USA Crowned Winner of 'Superstars of Dance'

January 28, 2009 05:05:20 GMT

In the first season finale, USA's Groovaloos delivered performance that put their country as the first 'Superstars of Dance' winner.

USA Crowned Winner of 'Superstars of Dance'
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The first ever champions of dance competition "Superstars of Dance" had been crowned on Monday, January 26. Taking the golds in each category were Russia in Solo, Argentina in Duet and USA in Group. Meanwhile, USA also scored the top prize by being the country with highest overall points, and therefore was declared the ultimate winner of the show's first season.

Hip-hop dance group Groovaloos from USA was announced as the winner of the group category and consequently earned enough points for their country to be in the first position with 530 points. "There you have it, the United States of America, the very first winners of the International Superstars of Dance Trophy!" host Michael Flately exclaimed.

Just five points away was Australia that nabbed the title as the second country with the highest overall point with 525 followed by South Africa with 460 points. Meanwhile, the solo gold went to ballerina Maria Kochetkova from Russia and the duet medal went to Tango pair Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo from Argentina.

Winners of "Superstars of Dance":

Overall points per country:

USA - 530 points
Australia - 525 points
South Africa - 460 points
India - 447 points
Argentina - 410 points
Ireland - 409 points
Russia - 407 points
China - 343 points


Gold - Maria Kochetkova, Russia
Silver - Amrapali Ambegaokar, India
Bronze -Robert Muraine, USA


Gold - Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo, Argentina
Silver - Victor Da Silva & Claudia Savvides, South Africa
Bronze - Henry Byalikov & Giselle Peacock, Australia


Gold - Groovaloos, USA
Silver - Shaolin Monks Kung Fu group "Shaolin: Wheel of Life," China
Bronze - FloorPlay, Australia


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posted by Peyton on May 28, 2010
ANYA and PASHA deserve the GOLD!
posted by :) on Jan 29, 2010
Yeah, it was very obvious from the very start that USA would win-even b4 we saw any dancing...if you get what i'm hinting at
posted by marilyn on Jan 29, 2010
all of the above
posted by marilyn Australia on Jan 29, 2010
Glad I missed the finial .I agree with all of the above
posted by show me the money on Jan 27, 2010
well this program was a waste of mine and the dancers time. Sorry to those of REAL talent, we should have guessed the result as soon as the promos went on.
posted by Aussie on Jan 06, 2010
Aussies shoulda won rigged stuff
posted by justobvious on Dec 28, 2009
minty you are spot on. looks like the competition has been rigged.
posted by Minty on Jun 23, 2009
It was obvious who the winner would be!!
posted by XXCLXX on Feb 21, 2009
omg i love dem dere class :)
posted by I love it on Feb 10, 2009
Come on... You didn't see that coming?

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