Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart 'Have a Very Special Bond'

February 03, 2009 07:22:28 GMT

Developing a "creative energy" while they were filming "Twilight," Robert Pattinson says he and Kristen Stewart "have a very special bond".

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart
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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart aren't lovers, but they "have a very special bond", thanks to the "creative energy" that they've developed during the filming of their hit vampire movie "Twilight". Playing on-screen lovers with Stewart, Pattinson has been cited as telling OK!, "I enjoyed the process of creating these characters with her. We would spend all night talking about our scenes and the next day we would defend out points of view."

Acting aside, Pattinson admits that personally he is attracted to Stewart. "Kristen is amazing, and your first impulse is to ask her for her phone number," so he openly admits. "But then I forced myself to remember that 90% of what you do on screen is acting and make things up."

Last year, Robert Pattinson told Seventeen magazine in an interview that he had a crush on Kristen Stewart and had no problem doing the kissing scenes with her. Both of them, in the meantime, are prepping themselves to reprise their roles in "Twilight" highly anticipated sequel, "New Moon."


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posted by whatever on Jun 12, 2009
i want to see new moon but i think in our country it will release late(in nepal)
posted by Mariah on Jun 05, 2009
The twilight premiere was great I had so much fun when I went. Robert was really hot that night. a kristen was really pretty I liked her dress. Cant wait for new moon to come out going to that premiere to in november. hey go check out the trail for new moon it is so amazing. all im goin to say is the break up scene will make u cry.stephanie did a great jod on the books i cant seem to put them down its like your in your wn little world.
posted by kalen on May 09, 2009
omg theyshould all go out! kristen and robert. kellan and nikki and ashley and jackson. but exspecially robert and kristen!!!!!! THEY WERE MADE 4 EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!!! but its their decision!
posted by Piper on Apr 20, 2009
I think that Kristen and Robert would make a really really REALLY good couple.They two belong together!!!!
posted by angelica on Apr 09, 2009
robert an kristen make really good couples
posted by millerrachel64@yahoo on Mar 28, 2009
i whant your number
posted by lil monkey on Mar 28, 2009
oh my god i love the movie and he look so hot edward he is really so all my sisters love Robert Pattinson they have a whole lots of poster of him and when ever they see the movie they jump up and down and start screaming and I LIKE ASHLEY GREENE SHE LOOK SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!
posted by Baby on Mar 28, 2009
they shoul go out when they were kissing in the movie that was that they were made for each other. I think if we stop taking about it and the romous stop it happen. i love you ROBERT
posted by My_GeGe on Mar 13, 2009
They are friends ,is not so bad whatever they are cute thogheter but i know they are just friend and if they are togheter or ..somthing like that is ok ..i want that so Reobert and Kristen Are friends:P
posted by isabelle on Mar 13, 2009
DATE PLEASEEE you belong to eachother... and Robert you cant quit the movie that just wouldnt be right....
posted by sugarticlehoney on Mar 11, 2009
people here who believe they love each other, is it because they said it, or that the movie was so good u believe it to be real. kirsten is stuck up and doesn't deserve robert. i hope those two never date
posted by LynnKnowsBest on Mar 11, 2009
Not sure if they will date but I think they will definately hook up. I heard that Kstew broke up with her BF in France. Looking forward to the onset hook ups in the next 3 films. Rob's loves the drink and Kstew loves to light up. Alcohol + Pot + Hot Guy + Hot Girl = Pure unadulturated chemical reactions. HAHA
posted by Lamb on Mar 02, 2009
RObert Pattinson looks like a HOBO!!!!!!!YAYAY But Kristen Current boyfriend looks like he could be her DAD!!! GROSS!!! kRISTEN go GET A REAL bOYFRIEND
posted by anon on Mar 01, 2009
Just because people "think" these 2 actors should be together doesn't mean it's a given that they will be. People need to let people live their lives and love who they choose for themselves. You can't force people to feel what you want them to feel. I wonder how people would feel if the tables were turned and other's were telling them who they should love.
posted by Hulu on Mar 01, 2009
He will date a Supermodel...i guess who wont?
posted by ASH<3EDWARD on Feb 26, 2009
i have to say im crazy about Rob/Edward and Kristen/Bella there so cute together and it would be alsome 4 like the end of time if they wint out and maybe even got marryed lol i love it=)
posted by Rayyan Ahmed on Feb 21, 2009
I think Robert pattinson and kristen stewart make a perfect couple.
posted by rayyan on Feb 21, 2009
Iwant to say it strait forward that Robert pattinson and Kristen stewart make a lovly couple
posted by Alice on Feb 19, 2009
A "committed relationship?" She's only 18 and she has been with this Michael for a couple of years, since around age 15 or 16. Sometimes young love persists into adulthood but not that often; usually they stay together because of their history together or because they simply don't want to hurt each other. However, "first love" is usually not "everlasting love."
posted by Dani on Feb 17, 2009
I think Robert should of been number 1 hottest guy in Hollywood. And if there was a most amazing and most beautiful girl in Hollywood i would choose Kristen. I think Kristen and Robert would make a great couple!!!
posted by Galpal on Feb 15, 2009
Me and my sister bet that by the end of Breaking Dawn Rob and Kris will be going out!!!!!!!!
posted by kelli on Feb 15, 2009
I really hope they go out they make such a cute couple and forget Micheal
posted by ashley on Feb 12, 2009
robert if u like kriten soooooooooo much then as her out.ur hot and really cute.and to be truful...uok like an amazing kisser!!!:)
posted by Logical on Feb 12, 2009
I think Meyers rambles on quite a bit in her books. Not to say I didn't enjoy them, but I definately skipped ahead often just to get to the point. As for Stephen King, he is one to talk, his crap is just as long and drawn out as Meyers stuff. Jesus people its a book and honestly Bella and Edward aren't real, these guys are actors and it was a job. Not an arranged marriage! lol seriously.
posted by isis on Feb 11, 2009
For heavens' sakes, grow up kids. They are characters in a film, that's now who or how they are in real life - it's called acting. Not all couples that act as a pair on screen go out together, it's not real!!!
posted by Addicted2TWILIGHT on Feb 10, 2009
OMG I wish that people would SHUT UP about those two! If they happen to fall for each other than great but if not than just give it a rest! Rob has already proposed and Kristen said no so apparently they are not together at the moment! And why are people complaining about them not being together when Rob being single obviously gives YOU a better chance! So shut up and mind your own freakin' biz'!!!! Although I do agree that Stephen King is just jealous. Stephanie is like a god to teens and adults EVERYWHERE so why in the heck would he blab crap like that unless he was jealous?!
posted by ELENA on Feb 09, 2009
posted by ELENA on Feb 09, 2009
posted by RealityCheck on Feb 08, 2009
I think for Kristen's missing the boat. She's been with this other guy for two years already. Move on... Rob is such and amazing person. I hope she realizes that this sort of strong bond doesn't come by very often. You need to take a chance in life, or you'll always wonder in life, what if...
posted by Olivia on Feb 08, 2009
It'd be so cool, if Kristen and Robert went out! They should seriously be together! Kristen should dump Michael already, Gosh! It's not that hard!:]
posted by Gemma on Feb 07, 2009
To be fair, if Stephen King was jealous, he would of been saying shit about J.K Rowling too. But he said compared to Rowling, Meyer's can't write. And to say his stuff isn't as popular...I think you need to do some research before saying that, he's one of the top best known authors of the century. I think Kristen should stay with Michael and everyone else just shut up, frankly.
posted by CherryBoo on Feb 07, 2009
Twilight was a amazing movie with Kristen and Robert, they did a awesome job! I think they should be together! Like Edward and Bella. Forget Michael!
posted by lauhay on Feb 06, 2009
I think kristen is beuatiful and rob and her should go out and i wish them both the best and one day i hope i can meet them to tell to go out with each other bye :)
posted by Edwardsgirl09 on Feb 06, 2009
Uh. I think that Kristen is amazingly gorgeous and I also think that Robert is the hottest guy on the face of the planet. I do agree that they would make a good couple, but there friendship is too strong to get messed up from dateing. NOT saying that it would, but IF it was too then that would be bad. And you never know could cause one of them to quit the movie. New Moon wouldn't be the same without the original characters and neither would Eclipse or Breaking Dawn. Plus in all the books Edward an Bella are perfectly described as Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Replaceing them would mess everything up. There both wonderful and I wish them both the best of luck; with all the up comeing movies and so forth in the future. (:
posted by Alex on Feb 06, 2009
Robert and Kristen and PERFECT for the characters of Twilight Saga. Although everyone wants them in a relationship, a strong friendship like they have is way more meaningful and important. Their perfect as co-workers, as a couple? maybe not..
posted by Nae on Feb 05, 2009
Stephen Kings' just jealous that none of his boks have been such a hit unlike Meyer's winderful work. Stephen King can go hide in a corner for i care.
posted by Danae on Feb 05, 2009
Omgsh! Why dont they just date? Kristen is beautiful and Rob is..... well.. he's beautiful too! Make a move people!!
posted by iloverobsten on Feb 05, 2009
posted by zuco on Feb 05, 2009
I think the situation will be different if kristen didnt hv a bf. She got a commitment since 16 mean too young rite. Now she grown up. Maybe she just scared to admit she hv crush wt rob million fans mostly girlss..incoming movie..yeah too much thinking..
posted by NAYLA on Feb 04, 2009
posted by NAYLA on Feb 04, 2009
posted by cc on Feb 04, 2009
Rob is defenitely attracted to Kristen, and why wouldnt he be? Shes a beautiful girl. But I dont think Kristen has the same feelings, if so, she hides them well.
posted by halobender on Feb 04, 2009
@playjax Welcome to entertainment journalism...
posted by Bianca Cullen on Feb 04, 2009
OMG come ON!!! We ALL know they are frickin' drooling over eachother, they should just date!! And it IS right, a connection like that CANT be ignored!
posted by ana on Feb 04, 2009
yup i agree with katieg Stephen King is just jelous that his books dont sell like Stephenies lol
posted by shells on Feb 04, 2009
I think things will progress between them in the upcoming filming of New Moon. Such a connection doesn't get ignored, right?
posted by Hannah beth on Feb 04, 2009
They NEED to go out. There would be total chaos if they didnt. It'll be like world war 3. SO GO OUT ALREADY! ..please! I love them both! go RobSten! :]] my life will be complete if they did SO DO SO
posted by Eliza on Feb 04, 2009
I wish that they'd go out with each other! they'd make the PERFECT couple. I know Kristen is the type who sticks to commitments & won't break up with michael A. but she SHOULD!
posted by haha on Feb 04, 2009
posted by chels on Feb 04, 2009
i love them and it would be great if the were 2gether and if not with her with me :) lol I WISH
posted by angel on Feb 04, 2009
I do hope they get together but kristen has a nice relationship with michael.they are a nice couple,and think kristen and rob would make a better couple.but michael and kris are in i wish them the best and who knows maybe rob would ask me lol
posted by v3 on Feb 03, 2009
time will answer the trust it's not my n' our buisness, but every day on last 3 months i read all their news.. i hope they will go out n have a nice relationship, n get married soon. i'm sorry if my english bad. i'm indonesian.. i love twilight, love stewart n so do pattinson
posted by playjax on Feb 03, 2009
What is the purpose of this article? All the information in it is just a regurgitation of previous interviews. No new info whatsoever.
posted by viv on Feb 03, 2009
They're making it sound like he has a HUGE crush on Kristen Stewart, but its just a whole bunch of nice things he said about her compiled into one pointless article.
posted by lucky on Feb 03, 2009
I really hope rob and kris go out you guys are so cute togeather
posted by lexi on Feb 03, 2009
I really hope rob and kris go out!!!
posted by katieg on Feb 03, 2009
Can't wait for New Moon. Noticed that chemistry & wish them both the very best in life. Meyer's novels were great. Disappointed in Stephen King's comments on her writing. Shame on him.
posted by teia on Feb 03, 2009
I think that it would be really cool if they date but Kristen has been in a committed relationship with Michael Angarano.

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