Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas Snapped Holding Hands

February 02, 2009 06:11:31 GMT

Alleged lovers Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas have been photographed strolling State Street in Santa Barbara, Calif. hand-in-hand.

Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas Snapped Holding Hands
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Never acknowledging that they are dating, Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas have been snapped holding hands. The alleged lovers are photographed by local girls strolling State Street in Santa Barbara, Calif. hand-in-hand.

The pic, which was taken over the weekend, shows Camilla and Joe wearing casual outfits. Photographed from behind, the actress is seen totting a big black hand bag.

Camilla and Joe are believed to be secretly dating since they first met on the set of a music video for Jonas Brothers' hit single "Lovebug." The singer was spotted on Thursday night, January 29, attending the Los Angeles premiere of her movie "Push", taking place at Mann Village Theater in Westwood, California.

"Once the lights in the theater went down, Joe snuck in and sat right next to her," an onlooker informed E! News of the twosome. "After the credits rolled, they left in a rush holding hands."

Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, Camilla and Joe have yet confirmed that they indeed are lovers.


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posted by No Efense I HATE \"J on Aug 16, 2009
you guys are lame, so what if he likes her it's not like he'll ever actually be with you. And kenniixox69 don't say ANYTHING about Robert Pattinson!
posted by Smiley on Jun 22, 2009
In that pic camilla is sooo ugly and joe is sooo much better wt Taylor waz up wt that! Camilla looks lik she is a man shes pretty younger lol
posted by ladee precious on Apr 05, 2009
my emotions at this time are varyed cuz i belive yes how every1 is saying she isnt pritty but when joe discribes his perfect girl she dosnt really come under that. as they say they will date a fan i do belive they would however what are the chances it would be me or any other fan at that. i dont give a shit that hes datin her cuz when the next girl cumz along to steal his heart we soon will hate her and forget bout camilla the 1 thing that im pissed about and there is so much proof to proove it is that hes changed no that hes with her and there is no denying that x ladfee precious
posted by Shannon Gallagher on Mar 25, 2009
posted by taylor swift on Mar 21, 2009
omg! ive moved on with my life
posted by joebroslover on Mar 21, 2009
wen i saw that picture i was so piss but its okay if joe loves her than thats all it really matters.n if i didint work out with taylor than to bad.i know if i had a realation thats not working ill do the same thing except ill break up with him in person not like joe did with taylor.but anyway u guys look good togethor so good luck in your realation with camilla joe. love,joebroslover
posted by jonas_CRAZY on Mar 14, 2009
When i saw that picture of them holding hands i almost cried! It was so cute! Just because Camilla isn't the greatest looking girl out there does not mean that everyone should hate her. Joe loves (or loved?) her and thats all that matters. They are cute together.
posted by Itsrellrell09 on Mar 02, 2009
all u hoes can shut da fuck up cuz camilla belle is so damn gorgeous. She look way way better than taylor swift country bumkin ass. N if they happy thats all that matter. So all u mad groupies can stop hatin on her. N get off joe's nuts. Yall aint got a chance n hell. They look good 2gether.
posted by Brandy25 on Feb 15, 2009
Well if Joe is happy then we should be happy with him. I know Camilla Bella isn't that pretty but they look way good together.
posted by carissa on Feb 06, 2009
shes so ugly eww just look at her im not just saying this cuz i like joe but i mean come on look at her face joe looked better with taylor
posted by Jessica on Feb 03, 2009
Well I dont think this will last long thw whole Joe and Camilla thing they will break up sooner and later so dont worry fan girls Jamilla wont last too long mabey a month or 2 mabey even less it will be all gone and Joe is going to be single again...
posted by kenniixox69 on Feb 02, 2009
posted by lovato,lexi :) on Feb 02, 2009
well joe jonas did go to santa barbara he was under this bridge thing i saw and no drama please!! he said he will go back b/ there were no screaming fans soo joe jonas is going back to state street!!! haha i always go over there and i would love to give a shout out to my friend mayra perez she is in love with the jonas brother her name is mrs.nick jonas!! and she is the best!!soo every one back off the joans brothers GIVE THEM SOME SPACE!!! love,lovato lexi:)
posted by okay on Feb 02, 2009
okay well i love joe too but if he's happy then we shouldn't care. we just need to face facts and let them be happy.
posted by What? on Feb 02, 2009
She moved on my dream bf? =( my heart is broken to a million peaces. =(
posted by Panayiota on Feb 02, 2009
Omg give it break! whoo caress!! just stay out of it! this is why they neva confirm coz people like you always post stuff on the internet and make it a big deal

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