Rihanna and Chris Brown Rumored to Have Split Up

February 03, 2009 09:24:05 GMT

Rumor has it, Rihanna and Chris Brown have split up, judging from the fact that they are rarely seen together recently.

Rihanna and Chris Brown Rumored to Have Split Up
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Rumors are mounting all over the web that Rihanna and Chris Brown have broken up. MediaTakeOut claims in a report on its site that the lovers "have decided to take a break."

Providing evidence that the split rumors maybe true, the site cites one of its insiders as claiming, "things have been testy for the couple for a few months." The insider explains further, "Chris accompanied Rihanna on her tour for months and Rihanna did the same for Chris. And while Rihanna was very well compensated for her performing, Chris [wasn't]."

Besides, it is also said that Chris has been spotted partying in Europe over the weekend, whereas Rihanna was in Orlando enjoying the Super Bowl festivities. Chris' absence from Rihanna's side despite the fact that his concert in the nation already ended on Thursday, January 29, adds fuel to the not-yet-confirmed separation rumors.


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posted by may on Nov 12, 2009
chris brown do you still love that slapped girl rihanna. you can't do that because you are good boy don't get back with rihanna she is slapped. we love you chris brown
posted by briana on May 27, 2009
do not going out with hem
posted by JENNA AND ANUJA on Feb 28, 2009
posted by i*love*chris on Feb 19, 2009
chris diserves better... rihanna is just some over protective sicco bitch..and he was sick and tired of her bull shitt..
posted by Solange on Feb 12, 2009
u all r jealous so jst get on with yr lifes nd leven chris and rihanna to sore things out for there self.yeh bf nd gf have argments nd they jst get back together so maybe they will get back togther cuz they were a lovly couple the last time i sore them. and he gose to church thnx who ever said dat he never. so jst leven me bro alone and rihanna.get a life. and the people who thinks dat rihanna is uly luk at yr self before talking about others ok. maybe u should go to church and be happy for them. so grow up and stop actin ur shoe size.i hope u lot read dis who think dat rihanna and chris shoulnt grt back together cuz u get me to anwer back ok. they will get back togther i will make should of dat frm chris brown's sister solange
posted by kintia on Feb 12, 2009
good u had to do that a long lime ago
posted by Gerry on Feb 11, 2009
well is that what you think than fine with me.
posted by ema on Feb 11, 2009
well ok im just gonna listen to her song unfaithful cause it does describe what really happen in there place.thank you ; )
posted by Gerry on Feb 11, 2009
that not true ema maybe she didn't want him to know.about what went pass in those know so i think he should go to church and i hope he ask god forgiveness.std might mistup his tranny moves.and it could gonn badly.i don't know, that what i think!
posted by ema on Feb 11, 2009
WHAT!ok hold on gerry listen she did take away his life and now the really come that what i think1 ok.
posted by Gerry on Feb 11, 2009
ema what are you going with this.she didn't take away his mean no is not like that. if your talking about std she had gave him.he still liveing and he alive ok try understand.
posted by Ema on Feb 11, 2009
ok guyz here im gonna to say when i here rihanna sing that song called unfaithful.if im spelling right,this song just come true when she say i don't wanna to hurt him anymore.i don't wanna take away his life.and she aready did.
posted by ema on Feb 11, 2009
guess what new today rihanna gave chris brown was a shocking.
posted by priya on Feb 11, 2009
rihanna gurl u do wat u got do but my advice to u is to stay away from chris cuz alot of people really like you and i dont think that they want any thing to happen to you
posted by Infois on Feb 10, 2009
If you are sad about Chris Brown just say out loud now Jesus I believe and I receive you in my heart please heal me for more help please visit
posted by Kitten on Feb 09, 2009
I hope Chris Brown and Rihanna will be able to make up. I noticed that Rihann has been really obsessive over him latelt. You have to give a man his space.She shoos away his female fans when they try to meet him, she can't do that.his fans are the reason why he is where he is today.rihanna needed to stop being so damned possessive.she has to be with him 24/7.abscence makes the heart grow fonder.i think she was too hard on him and hopefully they can work things out. God Bless them.
posted by KITTEN on Feb 09, 2009
I hope Chris
posted by heavy on Feb 09, 2009
you jealous bitches leave the people alone and go get a life,you hood rats,chicken heads
posted by why does it matter? on Feb 09, 2009
really why does it matter? it's their life, let them live it they way they want. it makes me laugh when people say finally! rihanna back off he's mine blah blah blah ... get real you're probably never going to get to meet him anyways. plus it's probably just a rumor, false evidence, just like everything else, untill you actually hear that they're broken up come out from one another's mouths, don't beleive it.
posted by mookie on Feb 08, 2009
First off... rihannas not rich shes actually broke if yu havent heard and its not jealousy ppl just lke him alot plus he lird to his fans anyway i agree on the other stuff yu said though!!!
posted by angel on Feb 07, 2009
no way they finished, ders no evidence so dnt believe it. girls u need to get over the chris n rihanna ting cuz u never gonna go out wit him so get over it. n stp tlkin bout rihanna u jus jealous cuz she's rich n famous which u dnt have. n she's got chris brown something else u dnt. GET OVER IT. the two of them are attractive young famous ppl leave them mke them enjoy life together r apart.
posted by twipri on Feb 07, 2009
who cares!? Let them ....its not our business!!
posted by truthhurts on Feb 07, 2009
Just look @the evidence. Oh my bad, there is none. We know how the paparazzi is, so where are the pics of them together since his return to the U.S. THERE AINT NONE! They've been spotted apart but we'll see closer to the grammys. (That pic on uchris don't mean niothing cuz a football game on the Tv in the bakground. That cuda been any given Sunday that ic was taken)
posted by waterparkgirl on Feb 06, 2009
I saw them together on Monday Night at Gordan Ramsey's Restaurant at the London Hotel in West Hollywood...and We were behind them when we left and went to valet to get our car...I think the split is just a rumor
posted by joanne....x on Feb 06, 2009
Bapp ! rihanna and chris finaly split up !!.... chris u sexy fuk HOLLA !
posted by c on Feb 06, 2009
I think maybe she should break up with him since he was unfaithful to her with two swedish girls after the concert in Stockholm two weeks ago.
posted by E\'MOUP on Feb 06, 2009
let kids b kids, let em b, let em get married nd split up, J-Lo has paved d way.......
posted by live n\' learn on Feb 06, 2009
BTW, Chris' tour ended Jan 31 in Dublin, not Jan 29.
posted by live \'n learn on Feb 06, 2009
I don't think they've split. It's just that they had fun for a few weeks over Christmast and then in Europe, she relaxed and followed him around while he toured. They partied and did their thing. Now, their back to the real world, with appearances and studio time. They don't work together all the time, which is good for both of them. She seems to like Chris' young goofiness and his ability to turn his grown man on when necessary, and he seems to like Rihanna's bold fashion and smoldering side as well as her ability to be silly and to turn on the little girl that let's his "type A" be the man. I hope they continue to have fun together. That can take then a long way.
posted by Ballin\' on Feb 05, 2009
So not true. Chris was just seen driving around in the red ferrari that HE bought Rihanna a couple of months ago.
posted by ... on Feb 05, 2009
They r not meant 4 each other I hope so !!
posted by SHAWN on Feb 05, 2009
posted by cocoa on Feb 05, 2009
chris is my man rhianna so stay away im dangerous
posted by SUSANA on Feb 05, 2009
you know wt shawn wt ever you spell your dum name!!! well you gt out of it too menzo cz its true wt im saying its better dat way cz chris is alllll my cousinz! kimmy aight aight!!!
posted by SUSANA on Feb 05, 2009
posted by kim on Feb 05, 2009
posted by Ashboo on Feb 05, 2009
I can care less if they break up...and care a lot if he with her big forehead tail...i rather for him to be with Cassy or Ciara. Chris, keep up the good work and keep your mind on God.
posted by EmmaJoanneWilliamson on Feb 04, 2009
WOOP! hola at me chris! aha!
posted by amber-deniz... on Feb 04, 2009
stay bif!Bry...chris 'n rih r a good very brilliant change my what???????chris 'n rih?blahhhhh oh noooo
posted by bry on Feb 04, 2009
yall where not a good couple
posted by SPAZ on Feb 04, 2009
posted by jkfklasjdlsa on Feb 03, 2009
they have not broken up.THE BIG REASON IS THAT HE DID HAVE A CONCERT ON THE 31ST of January..which dismisses the rumor that he stayed in Europe just to party which means he did NOT finished his tour on Thursday..his parents were also with there was the same rumor last year..
posted by kharisma on Feb 03, 2009
It's nobody's business! Let them be!
posted by YEHYEH on Feb 03, 2009
I think i isn't true because few months ago there was a same rumor.
posted by Lpauldo@yahoo .com on Feb 03, 2009
Haven't heard anything about that either. You know that rumors can get started evertwhere.They never did said they was couple anyway. So we'll see.
posted by Jay on Feb 03, 2009
Nah you see chris browns tour didnt finish until saturday 31st in dublin as i was at that concert ! i hope its not true they are cute together
posted by Brittany on Feb 03, 2009
i cant belive chrisbrown break up with rihanna. yea me
posted by No.Air on Feb 03, 2009
YAY I don't believe the first evidence but the second maybe..! Hope it's True!!
posted by No.Air on Feb 03, 2009
YAY I don't believe the first evidence but the second maybe..! Hope it's True!!
posted by LPizzle on Feb 03, 2009
SOO untrue!! media takeout just LOVES to pick on this couple! no wonder they hate talking about it, theyre pobably scared that more rumors would follow a phrase they said! leave them be, and if they wanna talk about there lives, let them talk about it when there ready!
posted by chris lover on Feb 03, 2009
chris brown is the hottest man ever to be born in virginia and this planet!!!!!!!!im so glad there over now i can take him ans chris brown if you ever need a shoulder to cry on im always here.
posted by phillyqt19 on Feb 03, 2009
aww damn, i was just trying 2 deal with the fact that they were 2gether...o well no need 2 cry over spilled milk, he can pic up a new glass over here-lmao :D
posted by simone on Feb 03, 2009
who cares
posted by lavondria on Feb 03, 2009
halla at me chris i hope you feel better i been liking u for 4 years now
posted by lavondria on Feb 03, 2009
i think that you guys where a not so good couple because rhianna was out with flrida yesterday write back at matthew gilbert in jacksonville
posted by grhfghng on Feb 03, 2009
wha a load of shit chris concert tour wasn over until last saturday i no cas it was in ireland nd every1 was going crazy! i loove chris nd i hope hez single again :D
posted by ntombifuthi zulu on Feb 03, 2009
It aint true these guys r engaged wht yall talkin abt they where meant for each other.

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