jus need to be updated but, plz plz plz PLZ!! help me!! Thx lots of luv to the Clique fans!!
posted by cliquefreak! on Feb 15, 2009
Ehmagawd!! that is sooo nt cool what will the second movie be lk wiout her?! Anyway does anyone know how toaudition for the clique because there are new charaters and i totaly want to try out for the movie!! Post a comment soon!! thx!
posted by newstar on Feb 12, 2009
I am so auditioning!
posted by mimi on Feb 10, 2009
i wanna auditons!
posted by bre on Feb 08, 2009
i can't believe ariel left I just foung out today *sad*
posted by kaycaep on Feb 03, 2009
wow I think it is sad she is leaving. Paris and Destinne keep singing because u are really good at it. And though u guys are going to have a new member no one can replace ariel. But still good luck.

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