Ariel Moore Confirming Her Exit From Clique Girlz

February 02, 2009 09:18:27 GMT

Saying yes to the rumor claiming that she has left Clique Girlz, Ariel Moore remains silent when referring to the cause of her withdrawal.

Ariel Moore Confirming Her Exit From Clique Girlz
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In a video message, Ariel Moore confirms that she has indeed left Clique Girlz. She refuses to explain the reason behind her decision though. "Of course I would not say why, but it's a very personal reason," so she claims.

Rumor circulating in the media says that Ariel has a fight with the other members Destinee Monroe and Paris Monroe and as a result, she decides to walk out of the band and pursue a solo career. Up to date, there is no statement from both Ariel and the band's camps regarding the rumor.

As a three-piece band, Clique Girlz have released one studio album called "Incredible" in August 2008. The LP was preceded with the release of a mini album featuring singles "The Difference in Me", "Then I Woke Up" and "How Do You Like Me So Far?" in April.

As for now, Clique Girlz have two upcoming shows on their belt. They are scheduled to perform at Colorado Convention Center on February 28 and sing at Tacoma Convention & Trade Center on March 21.

Ariel Moore confirming her exit from Clique Girlz:


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posted by denissa on May 27, 2012
wow honestly arial is my fav clique girlz member and the sound like a bunch of hyeenas without her they are mean to her in the video it kind of looked like she wanted to cry they probablt got into a fight and kicked her out of the band but she was the heart of the band so she did the right thing i just wish they were still together and i think she will do great in the future anyway i believe in u arial lots of luck ur #1 fan
posted by bovelli on Jan 09, 2011
gosh screen denissa what the hell are u talking about read the comment above duh?
posted by paola on May 06, 2010
i think ariel should come back cuz she is cool and fun and talented like she was a good person and she was badly trated but sara diamond stinks she is mean and cruel cares about no one but herself she has 0 talent and the worst part is she has brown hair its a trio with blonde every one knows that that is the way it is supposed to be but thanks to sara diamond it is all ruined.
posted by Polly on Feb 06, 2010
I think they treated her badly because they both knew she was the best in the group, and they thought she would get all the attention. So they took over and tried to be the boss of her and stuff. & then they prolly used OUR MOMS THE MANAGER SO WE DO WHATEV WE WANT as an excuse. GO ARIEL! U DID THE RIGHT THING GUUURLLLLLLLL! WORK YER VOICE! =D
posted by miteyrider on Nov 02, 2009
airel and the clique girlz went to my moms work and i heared them sing and i talked to them. when they were singing she only had 1 line and the other to sung the rest. my friend and i loved he band wiht airel in it and when she left we just kinda stoped listening to them.
posted by jesssssieeeeeee on Aug 26, 2009
Well her leaving ruined it for me because she had the strongest voice and its messed up on how she was treated. And i bet if they gave her more lines and maybe even a whole song then maybe they would be more famous
posted by Paris and desstine s on Aug 17, 2009
love u ariel and gonna miss you
posted by Ariel Moore5 on Aug 17, 2009
Ariels the most pretties and talented Clique Girl in the bunch i hate the rest
posted by E.S.S.T.D.L. on Aug 16, 2009
Oh, God.. I'm glad she broke away. Ariel is THE nicest person EVER in the group... I saw in a YouTube clip how Paris pushed her out of the camera's view, and even if it was only a few seconds, I totally saw how they were being mean... And yes, I've seen the, perform,and the only time she sings is in the chorus WITH Paris and Destinee, and she does only get like 2 or 3 lines... It's really mean. Maybe that's another reason why Sara Diamond walked outta the group...GOOOOO ARIEL!!!
posted by Angry on Aug 12, 2009
I really like Ariel the best. I hate the Clique Girlz now. They never let her have more than like, 2 lines in the song and they got the rest, it is SO unfair! They need to realize that they werent the only talented girls in the band. They are so selfish!!!
posted by Amanda on May 23, 2009
We all love you Ariel! I hope you become really famous. I am going to buy your CD.
posted by on May 16, 2009
i think ariel should come back even though the other girlz were mean to her I think she should come back
posted by on May 16, 2009
i think ariel is actually a lot better with them and on planet cazmo but the thing is sarah doesent look good with the q
posted by prettymarcie55 on May 05, 2009
i miss ariel alot.
posted by Graceyygirl(: on Apr 09, 2009
posted by MissBella on Apr 02, 2009
i think you did the best thing ariel, you know you will have the best future! trust me i no, my mom said it
posted by super on Apr 01, 2009
I think she did the best thing and i used to be a fan of the Clique Girlz but that is done!Now i am a fan of Ariel!I seen how they treat her and it's horrible!!When i have a time to meet them i am going to treat them the same way!!!
posted by fan on Apr 01, 2009
I think she did a good thing.It didn't look like she had a chance to show her talent.She is a great singer and should'nt waste it like that.And i think the Clique Girlz should be done that way Ariel can show some talent.And Sarah is going to be sorry because they're just gonna treat her the same way!!!!
posted by MuzicFreak on Mar 30, 2009
She left because she wasnt being treated well. she probably cant talk about it because of legal things thats why she says "personal reasons" shes so talented she will go right to the top no doubt about that
posted by oreoluva101 on Mar 20, 2009
i have a question. why isn't ariel in the group anymore.
posted by graciessorry on Mar 18, 2009
i hope you read these so here it gos im so sorry and i hope you keep in touch with destinee and paris and maybe even sara,i know that every thing will be fine and fun for you. i hope they feel the same way.
posted by grant101 on Mar 18, 2009
they always get the spot light now its your turn
posted by Kayla on Mar 05, 2009
Heyy Ariel, I beleive in you... you were my fave clique girl i was inspired by u and im sorry u guys split up but i wish u my best for ur future... Love ya lots, you 1# fan
posted by coolcat on Feb 15, 2009
thats sad i will miss ariel the clique girlz will never ever be the same. ariel good luck in the future u were my fave clique always your fan cool cat.
posted by bovelli on Feb 11, 2009
thats so sad she's so talented!
posted by Loveshyouu on Feb 06, 2009
Well, Ariel. I Think you'll Do Amazing In The Future
posted by Astrallady on Feb 04, 2009
I am glad she broke away from them.They treat like a backup singer. We saw them in Mass and Paris was so rude and disrespectable to her, talking over her, singing over her when it was Ariel's turn. rolling her eyes and making faces behind Ariel's back. Not the kind of group I intend to take my daughter too again. What a big surprise the Monroe's mother is the band manager. Anyone taking Ariel's place will be treated like a backup singer.
posted by denissa on Feb 03, 2009
why would she do that?

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